This is a rendition of 'Twas the night before Christmas someone on Chief Delphi made, and I think it would be a shame if you guys didn't get to see it!

‘Twas the night before Kickoff, when all 'cross the globe
The teams were preparing for their brand-new workload.
Each tool and supply was sorted and stocked,
Ready for the moment the game manual’s unlocked.

The mentors were getting their last sleep for six weeks,
No time to get rest once the robots need tweaks.
So until that approaching final day of the season,
There’s no time for naps! (At least within reason).

The students, however, were awake and a-buzz
Squeezed the hint for more clues! Why? Just because!
I’m sure there’s still time to unravel it’s secrets!
And a game hint, after all, is CD’s greatest weakness.

And up north in New England, in the snowy Manchester,
The FRC folks give the game one last minute tester.
It turned into a romp, all the people were joking.
Then suddenly, CRACK! Something impressive had broken!

Dave Lavery ran frantic, red herrings in hand.
Dean looked around saying “Well that wasn’t planned.”
Woodie Flowers stood pointing, “I think it was Blair!”
But Blair had roller-bladed the heck outta there!

A broken down field, oh, the gasps and the fears!
The sight of the ruin brought them all to tears.
That’s when Frank, he stepped up, and went all MacGyver,
He fixed the whole field with his sonic screwdriver!

“That’s good enough,” called Dean, “Lets have no more bad luck!”
“Someone help me push this whole field onto the truck.”
Together they heaved the crates one after the other,
And swore they would never once speak of this blunder.

The group packed up the totes and went over the list,
Ensured that no detail would ever be missed.
In no time they finished the last work of the day,
As Dean practiced the words of the speech he would say.

While I cannot speak for this greatest inventor,
Here are some choice words that you should remember:
You have a clean slate, in this twenty fourteen.
Time to actually build that one simple machine.

But for now please relax, and get one good nights sleep.
The road ahead is quite long, and the climb is quite steep.
But regardless the challenge, I tell you now: Believe!
There’s not a thing in this world you cannot achieve!

To the north and the south and the east and the west,
Good luck to all teams, I wish you each the best!
And until we all gather at the last competition,
Happy kickoff to all, and to all a good season!


In case you missed it, here is the video of the FIRST robots cutting the ribbon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013. 

Watch more here. 

**Special thanks to Plasma Robotics who shared these videos in their Youtube Channel. 

Buluk 3472

Dear team mascots,

Mascots are wonderful for upping spirit and bringing excitement to events, but there are some things I would like to share with you.

At robotics world championships this year, some of you made me very uncomfortable. I had mascots refuse to let me pass without a hug and who toucked me without permission. I had a few very bad mascots who groped me. The anonymity that comes with the mascot head or mask also comes with a responsibility. You are representing your team. You need to ask permission to hug people (and that can be nonverbal). You need to represent your team positively. You need to understand that not everyone appreciates mascot interaction.

Keep bringing the spirit, just keep in mind that respect is still necessary.

It would be helpful for team members to bring this up to mascots and to mentors. Let’s keep gracious professionalism going.

FIRST-ers Meetup!

Signal boost the heck out of this to your fellow FIRSTers.

We’ll be doing a tumblr meetup at 12:30 on Thursday of Championship - on the 2nd level of the convention center (Last year, it was by the Chairman’s presentation rooms, and that seemed to work out.) 

Basically, from where the pits let out, go up the big staircase that’s right there, and you’ve arrived! If someone wants to make a little sign or something that’s cool, but TBH I can’t drag it around all day because I’m all over the place. 

I am hoping to be on my Segway if I can get it down there, so I should be a pretty easy target.

(Speaking of, any NJ/PA area teams taking a bus down that want to do me a huuuuuuuge favor? Love you forever. Message me on


Check it out! Members of our team have made a card game based on Aerial Assist, and it’s getting published!

It’s a really fun game; you’re able to simulate building a robot, training your drivers, and playing matches!

Proposed uses for this game:

  • Outreach! You can introduce a stranger or new student to a whole season of FRC in the time it takes to play a game.
  • Strategy! You can simulate match play. While Aerial Assault is going to be released pretty late for the 2014 season, if it’s successful, we’re going to keep making a game each year.
  • Fun times! Everyone’s who’s played seems to like it pretty well. (and maybe it will replace Magic as the time-wasting game at competitions).

Support Aerial Assault on Kickstarter to get it off the ground! We need $4000 in pre-orders in order for it to be published. Spread the word to your teams! If you can’t get a copy yourself, maybe your team can, and if not that, just supporting us for a dollar or two will really help us out!