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hi windy city, i just had my first interview and they've asked me back for a demo lesson! any advice going in?

Hello @the-hockey-haus,

Friends call me Windy, hope you do too! But for real, congrats on getting to the demo lesson, as I’ve written about before, that is a feat in and of itself.

I’m “end-of-the-year” tired, so this post is probably too late to even help you, and I am so, so, so sorry for that.

1.) Keep it a skill that is easy and quickly assessed. Depending on the grade-level, I always recommend the “active vs. passive voice” lesson. It’s easy, the kids usually get it pretty quick, there’s a Flocabulary video and set of activities you can adapt…etc. In the demo lessons that I have had, it’s always been about “how do you KNOW the students learned something?” You want to be able to quickly say “well, 13 did well, 10 did average and 7 did not meet the expectations, indicating to me they will need some additional one-on-one help moving forward.” My advice would be no paragraphs, no essays, no short answers. A “Fist-to-Five” in the middle of the lesson to gauge understanding, then a multiple choice exit slip.  

2.) Nametags. This seems silly, but have the kids put their names on nametags, and have one for you too! I recommend putting Mr./Ms./Mrs. rather than your first name, it seems friendlier but you want the principal to view you as a professional, not “just out of college.” It’s also a lot better to use names than “hey you with the hat on!”

3.) Impeccable Lesson Plans. If there were ever a time to have the most detailed lesson plans of your life, now would be it. (Have you ever seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Peralta asks Gina what the moon phase and humidity was the day he arrested a perp? THAT’S the level of detail you want for this lesson.) You want it scripted, with differentiation (WIDA “Can-Do” Descriptors would be a good idea too.) next steps, possible homework…etc. This work on the front end will help when your evaluator (who will more than likely not even read your document, btw) asks “so how are you differentiating your instruction for a large group of students?” or “how are you making sure each student is getting what they need?” You can refer to sections of the lesson plan and look like you walked in the door with your proverbial ducks in a row.

4.) That being said, expect some tough questions and answers that aren’t in your lesson plan. They are wanting to see how you think and how you process information. But it will feel like you’ve done everything wrong and they’re poking a thousand holes in your meticulous materials. They have a ton of applicants to sort through, so they are going to “back you into a corner” so to speak, and see how you react. In my experience, this is especially true in urban districts and “rough” schools. They want to make sure you’re not going to run out of the building crying after the first week. Keep your calm, and maybe admit a few times “you know what? I’m not so sure how I would respond to x, y, or z, but I can say I’m very coachable, and feel very comfortable reaching out to my more experienced colleagues or even my administration for solutions.” It’s not the best answer, but it buys you some time and allows you to give an answer without stuttering or breaking a sweat.

5.) Be yourself. I know that sounds pithy, but too many colleagues went in feeling they had to be Mary Poppins or else they wouldn’t get the job. During a demo lesson, I had a student who was so obviously over it, he put his head down and tried to sleep. These kids had been the guinea pigs for a dozen or so demo lessons over the past few weeks, I can’t really blame him. I told the kids to try the first question without me, and then I walked over and quietly, but firmly, said “hey, let’s go.” He tried to pick a fight with me, “I ain’t doin’ this!” I replied “This is not a debate, I’ll come around again in a minute to see how you’re doing.” This is going to sound caustic, but most principals aren’t looking for the nicest teachers, they’re looking for teachers who are going to get results. I’m not saying don’t smile, but I am saying don’t be afraid to have expectations, this isn’t a date, don’t let the kids walk all over you just so they’ll like you.

After it’s done, reflect for about an hour, but then put it behind you. By your third or fourth demo lesson, you don’t want the ball and chain of previous slip-ups to weigh you down. Each lesson is your best lesson.  All that being said, you’re going to do great. Or possibly have already BEEN great, depending on how late this post is sending out for you, sorry again.

Good luck,

Smol life update

Exams are over, thank goodness! @_@ Finished this week.

I have a handful of small, just-for-fun things left to do for uni, which won’t take up much time, but a huge stack of scan work to do before I go to Japan. orz I don’t have access to a scanner while I’m at the parents over the holidays, so I a) need to schedule updates for that entire time and b) I want to get everything I currently own done before a huge influx of new books from the Japan trip, which will take a hell of a lot of time. DX

I’ve been through and filled up the queue, but my activity levels may still be patchy and the queue might dry up again idk.

