Notoriety took to some West Coast talent for this new single, featuring First Dirt‘s (CA) Timothy Rhyme x 60 East, and Mega Trife (MA) on the hook. While on their month long, nationwide “Vintage” album tour, Tim and 60 crashed on the couches of Notoriety’s crib and that connection was all it took for a song to form on day one. Indie artists have this “connection” with each other. If both are on their grind and it shows constantly, others who are the same will notice it immediately. Its a beautiful thing, really, and it keeps the conscious rappers on their toes.

“Stay With Me (The Heart of Hip Hop)” was produced by another First Dirt member, Phil The Pain, and touches home to the realness of what indie Hip Hop is all about. Say goodbye to the cliche lines, style and lyrics…and welcome something new and refreshing. From Cali to Mass, all we ask is for you to stay with us, and enjoy the heart of Hip Hop, as told by these 5 individuals. Enjoy.


The bridge gets me every time! >_< #VinceVicariSings #Grenade #BrunoMars #FirstDirt #VinceVicari

For the past few years, I’ve been grinding w/ these guys and few others. Our stories & struggles are epic. Its still First Dirt on mines. You may not like the music but guarenteed you’ll love the moves we make. New mixtape on the way & appearing everywhere this summer. Check us out on: #Repost from @timothyrhyme | #FirstDirt #BoyBandKilla #YouHeaux