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What do you think the following kidswaps would be like: Rose Strider, Dave Lalonde, John Harley, and Jade Egbert

So I don’t actually engage with kidswaps a bunch because I don’t really get where most people are coming from with them, but my understanding of kidswaps is:

You take the canon kid but raise them in their surname’s household.

One of the cool things Hussie did with the guardians was that they fit fairly well into the four parenting styles Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, and Neglectful. Quick psychology overview, there are two categories parents usually get defined by, Involvement (also known as support or warmth) and discipline (or demand). Authoritative parents give high support/involvement/warmth, and moderate discipline, which is sort of the ideal parenting, and that fits Dad Egbert pretty well. Authoritarian is low warmth/support/involvement but high discipline/demand, which Bro Strider fits. Permissive is high warmth, but low discipline, which goes well with Mom Lalonde. Neglectful parents are low warmth low discipline, and are often absent entirely, which our unfortunately dead Grandpa Harley was (and from evidence in Hiveswap, probably would have been even if he was alive). Lucky for us Jade had a radioactive dog to raise her in his stead.

So we’ve got a girl like Rose, raised in an authoritarian household, I’m just gonna go ahead and say Bro Strider because I don’t know how guardians usually work in kidswaps. So Bro “I got possessed by a demonic puppet at age 0 and have lived with that thing in my head all my life” Strider is aggressive, unreliable, attacks his kid on a dime, emotionally distant, and emotionally detached. Rose, who is already pretty embittered by her mother in canon, would become someone utterly infuriated with the world. She’d forgo her passive-aggression games in favor of being outright nasty and rude most of the time I’m talking full 90′s cliche delinquent here. Serious behavioral issues, “who’s going to make me” attitude, seizing control by force wherever she can because control is something that’s stripped from her in her home life. Distrustful of other people’s intentions, probably always sees the worst in others, the kind of person who’s just waiting for the other person to prove her right so she can point at them and say “Ha. I knew you weren’t that nice.” without full awareness that she was the one to push them to snapping at her in the first place. REALLY nasty downward spirals of aggression and more aggression and a paranoid survival-based hair-trigger set of reflexes. Probably useful as a Seer of Time, but not good for her well being by any stretch of the imagination.

Then we’ve got Dave, raised in a permissive household by Mom “I drink to forget that the world is about to end and also because I’m lonely and life is hard” Lalonde. On the upside, he’s got a parent who cares about him now, on the other, he’s still a kid who’s gotta grow up too fast, bc his mom isn’t really a mom. She adores him, of course she does, but she’s drunk off her ass eight days a week so Dave’s sorta gotta be his own adult, which doesn’t end well. He probably gets along with her though, thinks he’s got a cool mom when really she’s just an enabler to pretty much anything he wants to do. I’d imagine a Dave Lalonde would end up sorta spoiled, used to not being told no, raised a rich kid, he’s used to being able to get whatever he wants after a little whining and would likely have a bad reaction to being told “no” when he starts out. A well intentioned dude who wants to be soft, but believes he has to be the “mature” one of the group, just listen to him he’s the smart one here. Probably thinks photographing plants and collecting roadkill in jars makes him “cultured” and “refined” and tries to use that as an excuse for why everyone should listen to him. Part of that is just him being used to having to act the adult in his home life though, so it’s natural for him to think that he’s the mature one, the put together one, the one who’s too old for that sort of childish nonsense. Also likely knows he’s pan/bi before the Game even starts tbeh. His quest as Knight of Light would probably involve him mostly just figuring out how to be a kid again, something he’d initially resent, like Rose resents the girlishness of LOLAR in canon, but would warm to eventually as he comes to terms with the fact that he’s not an adult, he’s allowed to be a kid.

Then John, raised in a “neglectful” household as much as having a dead guardian can really raise him, left with First Guardian Bec and the carapacians of Prospit. He’d probably be really starved for attention. Even more of a class clown than he is in canon, but this time only on a deserted island. Just a boy with his dog, and his dream scape to make friends with strange white chess people, whose customs are very much not human customs but ah well. Depression likely sets in a lot sooner for him without a parent around, and it’s easier for him to lock himself away from the world when no one’s even in his world on that lonely little island. Laying in bed all day watching movies and texting his friends and playing online games are less “interests” as much as they are “the only hobbies he has access to AND energy for”, than in his canon timeline. He’s still a boy overflowing with love for his friends, and would probably maintain his goofy disposition, but he’d be lonely and tired and depressed and it would likely be hard for him to work up the energy for his childhood nonsense that we all love and adore so much from canon. Bec, at least, would get him up, because dogs are high-energy pets and need daily exercise, and John would never ever let his dear sweet Bec get affected negatively by his depressed moods. He’s a boy who wants to be in love with life but it’s really, really hard. His quest as the Heir of Space would be something of a spiritual journey, I think. Becoming one with the universe, coming to terms with the good and the bad, the highs and lows the desirable and the ugly, and, by extension, learn to balance his own inner joy and despair. Once he reaches an understanding with that which is whole, he is better able to handle his own cycle of depression, which never really truly leaves him but he is able to handle it, engage with his loved ones while maintaining his own illness.

Jade, raised in an authoritative household by Dad “I love my child more than my own life” Egbert. Probably gonna be the most well adjusted out of all of them, surprising literally no one. Might be a little less punchy than we see in canon, having had a parent to appropriately model reactions to things like annoyance and anger, and probably has less access to rifles than our girl in canon. Still buff as shit tho, that much hasn’t changed. A witty problem solver, someone who’s had the support needed to really help her flourish, added to her own genius self. Has less need for the dreambot, but is still interested in science and furry/wolfkin stuff and her dad is, of course, only supportive (even if he doesn’t really understand the wolfkin/furry stuff, he supports his child and her interests). Wins ever science fair ever held and Dadbert is just standing with a camera beaming in the background. A go-getter and a high-achiever, sharp-tongued and able to use wit and snark and humor in order to win her battles instead of just out-screaming Karkat, regional winner of the Screamer Award (to be fair, that moment in canon was ICONIC). Isn’t necessarily GOOD at rolling with the punches, but is capable of it when she feels inclined. Her quest as a Witch of Breath would probably be something of a spiritual healer for the rest of her group? Someone who can manipulate the Aspect of freedom and in turn give that to her friends and loved ones. Someone for Dave to joke around with and just be a kid with, someone John can look to for support and help him when life is just too heavy, someone Rose can rail against and see that there is indeed still kindness in this world and yeah Jade isn’t perfect, she’s tempermental and a compulsive liar but she’s good and she’s loving and she wants nothing more than for Rose to feel okay again and Rose does indeed want that and wow JadeRose would actually be exceptionally good in this kind of kidswap wow. And in helping her friends, that would be an act of liberation for Jade too, because sometimes “we” is easier than “me” and sometimes “let’s” is more doable than “I’ll” and “I’ll do this for you” is easier than “I’ll do this for myself.”

