Eels are absolute gods among animals.

for example:

You’ve got your nice beautiful speckled eels

You have wiggly poke-their-little-heads-out-of-the-sand friends!

Look!!!! This one looks like a puppy!!!!

You even have friends with fearsome teeth!! (feat. shrimp)

And they look funny from the front!!!!

But do you want to know the supreme kings among eels?

Ribbon eels.

Let me demonstrate.



*screams multiply*

*blood curdling screams of the damned*


thank you for your time


Bring Me the Moon - Another painting of Fantine and Lala :) I’ve been meaning to draw this for a while now. HD file and video process on

In other news, the Thanksgiving Charity Sale was an amazing success! I don’t know the exact numbers yet (still need to calculate stuff) but we definitely beat last year’s record and reached over $10k in donations! I’ll be posting all donation receipts in mid December. Thank you all who supported the charities! :D