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Vonn sets record, Tiger is the story

As a skier and a golfer it was very interesting when Lindsey Vonn began dating Tiger Woods.  Two of my favorite sports, coming together.  

Vonn has been on a hot streak after battling a terrible injury.  I’m sure that Tiger is curious as to how she did it.  It was great to see that she became the most accomplished female skier in history.  What were the headlines?  Tiger Woods was there and somehow a camera man knocked out one of his front teeth.  How is this the headline? I get it, I’m writing about it too.  

Are we supposed to believe that while he was rushing to Lindsey to congratulate her, his tooth was knocked out, and there was no blood?  No blood?  With as long as he has been in the spotlight can his “team” come up with a better lie?  This is very reminiscent of a certain Escalade crash from back in the date.  C’mon, step up yer game. 

Anyways, let’s get back to the real story here.  Lindsey Vonn.  Huge congrats to her for just kicking the tires and lighting the fires.  She came out this year guns blazing and is showing no signs of slowing down.  Keep it coming. 

Coppa del mondo maschile: e sono 3.

Coppa del mondo maschile: e sono 3. #fisalpine #Hirscher #worldcup

Parlare della stagione di coppa del mondo maschile è più facile che riassumere la stagione femminile. In un certo qual modo è sembrata una replica dell’anno precedente, ma forse la lotta è stata più serrata nel 2013, che nel 2014, anche se i punteggi non lo dimostrano. Indubbiamente anche le olimpiadi hanno condizionato l’andamento stagionale più di quanto non avessero fatto i mondiali e si sono…

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