Anyway I got super long winded there but here are my Thoughts tell me what you think.

It really is the last day of filming The Originals ever and I feel dead on the inside. That is all.

a little darkness to get you going


For the past week or so, Pan had been watching you sneak from your cabin during the middle of the night. Not that Pan was watching you like a weirdo (he felt like a weirdo the first time he did it), but the fact that one of his Lost Children was sneaking away in the dead of night raised his curiosity.

Yet tonight again, Pan stood at the window in his tree house, watching you tiptoe your way out of camp. He turned around, rubbing his hands over his face with a sigh as you went out of view, into the forest. Pan didn’t like it when you left because what if something happened to you? Not that there was anything too bad on Neverland to fear, but what if a mermaid got you? What if you fell? He rolled his eyes, as all these annoying what ifs were giving him a headache.

“I just… don’t understand why… she feels the need to… sneak out of camp.” Pan spoke slowly as if trying to think up reasons between his words.

Felix shrugged, his attention caught on the piece of wood he was carving in his hands. “Well does she do anything?”

“She does nothing around this island.” Pan rolled his eyes. “All she does is follow me around and complain.”

“Not that kind of do anything. Does (Y/N)… I don’t know. Does she dance? Or sing? Or draw? Has she ever mentioned anything she likes to do before?” Felix ended his sentence with a mumbled curse word, as the blade slipped from his grip and narrowly missed his finger.

Pan scrunched his eyebrows, the sound of the playing and screaming Lost Boys somewhere behind him. You had mentioned a while back that you enjoyed to sing but could that be the reason? Was it really that… simple?

“Well (Y/N) likes to sing…” Pan shrugged.

Felix nodded, a duh expression taking over his features. Pan’s eyebrows shot up in realization but yet, he wasn’t completely convinced. You could be trying to find a way off the island for all he knew.

“What’re you carving anyways?” Pan asked, a hint of amusement in his voice. Felix grinned, holding up the distorted figure. “It’s suppose to be like, a miniature sword but it looks like —.”

“It kind of looks like Tinkerbell.”

The two boys erupted into chuckles, as the thing in Felix’s hand did kind of resemble Tinkerbell in an unflattering way. They were followed by a beat of silence afterwards.

“You know Pan, I don’t usually suggest this kind'a stuff but if you’re so curious about (Y/N), why don’t you follow her?”

“I hadn’t thought of that.” Pan sighed, rubbing his jaw in thought but he quickly dismissed the topic.

That same night, you creeped out of your tent and down the forest path you had memorized so well. It was lit by the moonshine as the sky was particularly clear tonight, which only added to your excitement.

Nobody on Neverland knew you lived to sing. Nobody except maybe Pan, but you genuinely doubted he cared. Being the only girl on Neverland definitely had its perks but sometimes, you felt like the disadvantages outweighed the perks. Rather than the group of boys hearing and teasing you endlessly about your singing, you opted for sneaking away from camp to enjoy the music you created in peace. It’s not like you were even a bad singer — you were pretty damn good if you asked yourself. But it wouldn’t matter if you were the greatest singer to grace the Earth, as the boys would find any chance to poke fun.

Your mind had wandered and eventually you found yourself at the small meadow you had been visiting for the past days. It was dark and slightly eerie but you knew you were completely safe, which happened to be one of the perks you had thought of earlier.

You started with the chorus of a basic pop song, one you had remembered the radios playing often when you lived on the Mainland. The more you sang out the more confident you became, a small smile tugging at your mouth. You playfully moved your hips along to the catchy song, ending with a laugh at your own silliness. As it always does, your mind left your thoughts and soon you imagined yourself as a singer on stage. You skipped around the meadow, twirling and holding notes out as you completely lost yourself in your acapella.

Pan stood hidden enough to remain unseen but also out enough to where he could see you and honestly, he had never seen you so… alive. Your voice was better than words, as he hadn’t heard good singing in years.

A boyish smile pulled at his mouth from watching you and without thinking, he leaned against a tree, loudly cracking branches as he did so. Pan held his breath as your dancing came to a halt. You tucked some loose hair behind your ear, focused on the spot where you had heard the cracking. Someone had been watching you and instead of panic, embarrassment flooded you.

“Who’s there?” You called. It wasn’t the fact that they caught you singing and dancing, but more the fact they were spying was what embarrassed and angered you.

Pan stumbled through the bushes, brushing off pine needles and tree bits that had fallen onto him.

“Pan?” You accused with a shrilly voice.

“Hello, love.” Pan nodded. “You’re singing woke me up so I came out to see what was happening.”

“…It’s never woken you up before… Did you follow me?”

Pan dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “I had no idea you could sing that lovely.”

Your face flushed peach and you looked down. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not makin’ fun. Your voice is wonderful, I’ve never heard anything like it.”

Somehow you still didn’t believe him and with a roll of your eyes, you ducked past him and back on the path to camp.

“(Y/N), wait!” Pan huffed, storming after you. Your walk turned into a jog, as you just wanted to lock yourself into your tent and hide until morning.

Pan obviously caught up to you and with a yank on your wrist, he stopped you.

“Let’s go.”

“No, seriously. I’m not kidding or making fun. When were you going to tell me you could sing?”

“I did tell you.”

Pan shook his head. “Anyone can sing but when were you gonna’ tell me that you could really sing?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged, half uncomfortable with his close proximity but also half enjoying it.

“You’ve got a set of lungs on ya’.” He smiled and suddenly, the setting became a lot more intimate. Pan’s face was lit from the star shine and he was smiling soft enough to where tiny dimples formed in his cheeks.

“Why don’t you sing at camp more?”

“The boys make fun of me.” You softly tugged your wrist from the grasp he still had, feeling his fingerprints still warm on your skin.

