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161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)

Spring Dress & Sweater ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Another upload today of a vibrant spring sweater and dress, which is actually one whole outfit. I had a lot of free time to create some new cc today. But anyway I hope the female simmies can enjoy these outfits. Also thank you so much to puresims for this amazing dress mesh. 

-NOTE- All come in one file. There’s a total of 12 all together. Also these are not overrides of the original mesh. 

-Download | Mega | Spring Dress & Sweater 


  • Puresims for the beautiful mesh.
  • Sims 4 Studio for the brilliant tools. 

Please don't redistribute or claim as your own, thank you loves!

Happy first day of spring! :)

6 years ago today, October 3, 2008, the first episode of the Star Wars: the Clone Wars aired.


Dear America, 

I’ve been thinking of first kiss. I suppose I should say first kisses, but what I mean is the second, the one I was actually invited to give you. Did I ever tell you how I felt that night? It wasn’t just getting my first kiss ever, it was getting to have that first kiss with you. I’ve seen so much, America, had access to the corners of our planet. But never have I come across anything so painfully beautiful as that kiss. I wish it was something I could catch with a net or place in a book. I wish it was something I could save and share with the world so I could tell the universe: this is what it’s like; this is how it feels when you fall.
These letters are so embarrassing. I’ll have to burn them before you get home.


ok before i go i just think i should talk about–


seem familiar?no?? ok hold on

this is the original one(aka i drew it)

heck i had to merge them

i messaged the art thief about this and they weren’t replying and i was getting worried so just didn’t have a choice but to prove that they traced my art and whats worse 

these r the notes on the traced art post as of right now and it made me so upset to know this was getting so many notes

i know its not THAT much but this is the first time any art tht got traced from me has gotten tht many notes and it just feels like a huge slap across my face knowing this

i don’t want people to believe this whole idea,this whole concept is from them because it isn’t

and as much as this upsets me, i don’t want anyone to attack the art thief so @everyone please don’t theres enough drama on this website don’t make it worse

the animatic i made is so important to me and seeing you take away my joy and just doing this is just— i can’t take it

i’ve already reported them but obviously that’s not really gonna do much;;;

i just don’t know what to do

but if you ever see this post from the art thief

please do not reblog it

please do not give it a like

please do not attack them on that post that will solve nothing and make everything worse

im tired and scared that’s all i’ve got

GET EDUCATED: Don't Steal, Kids

That above is the Facebook conversation I had in January with Jordan Imiola.  I don’t know how much clearer I could have made myself.  The fact that he never wrote back raised some alarms so I made a note to check on his website later to make sure he wasn’t lifting my stories.  

I checked today for the first time since that exchange and found this and this Indiegogo campaign.   I watched the video of the cast reading and noticed that one of the stories sounded very familiar.  So, I went to Jordan’s website and downloaded a copy of the pilot episode of his sitcom, “Get Educated.”  Following are a few scenes from his pilot script, each followed by links to my own posts (which are older than his script).  

Exhibit A:

You Suck, Sir: AGING 

Exhibit B:



You Suck, Sir: CELL PHONES




You Suck, Sir: YOUNG LOVE

As a stand-up comedian, I occasionally see this kind of thing, but thanks to pros like Patton Oswalt and Louie C.K. calling out and shaming joke thieves, this kind of behaviour is now rare.  But the world of entertainment is built on desperation and ambition, so it’s still common for someone with a dearth of ideas to steal other people’s.  In the worlds of stand-up comedy and publishing, these people are known by one term: hacks.     

Jordan Imiola, you’re a hack.  If you were a young person or student, I would quietly admonish you and usher you toward a stronger set of ethics.  But you’re a grown man, so I’m calling you out for trying to profit off my stories.

Because these aren’t just stories.  It’d be one thing if I created these episodes out of thin air and crafted them as I do with my stand-up comedy routines.  I’d be upset, but I wouldn’t take it that personally because I’m not writing serious literature here.  I’d probably be flattered that you thought to steal from me before sending you a strongly worded email.  But this isn’t fiction you took from me—these are pieces of my life.  These are my personal experiences with people whom I cherish—my students.  I often wrote these down in my journals at the conclusions of long, difficult days when the only light in my career was these young people who carried my hopes with them.  These posts represent the best of my experiences in the profession that I love. 

