“Later in 2004, shortly after the ‘outing’ of Scheuer’s harsh criticism of America’s close alliance with Israel, Scheuer resigned from his position at the CIA.“

“In February 2009, Scheuer reported that, as a consequence of his statements about US foreign policy towards Israel, he had been fired from his position as a senior fellow of The Jamestown Foundation by Jamestown’s president.“

In Marching Toward Hell, Scheuer laments “the war in Iraq that was instigated by U.S. citizen Israel-firsters and their evangelical Christian allies”. 

Dear team mascots,

Mascots are wonderful for upping spirit and bringing excitement to events, but there are some things I would like to share with you.

At robotics world championships this year, some of you made me very uncomfortable. I had mascots refuse to let me pass without a hug and who toucked me without permission. I had a few very bad mascots who groped me. The anonymity that comes with the mascot head or mask also comes with a responsibility. You are representing your team. You need to ask permission to hug people (and that can be nonverbal). You need to represent your team positively. You need to understand that not everyone appreciates mascot interaction.

Keep bringing the spirit, just keep in mind that respect is still necessary.

It would be helpful for team members to bring this up to mascots and to mentors. Let’s keep gracious professionalism going.

List of Jai/Eric Imagines, Stories and One Shots.

Updated 12-28-2015

Here is a list of everything I have written so far for easier access.

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Looking at this list I realize I need a social life. 

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There was a substantial population of anti-war activists in the country. “American Firsters” and other non-interventionist groups were well-organized. Then there was the German American Bund. They were all over the place, heavily financed and effective in spewing their propaganda of hate; a fifth column of Americans following the Third Reich party line. They organized pseudo-military training camps such as ‘Camp Siegried’ in Yaphank, Long Island and held huge rallies in such places as Madison Square Garden in New York. Our irreverent treatment of their Feuhrer infuriated them. We were inundated with a torrent of raging hate mail and vicious, obscene telephone calls. The theme was “death to the Jews.” At first we were inclined to laugh off their threats, but then, people in the office reported seeing menacing-looking groups of strange men in front of the building on Forty Second Street and some of the employees were fearful of leaving the office for lunch. Finally, we reported the threats to the police department. The result was a police guard on regular shifts patrolling the halls and office.

No sooner than the men in blue arrived than the woman at the telephone switchboard signaled me excitedly. ‘There’s a man on the phone says he’s Mayor LaGuardia,’ she stammered, ‘He wants to speak to the editor of Captain America Comics.’

I was incredulous as I picked up the phone, but there was no mistaking the shrill voice. ‘You boys over there are doing a good job, ‘ the voice squeaked, ‘The City of New York will see that no harm will come to you.’

—  Joe Simon, in “The Comic Book Makers”, on why America First-ers hated to see a Nazi punched and how a Mayor protected Captain America
R.R. Reno, Republicans Are Now the ‘America First’ Party
Reaganism is dead. Conservatives need to accept the party’s new, nationalist stance.
By R.r. Reno

There are incontrovertible truths at the core of antiglobalist populism, as being pitched by Trump and Le Pen, as captured here by R.R. Reno:

Our country has dissolved to a far greater degree than those cloistered on the coasts allow themselves to realize. The once vast and unifying middle class has eroded over the last generation. Today we are increasingly divided into winners and losers. This division involves more than divergent economic prospects and income inequality. Globalism is an ideology of winners who stand astride our society as it is being remade by dramatic economic, demographic and cultural changes.


Globalism poses a threat to the future of democracy because it disenfranchises the vast majority and empowers a technocratic elite. It’s a telling paradox that the most ardent supporters of a “borderless world” live in gated communities and channel their children toward a narrow set of elite educational institutions with stiff admissions standards that do the work of “border control.” The airport executive lounges are not open and inclusive.

John Q. Public is not stupid. He senses that he no longer counts. And he resents the condescension of globalist elites, which is why Mr. Trump’s regular transgressions against elite-enforced political correctness evoke glee from his supporters.

But Reno’s title is wrong, because many Republicans – elected officials, too – are not America Firsters, they in fact form the conservative wing of the previously ruling unrepentant-neoliberal-globalists party.

Reno is also wrong in attempting to make a retreat to patriotic nationalism the only response to neoliberal globalism. The third alternative is mutualist commonsism.

And the grace note of the elitism inherent in airport executive lounges is a deft touch, suggesting globalist technocrats skirting flyover country. 

If there were an airline structured as a cooperative mutual organization – owned by the employees and customers – what would their airport lounges be like?

Isn’t it funny when people hate on Ariel because “she gave up on her entire world for a man” and praise Ursula as a strong, independent, feminist icon when:

  • the beginning of the movie establishes that Ariel’s fascination with the human world is way older than her love for Eric
  • she has an entire cave filled with trinkets from the human world, she loves it so much that she finds tableware fascinating!
  • you have an entire song segment about how she wants LEGS in order to do what humans do - run, dance, right before she meets Eric, really, it’s the most iconic song of the movie, how can you miss that
  • she saves Eric first
  • Eric never asks her to leave the sea, and she wanted to do it long before she met him. Ariel wants to be “rescued” from her homeland, and she finds the way how to do it herself, she doesn’t wait for Eric to come and save her
  • she gives up what others, not herself,  consider her biggest asset - her voice, and she does it in order to live her own dream
  • she doesn’t give up her voice in exchange for Eric, she gives her voice in exchange for what will allow her to be where she wants to be 
  • she is concerned that without her voice she won’t be able to talk to Eric a.k.a. know each other
  • kissing Eric/ making Eric fall in love with Ariel is Ursula’s condition
  • Eric likes mute Ariel not because of her looks, but because she’s quirky and lively and her excitement is contagious
  • honestly Eric was just the cherry on top, Ariel wanted the whole cake that the human world is
  • you’re never told how much time passed before they got married

