Guy Crush: Meet Marcel at least he goes by Marcel on the new tv series The Originals. Charles Michael Davis is Awweesomeeeeee on The Originals.Just a quick rundown on what The Originals entails… 1. It is a spin off from the popular series The Vampire Diaries 2. There’s Vampires, wolves, a baby and so much more! 3. It has Charles Michael Davis, Joseph Morgan, and Daniel Gillies. *eye candy* Not to mention the feud thats coming between Klaus,Marcel,and Rebecca, Oh, Drama, Drama….. Are you watching..we are!



More news about Versace. Are you ready?

So I’m sitting at home watching lifetime, yes lifetime! All of a sudden Boom! House of Versace trailer comes on, my first thought was interesting I’m definitely watching, I love fashion documentaries!  I mean come on what do we even know about Donatella.

House of Versace will be dissecting  moments in the life of Donatella Versace an Iconic woman. 

Showing the ups and downs of Donatella’s story. Based on the book House of Versace. Finally we get to know a little bit more about the woman behind the label. 

So, Are you excited House of Versace will be showing on lifetime this saturday night, and Gina Gershon Definitely transforms honey !


“May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor”

5…….4……..3……….2…….1 !

To all Hunger Games and Covergirl lovers the two have merged.

I must say I love this ! Perfect timing as the Hunger Games: Catching Fire is quickly approaching the theaters. Now you can have the capitols beauty trends in your own home as cover girl launches the Capitols Collection Today.

Go explore the looks here

Very clever indeed ! 

It’s Monday !!

Own'in it !!!! : Ms. Janelle Monae.

So a new ‘It girl’ has arrived. Embodying her image inside and out.

We have noticed Janelle is one artist on the rise, creative & comfortable in her own skin.

She’s captivating and oh so electric ! Not to mention a Covergirl with a sickkkk style.

ps. her album is out.. yaaaaaas honey!

Are you Own'in it this Week ?


Remember or favorite Huxtable Denise and her iconic style, The Cosby show just recently celebrated its 29th Anniversary. What better way to celebrate with style. It’s Friday and were doing a flash back ! Take a look at the evolution of Denise Huxtable ( Lisa Bonet).

From Giant Broaches, tropical shirts, head bands, backwards shirts , and oversize blazer. We can truly say she pulled it of ! How creative are you with you style ? 



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