Can i just fucking say? Can i?

This man right here is William Hartnell. He played the first doctor. I dont think that he get enough praise ‘cause this man, this man, fucking started us off, 50 years ago, in 1963. Everyone is mourning Matt Smith (myself included) but can you imagine how it was for those people watching in 1966 when the first doctor regenerated? They were just shocked as hell and they werent warned in advance. We’ve been given time to warm to the idea of a new doctor. They had to watch to find out. Can we all just stop screaming (i know, easier said than done) and just think about the very first whovians?

Rant over. 

As a Whovian, I think it is truly a blessing that Carole Ann Ford, the very first companion, the very first woman in Doctor Who, is still alive. I also think it is the most blatantly wasted opportunity that she hasn’t been brought back to the series, even if it’s just for one episode. I want Susan back. I want Carole back.


Favourite Doctor?

Hello Citizens of the Internet!
Today I am posing the question:
Who is your favourite Doctor?
Obviously I am referring to the Time Lord! My Doctor is David Tenant, but what about you? Is it Hartnell? Baker? Capaldi? Choose and tell me!

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Yay! Thank you for keeping me entertained ;)

Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you? Yup. There are some people I come across and it’s like… wait, where did you come from, and do you keep “being” after I can’t see you anymore? And why aren’t you a part of my life?

Who told you they loved you last? My sister, deweymydecimal, over Tumblr

What was your last dream about? *Nervous laugh* well, let’s just say I was back in school, only my college campus looked like a mix between Disneyland and Victorian London, had too many stairs, and I was trying to catch up or “run into” various versions of the same person. And when I did… well, that is the last time I eat a pepper-jack omelet before bed.  

How long could you go without talking? Can I still write? Probably two days. How long could I go without singing or humming? 10 min.

tfw you’re trying to use this image as an illustration in a serious post (no, like, really serious, I didn’t even curse once in it) but on editing the post get distracted by Freema Agyeman’s thighs and lose track of what you’re doing

like fuck how is she so gorgeous