And that’s why I feel violated.  How do you sit there in that Indiegogo video smiling, taking credit for all the writing when you know I politely turned down your request to use my material?  I know it’s 2014, but damn it, I still want to trust the community that I share these stories with.  I love getting messages from readers telling me how the posts moved or connected with them, made them laugh or even “LOL,” and how some of them have been inspired to become teachers.  You Suck, Sir is about sharing, trust, sacrifice, caring, and community and you stripped it of its spirit by reducing it to a few laughs in your sitcom pilot. 

So you, Jordan Imiola, suck. 

kuroo headcanons bc i love him 

  • the first time kuroo said his prematch speech, he was really nervous and had a biology test that day so it was all he could think of. he was really just rambling but now its tradition. 
  • kuroo is the team’s unofficial, official tutor 
  • kuroo’s notes are insanely neat. imagine the prettiest studylbr you’ve ever seen and those are his notes
  • he writes down scientific words he learns in class and memorizes them specifically for insults
  • he bites his pens and pencils
  • knows the elements song by heart and hums it occasionally 
  • kuroo’s goal when he was younger was to make kenma laugh at least once a day.
  • what drew kuroo to tsukishima was that tsukishima kind of reminded him of kenma in the sense that kenma has a neutral feeling towards volleyball and kuroo just wants everyone to have fun playing volleyball
  • it’s one of the reasons why kuroo likes to hangout w/ bokuto so much. bokuto has such a positive flowing energy that it’s hard not to enjoy volleyball around him
  • kuroo has definitely bumped into poles because of his fringe overlapping his eye 
  • kuroo thinks kenma says the funniest things?? the two of them would just be walking and suddenly you hear kuroo’s fucking distinct laugh and it was bc kenma had mumbled something that kuroo thought was hilarious.
  • kuroo is honestly so happy that kenma found a friend in hinata bc he remembers all the times that kenma felt alone and self conscious and he never wants kenma to feel that way again. 
  • he has a younger sister that likes to tie his hair up in many mini ponytails
  • also tried to style his hair once and it made kenma literally burst out laughing for five minutes and he never attempted it again

“Did you sleep alright?” Dean dutifully asked his best friend while the two of them were enjoying their breakfast, sharing homemade pancakes and strong coffee in the bunker’s kitchen.

As much as Dean tried to not be nosy, this had been Cas’ first night as an actual human being, and Dean could only assume that it hadn’t been a particularly exciting experience for the guy that he secretly adored. Nightmares were a bitch, and considering all of the things that Castiel had been through during his time as an angel of the lord, it was a given that Cas’ first dream hadn’t been a very pleasant one.

But when Castiel glanced up, he was smiling at Dean, somehow no longer interested in his food.

“Oh yes, sleeping is rather nice, I’m very much looking forward to doing it again tonight.” Cas declared without a note of insincerity.

Dean frowned, taking another sip of his morning coffee, contemplating.

“Okay… So you haven’t been like, suffering from bad dreams?” He carefully checked after another shot of caffeine.

Cas blinked at him as if that mere suggestion was ridiculous, putting down his fork before bluntly elaborating, his bright blue eyes scrutinizing Dean. “Of course not, dreams are fascinating… You kissed me, I didn’t mind.”

After almost choking on his coffee, Dean soon collected himself, not one to say no to an opportunity like that.

The next time Dean kissed Castiel, it wasn’t a dream, because Dean made sure that Cas didn’t have to wait until he fell asleep once more. In fact, Cas didn’t have to wait at all. Never again would he have to wait, and neither did Dean.

The kiss tasted like coffee, and pancakes. But most of all it tasted like stay with me, and finally.

< Part 2 under the cut >

This is a repost because I accidentally deleted the original post when I was using the fucking mobile app and I’ll never get over the stupid shit that I did. The old post’s “Read More” link now redirects to this new post.

Btw I’ve read all the tags and comment reblogs on the original post. Thank you so much for reading this long post, I really appreciate it :) 

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Back|| CandicexEdmar


Eyes opening the surroundings were a welcoming view, Candice’s bedroom. Turning sightly he could see her still asleep next to him, they’d both been fighting the jet-lag since coming back from Italy. Even in the short time they were there so much had happened. Slipping out of bed, Ed had pulled on his jeans and shirt before heading downstairs. This place had become such a familiar sight with fond memories, but one of their conversations from Italy kept itself in his mind.

