First love: freckle mustache

Husband informs me that the 1st grade daughter reported hugging a boy at school. He didn’t see, but it was the first thing she said at pick-up: I hugged Ben and it was nice. He is visibly distressed by this, eyebrows raised, expectant stance as if to ask me what I intend to do to fix this horrible mess. I say this is no big deal and launch into an exhaustive interrogation.

Your dad is freaked out that your friend was hugging you. Your dad is crazy, you know that, right?


Tell me the story– what happened?

Well. We were playing. I asked Ben a question. He said yes. Then he hugged me.

Nice! What question did you ask?

I don’t want to say.

Really? Was it “Do you love me?”

Yes! OMG how did you know? [the girl is amazed at my telepathic powers]

Because what else would it be? And what else would he say but yes?

I go on to talk about my best friend (boy) in high school and how it’s nice and no big deal. Also, careful with the hugging at school. And don’t freak your dad out. Because driving dad crazy with worry is not adorable. She laughed.

Who was it? Do I know the kid?

I don’t know if you know him. His name is Ben.

Which one is he?

I don’t know how to say.

Does he have brown hair, black hair, red hair, or what?

He has blond hair with little stripes of brown.

What color are his eyes?

They are blue, and he has like this mustache. 

A mustache? (Oh shit. Did I completely read this situation wrong? Oh shit.)

Yeah. Like a mustache made of freckles? It’s like he has a mustache made of freckles and it’s across his nose.

Oh. Is Ben with striped hair and a mustache made of freckles a kid in your class.

Mom. Yes!

Will you show him to me tomorrow?


The end….????

1st Grade Observations
  • Ms. Gonzales:Class do we remember Ms. H?
  • 1st Grade:Yes
  • Ms. Gonzales:Well Ms. Carroll is from Nazareth College and will helping us in the classroom just like Ms. H did
  • 1st Grade:Hi Ms. Carroll
  • Me:Hi everyone
  • Ms. Gozales:*tries to segway back to activity^
  • Jeffrey, 1st Grade Boy:She's prettier than Ms. H
  • Ms. Gonzales:(after laughing)They're both very pretty Jeffrey, lets get back to dancing.
  • Jeffrey, 1st Grade Boy:What? She is prettier
  • 1st Grade:Yeah she's prettier
  • Me:*sits in corner mortified for delaying Ms. Gonzales' lesson for about 5 minutes because the children couldn't stop calling me pretty*
  • Me:Good morning Kimberly!
  • Kimberly:Teacher today is my happy birthday to me!
  • Me:No, its not your birthday.
  • Kimberly:Yes teacher, my auntie say!
  • Me:Are you sure?
  • Kimberly:Yes, my auntie say!
  • Me:Ok, let me go check in the office because I don't have your birthday down as today.
  • ..... [lo and behold the birth certificate shows, yes, it is indeed her birthday!]
  • .... walk back into class
  • Me:Kimberly, it is your birthday! Happy Birthday! We will have cake on Monday. Class, lets sing!
I leave Yap in 21 days.

I will miss…

1.     My babies- I love my 11 students aka my kids and babies. I have seen them grow up so much during the past 9 months. I can write a book on how much each of them has changed me for the better. They have shown me, truly, how great God is. They are full of life; love, energy, knowledge, faith and hope. They make me proud daily. I am thankful I was able to be apart of their lives. They will remain in my heart until I see them again, hopefully during their High School Graduation. 

2.     The Rain- I think the longest its gone here without raining was 3 or 4 days? I like the rain. I love the sound of the rain. I love when it rains super hard, whether its for 30 seconds or 3 hours. I will miss the sporadic rain. I will miss sleeping to the sound of rain. I wish I could take this rainy weather back to California.

