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Mira eyed the newcomer, unsure of her. She had become more lax with other women coming into her camp. But now she liked strangers less than before.

"You need something?"

Herb ID Kits are in! About 13 binders-full! My neural synapses are firing just from the thought of learning all this and applying in practice to treat diseases. I just can’t wait! As far as the safety and efficacy, these have been used clinically for 5000 years, so we good! Using what nature intended. God’s will for us. #FIRSTdoNOharm #acupuncture #herbalmedicine #herbs #naturalmedicine #realmedicine #originalmedicine

She would have a field day in some places.
  • Lord Luigi Oolong Sword:I still find the idea of Maddie being the Angel of Curing Stupidity great x3
  • afterbirth-cupcakes:she floats down and shanks them in the ribs for being stupid and whispers softly
  • afterbirth-cupcakes:"shut the fuck up you stupid cunt"
  • Lord Luigi Oolong Sword:XD

From VIETNAM IN PHOTOGRAPGHS AND TEXT: “A report presented to Congress indicated that some military actions have resulted in six civilian casualties for every guerrilla killed. This was in 1965.” We have this book for sale at Cool Pony. Happy Memorial Day. #firstdonoharm #memorialday #books #pictures #mydadwasinvietnamandilivewiththelegacy #stopwars #brooklyn