Edmar grabbed the first sheet of paper he could find and scribbled down his note: “Candice, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have asked to marry you someday, that conversation should have never happened without me telling you everything first. I do love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I can’t. It doesn’t work that way, my life. I’m already centuries old and still have centuries to go. I would never be able to grow old with you. And I can’t ask you to commit to a life like that.

Take some time, think it over. If that’s a deal breaker then know I meant every word I said when I told you I loved you. And if it’s not….I know you’ll find me.
Love, Ed.”

He took a look at the word on the paper before folding the note in half and writing her name on the outside. Edmar set it on the counter taking one last look around. The uncertainty of not knowing if he’d ever see his place again, if he’d ever see Candice again. Heading to the front door he grabbed his coat and let himself out. Gods he hoped she’d find him.

The Quickest Silver

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Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Peter Maximoff

The Quickest Silver

Prompt: Hello! Can I have a request where Pietro and Peter are both fighting for the reader’s love? Thanks!

Note: Yaaaaaaaaas! So hype! This is my first Peter Maximoff Imagine, so I’m pumped to write for him!

Warnings: Two Quicksilvers in one room.

“Hey. Hey (Y/N),” Peter said, talking quickly. He had been spending more and more time at the Facility since he met you, much to Pietro’s annoyance. Today, it was just you and the Quicksilvers, as everyone else was either on a mission or out of the house. Tony said it was your turn to babysit them, and that was what it had felt like.

“Yes?” You asked, pushing your reading glasses up your nose. You just wanted to read your comic books, to be honest.

“Time me. I’m gonna run to the kitchen and back. Ready? I’m back. Did you time me?”

“Leave the woman alone,” Pietro said, sitting beside you on the couch and wrapping his arm around you somewhat protectively. “She doesn’t want to be bothered by you.”

“Oh come on, old man,” Peter put his hands on his hips. “You’re just jealous that I’m faster than you.”

“You aren’t.” Pietro defended himself, puffing out his muscular chest and starting to get up.

“Oh yeah? Prove it. Let’s race. Right here, right now.”

“Guys, stop it,” you told them, but they didn’t seem to hear you.

“To the kitchen and back,” Pietro declared. In less than a second, both of them returned.

“Who won?” Peter asked, taking his goggles off and resting them on top of his head. You got up from the couch and started to walk towards the shelf of comics to put away your book. You could tell this wasn’t going to end any time soon.

“I can’t tell. I can’t process things that fast.” You answered, shrugging.

“Right. Bummer,” Peter zipped over to the couch and patted the spot next to him. “Here, sit next to me,”

“I actually have to-”

Muscular arms wrapped around you, and suddenly you were on the other side of the building in a janitor’s closet. Pietro locked the door with a click.

“Woah,” you wobbled, nearly falling over from the sudden rush of dizziness, but Pietro steadied you by pulling you to his chest. You could hear his racing heart pounding inhumanly quickly.

“He’ll be here any second,” Pietro whispered, his voice low. You gripped him tightly as you came out of the dizzy spell.

“Hey Pietro! Not cool!” You heard Peter yell from the hall as he zipped past.

“We don’t have much time. Eventually he’ll figure out how to unlock the door,” you whispered back, head still pounding. “So what do you want to do?”

“Just this,” Pietro answered, tracing your jaw and pulling your lips to his. You weren’t sure who had won the footrace, but Pietro had won the race to your heart.

{PART 16} Who Are You? //Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson Wang)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Jaebum finally confesses everything to you. Where will he go from here?

PLEASE READ: This chapter contains scenes that some people may find upsetting. Reader discretion is advised.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 15} {Part 16} {Part 17}

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Found the prettiest book I’ve ever laid my eyes upon and I couldn’t resist buying it. Also, I ran this morning and I didn’t know it was gonna be so cold so my hands were numb the whole time. Then I went to a practice APUSH test, which wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I fell asleep while doing the multiple choice because I only had 5 hours of sleep lol. Heading to the mall soon. Can’t wait to buy new supplies so I can motivate myself to study for the AP tests c:

Oh, and thank you so much to all my new followers! I didn’t expect all the notes that my first post got. I followed a bunch of you guys but it’s through my main blog so you might not know. Ciao~

Her Silent Throat

Why the fuck did I write this? I HAVE NO IDEA. Because I hate you all, I guess? This is what happens when you encourage me, you assholes. Seriously, though, I cried writing this. This is angst, folks, pure angst. Apparently I needed a downer before I can squeal over my babies.

