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Can i ask how you go about painting your backgrounds?? They always look so nice and I end up staring at them bc W O W

AWAWA!! THANK U ANON!!!! i actually struggle a LOT w/ bgs thats why most of my artwork doesnt have them.. but im trying to change that…


im no expert in these sorts of things, but i was fortunate enough to be mentored by @snatti who helped me with backgrounds and color theory (PLS GO SUPPORT HIS PATREON HES AMAZING BTW)

there are just some principles you have to keep in mind when painting backgrounds. i always focus on controlling value first and then laying down colors afterwards. ill use these two examples of my artwork to explain. the first is my most recent background piece of lillie from pokemon and the second is my first homework assignment i did with atey during my mentorship

its crucial to control your values since it helps create depth in your artwork and distinguish objects. 

i think there was around 3-4 months between these artworks? you can tell the bottom artwork looks very flat compared to the one on top.

when painting in photoshop, i like creating a new adjustment layer thats just black and white atop of all of my colors to help me see what i need to highlight or darken in terms of values. 

next is color theory AND I STILL STRUGGLE A LOT WITH THIS but ill try my best to explain my thought process??

from hindsight, we identify things by its immediate color as they are portrayed, so when we think of apples we immediately say ITS RED or when we think of trees and grass, we say ITS GREEN. with color theory, lighting, and etc coming into play, we have to change the colors a bit in order for it to make sense and appear realistic. 

here is an example. the colors here are too saturated, wrong values, and do not harmonize well with each other to create a realistic landscape. when we add source of light, times of days, it changes the colors.

lets pretend the time of this piece is somewhere in the morning.. 10am? i changed the color of the sky to be less green and more blue. same goes with the grass also. usually shadows or anything receding will be a cool color.

lets take a look at value again too: 

nice  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

majority of the colors are warmer now because of the sunset (same with the shadows too)? 5pm-6pm? the grass is no longer green, but rather a muted brown, but you still know its grass.

although one thing that will REALLY REALLY REALLY help is painting from life. painting from the top of your head might be more difficult, but if you observe the way colors work and your surroundings, it will help you immensely.

hope this helps :’3 and sorry for the long post…

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Little Rogue meeting Frosch for the first time? ;w;

> was supposed to finish a Gray/Lyon piece and a na//lu related thing

> posts more of this shitty au

I was gonna do this one in color but apparently I forgot how to color lately :’)

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um i'm kinda curious of the scar that's on your lips? mind telling what happened?

Mabel: Hm….Wonder what hes dreaming about… (I hope its not about burning the town down..)

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Okay so I love Klunk and have seen plenty of Klance and a few Hance posts, but no Heith (assuming that's the ship name) posts. I was wondering if you had any Keith x Hunk headcanons, or just Klunk headcanons in general. I love your writing by the way, keep it up!

omg thank you! i’m glad you like my fics <3

anyways, you have come to the right place for heith. feel free to peruse my tag for it here if you want to see the Good Content. now, headcanons you say? well, I do have a few >;3c

  • keith developed a crush on hunk first. hunk was always so nice to him, and they started hanging out more after their weblum adventure. with those two things combined, keith just figured that hunk had a crush on him. and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of hunk crushing on him and BAM suddenly he’s crushing on hunk in return (despite hunk not actually having a crush on him). 
  • keith really decides to start hanging out with hunk more (much to lance’s displeasure lol) because of that. he helps him train, he sits and watches when he’s doing mechanical-sciencey stuff, and sometimes he tries to help him cook. hunk, though a bit confused about what brought all this on, is just happy to find that keith is actually a pretty nice guy.
  • one day when it’s just the two of them hanging out, keith decides to go for it. hunk is mid-ramble about something or whatever, but is interrupted by keith suddenly smashing his lips down on his own. they hold it like that for a second and then pull away. keith is smiling, but he slowly frowns when he sees the shocked look on hunk’s face.
  • cue an awkward conversation later, keith finds out that hunk didn’t actually like him in that way. he’s a bit crushed and he kinda feels like he’s about to cry from embarrassment and heartbreak but before he can run away, hunk tells him that he’s not opposed to dating him or anything, it’s just he’s never thought about it. 
  • one thing leads to another and about a week later they’re going on a “date”, which is basically just private walk around the castle where they hold hands and try to do romantic stuff. the first one is awkward, but they agree to go on another. by the fifth “date” hunk finally kissed keith back, and by the sixth they started actually dating. 
  • the team was pretty supportive of their relationship, even lance. he did threaten to use his sharp-shooting skills to destroy keith if he ever did anything to hurt hunk, though, but everyone just laughed it off. well, everyone except keith who remembered how good of a marksman lance was.  
  • keith, surprisingly, is a really clingy boyfriend. everywhere they go, he is attached to hunk in some way. it’s either by holding his hand, by doing that couple hug-walk thing, or just casually leaning against him. hunk isn’t complaining.
  • they have a lot of sleepovers in each other’s rooms. the first few times they stayed up all night just talking and making out, but later they preferred just to cuddle in bed and watch each other as they fell asleep.
  • keith one time stole hunk’s shirt and wore it as a nightgown and hunk McDied™. keith tried to get hunk to wear his shirt too, and didn’t understand what he meant by “keith, babe, your shirt is too small for me” because it fit hunk fine as a cute crop-top.
  • keith one time charges into battle without much of a plan and nearly gives hunk a heart attack. the next time they’re alone they have a very serious and tearful talk about how, yes keith, people do actually care about you. 
  • they encourage each other to be better people. hunk inspires keith to be kinder and more compassionate, and to think before he acts. on the other hand, keith makes hunk want to be bolder, to not always over-think things, and to be more confident. they just build off of each other in the best way, and they’re so happy that they have each other as boyfriends.

