How I learnt to study

During High school I was one of those students who never really had to work for my marks, I had the uncanny ability to leave my assignment till the night before and still manage full marks that is ..till I got to university, my first year was a disaster I was barely passing my units I was stressed and depressed, what got me through high school was clearly not working in university. So to stop my second year in university from being a disaster as well and to save my gpa I decided to learn how to study from scratch!  spoiler: It worked and my marks have tripled since I adopted these habits. So here are the things I started doing!

- I invested in school supplies that I NEEDED and not just for aesthetic, example I bought tons and tons of basic cheap notebooks because I knew I was going to do a lot of writing and things like flashcards. My rule of thumb was if its functional its perfect.

- I attended every lecture and every class no matter what the time was! This is essential as it saves time later when you are rushing around trying to catch up. 

- I tried to stay up to date no matter what! Before I would let lecture after lecture pile up but ever since doing this, my study life has been much easier to cope with. 

- UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING YOU LEARN FROM THAT WEEK, I cannot stress how much this has helped me. If I am learning about a topic in week 5, I have to understand it fully in week 5, not when I am in finals week and stressing out. I use resources such as textbooks and the internet to help me understand or I will ask my teacher. The important thing is I understand it fully.

- Be organised!  Know when you have an assignment due, there are so many ways to do this. Handheld planner, wall planner, phone reminders, there is apps such as my study life. Anything that will remind you to get started on the thing before it is too late.

- Review your notes weekly or fortnightly!!! Memory works by relearning, instead of cramming the night before exams, review weeks before.

- Break down your essays weeks before its due, you don’t have to start writing them right away but at least start thinking about them.

- Utilise any free time, for example instead of listening to music on my 45 min bus ride to uni I started listening to a psych podcast or doing my readings for that day.

- Have mental health days, I found out how difficult it is to study and how necessary it is to take breaks. Studying is stressful, have days/half days where you relax and look after yourself.

-Cut down on caffeine, I was a serial coffee addict, Im talking 4 shots a cup three times a day. Cutting down reduced my anxiety and got me sleeping more, which improved my mood and energy.

- Have a study buddy/group, find someone who is serious about their study and have study sessions with them, you get to study and have a social life.

- Find a study schedule that suits you, don’t feel pressure to get up at 5 am if you find it easier to study at 6pm.

- Have a study place, that you know you will study in! It can be your local library, your desk, your bed. Anything that you find will work for you!

How to Get Along With Your Slytherin Friend Pt. 2

From a Slytherin’s Perspective

• Weekly night of sitting in their pajamas talking about nothing in front of the common room fire is a must

• they love experimenting so if they say “Hey we’re gonna see what happens if we add belladonna to this potion” then you need to nope right out of there

• for some reason they love candles

• they’re very protective of each other so you’re not gonna be bullied I promise

• love books almost as much as Ravenclaws, even Muggle fiction isn’t as big of a deal as you may think it is

• they aren’t easily entertained but if you’re persistent then you can talk your friend into nearly anything

• not afraid to talk back and get sassy


• they’re incredibly cunning and sneaky of course so don’t worry about getting caught breaking the rules

• if you’re a firstie don’t be scared of Slytherins they may seem cold at first but trust me there are some great people there

• nearly every one of them have stashes of sweets hidden in their mattress just check but DON’T STEAL it they will NOTICE

Things I learnt after my first year at University as a psychology major .

1. Know the difference between pseudo psychology and psychology especially if your thinking of enrolling in psychology, or psychology subjects.

2. Yes it involves maths, but it sounds scarier than it is.

3. Do. not . buy. the . text. books. full. price.

4. Different assignments have different weightings, be mindful of where you put your effort.

5. Yes. electives are just as important as the compulsory units, focus on them for your GPA


7. Lecturers will not bite! send that email, book the appointment! you will thank yourself later

8. Please seek out the wellbeing people on campus its better to see them early, before you really need them.

9. Do not try to take everything else at once, tread easily and get used to  university before you over plan.

10. A stressed student is not a good student

11. Group assignments will annoy you a lot, it will be okay 

12. Uni campuses are huge and busy,  Find a few spots on campus that make you comfortable, those are your areas to go too especially if you feel overwhelmed.

13. Seek out a good cafe.

14. Pack your own lunch! 

15. Its okay if you don’t make close friends in the first year, as you progress through university you will have lots of chances to make friends.

16.  Experiment with study techniques till you find the one that suits you.

17. First year is the hardest year, be patient it will pass.

18. Do not be afraid of trying new subjects and exploring your options.

19. Look after your health, get enough sleep, drink water and eat healthy.

20. Make sure you give yourself time to do something you enjoy.

Remember in Harry Potter: The Prisoner Of Azkaban in the beginning when an entire choir made of different years and different houses was singing with oversized bullfrogs? Because that means that here is a fucking CHOIR GROUP at Hogwarts where people can gather and sing, and that older students help younger students learn to hit their pitches perfectly. Like, what if an older Slytherin was helping first years (especially the Hufflepuffs) because “I’m not doing this to be nice, I’m doing this so they don’t deafen the school with their flat C minor”.

A reminder to everyone leaving home for college this fall or really about to do anything out of their comfort zone.

The Doctor..

… he would believe in you to do it.

Every companion has made the decision to go with him..

to leave ordinary life behind..

to find what they have been missing..

to find something new..

something amazing…

they were brave..

but scared.

and not everyday was a good one.

saying goodbye

is very very hard.

but if you ask any one of those wonderful..



bad ass..




if it was worth it..

they will tell you the same thing..

Oh, yes.

If you are scared of losing yourself and changing.. remember..

So, should you test yourself, leave home, and see it maybe.. just maybe

you are bigger on the inside, too?

The answer is 



Dean DeBlois, writer and director of How to Train Your Dragon, visited Sheridan today and I was a shaking, crying mess (I hope he didn’t notice! But it was really obvious…). Dragons is my favourite movie of all time and it was the movie that made me want to get into animation, so meeting him was an amazing experience. He signed both art books for me and I gave him a drawing I did over the weekend AND THEN HE ASKED ME TO SIGN IT FOR HIM AND SAID IT WAS INCREDIBLE. 


I was so, so happy today. 


Here is my first year film at CalArts!

Biggest thank to all my friends and family at CalArts, i learned so much this year and its so exciting and inspiring to see everyones film yesterday in the open show!

You can watch all the awesome films made by my super talented classmates here:

Advice to (First Year) Med Students: Survival Tips
  • get some butcher paper and draw out the giant biochemical pathway chart with everything all interconnected. Hang it on your wall and stare at it for 15 minutes every day until you can see it behind closed eyes. 
  • dedicate a few t-shirts that you are “so over” to cadaver lab. Your good clothes will appreciate it. Goodwill scrubs are also excellent for this. 
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