The silver swan, who, living had no note, When death approached unlocked her silent throat. - Orlando Gibbons

Her Silent Throat

He starts forgetting things. Just small, inconsequential things at first - where he left his keys, what he needed to pick up from the store, how many sugars she takes in her coffee - Emma doesn’t really take much notice of it. They’re getting old, and she can’t honestly count the number of times she’s had something similar happen.

But then he forgets David’s birthday, and when she reminds him, he becomes irritated, ornery, speaking to her in short, parsed sentences that terrify her in their lack of affection.

Two days later everything is back to normal, and she forgets about it, throws it off as him having had a bad day, slides her fingers through his salt and pepper hair as she curls up next to him on the couch and they settle into each other.

Mal calls her a month later in tears, tells her about how she’d called to say hello and he’d told her he didn’t have a daughter, hanging up the phone before Mal could even get a word in - mom, did I do something wrong? she asks, and Emma tells her no, that she’s not sure what’s going on, but she’ll figure it out, you didn’t do anything wrong, honey, your father loves you very much.

It takes her another week to find the courage to bring it up. She’s scared, is the thing, because they are getting old, and she’s not quite sure how she’ll handle it if something is wrong. They’ve dealt with plenty in their time, but this feels different, this feels…worse.

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Anonymous asked: Drunk Dean serenading Cas and loudly and very obnoxiously declaring his love (I can’t decide if at Cas’ work place in front of all his co-workers, or at 2 in the morning in front of Cas’ house waking up all the neighborhood, lol, your choice) and Cas being mortified/embarrassed but secretly pleased. Please i need this so much!

Author’s note: I had way too much fun writing this. :’) 

At first, Castiel couldn’t tell what it was that had mercilessly pulled him out of his slumber. He blinked a couple of times, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness of his bedroom. That’s when he heard it. The unmistakable sound of singing. Someone was singing outside, and rather loudly.

Castiel slipped out of bed and cautiously turned on the lights. He tiptoed to the room’s only window, hesitantly opening the curtains to check where the offending noise was coming from. The very off-key tones of some 80’s song could easily be heard now.

‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you
You ought to know by now how much I love you
One thing you can be sure of
I’ll never ask for more than your loooooooooove…’

All of the air got spontaneously squished out of Castiel’s  lungs upon discovering what was going on. Standing in the middle of Castiel’s neatly mowed front lawn, was his best friend Dean Winchester, singing his heart out.

“Oh god…” Castiel muttered as he watched the scene unfold.

There was no need for him to investigate the situation any further, because there was no doubt that Dean was hammered. Castiel unlocked the window, feeling a tad annoyed, but also weirdly amused.

“Cas! You’re awake!” Dean excitedly yelled up at him as soon as the window was opened. “I was gonna throw stones at your window, but it seems I no longer have to!”

“Yes, I am awake, Dean. And if you keep this up, the same will go for the rest of the street.” Castiel scolded his friend. “It’s three in the morning, what are you even doing here?”

Dean’s eye roll could be seen even from where Castiel was hanging out of the open window. “Singing to you of course! For a smart person you sure ask stupid questions, Cas. So please just shut your pretty pie hole and let me finish this…”

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CEO!Luke Call me Mr. Hemmings

Summary: You have an interview with your best friend Luke. 

Smut: Yes

Requested: No

Author Note: I was a cowriter on Smutty-Time and this was my first story on there so I might as well put this as my first story on my own blog

You and Luke had been inseparable for years becoming best friends 14 years ago after you kicked some guys ass in 3rd grade for saying Luke was a bitch. You’ve never like bullies much because the same thing happened in middle school.  Both of you 23 and now you up to your ears with bullshit from your job as a busgirl for one of the many big restaurants in Las Vegas. Luke doing way better being a CEO for paper or like a watch company. Whatever, you’ll remember to ask him at some point in time. Working a split shift you were rarely home, opting to crash at Luke’s place for a couple of hours before going home to change and get back to clearing tables. Luke being the amazing best friend he is would roll out of bed at 4 in the morning, even though he had work at 6, and meet you knocking on his door with a tired smile and a cup of chai tea.