Natalie Dormer is so lovely <3 She seemed so genuinely happy and interested to meet everyone.  And ugh, so gorgeous in person! She has such a good laugh.

We had a chat about my poster (asking who the other autographs were but then recognising most of them herself, lol), then I commented that I was partway through Andromeda and loving it, and Lexi.  She asked if I’d played the first three games, and how they compared to Andromeda - she seemed pretty concerned, I guess she’d heard about the bad feedback Andromeda has received?  I said that it was different to the first three but I was still enjoying it a lot, and she seemed pleased enough about that.  

Here’s the poster! Her autograph is massive and I don’t even mind, she can take up all the space she wants <3

BTS Creature AU

Namjoon is a werewolf and the future Alpha of the Ilsan Kim pack. Despite the norms he’s part of the small circle of his species who doesn’t actually hate vampires.

  • Always felt like a lone wolf among his pack
  • Has an alarming high IQ, which sets him apart from other wolves even more on top of being singled out as the child to an Alpha
  • Literally could not give two shits about becoming one though and lowkey hates the title
  • Neville Longbottom-ed the hardest out of his group of peers when puberty hit him like a brick, like jfc ya boi got legs for d a y s
  • Meets Yoongi when the vampire transfers to his high school
  • Uses a kind-of secret symbol thing that only other vampire’s can see that gives a sign that they’re chill with one another. This brings about Yoongi’s interest, especially considering Namjoon’s future-Alpha status
  • Backstory, he got that secret symbol thing at Ilsan’s sole co-species club after he kind of went down on a vampire who did him a solid afterwards by giving him it
  • They had their last class together and start to bond

Yoongi’s older than high schoolers should be but he had to leave his education because he was bit by a vampire, okay? Fledglings don’t have a good hold over their bloodlust so it wasn’t until he got control of himself that he went back. Unfortunately he chose a heavily werewolf-controlled high school and he’s working on transferring. Or, he was. Then he met Namjoon.

  • He’ll admit Namjoon is kinda hot, alright? But he’s a werewolf and that’s a no-go but–oh shit that’s a we’re chill symbol okay Namjoon’s definitely hot
  • Only his family is fucking awful holy shit
  • They meet in tenth grade and somehow keep their relationship a secret for two years which is impressive considering the way Yoongi’s scent tends to cover Namjoon sometimes
  • They plan out their senior years together because Namjoon is Done With This Shit™ and he doesn’t want to be an Alpha for a bunch of xenophobes thanks
  • They do a final Fuck You™ to the Ilsan Kim pack after graduation before grabbing all of Namjoon’s shit and leaving. Yoongi might have shone up at his doorstep (making him the first vampire to step on their ‘sacred lands’ in centuries) only to whisk away their now former future Alpha
  • They might have exchanged mating marks just before that final Fuck You™ so everyone in Namjoon’s family can smell Yoongi on him too
  • They move to Seoul afterwards and start trying to make their own way on the money Namjoon’s saved and the large sum Yoongi’s now deceased sire left him

I think it’s time for a read more.

