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Do you ever read about quirks and idk like it astounds me how much thought process goes into them and how they're as realistic as they can be (like aizawa not being able to erase physiological quirks), or how Deku would break his bones, how Todoroki's body needs to get adjusted to temperatures. I love how you did Katashi's quirk! It's good that the boy is drinking milk, but reads about his quirk made me think of bone life cycles and how quickly they must go through his body!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! anon you’re so well-read this was a very pleasant message to read!! and yes the extent that horikoshi goes to to make his hero universe so realistic in this context is one of the biggest most refreshing charms of bnha! ALSO BONE CYCLES YES katashi’s quirks results from his extremely enhanced bone metabolism!

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I just realised that the troll incident, where Harry brought himself in mortal danger and Severus got bit by the three headed dog in the process, happened on the 10th anniversary of Lily's death. That day must have really double-sucked for him :/

He was actually disappointed. Later, when asked about it by Dumbledore, he would say, “And here I was, thinking this would finally kill me.  Damn.”

OC Hour: This Probably Happened
  • Emily, 18: *running through school at top speed* ADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM
  • Adam, 18: *outside with a cigarette* Why are you yelling?
  • Adam: still think I'd spend money on one?
  • Emily: *slams hers open* WE GOT VOTED CUTEST COUPLE
  • Adam: *hacking up a lung but still ridiculously happy*

PART 11- read:











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ok, i made this thing much earlier in the year, and don’t have the funds or the time to print and hustle it beyond the 50 copy short-run that debuted at TCAF earlier this year.

so, here is a story i worked on this year about that anxious couple, i’m posting it on tumblr because i like shit to be free, especially for queers. i’m posting it in 12 parts, i hope you enjoy this short sappy read. <3

if you liked this and you’d like to support me, you could buy a small thing from my online store (, or email me a couple of paypal bux or just your two cents at:

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what university do you study at? I'll be at UTAS next year and I need friends because I dont know anyone down south :(

UNSW! Don’t worry too much, there are plenty of people who start university not knowing anyone, and they’re all as eager to make friends as you are!! Oddly enough I have written three making friends ‘guides’ - I’ll try not to repeat what I’ve written in the three below :)

  • What I Wish I’d Known Before University Part 6 - Social Life
  • Making Conversation - A Guide for Introverts
  • Making Friends
  • Approach others and be approachable - everyone’s feeling a little nervous and just smiling at others or just asking them “hey are you studying ____ too?” really helps to start a conversation. 
  • Ask lots of questions! Not only to lecturers but to your peers as well! Even just simple admin questions are great for breaking the ice. And when you start on a topic, just keep asking the other person to tell you more about it - not only do you learn more, but they usually appreciate you taking an interest in something they’re interested/passionate about. 
  • Join societies or participate in social events held by your dorm - everyone who’s worried about making friends is going to get told by someone else (a studyblr, a senior, etc.) that they should join clubs because that will be where all the other little first years will be congregated. At least this way you’ll know that the people there share at least one thing in common with you! 
  • I mentioned this in the guides above, but make sure to keep in touch with your old friends. Sometimes it’s just hard to make friends in a particular class because you’re doing different degrees and hence only sharing the one class. For example, in optom, first year vision science classes are also general education classes, so people who aren’t doing science can do the course as well, but because all the optom students were so close together having shared all the other courses, I think a few of them probably found it difficult to keep up. So in summary, in those classes, it’s good to have like a group chat with your old friends in case you’re feeling a little lonely. 
  • Let things go - everyone’s a little stressed in uni, so a lot of people are going to be jerks. It doesn’t excuse their behaviour in the slightest, but you getting upset will just drag you into stress as well, so try and tell yourself that you’re better than that and ignore them and don’t let their toxic stress mess with you. 
  • And if you don’t find someone that you click with, that’s totally okay. I already spoke about this previously, but there are literally times where you don’t have anything in common with others, or you might have a few hobbies in common but they’re just not that interested in doing what you’re doing and vice versa. Parties not your thing? Totally okay. There’s going to be a bunch of other people who also don’t like parties. 

Hope that helps to appease your doubts!! I’m sure you’ll make lots of friends, so don’t worry too much!!

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A father chronicled his son’s first year–from being born three months premature through his first birthday.

It’s just amazing to me what modern medicine can do with such little babies.

A reminder to everyone leaving home for college this fall or really about to do anything out of their comfort zone.

The Doctor..

… he would believe in you to do it.

Every companion has made the decision to go with him..

to leave ordinary life behind..

to find what they have been missing..

to find something new..

something amazing…

they were brave..

but scared.

and not everyday was a good one.

saying goodbye

is very very hard.

but if you ask any one of those wonderful..



bad ass..




if it was worth it..

they will tell you the same thing..

Oh, yes.

If you are scared of losing yourself and changing.. remember..

So, should you test yourself, leave home, and see it maybe.. just maybe

you are bigger on the inside, too?

The answer is