“Thank you.” You mumbled walking into his home and going straight for the big and comfy L-sofa he had in his living room.
“Rough day?” He questioned pulling the long sleeves of his shirt over his hands before grabbing his own mug and sitting beside you. You nodded letting the tea calm you leaning into his side. “Tell me about it.” He said giving you a nudge, you shook your head your mind running from the day.
“5 birthdays and 2 bachelors. Randy, Eddy and Samantha all caught that bug that’s been going around, so not only did I bus today but I had to help in the kitchen and waited tables. They’re going to be out for the rest of the week so get a good look cause I’ll probably be dead by Friday.” You frowned realizing the week you had ahead of you. The room was silent, the both of you sitting quietly taking sips from your drinks. You were about to fall asleep on Luke’s shoulder when he moved putting his cup on the table and turning to look at you.
“What.” You stated when he didn’t say anything and just kept staring.
“Quit.” He said not taking his eyes of you. You scoffed shaking your head at his nonsense. “Really, you should quit. This isn’t the first time they worked you like this. And I know you aren’t happy working there, so you should quit.” He shrugged.
“And go where Luke, since you seem to have thought this out.” You teased putting your mug next to his on the table and leaning into the couch, actually interested in what he would say.
“You can come work for me. We need a new intern for a receptionist job-“
“Aw, what happened to Grace?” You asked cutting him off, remembering the cute petite blonde Luke pointed out at the office picnic last month. He looked at you his lips pressed into a thin line and stayed like that until you realized what he wasn’t saying. “You didn’t, did you. You fucking slept with her, Luke that’s literally like the 3rd one.” You scolded
“I really didn’t mean to this time. It was raining and she needed a ride.” He said raising his hands up in mercy.
“Oh you did it in the car. That’s so gross.” You said pushing his shoulder, “Was she good though?” You asked, bursting into laughter when Luke shook his head with a disappointed look on his face.
“To much teeth, I had to practically do all the work.” He said leaning back on the couch, “I am serious though. You should work for me.”
“Luke you literally just told me you had sex with the last intern.”
“I won’t try anything on you you’re my best friend. That’d be weird.” He said looking up at you, his blue eyes shining in the dim light. “Quit your job, please.” You sighed shifting your gaze away from him after he started pouting. It’s not that you didn’t want to work with him, it would just be weird. Right?
“Please, please, please, please.” He begged as he poked your shoulder with each word.
“Fine.” You mumbled giving in.
“Fuck yeah.” He said giving a fist pump, you smiled at his childishness. “When do you get off work tomorrow, usual time?” He asked once he calmed down.
“Yeah, 11 I think.” You said taking your phone out your pocket and pulling up your schedule, nodding your head once you saw you did get off at 11.
“Ok, I should still be in the office. Come in when you give off and I’ll interview you for the position.” You looked at him confused.
“I have to do an interview. Aren’t you the CEO can’t you just give me the job.” You asked. Luke chuckled pulling you into a hug.
“No I can’t just give you a job, that’s unfair to all the other hot interns that want this job.” You smiled pulling out of the hug and giving his arm a slap.
“You are the definition of fuck boy.” You laughed.
“Put in your 2 weeks and be at my office by 1130 tomorrow. Dress nice and bring your resume.” He said standing up and looking at the watch you gave him on his 21st birthday. “I’m gonna to go get ready for work. Lock up when you leave please.” He said before disappearing into his room. You looked around, getting comfy on the couch thinking about tomorrow. You hoped that your coworkers wouldn’t hate you for quitting but you’d rather take a billion calls over the loud and messy customers you clean up after at the restaurant. You soon fell asleep to Luke loudly singing the Jonas Brothers in the shower, a smile on your face. You didn’t know how much time had passed but it wasn’t enough, groaning you sat up and grabbed your ringing phone.
“What.” You said dryly not caring who it is.
“Is that anyway to speak to your future boss.” You could see the grin on his face.
“Oh shove it Hemmings.” You smiled looking at the blanket that was on you knowing Luke must’ve put it on you before he left.
“Oi. That hurts, but get up. Your shift starts in an hour.” He said, you could hear the faint shuffle of papers.
“I really don’t want to.” You sighed laying back down and balancing the phone on the side of your face so you could still hear him, pulling the blanket over your head.
“Come one, we do this everyday. Get out of your blanket cocoon and get your ass to work.” He told you.
“Do I have to?” You sighed again.
“If this is how you’re gonna be working for me then you can kiss your interview goodbye.” He teased.
“You know you’re a bully. This has to be some type of blackmail, forcing your future employees to go to their shitty current job. How do you sleep at night Hemmings?” You said begrudgingly getting up from your comfy position and making your way to his toilet.
“Naked on the corpses of my competitors. Now get your shit together and get out of my house. If you make it through this week just think you’ll soon be working with your best friend.” He mused.
“Whoopdy.” You said as un excited as you could, smiling as his laugh rang through the phone.
“Alright babe, I have to go back to work but have a good day.” He said before hanging up. You sat on the toilet trying to make the butterflies in your stomach settle. Luke has called you babe before and it never failed to make you feel a little lightheaded. You came to the conclusion a while ago that you had feelings for Luke but he was your best friend. Not to mention he was way out of your league. Finishing your business you washed your hands at the counter, opening up the drawer and pulling out the makeup wipes Luke specifically bought for you. After cleaning your face you walked out the bathroom shaking your head seeing the unmade bed.
“I’m to good for you Hemmings.” You said to yourself as you made his bed before leaving.

