Jaxon was, I mean, we were ever so prepared for first grade…I think that new camp he went to this summer wiped him out. But I don’t think we could have planned school supply shopping any better. Saturday, 8:12am, both boys, Target, tax-free weekend…in and out and no tears! And he was okay with using the same backpack. But a new snakeskin + neon lunch bag was necessary of course! 

I say prepared, what I really meant was…we didn’t miss meet the teacher night and had all the things on the school supply list. Definitely not prepared for his unenthusiastic teacher to basically kick me out as I stepped through the classroom doorway, saying ‘have a nice day’. All I wanted to do was help him remember where his desk was. If only brother were in his class he’d probably could have cheered her up. He was shy, yet so so brave. I’m so proud. I totally had that moment though where you didn’t know if you should leave or walk across the hall the other first grade classroom and see about switching so he could be with all his friends, who were up mingling, smiling you know what you do on the first. day. of. school. I already miss the kindergarten days when I was able to walk him in, you know ensuring that he made it to the classroom. I guess first grade means you have up your trust game and know that independence isn’t something that just teenagers have. 

He’s already been asking to do science projects, make posters for his room and is so eager for computer lab days. Maybe he doesn’t eat his lunch every day but I’m just guessing he’s just catching up with his pals’ he hasn’t seen all summer. It’s only the 8th day of school and he has over a hundred DoJos. Which by the way, Class DoJo App…I still think is the coolest thing his school does. Much needed to communicate to Mrs. Hobbs that Jax was super concerned last Friday that the lunch ladies were going to switch pizza day and if that is the case to let me know so I can bring a back up lunch. Haha! 


For our after school classes, we have the kids watch American films from time to time. This summer we watched “The Boxtrolls.”  Our 5th grade class had these cardboard boxes left over from their lesson on giving directions. Instead of letting the boxes go to waste, thought this would be a great opportunity to make Boxtrolls!!! The kids absolutely lovedddd the project. I cut out styrofoam boards into the shapes of the Boxtrolls heads. Then I pasted blue paper over the styrofoam board to make it look similar to the Boxtrolls color. Then the students drew in the faces of the Boxtrolls. I cut out ears for the students and they glued and colored the ears themselves. I also cut out the shape of the hands and had the students take care of the rest: coloring, drawing fingernails… etc. These are my 1st grade students and also my favorite students! It was really cute how after they were finished making the Boxtrolls they got behind the Boxtrolls and pretended to be the Boxtrolls. They would role play saying things like “Hello, I’m a Boxtroll and I’m good at digging” like the actual Boxtrolls in the movie. My students melt my heart everyday with their cuteness and sweetness. <3

School presents

I have spent all day prepping, wrapping and making presents for my school. I have done a mini-present for every staff member in the school, wrapped my admin presents and am finishing up my last batch of cookies I made for the custodial staff. It has been a long day but I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. As a child who grew up surrounded by marvelous teachers I was always told, at Christmas time and periodically throughout the year remember those that take care of you-your admin, your secretaries, and your custodial staff. However, it’s even more important to remember them around the holidays when the teachers around them are getting presents and you’re having parties in your room or doing elaborate crafts or showing videos in your classroom to get through testing. These people are the glue of your school and they’ll either take care of you or they won’t. Five more days guys. Five more days…