Day 1/100 of productivity!
I’m trying to get my pictures to feel more studyblr~y? so bare with me! I love getting motivation from all of the great studyblrs out there that really help me with organization and ideas! Just a few would be @theorganisedstudent @study-harder @elkstudies @decaffeinated-student @kellysstudyblr @productivecoffee
Go follow them they’re great!


One of The Chamber Boys from the University of Rochester pull a prank on the freshman chemistry class, and impersonates the professor FOOLING EVERYBODY. 

I was just riding my bike in front of the Student Union Building when this guy wearing fancy sunglasses forced a booklet or some type of religious tract into my hand. I looked down at it as I was passing him and then yelled “I don’t want this!” And threw it at the back of his head.