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Every TV Doctor Who story 1963 - 2016

(An update of an old upload - now including the 2016 Christmas Special!)

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Each Doctor in their early years (except for John Hurt, even though I still consider him a Doctor ;-;)

For whovians:

If you were to binge watch the first doctor to the eleventh:

First doctor: 54h 24m 36s
Second doctor: 47h 19m 12s
Third doctor: 51h 53m 8s
Fourth doctor: 69h 6m 4s
Fifth doctor: 30h 3s
Sixth doctor: 17h 18m 4s
Seventh doctor: 17h 5m 31s
Eighth doctor: 1h 24m 34s
Ninth doctor: 9h 30m 38s
Tenth doctor: 38h 11m 18s
Eleventh doctor(up to The Snowmen): 26h 40m 46s
Grand total: 362h 53m 54s

That’s 21,773.9 minutes of doctor who or 1,306,434 seconds if you prefer

  • STAR WARS: Butt-hurt fanboys bitch that Carrie Fisher is 59-years-old and repeatedly harass her on social media regarding her weight and looks, saying she hasn't "aged well."
  • DOCTOR WHO: The series airs its first episode where both lead actors are over 50 and no one gives any of the fucks over age and fans just enjoy seeing Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi together.

Here’s an updated version of my ‘Great Men Are Forged in Fire’ design from last year, adjusted to include more Capaldi!


The Last Great Time War

Revised version of a piece I did last year, to add new elements and tidy the whole thing up a bit.

The full-scale size of the piece is 5 meters long - which might well be the biggest thing I’ve ever made in Photoshop…

From left-right, the image contains;

Skaro (Genesis of the Daleks) / The Fourth Doctor (Genesis of the Daleks) / Dalek Ship (Resurrection of the Daleks) / The Fifth Doctor (Resurrection of the Daleks) / Lady President Romana II (The Apocalypse Element) / The Eye of Harmony Chamber (The Apocalypse Element) / The Sixth Doctor (The Apocalypse Element) / The Panopticon (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Lady Trey (Romana III) (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Leela (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Narvin (Gallifrey: Ascension) / The Citadel of the Time Lords (Gallifrey: Ascension) / Special Weapons Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Ace (The Lights of Skaro) / The Seventh Doctor (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Dalek Battle Cruiser (Remembrance of the Daleks) / Supreme Dalek (The Stolen Earth) / Davros (The Stolen Earth) / Cass (Night of the Doctor) / The TARDIS (Night of the Doctor) / Karn (Night of the Doctor) / The Eighth Doctor (Night of the Doctor) / The Great Key of Rassilon (The Forgotten) / Ohila (Night of the Doctor) / The Barn (Day of the Doctor) / Eternity Circle Dalek (Engines of War) / The War Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Moment (Day of the Doctor) / Cinder (Engines of War) / Dalek Spaceship (The Parting of the Ways) / The Moment Interface (Day of the Doctor) / The Ninth Doctor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Emperor (The Parting of the Ways) / Dalek Sec (Doomsday) / Void Ship (Army of Ghosts) / The Tenth Doctor (Last of the Time Lords) / The Last Day of the Time War (Day of the Doctor) / Professor Yana (Utopia) / Gallifrey Falls No More (Day of the Doctor) / The Genesis Ark (Doomsday) / Rassilon (The End of Time) / The Master (The End of Time) / Destroyed Dalek (Day of the Doctor) / The Eleventh Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / Gallifrey War Room (Day of the Doctor) / The Crack in Time (Time of the Doctor) / The General (Day of the Doctor) / Androgar (Day of the Doctor) / The First Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Second Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Third Doctor (Day of the Doctor) / The Twelfth Doctor (Day of the Doctor)


I’ve finally gotten round to updating my ‘Every Doctor Who Story’ poster from last year, to add in the Twelfth Doctor, and to bring it up to the end of Series Eight with Death in Heaven.

There’s also a fair few changes from the previous version - every Doctor now has a different image in their 'box out’ (and an era-specific TARDIS, as opposed to the more general backgrounds I’d given them before), and lots of the individual episodes have been given new (better quality) images, too.

Because I had several requests last year for the previous version, I’ve put this poster up on my Etsy page, available to order in several sizes!

Can i just fucking say? Can i?

This man right here is William Hartnell. He played the first doctor. I dont think that he get enough praise ‘cause this man, this man, fucking started us off, 50 years ago, in 1963. Everyone is mourning Matt Smith (myself included) but can you imagine how it was for those people watching in 1966 when the first doctor regenerated? They were just shocked as hell and they werent warned in advance. We’ve been given time to warm to the idea of a new doctor. They had to watch to find out. Can we all just stop screaming (i know, easier said than done) and just think about the very first whovians?

Rant over.