“No one would make fun. I promise.” You shrugged, feeling shy in front of him. He had never been this soft nor gentle with you, as you only saw the cold hearted leader he so hardly strived to be.

“We should get back, it’s getting late.” You mumbled.

Pan wordlessly agreed and walked by your side, shoving his curled up fists into his winter jacket.

“Can you sing more around camp?” He spoke again. “It would make lots of the younger Lost Boys happy, you know… It’d make me happier too.”

You didn’t answer right away, keeping your eyes aimed at the ground. “It would?”

“Yeah. Think about it.” Approaching camp and walking to your tent, he left you with a goodnight before returning to his tree house.

And you did think about it. Recently the camp had been filled with music, sung by the youngest boys to the oldest boys. You had one eventfully day started singing while everyone completed their camp chores and one by one, boys started to fill in and sing songs from their childhoods, creating a wonderful choir of songs.

Just as Pan promised, no one had made fun of you and the Lost Boys camp became more cheerier than anyone could ever remember.

Thick of It-Juice Ortiz Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: flashbacks of violence, swearing, some sensuality

A/N: It’s a continuation of my Sons of Anarchy series and I finally decided to make the pairing between the reader and Juice. Let me know if you want a final part :)

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     When Y/N woke up, the first thing she noticed was Juice sitting in the chair next to her bed, eyes trained on her. The second thing she noticed was how well the morphine that Tara gave her worked.

     “There she is,” Juice muttered with a small grin.

     “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with the other guys?” Y/N’s voice was husky and laced with fatigue.

      “They’re working on finding the bastards who put you in this hospital bed. Opie and I are playing bodyguards right now.”

       “I feel so much safer,” Y/N teased.

       Juice didn’t seem to appreciate her joke as the line between his eyebrows deepened and he pressed his lips firmly together. “You know I would kill for you, right? Same as Ope, maybe even more.”

       “Yeah, I do know, it’s just…making fun of it ‘s nice way to cope with it.” Y/N placed her hand over Juice’s and stroked his knuckles. It was one of the few ways she tried to relax him when they were alone outside of more intimate, strenuous activities.

        Juice sighed and leaned forward. “I wanna tear him apart and I will as soon as we catch him.”

        “Get in line, I think I deserve first punch,” Y/N said.

        Juice shook his head. “You didn’t—couldn’t see how you looked when you first came in. All bloody and beaten—-you looked dead and…and I was so f-cking scared. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I can’t stand the thought of-of you being taken away form me.”

        There were tears in Juice’s eyes and Y/N almost gasped at the sight. He was always strong, albeit a little dim at times, but he always maintained a tough exterior. Seeing him so vulnerable in that moment made something stir in the heart that Y/N didn’t know she had. Over the past year they had been secretly seeing each other, he had never been too vulnerable around her, but Y/N had never been extremely vulnerable around him either. He did have his moments of being super romantic, like their first Valentine’s day together when he got her a nice box of chocolates and two dozen roses because he couldn’t decide which she’d like better. It was the first time Y/N told him she loved him and about the fifteenth time Juice confessed his love for her, but that was just how their relationship worked. No one in SAMCRO knew about them partially because no one would expect Juice’s stupid charm to win over the tough, independent Y/N. He flirted with her endlessly when Y/N first started bar tending and ignored her many threats of beating him up or stabbing him because he knew she wasn’t serious. Then, after a particularly wild night at the bar, Y/N and Juice had an intense, whiskey-fueled conversation about the deeper things in life. Seeing Juice be so thoughtful made him extremely attractive in Y/N’s eyes and after he took her home, she thanked him with the best kiss he ever had. Keeping the relationship a secret was her idea since Juice was more than happy to make her his old lady during their first week of dating. Y/N thought it would make things complicated in the club and so far, keeping the relationship a secret was only complicating things. Juice would have to hold himself back when someone tried to get frisky with her and Y/N would have to bite her tongue and keep her hands busy whenever some croweater tried to flirt with her man.

    Y/N moved her other hand to cup the side of Juice’s face. “I can’t stand the thought of you being taken away from me either, that’s why I fought so hard to stay.” She slid her hand down to wrap around his neck and pulled him close. 

    “Y/N,” Juice whispered.

    “Please,” Y/N whispered against his lips.

    Juice hesitated before kissing her as gently as possible. As far as he was concerned, Y/N was a porcelain doll that could break at any second. He knew she was strong and tough, but she looked so weak in that bed. Y/N kissed back stronger and more passionately, quickly losing herself in it. She was nearly stunned when Juice pulled away and rest his head against her chest. His hand came up and grazed her collarbone, making her shiver a little bit.

    “I want my crow right here,”  he said. “When all this is over, I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

    “Collarbone tattoos hurt like hell, though,” Y/N muttered.

    “You can take it.” He kissed the bone and pulled away a bit. He couldn’t help but be surprised that Y/N agreed to be open about their relationship. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had nearly died.

    Someone knocked on the door and Tara walked into the room a second later. Juice snatched away from Y/N at the first knock so Tara didn’t suspect anything. 

    “How are you feeling?” she asked.

    “Groggy and pissed,” Y/N dead-panned. 

    “Understandable.” Tara looked at the monitors that were to the left of Y/N. “Your vitals look good, we just have to change your bandages and give you some more pain meds.”

    “Morphine,” Y/N said with a wide grin. 

    “Don’t get hooked on that stuff. Last thing we need’s a bartender hooked on morphine,” Juice said.

    Y/N rolled her eyes and Tara smirked. “You’ll be fine, Y/N.”

   “I’ll be even better when someone gives me a gun.”

   “Not happening,” Juice said.

   “A nurse will be in to change out your bandages and give you food and meds,” Tara said.


   As soon as Tara left, Y/N sighed. “Are the guys making any progress?”

  “Based on what you said last night, I think they’re doing okay.”

   In Vegas, Clay, Tig, Jax, and Chibs were in the clubhouse with Adam and the rest of the Las Vegas chapter. There was a grim tension in the air due to the severity of the meeting.

   “All right, we got some new information on the man who attacked Y/N,” Clay said. “She said it was a redneck who she ran into outside of a bar.”

   “There aren’t any rednecks in any of the gangs in Vegas, but we did just learn that there was a gang visiting from Shreveport around the time Y/N and her friends were there, call themselves Louisiana Locusts,” Adam said. 

