So I’m finally on Tumblrrrr ^_^ 

Ok since the first post is supposed to be very important and shit, I’m gonna get down to it. My name’s Annie… no that’s not my real name but you may call me that. I’m 17 years old and turning 18 in September. I like cats haha… Ok this bio/intro is going nowhere… sort of clueless on how things go. I’m gonna laugh at this post around this time next year. I’m gonna laugh at the words I used, I’m gonna laugh at my picture and be like “what the heck was i thinking?” even though I love it right now. I look forward to my future, and the past is just something I wanna bury away in a time capsule. A time capsule… I think I’ll do that. Anyway, I like writing, soooo along with random shit, you’ll hopefully see some pieces of writing on here too. Enjoy your stay ^_^ Wanderers and aimless souls are welcome.

With love,

Annie xo