New Teachers,

It’s not a bad idea to start teaching on the first day, whether it’s rules or an interactive lesson on NearPod for students to get to know each other or have them create a 5 slide PowerPoint or Google Slide where students tell you about themselves and/or a First Week Worksheet; which could have students answering relevant questions about classroom procedures, what to do when absent, expectations for when you’re out and have a substitute and etc.  Just a suggestion! Signed Super Teacher

Back to School as a Disabled Person

Can’t wait to go back to school next week and have everyone in my new classes ask me, “why do you use a cane??”

Here are some of my ready made responses:

Situation 1. If they a) have spoken to me for a decent amount of time b) were nice about it when asking and c) seemed slightly concerned for my wellbeing and not just asking out of sheer curiosity -

Student: So, I hope you don’t mind me asking, I was wondering why you use a cane? Because I don’t remember you having one when we were in a class together freshman year.

Me: Oh, I have a severe nerve condition that makes it difficult to walk. Got pretty bad sophomore year, and I’ve walked with a cane since the start of junior year.

Situation 2. If they ask in literally any way other than situation 1 that I deem as offensive or insensitive -

*walks into the first day of class*

Student: WhY dO yOU haVE A CAnE?!?! Are YoU jUSt TrYInG tO lOoK coOL?!?!!?!?!?!

Me: ……………….

Student: wELL?

Me: I carry it to hit ignorant fucks like you with.

Me: When I was a child, I fell off a roof and have had 200 surgeries since, and I’ll never walk properly again.

Me: I took too many drugs over the summer.

Me: To wave at all these whippersnappers to get off my GODDAMN LAWN.

Me: Because I have nerve damage in my entire body and I’ll be in constant pain for the rest of my life. Oh wait a sec….. that one’s actually true. Thanks for reminding me!

First Days

I dropped the girl off to her first day of school today and we spent a little time standing together on the blacktop trying to figure out if that was the place we were supposed to be standing.

This standing around in discomfort, this feeling of not knowing how things work, of not knowing anybody - it’s one of those things that you get better at, I guess.  Sometimes I’ll get to my show a little early and scan the people waiting at the bar - oh there’s that one dude I sort of know and oh yeah, she was a student of mine a bit ago, what’s her name?  A lot of times after going through that, I just stand around and wait for someone I really know to show up.  I think that means I’ll pick awkward standing around over awkward small talk most days.

I’ve sat around like that in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices.  I’ve sat around like that waiting for auditions.  I’ve sat around like that when my phone dies.

But standing there with my daughter, I was happy to be able to be with her, be a companion in the discomfort, in the figuring it out.  I was happy to take the blame when we were told to move to a different area where sixth graders are supposed to be.  

With no discomfort, there’s no discovery.  New stuff gives you the willies and gets you revved up!  The routine’s not set yet, you can’t sleepwalk it - everything’s weird like you’re a tourist in another city.  Getting lost, finding your way - that’s how new things start.

Happy first day of school everybody - I hope it goes well.  I hope it’s a little bewildering.  

O: How about pigtails?
H: I love it!
O: Oml. Thank you this is the 17th hairstyle and we’re about to be late for school.

(Ignore my bad excuse for using bad cross hatching as shading)

I present to you, the fully colored version! It took 3hrs from start to finish, and I’m tired. (Also, sorry for bad background. I don’t like drawing backgrounds. (And it didn’t help i spent 20minutes on the painting in the background of Taro and osana, only to cut Taro out)) It is also my newest headcannon Osana “inspired” Hanako to have pigtails. (P.s. Hanako’s shirt is supposed to be like, A H Akademi High)

My first day of senior year.

At first I was nervous due to my new teachers and classmates, but it turned out well. So far, they are really friendly and outgoing (more that what I was expecting them to be). We all get along, and I just can ask for good grades (but that’s my job).

My schedule for today was:

  • Economics (we did nothing)
  • Art (my teacher told us what we are going to do)
  • English (which is my favourite subject)
  • A 30 minutes break (to have a little “lunch”?)
  • We didn’t do anything because we don’t have a teacher yet (what kind of school does this?)
  • Spanish (my native language)
  • Geography (she actually wanted us to look for and print Spain’s maps)

And that’s all!! I hope y'all are fine and up to tell me your day✨✨✨✨


Mi primer día de 2° de Bachillerato (último año)

Al principio estaba muy nerviosa debido a mis nuevos profesores y compañeros, pero resultó que todo salió bien. Nos llevamos todos muy bien, son muy amables, y ahora solo puedo querer sacar buenas notas (cosa que es mi trabajo)

Mi horario fue:

  • No hicimos nada (sólo nos explicaron cosas raras)
  • Dibujo (el profesor nos explicó lo que íbamos hacer durante el año)
  • Inglés (mi asignatura favorita)
  • El recreo de 30 minutos
  • Aquí tampoco hicimos nada, porque no tenemos profesor todavía (qué poco fundamento)
  • Lengua (o español, como la llamen)
  • Geografía (que ya nos mandó tarea: descargar e imprimir el mapa físico y político de España)

Y eso fue todo!! Espero que estén bien, y dispuestos a contarme qué tal fue su día ✨✨✨✨


It’s my first day at a new school and I was ate cuz of my brother’s and so when’s got to school I had already had my schedule memorized and thought ‘maybe they aren’t in class’ and So I was about to go to my first period when I realized 'oh shit they are in class’ and so I was about to go in but then me anxiety kicked in I got nervous and I couldn’t look at the door, I started tearing up thinking they would judge me for being late and so I just kinda walked around pretending to be lost and asking where a bathroom was cuz I was new YA know? And I think someone was catching on time so I just ducked into the upperclassmens bathroom and now there are upperclassmen in here with me and Im to scared to leave my stall.

Yesterday was the first day of college, although we only had to be there for less than thirty minutes. But hey, I survived 😂 Since I had to be there first thing in the morning, I decided to make the most out of my trip and go shopping. Even though I hardly bought anything, I couldn’t leave these two beauties behind.
My very first hardbacks 😍

Book buying problem ✔