My latest uni project, based on the phrase “The Temptation Was Too Much”.  To see more info go to my Vimeo

Slightly late but HERE is my final book cover!

So pleased with it.  Obviously there are still a million and one things I could do to it but I’m leaving it as it is now.  This has been such a huge project for me and I was absolutely shattered when it finished last Thursday.  Since then I’ve been off to Berlin for a few days and now am back home, but already I’m getting itchy feet and want to start on our next two projects that will run alongside each other throughout the whole of next term.  So excited!


This is what I’ve been up to this week.  I’m two weeks into the new brief (to design a new book cover for Johnathan Coe's What A Carve Up!) and I think I finally know what the outcome will be!

Basically the book is about this prolific family, the Winshaws, and there’s a lot of weird history i.e. there’s a crazy sister who thinks her brother killed her other brother, and she was put in an asylum and hired this author to write the family history in the hopes that it will prove her theory.  It then fast forwards two generations and shows these six cousins who have all made their names in various industries, and they’re all greedy and money grabbing and just generally horrible.  The interesting thing is that the more the story progresses, you see how all the little characters are intertwined with the author who is researching them… it’s actually a really cool book and I like it a lot.

My idea is based on the old Winshaw house slash estate, which is huge but has fallen into disrepair.  It’s an important element of the story as the family all seem to end up back at the house at different times, and just symbolically it’s very fitting.  I’m focusing on a wall, designing a wallpaper that would cover this wall (perhaps it alludes to each of the characters as well?  With some kind of symbol for each of the cousins?  I’m not 100% on this point) and I hope to edit it into a photo of a mantel piece with a piggy bank on it, to obviously symbolise greed and wealth etc etc.

To do list for this week:

  • Take photos of mantel piece at home (when I’m back in Bedfordshire next weekend)
  • Have wallpaper design finalised and fully “made”
  • Possibly find a vintage-looking piggy bank
    (actually scratch that, I have like 4 in my bedroom at home and I don’t need to spend money on more)

Our latest project was a re-branding project.  While we were welcome to choose a product like soap or jam to package and create an identity for, we were encouraged to think outside the box.  I chose to rebrand napping - something that in our society is seen as a lazy and even rude thing to do, but in other countries such as China it is something that everyone does.  By sewing the little pillows seen in the first image and photographing them in places which could be used for napping, I created a series of posters that show napping as something that should be made time for.

It's the last week of the Screen Zine project...

…and it’s come on a lot from that first week.  The project is completely different to what I originally thought - instead of being focused on the content and layout etc (I was worrying about articles to use and I had magazine layouts in my head,) it’s more about communicating the sense of the subject in a personal and appropriate way.  I’ve really enjoyed it, and after “finishing” the project a week early I have this week to refine and change the style a bit.

Here is what I’ve spent today doing - some nice typography for the menus for each country.

Screen Zine Project

This is our latest project!  I am over the moon!  I’d rather it were a standard Fan Zine rather than crafted with technology in mind, or adapt it afterwards or something, but never mind!

We’ve each had to choose our own hobby or interest to base our zine on, and I chose travel because it’s what I’m planning for the summer already and I have so many travel photos that I adore, so I’m putting them to good use!

this is my first spread - I’m thinking that it’s perhaps a little too regimented and magazine-y, but I’ll keep experimenting.

New work!

Just literally finished this five minutes ago - exploring how to represent a phrase (in this case “I See No Ships”) with merely type.  That means no illustrations of any kind;  no making photographic backgrounds etc.

I saw this online (a set of three pieces by US design intern Cedrik Ferrer), and I absolutely loved his interpretation of the word “Pandemonium”.  The movement of the word reminded me a lot of rippling water, and I thought I could use a similar look for the phrase “I See No Ships”.

I’m so over the moon with this, but the quality of the colour is still bothering me - now that I have a copy saved, I might go back to the original and add some inks in to smooth it out so I don’t have to smooth it digitally.