    “Never heard of ‘em,” Tig said.

    “Because they’re into small time stuff, move cocaine once in a while from Alabama, dabble a bit in extortion, and from what we’ve gathered in Vegas, they are not above attacking women,” Adam said.

    “Where are they now?” Clay asked.

    Adam smirked. “For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to stop in Reno for a couple of days.”

   Clay glanced at Jax. “Maybe we’ll go over and give ‘em an old Charming welcome?” 

   Jax nodded in agreement. “Did anyone find out exactly which one put their hands on Y/N?”

   “No, only person who would know that is Y/N, sorry,” Adam said.

   “That’s all right,” Clay clapped the man on the back, “you’ve been a great help.”

    Tig stood from his seat. “Let’s go show those Locusts what happens when you mess with one of us.”

    The rest of the Sons yelled in agreement because they knew that once the boys from the Charming chapter caught up with the Locusts, the rednecks were nowhere near prepared for what would hit them. 

    “Can you describe what happened to you, Miss Y/L/N?” Unser asked.

    Unfortunately, as much as Juice, Opie, and Tara tried to keep the cops away from her, Unser forced his way into Y/N’s room and the young woman was less than pleased to see him. She picked at the cherry Jell-O in front of her, tossing the occasional glance Unser’s way.

     “I was in a bar with some friends—”

     “Were you drinking?”

     “What’s the point of being in a bar if you’re not drinking?”

     Unser’s grip tightened around his pen as he took down notes. He decided to write “Miss Y/L/N was drinking at the time of the incident”. “Do you think this inhibited your perception of the events?”

     “It’s pretty difficult to misunderstand being beaten to a pulp and then dropped outside of a hospital,” Y/N seethed.

     “So, you were beaten? Was it by one or more assailants?”

     Y/N shrugged. “I don’t know, it’s kind of a blur.” 

     “Very well then. One last question, Miss Y/L/N: do you believe that your attack has anything to do with the motorcycle game known as the Sons of Anarchy?”

     Unser gave her a warning look that he truly didn’t need to give her. Y/N had spoken to the Charming police plenty of times to know just how to wriggle her way out of any situation and stall until one of the guys got her out of there. 

     “No, not that I can think of,” she said.

     “Thank you, Miss Y/L/N, my associates and I will do our best to apprehend the people responsible for this,” Unser said.

      “I hope you do.”

      As soon as Unser left, Gemma stormed in, carrying a large white paper bag and looking as though someone keyed her car.

     “I’m guessing it went okay if you’ve got that look on your face,” Gemma said.

     “Yeah, what’s in the bag?” Y/N asked.

      “Real food, better than the crap they serve you in here.” Gemma tossed a distasteful glance at the Jell-O and plate of turkey with gravy and green peas on Y/N’s bed table. She grabbed the tray, threw it in the trash, and set the white bag of food on the table.

      Y/N grabbed a corn beef on rye sandwich out of the bag as well as a bag of plain Lays and a granny smith apple. “At least you tried to be a little healthy.”

      “Real food actually feeds you, eat up.” 

      Y/N began nibbling at the sandwich and chips, grinning like an idiot at the taste of some of her favorite foods. “Clay call you yet?”

     “No, I just know he, Jax, Tig, and Chibs are in Vegas. You have nothing to worry about, though, they’ll catch the people who got you in this hospital.”

     “I don’t doubt that they will.” Y/N sighed. “This just had to happen when I took some time off.”

     “Could’ve been worse—-you could’ve gotten knocked up.”

     Y/N snorted, which made both she and Gemma laugh even harder. Unfortunately, Y/N had to stop because her ribs were beginning to get sore due to her laughter.

    “I can’t even laugh without some pain,” she said with a groan.

    “It’ll pass, honey. Have you talked to your parents?”

    “No, but according to Opie, they’ll be here by tomorrow along with all my brothers. Did we have to tell them what happened?”

     “Course we did, they’re family. If we didn’t, your mom would tear everyone a new one, especially me.” Gemma ran her hands through Y/N’s hair. “You know, we always thought that you and Jax would end up together.”

     “No, you didn’t.”

      “Yes, we did. We thought it was sweet how you would try to fight him and he’d never really fight you, but if someone messed with you and you couldn’t beat them up, he and Opie would do it for you.” Gemma sighed as she reminisced. 

      “Good times.”

      “Simpler ones. Plus, your crush on Jax was extremely adorable.”

       Y/N groaned. “That was ages ago, why can’t you let it go?”

       “Because it was so precious. Besides, I know now that both of your are grown up and have different tastes.”

       Y/N paused from taking another bite of her sandwich and looked at Gemma as a chill ran up her spine. She felt the way she imagined rabbits felt when they were cornered by a wolf. In that moment, Gemma’s mouth may as well have been filled with razor sharp fangs as she grinned at Y/N. There was no way she could possibly know about Y/N and Juice, Y/N needed to play it cool.

       “What do you mean by that?” Y/N asked.

       “Well, he prefers stuffy, pretentious doctors like Tara while you seem to drift more towards the other rugged bikers, am I right?” 

       “I wouldn’t say Tara’s stuffy or pretentious….” 

       “I guess you wouldn’t.” Gemma stood. “Well, I hope you enjoy the food. Just call me if you need anything.” 

       “I will.”

       When Gemma left, Y/N hesitated to breathe a sigh of relief. On one hand, the last two people she dated before getting with Juice were other bikers who were allies of the Sons so most people could guess she liked bikers. On the other hand, Gemma had an eerie way of knowing about everything and maybe Y/N’s relationship with Juice wasn’t an exception. 

Bucky Barnes Imagine: "Gay"

Reader Imagine: You and Tony are convinced that Steve and Bucky are in love with each other, much to Bucky’s annoyance- who goes out of his way to “prove” he isn’t.


You and Tony were certain of it. Three weeks of watching and documenting, getting F.R.I.D.A.Y. to play back audio records of their wistful conversations- there was not a doubt in your minds.

Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes were in love.

You just had to prove it. Stalking after Bucky down the corridor as he went to meet Steve for their early morning Tuesday training session (you had their schedules committed to memory), you listened attentively as the brunette spoke animatedly on the phone to someone you assumed to be a woman. “Psh,” you spat, “Cover-up.”