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i love your art so much ♥ it's so playful and full of colour and it's really original ! i know you are insecure about your art, but believe that many of us love it !!

aahhhh, oh gosh anon, thank you! It really means a lot to me… that you love and find my little drawings both colorful and original!! *cries* ;o; ~thank you ♥

I try my best to not let my insecurities control me, and sometimes its difficult for me to process everyone’s nice little compliments, tags, and messages (because of those insecurities…) but i do try to remind myself… that there are lovely people both irl and online that like my drawings, and I very much appreciate all the love and support, even if i dont show it that much… (I feel I have trouble processing and responding to those compliments ahhhhh save my sad little soul…) :’(

I love everyone who tries to support me, whether that be with a follow, a reblog, or even just a like…. I try my best to fight these horrible insecurities and try to make not only myself but others happy as well, and i hope its working to some degree… ( o///o)~♥♥♥

Thank you lovely and amazing anon for sending this to me, I love you!! <3 and sorry for such a long answer omg.. (and also sorry if this doesn’t really make sense, tbh none of my answers ever make sense though so…) :p

♡ Pref. 1: How he teases you in public (w/ visuals) ♡

(hi so this is my first smut post on this blog i’m new here hi pls be nice) 

warning: yeah this contains smut & nsfw gifs so if thats not cool w/ you then keep scrolling lil cuties

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Michelle Gomez vs YouTube Comments
  • Comment: "I want to [____] Michelle Gomez and Alex Kingston."
  • Michelle Gomez: Well, that's just mucky. I mean, really. First of all, that's a bit of a hair off. 'Cos Kingston and Gomez: There's enough hair there for two villages. So...I want to [____] Michelle Gomez and Alex Kingston. I want to *slap* Michelle Gomez and Alex Kingston? 'Cos I wanna slap Alex, that's for sure.
  • Comment: "I want to MARRY Michelle Gomez and Alex Kingston."
  • Michelle Gomez: Aw, that's nice. But that's bigamy, isn't it?
  • video:
fandom positivity

In the last week or so things have turned really, really tense around here, and so I thought it would be nice to start a post where we all share why we came here in the first place, or the things we like about these fandoms (e.g. fanfiction, artists, writers, particular people or friends, edits, community, meta, dumbass memes that make us laugh, etc.) So I thought I would start, and everyone else, please reblog and add the things you appreciate, what you are here for. (You can repeat things, of course!)

  • Screaming with my friends about a ship when no one IRL would understand at all
  • @squaddreamcourt who is my fandom wife, and all my other friends who are in my harem but didn’t know that until now
  • Firedick, the Kink Meme, and the Podcast
A Yellow Rose in Box Five Chapter 14: A Hairy Situation, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction
*whistling innocently*

A Yellow Rose in Box Five has updated, on FFN and on AO3! Nice!

what I am totally innocent I just like to whistle

As I’ve mentioned before, this is the last chapter in my stash that is finished, so I won’t be updating on my twice-weekly schedule anymore. There are plenty of chapters to go, I just have to write them :P In the meantime, if you enjoyed what’s up so far and you want more, then we can play a game of ‘fanfiction but every time someone reviews the updates get faster’ ;)

I love you all! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been supportive so far. You all are amazing.

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Hi, I'm reasonably new to Tumblr and I was wondering if you had any tips on getting more people to view your blogs? I post things to my blog but I am unsure how people will see it when I don't yet have any followers. Thanks!

it honestly takes quite a bit to get a steady flow of people seeing your art, i didnt get much for about a year of having my blog tbh. But I always just produced a whole bunch and tagged it accordingly to whatever fandom it was (mostly RWBY at the time in my case) and I just tried to refine my art style to get better and better so that it might appeal to more people. (That’s pretty much what happened to me when I started drawing steven universe stuff, jailbreak just aired when i got into the fandom and Garnet was already my favorite character so I drew A LOT of stuff about garnet and ruby and sapphire and thats when the high of the episode was going on so quite a few people reblogged my stuff and spread it around)

It’s kinda of a hit and miss for the first few months (at least in my experience) but honestly just produce a whole bunch and tag it accordingly. On tumblr tho its good to remember that ART blogs tend to generate more followers then just post blogs because a flow of new, nice to look at content. BUT, if youre a FANDOM blog, (like almost STRICTLY one fandom) where they can get a steady flow of content they might have missed (that you reblog/make yourself) then those also tend to generate a healthy follower base when they see that