Honestly Ursula is a cool villain and all, but there’s nothing feminist about

  • using a young and inexperienced girl in order to take vengeance on her father
  • taking advantage of a young girl’s crush in order to control her
  • sabotaging Ariel’s attempts by any means necessary 
  • EDIT: telling Ariel that what she says doesn’t matter, only her pretty face

Ariel is that girl who fell in love with foreign lands and different cultures and wants to leave her hometown and explore the world, and as someone whose biggest dream was to become an archaeologist because she fell in love with Ancient history, I can completely relate to her, and that’s why she is my favourite princess. Ariel’s story isn’t about sacrificing everything for a man, it’s about growing up and following your dreams. 

So here’s where we stood as of Thursday evening: 138 Democrats and independents had called for the appointment of a special prosecutor; just one Republican had joined that call. Another 84 Democrats had called for an independent investigation, joined by only six Republicans.

At this point, in other words, almost an entire party appears to have decided that potential treason in the cause of tax cuts for the wealthy is no vice. And that’s barely hyperbole.

How did a whole party become so, well, un-American? For this story now goes far beyond Trump.

In some ways conservatism is returning to its roots. Much has been made of Trump’s revival of the term “America First,” the name of a movement opposed to U.S. intervention in World War II. What isn’t often mentioned is that many of the most prominent America-firsters weren’t just isolationists, they were actively sympathetic to foreign dictators; there’s a more or less straight line from Charles Lindbergh proudly wearing the medal he received from Hermann Göring to Trump’s cordial relations with Rodrigo Duterte, the literally murderous president of the Philippines.

But the more proximate issue is the transformation of the Republican Party, which bears little if any resemblance to the institution it used to be, say during the Watergate hearings of the 1970s. Back then, Republican members of Congress were citizens first, partisans second. But today’s G.O.P. is more like a radical, anti-democratic insurgency than a conventional political party.


Judas, Tax Cuts and the Great Betrayal - The New York Times

The Culture War never ended.

Heck, the Civil War never ended.

This is a rendition of 'Twas the night before Christmas someone on Chief Delphi made, and I think it would be a shame if you guys didn't get to see it!

‘Twas the night before Kickoff, when all 'cross the globe
The teams were preparing for their brand-new workload.
Each tool and supply was sorted and stocked,
Ready for the moment the game manual’s unlocked.

The mentors were getting their last sleep for six weeks,
No time to get rest once the robots need tweaks.
So until that approaching final day of the season,
There’s no time for naps! (At least within reason).

The students, however, were awake and a-buzz
Squeezed the hint for more clues! Why? Just because!
I’m sure there’s still time to unravel it’s secrets!
And a game hint, after all, is CD’s greatest weakness.

And up north in New England, in the snowy Manchester,
The FRC folks give the game one last minute tester.
It turned into a romp, all the people were joking.
Then suddenly, CRACK! Something impressive had broken!

Dave Lavery ran frantic, red herrings in hand.
Dean looked around saying “Well that wasn’t planned.”
Woodie Flowers stood pointing, “I think it was Blair!”
But Blair had roller-bladed the heck outta there!

A broken down field, oh, the gasps and the fears!
The sight of the ruin brought them all to tears.
That’s when Frank, he stepped up, and went all MacGyver,
He fixed the whole field with his sonic screwdriver!

“That’s good enough,” called Dean, “Lets have no more bad luck!”
“Someone help me push this whole field onto the truck.”
Together they heaved the crates one after the other,
And swore they would never once speak of this blunder.

The group packed up the totes and went over the list,
Ensured that no detail would ever be missed.
In no time they finished the last work of the day,
As Dean practiced the words of the speech he would say.

While I cannot speak for this greatest inventor,
Here are some choice words that you should remember:
You have a clean slate, in this twenty fourteen.
Time to actually build that one simple machine.

But for now please relax, and get one good nights sleep.
The road ahead is quite long, and the climb is quite steep.
But regardless the challenge, I tell you now: Believe!
There’s not a thing in this world you cannot achieve!

To the north and the south and the east and the west,
Good luck to all teams, I wish you each the best!
And until we all gather at the last competition,
Happy kickoff to all, and to all a good season!

FIRST-ers Meetup!

Signal boost the heck out of this to your fellow FIRSTers.

We’ll be doing a tumblr meetup at 12:30 on Thursday of Championship - on the 2nd level of the convention center (Last year, it was by the Chairman’s presentation rooms, and that seemed to work out.) 

Basically, from where the pits let out, go up the big staircase that’s right there, and you’ve arrived! If someone wants to make a little sign or something that’s cool, but TBH I can’t drag it around all day because I’m all over the place. 

I am hoping to be on my Segway if I can get it down there, so I should be a pretty easy target.

(Speaking of, any NJ/PA area teams taking a bus down that want to do me a huuuuuuuge favor? Love you forever. Message me on



I’ve come to certain conclusions concerning FIRST.

I’ve only been on Team 308 since Logomotion in 2011.  I had just missed the year that we went to Nationals (or Championships, as some refer to it.  It’s an age/regional thing) and quite frankly, I had definitely fallen for FIRST.

Not only was it the best thing I had ever been a part of, but it was something that I knew was an important part of my life.  It had changed my life.  But that season, did I know why?

I think, unfortunately, that most of us FIRSTers forget what FIRST is really all about.

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