OMG YES IT’s TRUE! I finally found a bank that meets all of my requirements:

  1. most important - a fiscally and morally responsible bank that did not create or profit from the sub-prime mortgage crisis. The CEO, Jim Herbert, gave an amazing talk at a Goldman Sach conference where he explained why leadership actively kept First Republic out of the subprime mortgage crisis. (I know smaller banks & credit unions didn’t participate in the crisis, but they can’t fulfill requirements #2 - #5.)
  2. free ATM withdrawals worldwide - YESSSSSSSS
  3. no foreign transaction fees on debit cards - FUCK YESSSSS
  4. no lines, no waiting - cuz you just do it online or ask your banker to do it for you.
  5. a responsible human banker who cares about me, who will protect me from bureaucracy, and who I can email/call/text - YES LOVE ME!

First Republic Bank does all this! NOT KIDDING. NOT A JOKE. It’s FOR REALZ.

On top of all this, they bake hot cookies everyday on premises. I caught a peek of their cute little oven in the kitchen. It’s true. (But they said I can’t post pics of it). And if you request it, they will messenger over umbrellas and cookies to your offices. #firstrepublicbank is for reals. 

And can one fall in love with their banker? Cuz I just did. My NYC banker (cuz everyone is assigned a personal banker) and I had a drink while we opened up my accounts. He reassured me that I can pull cashazzz out of every bodega in NYC and they will cover all the ATM fees. Joseph just put in a batch of cookies in the oven that will be ready in 15 min.

I can’t imagine myself ever leaving Joseph. And you know why i think this relationship will last? Because I’m not a financially high net-worth individual, but Joseph still treats me as well as someone who is. That’s real.

Oh and why are we having drinks? Cuz I told Joseph I hate dealing with money and this kind of stuff makes me anxious so he said, “what would make you more relaxed?” I said, “a drink to make this fun & to make me feel like we’re hanging out like friends.” He replied, “we have whiskey and wine - red and white. What do you prefer?”

So excited to leave Chase Bank for First Republic Bank. Thank you Augusto for finding Joseph!


Recently in Branding Class at MIT Sloan, we learned about the “new importance” of customer loyalty and advocacy. Marketers in today’s world are moving beyond identifying, raising awareness/preference and ultimately influencing the purchasing decision of its customers and focusing instead on the improving advocacy and loyalty. With the rise of social media, marketers prefer their customers to talk about their great experience with the brand with the hopes that people will follow.

I am a current and loyal customer to First Republic Bank. It is a regional bank with operations in California, New York and Massachusetts. However, it is one of the only businesses I have seen recently that still uses “customer testimonials” in an effective manner. First Republic engages with its current clients by having them speak out openly (and positively) in advertisements regarding the high quality service and loyalty to the bank. When I see these signs up it reconfirms by feelings and loyalty to the brand. If I were not already a customer, I believe I would quickly become one. Other people’s loyalty is contagious - that is a fact.

Fuck yes getting @landay loading up on some #firstrepublicbank swag. Joseph can mail over boxes of umbrellas and bags to any client. And James is very impressed that #firstrepublicbank opened up the only bank on the #facebook campus. (at First Republic Bank)

@landay asking Joseph, “why wouldn’t you charge me any ATM Fees? Why are you guys willing to eat those fees? I just don’t understand why you aren’t charging me any ATM feed or foreign transaction fees?” Fuck yes #firstrepublicbank (at First Republic Bank)