Who wants to buy some art?

Super serious. I need money, I’m short on time, and I don’t want to borrow from people so lets make a trade?? I’ll handle packaging and shipping prices. I will draw commissions****** 

Furry? Yaoi? EROTIC FANFICTION?! It’s all good to me. Maybe this is a good time for that self portrait you’ve always wanted. 

Who am I? Who cares. Look at the art I’ve made and decide if you want something drawn by me

Digital, PHYSICAL? I’ll do either.

Do you want COLOR?! That might be extra because god damn color can be difficult but lets negotiate. 

Have I ever done commissions? No but now’s the best time to start so lets go! (after the jump)

******commissions are a special case. Due to circumstances I need the money beforehand and I’ll draw it later. “Later” not as in a year from now, or never, but we can set an appropriate deadline. It’s a huge leap of trust I know.

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