Bucky whipped round at the sound and you quickly retreated, sprinting down the corridor, mortified at the possibility of being caught following him. You thought you’d lost him after ten minutes of aimless sprinting and allowed yourself a break, propping yourself up on your knees with the palms of your hands as support after being doubled over for a minute or two- only to find yourself being stared out by none other than the gay man himself.

Jumping up quickly you propped yourself up against the wall nonchalantly, one hand pressed against the cool paint and the other resting on your waist, after a moment or two you pretended to only just notice Bucky who had been staring at you the entire time, now bringing his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose as he shook his head in exasperation, whispering faint exclamations of disbelief. “Oh hey there Bucky.” You smiled cheesily, waving your hand with a bit too much enthusiasm. “I didn’t see you there.”

Bucky groaned and pressed the flat of his hand against his eyeballs, “Are you actually- (Y/N), seriously? I literally watched you- I can’t believe this.” You rocked back and forth on your heels, now bringing both hands to rest on your hips, “Hm?” You hummed in innocence, raising your eyebrows up at him in challenge, refusing to acknowledge he had just caught you stalking him.

Bucky didn’t seem impressed. “Why were you following me?” He asked forcefully, his brow furrowing as he got straight to the point. You smiled widely. “I wasn’t following you Bucky.” You said simply with a shrug, dismissing the idea as fantasy. “Yes you were.” He stated, mirroring your stance in an attempt to dominate.

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.”



“But why would I, Bucky? Is this your subconscious wishing that I was?” You teased, wiggling your eyebrows suggestively up at him causing him to throw his hands up in exasperation. He opened his mouth as if to argue the point further, but upon watching you hitch your eyebrows and deepen your smirk, he scowled and padded away.

“Oh, Bucky!” You called after him in a sing-song voice. He didn’t stop walking, his figure retreating around the corner. “I know.” You said ominously, your eyes darkening mischievously as you laid your playing cards on the table. You watched his head pop around the corner, the rest of his torso still concealed behind the wall, giving him the ghoulish quality of a floating head. Fighting the urge to laugh, you kept the smirk firmly plastered on your face.

“Know.. What exactly?” He questioned uneasily, his eyes growing weary. He began moving towards you hesitantly, as if approaching a flighty bird. You examined your nails a moment, revelling in the power you had over him.

“About you and Steve, of course!”

This really threw him through a loop, “What are you talking about?” He cawed, his eyes narrowing and his face scrunching up in confusion. “Know what about me and Steve?”

You smiled devilishly again, “I know what you’ve been up to..” You stated, near to singing the last word in your gleeful mischief. Bucky’s head reared up and whipped from side to side in an unidentifiable emotion. Eventually his spluttering stopped and he looked at you with wide eyes, “What on earth are you talking about, (Y/N)?!” He groaned, tugging at his hair frustratedly. It was at moments like this he really wished he could read your mind, in the two years he’d known you you’d confused him infinitely more than any other person he’d ever met. Your strangeness both appealed to him and freaked him out.

“I know you love each other!” You shouted, throwing your hand in the air, pulling a cluster of confetti from your pocket as you made the declaration. A moment passed.

Two, three moments in silence.

Then Bucky burst into raucous laughter as the confetti settled in his hair, peppering him with an oddly fitting rainbow of colours as you watched on in bemusement. This wasn’t exactly the reaction you and Tony had planned on garnering when proclaiming your knowledge of their intimacies. He would not stop laughing. You joined in after a while, nervous giggles slipping from your lips as you tried to figure out what was so funny.

“You think..” Bucky began after a while, recovering from his eruption of laughter, clutching deftly at a stitch in his ribs. “That me.. And Steve are..” He disintegrated into fits of giggles once more, grabbing onto your shoulder for support. “Are.. Gay?” You finished for him, only adding to the screamed laughter that poured from his lips. You gave him a look that embodied your thoughts of “what the fuck is happening” which he took note of and managed to sober up.

“What made you think that?” He chuckled, swiping at a few stray tears lining his cheeks.

“Well, you’re not denying it, for starters.”

“We aren’t in love.” Bucky stated, then added hastily. “Well, I do love him. But he’s my brother, my oldest and bestest friend. It’s entirely platonic, maybe there was a time when we could have..” He trailed off for a moment then shook his head and returned to the present. “But things change, stuff happens and.. We’re perfect as friends.” He finished with a broad and content smile, beaming at your unimpressed face.

“I don’t buy it.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“What, why?”

“Because Thursday’s!” You shouted, as if that was all the explanation you needed. Bucky shot you a puzzled look.

“You have sex every Thursday.” You dead panned, hitting him with the facts. Bucky’s face twitched a smile but he didn’t lose it this time. “We train every Thursday.” He corrected you.

“B-but,” you began, stutters lining your voice. “The audios of you two, the moaning, the grunting-”

“Weights.” He said simply by means of explanation.

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t believe you.” You declared, striding past him and towards Tony’s office to inform him of your findings. Bucky shrugged and walked off with a smile, planning the same with Steve.

It didn’t phase Bucky at first, in fact him and Steve found it quite hilarious. But then he began to notice the watchful and devilish looks Y/N was shooting him every time he was in Steve’s presence. It really began to grate on him, especially when Tony started making his comments.

“I’m going to check up on Steve,” Bucky said, bringing a firm hand down on his thigh as he made to leave the room.

“You sure you aren’t just going to check out Steve?” Tony quipped, not looking up from his device, still tapping away furiously, a faint smile lining his features. Bucky snorted and dismissed the comment, leaping up and going to seek Cap’s company.

Then Sam chimed in.

“I’m his best-friend.” Bucky argued, “We’ve known each other near enough our entire lives and we share a much deeper connection than you do with him!”

“Aw hell no,” Sam said, bringing his fist down on the table with force. “Just ‘cause you’re sleeping together don’t mean you’re his best friend, I mean maybe you do get "deeper” with him than me since I don’t-“

"What the hell, Sam?” Bucky interrupted in horror, the words pouring from his mouth forcing him to picture a disturbing visual. “We’re not sleeping together!” He shouted, almost completely forgetting about his conversation with you, seeing as it had happened over two months prior. Though the thought slowly returned to him as he mulled it over. “What made you think that we were-” Sam perked an eyebrow up at him, his mouth curving into a smile.

