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☮ >:3c (spacefischy)

Agressive Symbol Meme

☮ - For my muse to kill or incapacitate someone trying to hurt your muse

A simple task of recollecting resources for the Castle of Lions had completely turned sour once Thace and Krie were met with an ambush of enemy soldiers already ransacking the area. Both were lucky enough to have brought their weapons with them in case a situation like this one were to occur. However, they were still quite outnumbered despite how many they would take out. Thace’s focus remained on trying to keep the both of them safe but at the same time get rid of the enemy. It wasn’t until he heard Krie yell in distress that he noticed she had been caught by one of them.

His eyes widened under the mask noticing the danger she was in. The grunt had rid her of her weapon and threatened to injure her with the blade he was wielding. Seeing this drove the ex-galra soldier into a more offensive stance and he didn’t hesitate to completely immobilize or even terminate the lives of the ones around him. It didn’t take long for the soldier that had Krie pinned to drop to the ground without a word. Thace’s sword was embedded in his spine, ensuring that there was no way he would be bothering her again. The Blade then approached the Undine, retrieving his sword in the process. He removed his mask to look at her properly once he stood before her, an expression of worry marking his features. “Are you alright…?” He asked soon after, proceeding to check if she had any significant injuries from the encounter.