A father chronicled his son’s first year–from being born three months premature through his first birthday.

It’s just amazing to me what modern medicine can do with such little babies.

I wish Terajima-sensei will somehow bring the graduated senpais to the storyline again in the future. Even for just a game (Inashiro or Yakushi prolly).

I’m dying to see Chris-senpai being proud all over again watching Eijun’s progress on the mound.

A reminder to everyone leaving home for college this fall or really about to do anything out of their comfort zone.

The Doctor..

… he would believe in you to do it.

Every companion has made the decision to go with him..

to leave ordinary life behind..

to find what they have been missing..

to find something new..

something amazing…

they were brave..

but scared.

and not everyday was a good one.

saying goodbye

is very very hard.

but if you ask any one of those wonderful..



bad ass..




if it was worth it..

they will tell you the same thing..

Oh, yes.

If you are scared of losing yourself and changing.. remember..

So, should you test yourself, leave home, and see it maybe.. just maybe

you are bigger on the inside, too?

The answer is 


pro tip

a notice to noobs: 

get through the first year. You think and you hope it won’t take that long, but it does. Get through this first year and you’re going to be dancing all the way home from an enkai where your stiff and formal VP gets tanked and tells you how amazing he thinks you are in class and you’re going to eat amazing crazy foods and love watching your kids grow up and you’re going to have friends from everywhere and you love your stupid broken car and your wonky front door and your collection of recycling you know isn’t sorted right but you’re trying, okay? and the heat and the sweat and the cold and taking an impassible drivers test and you have this community that feels so far from home but just like home and maybe you’re going to visit home in a week you’re leaving it too and everything is real and perfect. 

This first year you’re facing is going to be a roller coaster, and every ounce of it is worth it, it’s so worth it. You’re just starting guys, but hang in there. It’s all good, and it gets so much better.