fiscal times

8 Years of Politics, Obama, and the Stock Market

It is not the President’s primary job to look after the stock market. But it is still interesting to look back on how certain policies may have impacted markets and how people invested during that time.

Below, you will find a chart of the S&P 500 $SPY ETF since Barack Obama became President of the United States. Some pretty crazy things happened over the last 8 years. That included the Financial Crisis, the rise of ISIS, Russia taking Crimea and the Fiscal Cliff.

At times, it really did feel like the world was going to come to a standstill.

Yet, despite it all, the S&P 500 climbed 166% since 2009 and withstood some seriously intense headline risk. So here it is. One chart to sum up as much as possible:

Gilmore Girls Revival: The Men

-Logan keeps saying he is ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative” so many times, you almost start to forget the portrait of Ronald Reagan he has over his fireplace mantel

-Jess says his only regret in life is that he can’t go back in time and reread Naked Lunch as if he’s never read it before

-Dean’s favorite television show isn’t exactly Big Bang Theory, but yeah, he’ll keep it on if it’s marathoning

-Logan and his friends see Zoolander 2 and keep quoting it to each other, high fives and all

-Dean slowly eats a ham sandwich he made himself

-Jess keeps popping in, asking if anybody noticed his tattered DVD copy of The Royal Tenembaums. He leaves it in the bathroom so people can read the back.

-Somebody asks Dean a question and he goes “what?”

-Jess isn’t Banksy, perse, but he does keep a glass jar of pennies on his kitchen table that says BREAK THIS IF THE BANKS HAVE WON, and he breaks it with a hammer every time guests come over

-Logan knows Martin Shkreli well enough to have been invited to his Big Pharma Toga Party last year, but in his defense he didn’t even RSVP

-Dean slowly stares at his hands

-Jess turns off the television after a few minutes. “This shit will rot our mind,” he says. A few minutes later: “Although I do stream Mr. Robot.”

-Logan, unprompted, reminds us of his ethnic friends

-Dean shares a story: last year, he couldn’t find his socks. But later on, he did. They were IN his boots.

-Jess rolls his eyes. He didn’t have to watch Making A Murderer to learn about how deeply fucked up the system is. He takes out a match. “Today,” he announces, “will be the last time I ever let the government speak my name.” He burns a checkbook. It isn’t his.

-”No, I don’t have a checkbook. Why do you ask?” Jess, not so unprompted.

-Luke comes in, looking for his checkbook.

-Logan goes, “no problem, sport”, and gives Luke his checkbook.

-Dean, four days later, understands what just happened.



Japan is scrambling fighters at near-unprecedented levels in response to foreign aircraft - mainly Russian and Chinese - approaching its airspace. Jets were scrambled 943 times in fiscal year 2014, a 16% increase on 2013.