3.    Singing- My favorite part of going to church was the car ride to church. We would sing songs during the 20-minute drive. It was a mix of children praise songs to old school hymns. I loved just singing for no other reason then to praise God. I’ve had some time to adjust, since Nathan (aka the lead singer) moved off campus with his family last month. But even then, I will miss it once I’m home. Above all, I will miss singing with my kids every morning during worship.  I will miss showing them new songs in English and in Spanish. I will miss hearing their voices.

4.     My Friends- I’ve been fortunate to make some friends during my time here in Yap. I will miss Ms. Sue and Mr. John more then they know. I will miss their friendship, kindness and genuine care. I’ll miss bugging Akram and speaking the tiny bit of Urdu I’ve learnt. will miss Ms. Delphina, Chloe, Mr. Thomas, the Yap church family. I will miss making Mercer act like my friend. Most of all, I will miss my 6 roommates- we did life together, –however messy and challenging it became at times– it made Yap, Yap.  I already miss Ivana, my original roommate; she made the transition into Yap go smoothly. I will miss Larissa, my current roommate, and our meaningful 1 am talks about life. I will miss Jo’s baking goodness. I will miss Melissa’s “thank you’s” and kind words. I will most def miss my tres amigas! Nallely and Kristin’s laid back attitudes really balanced out my aggressive one to a T. I will miss my güerita, our walks and talks.  

5.     Teaching- I became a teacher overnight. I have spent hours researching, making posters, grading worksheets, copying and lesson planning. It has caused me some frustration but most of all it has made me feel accomplished.  I did my best for my kids. I have never been so creative in my life. I will miss teaching. I will miss seeing the faces of my kids when they finally understand a concept. I will miss hearing my kids say their memory verses. I will miss watching my kids write sentences. I will miss teaching my kids about God. I will miss teaching my kids to read new words. I will miss hearing my kids read out loud. I will miss asking my kids to show me “whole body listening”. I will miss asking the class, “who is smart and special?”. This list could go on and on. Its safe to say, I will miss being a 1st grade teacher to my babies the most.

6.     Being Appreciated- I will miss all the simple thank you’s, hand picked flowers, notes, drawings, nunus, and hugs I receive on a daily basis. Genuine appreciation via my students and other people around me has made these past nine months feasible. It is so nice to feel appreciated and little people do a great job at making me feel loved and appreciated.

7.     The Culture- Among other things, I will miss wearing my lava lavas. I will miss the respect the students show. I will miss how simple and happy the people live. I will miss the warm welcomes. I will miss seeing the traditional dances. I will miss hearing people speak Yapese and outer island. I will miss seeing the care people have for their villages and how they keep it clean. 

8.     The Scenery- I want to ship home the deck I sit on every day during recess. I love how peaceful it is there. I don’t appreciate enough the beautiful scene I am surrounded by. I will miss my backyard. I will miss hiking through the jungle. I will miss all the pretty manta rays, sharks, fish I was able to see when we snorkeled that one time.

9.     My (other) babies- there are so many other babies I am attached too. Mainly my babygirl Misha, shes my next-door neighbor and I love that little girl. I already miss my baby boy Derrick, he was my buddy at church but hasn’t came recently. All the other elementary, middle and high school students who have smiles and readily greet me. I will miss Jerlyn, her smile and kind words. 

10. Yap. I will miss Yap. I can say without a doubt, Yap has been nothing but a blessing. I have endured a multitude of trails and tribulations while being here (& I don’t feel I am exaggerating). I wouldn’t have wanted to experience Yap in another way because it has been an overall blessing. I am closer to my Maker. Thank you Yap.  

My baby is growing up so fast. She’s now a 1st grader with a 2nd grade reading level. I find her alone in her room all the time reading. So proud of her. Taking them to sea world for them doing so well in school.

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With earth day this week, it was a perfect time to introduce poetry with our poeTREE, and reading/creating some earth day themed poems. 🌱🌏 Thanks @thefirstgradeparade for the anchor chart inspiration! I just big puffy heart all of your charts! #iteachtoo #firstgrade #anchorcharts #poetry #earthday