“Y/N.” They said in unison. “I’m going to kill her.” Bucky cried, storming out of the room and making a beeline for your room where you were sat innocently reading, before your state of tranquility was disturbed by the harsh knocking of fist against wood, or more precisely- metal against wood. You sighed heavily and hoisted yourself up, barely managing to unlock your door before Bucky barged in, eyes ablaze and fists clenched.

“I’m not fucking gay!” He roared, staring you down. You returned his glare with your own bored, lazy gaze.

“That’s exactly what a closeted gay person would say.” You stated, moving back to resume your position on the bed before Bucky caught ahold of your wrist and spun you round.

“If I was gay,” Bucky huffed, his eyes wild and his hair fanning his face as he breathed heavily. His mind whirring as he contemplated what he was about to do. “Would I do this?”

“Bucky, wh-”

Your words were quickly silenced by hastily pressed lips against your own, moving ferociously, a hot tongue swiping at your lips as you struggled to process what was happening. The shocked gasp you emitted making entrance for Bucky’s tongue which moved sultrily within you. Roaming hands lit your chest aflame and ignited a passion within you, suddenly you were kissing him back. Your once frozen hands finding the nape of his neck, tying them tightly into the loose strands of his hair that decorated the back of his head. You tugged and pulled when he found a soft spot on your neck, earning moans of approval as you did so, sometimes pulling so hard he emitted a growl that stirred your insides and turned them to mush.

You could feel your feet tripping backwards and then your backside crashed into your writing desk, Bucky soon hoisted you atop it, grabbing you by your thighs and almost throwing you aggressively, grunting as he did so. He peppered your neck with kisses, nibbling at the tender skin and leaving territorial marks. You moaned ever so slightly and pulled back quickly, panting and struggling for breath. “Bucky.” You breathed, wide-eyed and still struggling to process what the fuck had just happened.

But Bucky only smirked and pressed your lips together again and again until you were certain it wasn’t Steve he wanted, but you.


(I’m actually Stucky trash and it was really hard not turning this into a Stucky fic because they actually are in love and you got it right the first time girl)

*camera pans to me, covering up the fact that I was just crying into my sheet music*

hey everyone! i’m a music student,, and I’m dead inside having so much fun (:

How Much More Can I Take?

Roommates AU Part 2/2: Spencer and Emily live together and have a very agreeable arrangement between the two of them.

Part Two Summary: Things change after Winter Break. Spencer can’t put her finger on why, but one thing’s for sure - when it comes to their feelings, both Spencer and Emily are in deep, deep denial.

Author’s Note: The rating on this one is a littler higher than most of my fics. There’s no graphic sex scenes, as I basically do a literary fade-to-black, but there is some pretty explicit references to sex, and some heated scenes between Spencer and Emily. Just warning in case that’s not your thing.

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It’s been a year since Rumple killed Peter. 

A year of being stuck in Story Brooke.

A bitter year filled with tears and your voice going hoarse from screaming in pain.

The bitter sweet memory of the last word you spoke to Peter rang in your ears. “Please come home safe..” that was all you said no “I love you’s” nothing fucking nothing and you loathed that thought every day.

It wasn’t fair Rumple came back and got his happy ending with Belle, hell they’re even having a kid. Regina didn’t have the happy ending she wanted but she has family. Emma has Hook and blah blah everyone is bloody happy with everything, and where are you? Bitter and alone with the love of your life ripped away from you. 

You wandered your gloomy,grey one room apartment and went over to a drawer that you put all of Peter’s stuff in. Stuff that you two brought over from Never land from the trip here just some random stuff. You dug into the end of the box for the first time in a year and felt soft fabric, removing stuff from on top of it you saw it was one of Peter’s shirts. A shirt he got because you nagged at him that he needed a change of clothes, a identical shirt as the one he’s always wearing but it was the thought that counted.

You couldn’t help but let a couple of tears roll down your cheek, you stripped off your shirt and put on Peter’s shirt. The smell of Peter was still faintly lingering on the shirt not enough for you to be covered in it but enough to remember how he smelt. 

A harsh knocking came from your front door which was odd because everyone in this stupid town avoids you like the plague. You hastily open up the door because even though you were a mess your curiosity came over your better judgment. As you crept the door open you didn’t expect to see the boy in front of you.

“Hello Henry how can I help you?” You asked the boy that was a couple of years younger, hell you’ve been in Neverland for so long he was probably a century or two younger than you.

“We need you help” He said so fast the words strung together, panic filled his eyes.

“What is it?” You asked stringing your eyebrows together.

“Just please come with me” He said desperation filling your eyes and even though you hated the kid you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“Ok fine let’s go” You said stepping out of the door and closing the door behind you.

As you followed Henry you quickly saw what had everyone so distressed and worried. Crazy eyes, magic being thrown in every direction hell you would’ve been scared too but you were feeling everything but scared. The words trapped at the back of your throat, stinging and fighting to get out at the same time you were fighting back tears. What your voice was taking too long to do you thought “ Fuck it” and ran just ran. Your legs were stinging, feet were being cut up with rocks because you simply forgot to put shoes on, but you couldn’t care less you kept running your heart pounding for so many reasons.

As you were arms length away your voice was finally reliable again and you yelled out the one word that was caught in your throat “PETER” You yelled, peter turned to you and took you in his arms.

You sobbed and choking through tears you let out another string of words “How I thought you were dead, maybe even a different realm”

Peter holding on to you for dear life simply said “No realm will ever keep me away from you” nine words. The first words you heard Peter say in a years and you broke down even more because this was real.

“I’m a bloody mess I look horrible, this probably not what you expect this reunion to happen” You said smiling through tears against his shirt, the same shirt you were wearing.

“Ridiculous you look great, in fact first second I saw you and I couldn’t get over how beautiful you were”

Living Dead Youth

Kenshi Yonezu
“Living Dead Youth”

Come, our eyes are still closed, and we’re tired from walking
Where in these ruins do we go again?
Right, we still can’t grow up yet.
Constantly wandering, we make mistakes again.

Anyway, if we can’t even
Let go of this sort of pain and sadness,
Holding it all tightly in our hands
We are made to laugh that we’ve just let it alone.

Come, we are still cursed, and we’re tired from laughing.
Where in this present age do we go?
We won’t continue to breathe anymore; our throats will no longer quiver,
Losing it and hesitating.

Anyway, if our last homeroom denouncing our hatred
Is defeated,
It would be better to just run away, still weak,
Past the light that will never be unseen.

