first: twilight

an imp and her wolf

Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. 

I think this quote is from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer but stuff about a song comes up too, so yeah. It’s a nice quote anyways. 

Request 4/11 for August 2015 - Requested by whatsortofshipisthis 

Watercolour brush lettering. I wish I had metallic inks. They would look so cool for this kind of stuff. Imagine how good this lettering would look in metallic purples and iridescent greens against rich black paper. 


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Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jacob x Reader

Request: Can u write an angsty Jacob Black imagine where he imprints on the reader? or any Jacob imagine tbh haha

Characters: Jacob Black, Reader, Bella Swan(mentioned)

Word Count: 1033 

Warnings: Angst, fluff, cuteness, a few curse words and that’s it

Summary: You and Jacob have been friends for years now. One day, everything seems to change and you have no idea why.

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It was just another rainy day in Forks, Washington. The weather there was always rainy and cloudy, but you were okay with that. You love the weather like that. Sunny weather was okay with you too, but you prefer this type of weather. On your days off from school, you would usually spend time with your best friend, Jacob Black. You both go to different schools, so you don’t see a lot of each other on the week days. But that didn’t stop either of you from skipping classes to go see each other. 

Ever since what’s her name? Oh right, Bella. Ever since she moved in with her father, Jacob has been seeing you less and less. You learned from Jacobs father that the two used to be best friends when they were younger and for some reason, that made you jealous. Jacob started to notice your jealousy when he would bring up Bella’s name and he would tease you for that. He thought it was cute. Of course, you guys were best friends. Nothing more, nothing less. And you were okay with that. So was he.

Anyway, back to the cloudy day.

Sitting on a rock that had dug itself into the sand, you were just quietly humming to yourself. You were at the beach, by yourself, but there were other people there. People that you have seen Jake hang out with before. You never really asked Jake about them before and he was glad that you never did. You looked over to your left, just to see Jacob walking along the sand. You weren’t surprised when he immediately saw and recognized you. Tilting your head to the side, you smiled softly. He looked so different now. His hair was all cut off and he seemed more buff. Everything changed. From the way he walked, to the way he talked. And every single change that had happened… Started right after Bella showed up. But you really weren’t complaining.

“Hey, Y/N! It’s been awhile since we have last talked!” “Two whole days, Jake… Two whole days.” You both laughed at that. It was nice hearing his laugh again. You looked away from him and then he just took a seat right next to you. You didn’t mind though. You could use the extra company. “So… What have you been up to?” He asked you. You turned your head to get a really good look at his face, but then you realized that he was shirtless. How could you not notice this? Your tongue darted out of your mouth and you licked your lips. It was quiet for a few minutes. Jake was confused on why you had not answered him and he was about to say something, but then the loud sounds of waves crashing pulled you out of the trance that you were in. Who would have known That your best friends shirtless body could make you space out?

Quietly, you replied, “Um… You know, school… The usual. What about you?” Jacob chuckled quietly and he dropped his head. “Just dealing with life’s problems…” He sighed. You shook your head slightly. Jacob knew better than to not tell you the full truth. You could tell that there was more to it. “Huh? Really? Is that it? Just dealing with life’s problems? What’s really going on with you, Jake?” You asked him. Jacob lifted his head up a little And he looked into your eyes and he replied with, “Y/N… You know me so well… I…” And then he stopped talking. His whole face expression changed into a somewhat terrified one. You noticed that. “Jake..? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” You started to panic when he didn’t reply to you. What the hell was going on?

“It’s not like love at first sight, really… You become whatever she needs you to, be whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.”

And in that moment of silence… Everything changed.

It was so unexpected. Of course, Jacob had been told that he could imprint on anybody and not expect it. No shape-shifters expect to imprint. At any given moment, they could do it. To anyone, they could imprint on them. Jacob honestly did not think that it would be on you. His best friend. Now, his soulmate.

After the whole imprinting process was over, he quickly shook out of it. He looked deep into your eyes and his face expression went soft. You finally decided that you had enough of it. “Jacob! I’m so sick and tired of you ignoring me! Tell me what’s going on with you right now, or I’m leaving!” You had shouted at him. People glanced over in your direction, but you didn’t really care at this moment. You just wanted to know what the hell was going on with your best friend. His eyes widened a bit when you had yelled, but he said nothing. He did nothing. You groaned and stood up. Your bare feet dug into the sand and the most sand got caught in between your toes. “That’s it Jake… When you’re ready to actually talk to me and keep a conversation going, then call me,” you told. You started to turn around to walk away, but then you felt a warm arm wrap around your waist and then turn you back around. A small yelp escaped your lips, but it was quickly covered up with the warm, soft lips of your best friend. Jacob Black was kissing you. You would be stupid if you didn’t kiss him back. Placing you hands on his incredibly warm chest, you started to kiss him back. Your lips moving together in unison. Neither of you wanted this to end, but it eventually did. Once you pulled away, you quickly slapped the boy. Jacob gasped and he pulled away from you, kind of shocked by the slap, but entirely.

“Why the hell did you just kiss me?!” you asked, sounding really shocked, but not pissed. Jacob rubbed his cheek and he frowned, but answered you, “Um… I guess now it’s time that you finally found out what’s been really going on with me… But first… Let me explain what imprinting is…”

The End!

(A/N: this is my first imagine! Sorry that it its not that good! But anyway, please let me know what you think!!)