first...tablet drawing.

0.The fool- Edogawa Ranpo

for @miss-intention bsd tarot card project,

i did base it off of the rider-waite deck and while reading up on it, i saw that the little white dog is a guardian to the fool so i immediatly had the idea of also drawing a fukucat because u kno fukuzawa is kinda like ranpos guardian and it just made sense to me to draw fukuzawa as ranpos guardian cat

In honor of getting 22 followers! (My favorite number) I’ve drawn pepper and all her friends!! I tried my best to get all the daily blogs following me but it’s a little difficult since a lot of us have their daily as a side blog;;
Here we have
@dailystufful-salandit’s Casp and Taffy
@dailyyungoos’s Yungoos
@daily-steenee’s Steenee
@dailyshinycutiefly’s Blush
@thedailymeowth’s Salt
@daily–mareanie’s Mareanie
@daily-shiny-pyukumuku’s jellybean
And @daily-shinybunnelby’s bunnelby!!

Thank you all so much for being friends!

Here’s that project I’ve promised earlier! i wanted to do more with that baker cat (which ive made into a LaPerm, so cute and curly) and his bat husband! the fluffy gays are in and i may color this at a later point, but first those new requests.

coming in after a hard day’s work, tired and craving affection


2017 Mission 3.10 Update 2. I was trying to draw different emotions in that style and thought, that it would be cool to draw four my favourite youtubers and highlight their begining of 2017. Messed up Phil’s smile, tattletail looks weird (as weird as Mark does at that drawing), the radio most likely doesn’t look like this, but I’m happy how it turned out. I really loved Jack’s playthrough of Oxenfree; I can’t wait for the final video on tattletail from Mark; hope Phil’s doing OK and 2017 left him alone and stopped it’s attempts to kill him; looking forward to new 2017 memes from Dan ;)