We sing without seeing
Chic, chic proof of aspiration and despair.
Straying away from the SOS,
We knew we have no dreams.

We want to try to go and live our lives to the fullest.
We don’t need fate or coincidence either.
“So let’s have fun.”
It’s an unending night, but we’ll make a fire now.
That kind of that kind of song we’ll sing.

Come, we’re still being laughed at, and we’re tired of asking favors.
Where on this narrow path do we go?
Days of helplessness are cruel.
If we act like dumbasses,
We’re spoken horribly of, and we’re hurt again.

Anyway, if the umpire who overlooked the hit-by-pitch
Isn’t part of my family,
I want to at least be his ally.
If he can’t believe in me, it doesn’t matter anyway.

The tick-tack mentality,
Overlooking deficiencies and surpluses,
Limits our ability to improve our inferior bodies again,
Accepting a terrible curse.

We want to try to go and live our lives to the fullest.
We don’t need pride or humility either.
We want to allow it.
This kind of this kind of pain
Feels as if it crawled out of the unfading past.

Still unable to sleep because of the pain,
We wander about aimlessly,
Looking as though
We are living dead.

Unable to be loved the way we want to,
In order to live in this world,
Still bloodstained,
In the marsh
We wished
To try and walk again.

We sing without seeing
Chic, chic proof of aspiration and despair.
Straying from the SOS,
We knew we have no dreams.

We want to try to go and live our lives to the fullest.
We don’t need fate or coincidence either.
“So let’s have fun.”
It’s an unending night, but we’ll make a fire.
That kind of that kind of song we’ll sing.

[Romaji and interpretation under the cut]

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(Art by John Rocco)


The Friday before winter break, my mom packed me an overnight bag and a few deadly weapons, and took me to a new boarding school. 

And thus began the third installment.  The Titan’s Curse was when this story started getting…dark.  First, Annabeth falls off a cliff, which pretty much sucks and is some really accurate foreshadowing (COUGH mark of athena).  

Thalia'a back from the freaking DEAD only to see that happen, and come to terms with the fact that her almost-boyfriend is now a malicious traitor.  Grover’s becoming more and more agitated over his search for the nature god, Pan.  

Despite all those unfortunate circumstances, it still was amazing.  We met the best sibling duo ever- Bianca and Nico di Angelo.  Also, we (though briefly) got to go questing with Zoe Nightshade, the ultimate huntress.  From Bessie, to the dam snack bar, to Aphrodite’s lesson for Percy- we did have our fair share of laughs.

But it didn’t last for long.  The Titan’s Curse had two main character deaths- Bianca and Zoe.  It was brutal, especially for Nico.  This is when we start to see the developing changes in him.  The happy, energetic little boy we see at the beginning of the story starts to become the dangerous, moody son of Hades we know now.  

By this point, Athena is on to Percy- about his fatal flaw, and definitely about her daughter.  It’s pretty clear Percy’s got a crush, even if he doesn’t realize it.  He literally ran away from camp, crashed a quest, traveled across the entire country, and held up the sky- essentially all to save Annabeth.  

It’s becoming obvious that everything is starting to get out of control.  At this point, we’ve pretty much got all the new characters we’ll be having for the rest of the series.  We know our enemy, we know our purpose, and now’s when the real fight begins.

“I await you.”

kerasines  asked:

top 5 queer!sam headcanons go

  • sam’s first kiss was with a male friend when he was 14 (he didn’t tell dean or john about it though and dean still doesn’t know~)
  • he liked holding dean’s hand a lot when they were kids but after awhile they were “too old” to keep doing it so sam started holding hands with other boys instead <3
  • brady was sam’s first almost boyfriend! they kissed a few times and ended up snuggling a lot after passing out whilst trying to study but before sam could really talk to him about making it official brady went away and came back possessed and goodbye snuggles :(
  • ‘your demon lover; brady?’ 'they have history’ - sam totally hooked up with demon!brady once or twice you’ll have to pry that from my cold dead fingers
  • sam winchester is pan as heck and he’s a total bottom and he owns at least 5 dildos goodbye
Three thoughts on the new Cinderella movie:
  1. I really appreciated the racial diversity/representation throughout the film, especially considering it was set in the nineteenth century, which tends to be an (allegedly) justifiable excuse for excluding non-white cast. Furthermore, the representation remains unexoticized. 
  2. The fact that the Prince and Cinderella meet before the ball complicates the “love at first sight” trope (albeit only to a degree), as the Prince clearly admires Cinderella’s kindness, intelligence, and willingness to stand up for what she believes in — not just her beauty.
  3. The Prince isn’t just (cheesily) charming — he is as kind as Cinderella; even his relationship with his father (the King) mirrors Cinderella’s loving relationship with her parents. This is best exemplified when the Prince cries visible (!) tears at his father’s dying words, and the scene pans out with the King lying dead on the bed and his son curled up at his father’s side, in the fetal position. This film displays two grown men as sensitive, kind, and openly loving towards each other (all stereotypically feminine traits); it’s a relief to see the film reject harmful gender stereotypes.
#2: Hot Chocolate

Day 2 of the Sabriel Advent calender! The theme of today’s drabble is hot chocolate, and it is a gift for the wonderful @sabriel-otp

Sam sighed as he turned another page of the lore book, eyes beginning to drift closed. He was tired. He was always tired these days though. Always something new to hunt, always something new to research, and he was often the one who ended up spending all hours of the night awake and reading.

 Not to say Dean didn’t offer to help, but Sam knew he was the faster reader, and sometimes just those extra few minutes were key to saving someone else. He prodded his phone, shoulders sagging as he saw it was 3 in the morning. When did it gets so late? Early? He resigned himself to the fact he’d finish the chapter he was reading and head to bed.

A noise to his left made Sam wake with a start, hair falling into his face as he sat up sharply.

 “Who there?” he mumbled, wiping some drool from his chin as he looked around the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was that the main light was off, but the small one above the stove was on. The second thing was the source of the noise. Gabriel. “Gabe?” he rubbed his face, waking himself up slightly more as he took in the fact the archangel, the dead archangel was stirring something in a pan.

 “Rise and shine Sammykins,” Gabriel hummed, pouring the contents of the pan into a mug and the smell of rich dark chocolate filled the room.

