I took on a class on monday afternoon and was kinda kicking myself for adding a class to an otherwise free evening

but it turns out to be basically babysitting 5 firstgraders while there’s a teacher’s meeting

we sat on the floor and i taught them how to draw an elephant

it was the most therapeutic hour of my week

First love: freckle mustache

Husband informs me that the 1st grade daughter reported hugging a boy at school. He didn’t see, but it was the first thing she said at pick-up: I hugged Ben and it was nice. He is visibly distressed by this, eyebrows raised, expectant stance as if to ask me what I intend to do to fix this horrible mess. I say this is no big deal and launch into an exhaustive interrogation.

Your dad is freaked out that your friend was hugging you. Your dad is crazy, you know that, right?


Tell me the story– what happened?

Well. We were playing. I asked Ben a question. He said yes. Then he hugged me.

Nice! What question did you ask?

I don’t want to say.

Really? Was it “Do you love me?”

Yes! OMG how did you know? [the girl is amazed at my telepathic powers]

Because what else would it be? And what else would he say but yes?

I go on to talk about my best friend (boy) in high school and how it’s nice and no big deal. Also, careful with the hugging at school. And don’t freak your dad out. Because driving dad crazy with worry is not adorable. She laughed.

Who was it? Do I know the kid?

I don’t know if you know him. His name is Ben.

Which one is he?

I don’t know how to say.

Does he have brown hair, black hair, red hair, or what?

He has blond hair with little stripes of brown.

What color are his eyes?

They are blue, and he has like this mustache. 

A mustache? (Oh shit. Did I completely read this situation wrong? Oh shit.)

Yeah. Like a mustache made of freckles? It’s like he has a mustache made of freckles and it’s across his nose.

Oh. Is Ben with striped hair and a mustache made of freckles a kid in your class.

Mom. Yes!

Will you show him to me tomorrow?


The end….????

omg, i just found a poem i wrote in first grade for halloween.

“Today’s Halloween

I feel very weepy

The monsters are scary

The pumpkins are creepy

‘Tis the day they all come dressed up as fools

Like ghosts, bats, goblins or ghouls

Halloween’s creepy

Halloween’s scary

I’d rather come dressed as a princess or fairy”


1) it sounds like i just learned the word 'weepy’

1a) and “tis’

2) the last line is a lie; everybody and anybody knows i’m still very much in my mulan the warrior phase


3) wtf wtf wtf this is so embarrassing

We have been studying the Arctic. The boys wrote a page about what it would be like if we lived there.

Jared (5 years old)

Living in the arctic wud be borrng bekus trs not ne toys. But trs brrng games to play. And u can bild an iglu and u have to go huntng with yr parints.

Gavin (6 years old)

If I lived in the arctic it would be boring. Our igloo would melt. What would happen if you lived in the arctic? Tell me. Would you make sculpthers? Would you play games? Would you be begging for food? The games are fun! There’s 2000 string things to do.

Guess we wouldn’t survive!