Name: Nylo

Age: N/A

Based: Chicago

Genre: nu-R&B

Choice quote: “A place for the beautiful, the sad, and the sad and beautiful” (on her tumblr)

Choice social media quote: “can i rap to the song with ur voice on the chorus? inbox me.” (the classic: Facebook ‘come-up’ hoes’)

Maybe you’ll like: LIZ, Cassie, Kat Dahlia. 

Back for an end-of-week ‘firsts and lasts’ we are joined by Nylo, the self-proclaimed ‘pop-soul-urban’ music curator. I discovered her when I was browsing Astronomyy’s Facebook page and seen that he’d like an artist who went under the ironic name ‘hatenylo’. Weird thing, is that she’s probably entirely loveable – almost to a sickly extent; one of those girls who’s pretty AND nice AND clever AND talented – combination scorned by jealous women. Not me though, I love her. It’s apparent that she hails from this nu-r&b movement that’s occurring. Me personal favourite track is ‘Fool Me Once’, a song that Cassie might have done before she forged her bad gal image, but packing a bit more vocal punch than said Bad Boy artist. And though I’ve seen it written way too much since discovering her, I don’t think she’s much like the Weeknd at all – that comparison is really just lazy journalism. Find some tracks embedded at the end (she has two releases as of yet, one called Indigo Summer and another called Memories Speak). Now, let’s get to know about the listening habits of this chick called Nylo.


First song you remember liking?

I remember being pretty into “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles, and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.  There’s one specific memory of driving around the lake with my dad, where both those songs played and forever stuck with me.  I must’ve been pretty tiny.  I also remember trying to climb inside and live in the speaker while “Holiday” by Madonna played… which is actually pretty funny, and in that regard worth mentioning.  I couldn’t get close enough.


First record you bought?

Ooooo boy…  I remember buying the La Bouche record “Sweet Dreams” and being really excited about it.  I had pretty good taste in music, but I was also definitely a kid when N’Sync happened!  So I can’t say for sure that wasn’t it N’Sync, shhh.  Eminem’s “Slim Shady” was a pretty big moment too; I was a really big Eminem fan.  He pushed limits lyrically, and my mom hating him certainly didn’t hurt either.  Anyway, one of those three is probably accurate, but I can’t remember exactly which came first.


First song you ever wrote?

It was called, “In My Dreams.” I was a ten-minute epic love tragedy about a couple that could only find each other in their dreams.  How romantic.  The girl was a princess too, of course.


First inspiration?



First gig you ever attended?

The high-school talent show. 



Last song you liked?

Last song James Blake released.


Last song you played on your iPod/mp3 player?

“The Mother We Share” by Chvrches.


Last dance at your wedding?

That’s so hard to imagine… people keep falling in and out of love, it’s almost scary to think about, and get my hopes up.  If I got to pick, I think I would have to go with “Your Song” by Elton John.  I love that song. 

Quote of the Day. when your going to do something new, it’s always seems easiest to avoid it because taking that first step towards a goal is always the hardest. But that first step is also the one that can be life changing. That’s why I always remember that if I have an opportunity laid out before me, it’s a blessing to have and that I should go for it no matter the outcome because Allah is either giving me something I want or giving me an experience I need. All I have to do is trust him and accept whatever happens as happening for a reason. #Allahknowsbest #firstsandlasts #qadr