 “Hot choc’late?” Sam squeezed his eyes shut before blinking them open again, staring as Gabriel put the mug in front of him, sliding into the chair beside him. He clicked his fingers, a can of whipped cream and a bag of marshmallows appearing on the table.

 “Congratulation Sammoose, you have both a set of eyes and a nose.” Sam would have been more offended at the snark if it hadn’t been for the fact that snark was coming from the mouth of someone he’d thought was dead.

 “But - you’re dead.” He finally said, watching Gabriel pick up his own mug of drink and sprinkle tiny marshmallows on the top, poking them into the hot liquid till they began to melt before he took a sip.

 “English lesson for you Sammy, I was dead. I, right now, alive and well. Drink up.” he shoved the whipped cream towards Sam and he took it, spraying a small amount onto the drink.

 “I don’t understand though. You are - were - dead. And now you’re here at-” he paused to check his phone for the time, “5am making me hot chocolate.” The archangel sighed and relaxed into the wooden chair as much as he could, cradling the warm cup in his hands.

 “I died, you’re right. Lucifer stabbed me, and I was dead. But now I’m back.” he took another long sip, eyes closing as the sweet taste blossomed.

 “Okay, I can see that. But why are you here, why now?” Sam went to close the lore book in front of him to find it already closed, and away from him. “Did you?”

 “Okay, up in Heaven, there’s a small argument going on still about you two, you know, Luci’s vessel and the Righteous Man, all that. And they were trying to decide who should come uh - watch you, as such. You especially, because, don’t you tell anyone I told you, the Cage? Not meant to have two pissed off Archangels in.” He took another sip before leaning back and flipping his feet up onto the table, crossing his ankles. “According to Heaven if Luci dear gets back out, you’re going to run to him with open arms.” 

Sam opened his mouth to protest but Gabriel gave him a stern look. He closed it again, picking up the mug Gabriel had given him. “I told them in not so many words they were wrong. They told me you needed an angelic entourage at all times. I offered myself as tribute, and lo and behold I am here in the flesh.” He put the empty cup down and stretched, rocking the chair backwards and beaming at Sam.

 “So you’re… my guardian angel.” Sam rested his elbows on the table, surveying the archangel who was just sitting there as if nothing had happened.

 “Bingo Sammich, we have a winner!” Gabriel beamed and Sam couldn’t help but melt slightly under that sunny force of the smile. “And my first duty as ‘guardian’ of you is to tell you to finish the hot chocolate and get that pretty ass to bed.” Brushing off the comment about his ass, Sam glanced at the lore book.


 “You’re dealing with a group of rogue Kelpies. Go to bed.” Their eyes met and Sam bit his tongue as he went to speak again. Maybe having the all-knowing archangel around wouldn’t be as bad as he’d originally thought.

bitsandparts  asked:

((Meme)) Gliti sighed, hard day at work, then bad news. She went home, just really tired, hen she saw Taylor. Naturally, the first thing she thought was 'ZOMBIE!' so she ran to her kitchen, grabbed a pan from the bottom of the stack (this resulted in a crashing sound), wore it as a helmet, and got a baseball bat. She now has a small wall of random stuff to hide behind. Now Taylor will end up having to try to convince the toon that the fact that she's 'presumed dead' does not make her a zombie.

“……….. Gliti, what are you doing?” What in the world was going on here? She had only been gone a few days……. “What’s got you all hyped up?”

Moons and Maidens

So, remember how Monty said in one of his Q&A things that the moon’s phases has more than just aesthetic significance?

Maybe it’s a meter for the maiden’s power somehow?

As you go through the trailers, it goes from full to half broken:

External image
External image
External image

Maybe this is the point where Amber got attacked and the sky itself is broadcasting how half of her power has been broken apart and stolen.

But, then at the end of Yellow:

External image

As the one moon’s breaking high in the sky, another, fully-formed moon is rising on the horizon.  This makes sense if each season essentially has its own moon. (So, there are four moons orbiting and each one’s individually visible as the seasons change.) 

We have yet to see anyone in the show make any sort of big deal over the moon breaking apart, as though it’s a regular occurrence.  Maybe each Maiden’s moon breaks apart after her death as her power is transferred to the next host.  It is later replaced by a new, full moon when the next Maiden comes into her power.

Also, on the Yellow screen cap: If you follow the theory that the members of RWBY will be the next Maidens, the fact that the moons are positioned directly with Ruby and Yang seems like a possible parallel.

Other times a moon shows up on-screen:

V1 Ep8 - Camera pans down to Torchwick:

External image

Taking this as Amber’s moon, it’s still stuck as half-broken.  Even though it broke apart rather quickly from the Red trailer to Black, it seems to be stuck in a half-dead / half-power state, much like Amber herself.
Also, taking this as Amber’s Fall moon, it would line up time-wise with the girls’ first semester at Beacon being in Fall (assuming Remnant has a similar school schedule of starting new school years in the Fall).

V2 Ep10 - Ironwood and Glynda talking.  Then at the ruins with RWBY:

External image
External image

With a new semester, we’re likely seeing Winter’s moon (or maybe Spring’s, depending on how much time has passed) fully in tact as the season’s Maiden is still in possession of her full power.

V3, when we learn about Amber, we haven’t seen the moon(s) in any of the actual episodes.  However, it does show up in the opening and in a WoR episode:

External image
External image

We once again see this half-destroyed moon. (Once again directly associated with Ruby specifically, make of that what you will.)
Following that the moon breaks apart every time a Maiden dies, one would expect that the moon would break apart rather quickly as the old Maiden dies and the new one takes her place (maybe reforming slowly as her powers grow).  The thing that WOULD be out of place here is that this moon is trapped in a half-formed, half-broken place as Amber lingers on the verge of life, robbed of half her power.

Bonus:  You can interlink this theory with others floating around like, “Dust comes from the moon” and “Dust is formed from remnants of the Maidens’ powers.”  The moon breaks apart, releasing Dust upon the world.  Then, the new Maiden’s spirit/will powers the formation of the new moon.  Maybe the nature of the Maiden herself (personality, semblance, etc) affects different aspects of the moon (size, colors, surface formations), and even the Dust that comes from it (quality, element, application).

Also:  Cause magic, I’m assuming the moons are fairly low density balls of Dust/energy/Aura and don’t have huge tidal effects on Remnant cause, if that were the case, there would be so many natural disasters whenever a Maiden died that it would cause a LOT of damage.

- @pyramaniac