Taking myself on a small hiking trip next weekend, move out of uni accomodation the weekend after, and flight to Japan is in four weeks tomorrow.

So, things are good, life is doing exciting things, I’m a little busy so not on Tumblr as much as normal but all is well.  (・ω・)b

Maybe I wanted to draw some younger Keith and Lance getting to know each other, maybe I just wanted to draw Keith in a band shirt.

  • Harry: *props elbows on table* *intertwines fingers and rests chin dreamily on top of hands* Well?
  • Draco: Well what?
  • Harry: Don't be shy! Go on. Ask me out.
  • Draco: Okay.
  • Draco: Get out.
  • Harry:
  • Draco:
  • Harry: Will that involve you holding my hand?
  • Draco: *walks away*
  • Harry: Okay so Saturday at Hogsmeade then?

 A little snippet from the Engeki Haikyuu TBS Special!  

It opens with just Kenta and Tatsunari leading us through the exhibit, but gradually the other Karasuno members join.  Here, Ryoutarou and Kairi are added to the group after Kenta and Tatsunari discover some weird statues they’ve never seen before.  

(Please don’t ask for the a video/download/stream.  This was home recorded by a Twitter user who has since taken down the video, and I personally had zero access to watch the special program.)

Matching Icon for you and your awesome bombtastic rolling sass ball of a senpai

( i dare anyone who hasn’t watch haikyuu to guess who’s the kouhai and who’s the senpai)

Give me Pansy totally pining over Draco and Draco being completely oblivious about it

Give me first year Pansy, wearing bright pink lipstick because maybe, just maybe, it’ll get his attention
Give me first year Draco who sees the lipstick and immediately thinks she’s trying to impress Goyle

Give me second year Pansy who cuts her long hair because /Draco likes short hair, did you hear/
Give me second year Draco who is confused as to why his best friend cut all her hair off but have you /seen/ the way Granger parts her hair and /do you think Potter likes her/

Give me third year Pansy wearing short skirts and bright makeup because /Draco keeps staring at Granger and her friend and it’s not fair/
Give me third year Draco who constantly asks Pansy if she thinks Granger is trying to impress someone and being confused at her scowl because Granger is trying to steal Potter can she not see that?

Give me fourth year Pansy trying to forget about Draco and drawing over Krum because if she can get /Krum’s/ attention, Draco will have to notice
Give me fourth year Draco who goes to Crabbe for advice because Pansy is avoiding him and have you seen the way Granger looks at Potter?

Give me fifth year Pansy joining Inquisitorial Squad because /this will get Draco’s attention, right?/
Give me fifth year Draco joining the Inquisitorial Squad because Pansy has been ignoring him and he needs his best friend right now because the Dark Lord is back and he’s scared

Give me sixth year Pansy crying herself to sleep because /Draco is going to die/
Give me sixth year Draco seeing Pansy so torn up and trying to console her but getting distracted because Granger and Potter have been hanging out more and /what if he likes her/

Give me seventh year Pansy and Draco who have each other’s backs and cry together because this isn’t what was supposed to happen and they can’t watch each other die, they just can’t

Give me eighth year Pansy who realizes that it wasn’t Hermione Draco liked- it was /Harry/
Give me eighth year Pansy who teams up with Hermione to get them together because she might not be able to have him, but if she can help make him happy, that’s enough
Give me eighth year Draco who has a sexuality crisis and goes to Pansy because /Pansy I don’t think I like girls/
Give me eighth year Pansy who calmly explains that it’s okay and that /Potter likes boys too/
Give me Pansy and Draco finally being happy

21/05/2017 These are all the study books that I have read during my first year at university. I’m realizing that it actually is a lot (even more when you combine it with all the judgements I had to read beside it) and it makes me proud of myself that I almost finished the first year now. Still a few weeks to go. I am sure that I will make it!

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what about those headcanons you were talking about yesterday?

OH….right. I completely forgot about them. Gomen.

Let’s see. Let’s start with a first year!Karasuno headcanon?

- yamaguchi, tsukishima and kageyama all have younger siblings who idolise hinata shouyou because a) hinata is clumsy, and funny and natsu has told them all these crazy stories about her brother b) hinata is a completely different person during volleyball matches. like, wow. he becomes this - little beast. he’s so cool c) when hinata smiles yama, tsuki, and kags all get this weird expression on their faces, like, they’re constipated or something, and that’s so funny!