My baby kicked my hand for the first time today and I was so amazed I instantly broke into tears. Being able to experience all of this is truly a blessing. Yeah it could of waited a few more years but moments like this make me regret nothing at all. I can’t wait to know exactly what I’m having and then to meet my little prince or princess in January.

"Mammies drink wine and Daddies drink 7-Up"

“Mammies drink wine and Daddies drink 7-Up” - A quote from my little brother who is not so little now!

I have had such lovely feedback from my first two blogs, so thank you to all who have commented. Who knew writing could be so cathartic? Well millions of people have known this for centuries but I have just cottoned on. (Side note: I checked the meaning of “cathartic” in the dictionary to ensure I was using the word correctly and one of the definitions they give is “purgation, esp of the bowels” - oh the irony!)

For fear I am talking too much about the not so nice side of pregnancy, I can tell you that our little bundle of joy has learned to Irish Dance over the last few weeks! At first I wasn’t sure, could this be another reaction to my ever slowing bowel? But those small popping/fluttering sensations in my tummy soon became distinguishable as a full on Michael Flatley/Jean Butler jig! Where on earth has the child picked that up from I wonder?? It is a weirdly wonderful sensation and something my ever-patient husband can participate in as we sit down in the evening and wait for the Riverdance show to begin! Proud mother alert!

Now back to my pregnancy woes…

Ever since reaching the second trimester (approximately week 15) the nausea and vomiting has eased hugely but what remained is food aversions which lead to a regularly queasy stomach. The one thing I had been looking forward to doing was eating for two. Lots and lots of eating for two! I couldn’t wait to crave weird and wonderful foods and eat morning, noon and night. In reality I have been finding that foods I used to love now actually turn my stomach when I think, see, or smell them! Red meat for example, all kinds of lovely red juicy meat, have me running to the loo these days. Even talking about it makes me feel nauseated! So goodbye mince, steak, burgers, Sunday roast beef and hello plain, bland chicken and potatoes. Oh and All Bran, I must not forget this cramp-reducing, cardboard-tasting lifesaver!

A word of advice for my fabulously footloose and fancy-free (wow unintentional alliteration!) Non-New Mother Friends (who have requested a mention)….overdose on sticky stodgy blue and mould-ripened cheese when you can, have runny gooey poached eggs to your hearts content without the worry of salmonella and drink gallons of coffee/tea or any caffeinated product without a second thought. Enjoy the quantities of wine/beer/vodka that you are able to consume at the moment and heck even enjoy the hangovers! There’s no going back for me now but promise to think of me when you are next sipping wine and eating Stilton!

I had heard that people go off alcohol when pregnant. That a sip of your favourite wine would taste metallic-y thereby allowing you to turn your nose up at it and quite easily go for 9 months without. That hasn’t happened to me yet. I long for my Friday night glass (or 2!) of Rioja. I am in no way a saint, I have had a glass of champagne and a glass of red at each of the two weddings I have been to this summer and I didn’t feel one bit guilty. What I did feel was remorse that I couldn’t have more!! I have, however, enjoyed not feeling hungover as this was something that was really talking its toll pre-pregnancy, but not something I was actively curtailing either! When people discover that you are not drinking it means you automatically become the Designated Driver, something I think should be highlighted more to pre-pregnancy people. Sometimes I don’t feel like driving even though I haven’t been drinking so please don’t assume I will ferry everyone home at the end of the night, thank you very much. It brings me back to my UCD days when my very best (sober at all times) vet friend used to drive us to and from The Portobello/Flannerys/Coppers every single week without fail. I’m not sure I ever fully appreciated that service but boy do I now. Thank you Mrs. Doyle, we all must owe you a fortune in taxi fares! I’ll shout you a cup of tea when I see you next, you’ll have a cup of tea won’t you? Ah go on. Go on, go on, go on…GO OOON!

Just felt baby boy kicking again and this time daddy got to feel it! He swore I was making it up before now. I guess baby boy is most active at 3 am :) I had first felt him kick Saturday night when I was talking to my mother in law. She stays up pretty late because she’s more of a night owl. I was talking about baby stuff with her when I felt moving. At first I was pretty sure but then I started to doubt that it was him. My mother in law said “if you feel hungry and your stomach bowling, it’s him kicking!” Which is exactly how I felt! I had ate a lot just a few hours before so I didn’t know how I could have been so hungry again. But it was baby boy :) he kicked about 5 times but this time he did it way more! Hubby put his hand on my belly and moved his fingers and baby would kick back! I’m so happy he got to feel! :D