UPDATE: Just had my first official day at Dreamworks today and I have to say it still feels surreal that I’m actually working here. I’m extremely grateful to be able to work with some of the most talented people in the industry and to be a part of an amazing animation studio. I hope to keep working hard and to one day be as good as my co-workers here. #dreamworks #secretsout #firstday #mybirthdaygift #Godisgood (at DreamWorks Animation Studio)

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I know I’m not the only one out here white knighting and there is a very good chance this post is going to be totally ignored but it’s worth a shot.

I am both a 4chan and 8chan user, and I have been watching this go down from the start. What I’m giving you is the absolute truth, and it’s your problem whether or not you believe me. 

First off, there really is a “raid” planned. It consists of a bunch of users setting up “time bombs” in their post queues containing shock images and pornography on different tags such as #feminism, fandom tags and anything similar. This was planned by 8chan (which isn’t 4chan, they’re two different sites with mostly different users) on their board  THE ONLY THING PLANNED IS TO SPAM TAGS.

Any talk of “targeting” people for “anon hate” isn’t real. It’s unclear whether or not Tumblr users assumed this was going to happen because some 8chan users were calling for phone numbers as dox for Christmas prank calls, but that is what is generally believed amongst those either participating or watching. The only reason anyone would on Tumblr would end up harassed is from “tumblr spies” posting usernames on /firstday/ or mistakenly putting their real e-mail addresses in the “e-mail” field on the board. In case you want to post there, just leave the top fields blank and don’t post your real fucking e-mail. 

Omegle is full of trolls trolling trolls. No one is posting “real” raid info there. This is where 4chan comes in. 4chan new little to nothing about this whole thing until it was brought to their attention by Tumblr users or those pretending to be Tumblr users posting about this on /b/. At this point, 4chan decided it would be fun to add fuel to the fire and play into the popular misconception that people are being targeted. They go on Omegle and look for “tumblr spies” to provide false information. This information ranges from usernames, urls, inside information on supposed “stages” and “higher ups”. There are no stages. There is no Vince, no Dan, no Mr. Gravey, no CIA/FBI involvement. It’s all a lie told in order to trick people and cause panic for no reason. 

If you do go and try to confront the anons, DO NOT CLICK THEIR LINKS. They are posting shortened links such as “” links which direct you to illegal content, catch your IP, and/or redirect to the front page of Google after making it appear that you were searching for illegal content. THEY CLAIM THE LINKS ARE FOR COMPILING LISTS OF TARGETS, WHICH IS A LIE. IT’S A TRICK. DO NOT OPEN ANY SUSPICIOUS LINKS.

Both half and fullchan are sitting back and laughing at all of you making a bigger deal of things than it really is. Everyone needs to calm down and realize this is fake. Stop posting about it and if you are someone who can’t handle gore/shock images, just stay away from the tags for a couple days until everything is cleared up. Things are okay, and this will pass. 

My ask box is open if anyone has anything to say or any questions. I’m safe to talk to, and willing to help. 

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First Day//makeitrainmoreno

Waking up that Monday morning to her alarm buzzing in her ears; Fiona, in her confused state, fumbled around on her night stand for the culprit of the loud buzz. Finally, she reached the little button on her clock. The young girl had a hard time falling asleep over the excitement of starting a new school in the morning. In fact, she hadn’t even realized she had fallen asleep until she was being awoken by the alarm clock.

Getting up, she quickly set to work on getting ready; dressing herself in the outfit she and Imogen had selected while shopping over the weekend. Surveying her appearance in the full-length mirror, Fiona felt the butterflies in her stomach telling her she was nervous. With a slightly shaky hand, she reached up to push a curly lock of hair behind her ear.

Taking a few slow breaths to get her shakiness in check before exiting her room; she didn’t want anyone to notice how nervous she was. She wanted to appear confident, and as if she couldn’t care less that it was the first day of school. 

Once at school, Fiona found herself searching for Imogen amongst the sea of unfamiliar faces. She felt as if she were being watched, and she was probably right. A girl came up, introducing herself to the Coyne twins. The girl-whose name she couldn’t recall, seemed to know a lot about the two considering they had only walked into the building a few moments prior. As the girl spoke, Fiona once again searched for her new friend. Thinking she may have spotted her, Fiona kept her eyes on the girl; hoping she’d look this way so she can be sure.

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