what happens when i'm on my dash and i see cute couples
  • Dashboard:here's a cute couple
  • Me:aww that's cute
  • Dashboard:here's a couple kissing
  • Me:that's adorable, i wish i had that
  • Dashboard:here's is many hot guys
  • Me:that's hot, why can't i have a guy that looks like that
  • Dashboard:Here's is 12 pictures of a really cute couple doing couple things together
  • Me:i want something like that
  • Me:*starts sobbing*
  • Me:*sobs louder*
  • Me:*falls out of seat*
  • Me:*realizes that i will always be alone*
  • Me:dashboard, will i always be alone
  • Dashboard:yes
Parents be like

Emotion 1: You need to start helping out more with the bills.
Do you know how much stuff costs nowadays?
You need to value money more!

Emotion 2: You need to do less, you’re always so tired.
Work more hours?! You already get home barely before midnight now!
You really need to concentrate on school. Worry about jobs later.

I can’t do both.
This is brought to you by the Association of Overworked Liberal Arts College Students Spending the Holiday Season With Their Families.
Also known as the No I Do Not Have A Girlfriend Foundation.
And sometimes the: No I’m Not Gay League.