Can i just fucking say? Can i?

This man right here is William Hartnell. He played the first doctor. I dont think that he get enough praise ‘cause this man, this man, fucking started us off, 50 years ago, in 1963. Everyone is mourning Matt Smith (myself included) but can you imagine how it was for those people watching in 1966 when the first doctor regenerated? They were just shocked as hell and they werent warned in advance. We’ve been given time to warm to the idea of a new doctor. They had to watch to find out. Can we all just stop screaming (i know, easier said than done) and just think about the very first whovians?

Rant over. 

“One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go foward in your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, Susan. Goodbye, my dear.” -William Hartnell (1963 - 1966) -David Bradley, An Adventure Through Time and Space (2013)


Behold. My pride and joy. Also the only doctor who books I own. Damn, being an extreme whovian can get expensive. These are good books though. Even if they are short.

The Springer: Do you believe in soulmates? (Volume 1) IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!
This cover is my artwork, on which i’ve spent almost the whole June, and finally the book is available!!!

It’s the first publishing experience as for Catherine (the author), as for me (the cover illustrator), so please, spare a moment of your time to go to the link!

It need some rates and customer reviews - everything is really, really appreciated

Please, spread the word^^


Guys I have a Tardis entertainment center.
I am looking to sell it but you have to be near me for pickup because I can’t ship it. You can send me something on here if anyone is in Florida and seriously interested and I’ll let you know price and all that


Hello, my name is Cruz Sanchez. I’m currently 17 years old. I live in a small town here in California. I’m a geek by the way. A Huge geek! Brilliant!
I’m a Potterhead, a Whovian, a Star Wars fan, a Salt Gunner (a.k.a Supernatural), and more! I’m a good geek too. Meaning, I’m smart at trivia for these fandom’s. So yeah, I hope you enjoy my blog. Posting everyday. Gooood Byyyye! ✌

Name: Eilidh (ay-lee)
Nickname: Eils
Birthday: 21/1/02 (I’m british)
Star sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'3
Sexual orientation: Bi
Favourite colour: black/blue/white
Current time and date: 10:47pm 28th June
Average hours of sleep: 7-8???
Lucky number: 21
Last thing I googled: Whovian bedroom
First word that comes to mind: shabby
Place that makes me happy: the woods, the island, my bedroom.
How many blankets I sleep with: 2
Favourite fictional characters: The doctor (obvs) Sherlock, Moriarty, Moss (IT crowd), Jacob (miss peregrines school for peculiar children)
Favourite famous person: Andy Hurley, Catherine Tate, David Tennant
Celebrity crush: Cara Delevigne.
Favourite book: Edgar Allan Poe collection 
Favourite anime: Don’t have one
Favourite TV shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Orange is the new black, IT crowd, Miranda
Favourite musicians/bands: fall out boy, panic! At the disco, My chemical romance
Favourite games: Pokemon and shit
Last movie I watched: The imitation game (OMG I love it so much)
Dream holiday/vacation: Iceland😍😍 Its so beautiful 
Dream job: History teacher or author 
Currently wearing: shorts and a loose buttoned navy shirt
Last book read: Who-ology book😂😂
I’m too lazy to pick a bunch of people rn so if you want to do it consider yourself tagged!!