It was 10 minutes till your interview with Luke and you’d be lying if you said that you weren’t nervous. Which was weird for you because come on this was Luke, he’s seen you passed out drunk and even worse than that. But this was business Luke, which you never got to see. Yeah you’ve had lunch together in his billion dollar suit but he was still your best friend Luke. Now you were about to face the infamous cut throat CEO Luke and yeah it was a little scary. You couldn’t keep your leg from bouncing, adjusting the loose bow on your shirt. Your heart jumped when a pair of hands covered your eyes.
“Guess who.” His breath fanned against your ear giving your arms goosebumps, which you’d blame on the cold if ever brought up.
“I don’t know, Nash Grier.” You smiled knowing the reaction you’d get.
“How dare you compare me to that armpit of a being.” He said, you stood up and turned around to see an offended Luke, his hand on his chest like you really hurt his feelings. “You know what never mind, I don’t want you to work here.” He crossed his arms and turned around showing you his broad back. You scoffed walking around in front of him and forcing him into a hug.
“Oh you love me.” You said into his chest.
“You’re lucky I do.” He said finally bringing his arms around you hugging you back. “You ready?” He asked pulling back and looking you in the eyes. His baby blues intimidating you for a second so you just nodded in response. He said nothing else but jerking his head in the direction of his office and walking that way. You looked around as you walked taking in the view since one side of the long hallway was glass, letting you see across Las Vegas. Since it was night all the lights were on, it was truly beautiful.
“Nice huh?” Luke asked noticing you staring out.
“Yeah its so pretty.” You breathed. “This is where you go, ‘Not as pretty as you.’” you teased as you walked behind him into a big room. Like the hallway one side was just windows, the walls covered in dark wood going well with the grey carpet floors. The desk in the middle was huge and glass, the papers on top in neat stacks next to the closed Mac book. There were 2 big chairs in front of it with a little table in the middle. The small succulent you gave Luke when he got the job sitting on top made you smile. He always showed off the gifts you gave him and it always warmed your heart.
“Did you bring your resume.” Luke asked leaning on the desk and crossing his arms over his chest making him look more in charge. You nodded awkwardly handing him the folder with your resume inside. He took the folder and looked through it, his brows furrowing as he read through. You shifted on your feet, tugging on your black pencil skirt. You looked around his office noticing a couple paintings and some photos on the wall.
“Are you nervous.” He asked pulling back your attention.
“Are you nervous? You keep rubbing your hands over your skirt.” He pointed out, you couldn’t help your cheeks heat up not realizing what you were doing.
“Sorry.” You mumbled looking down at your heels.
“You shouldn’t be nervous, it’s just me, Luke. Your best and probably only friend.” He smiled. Your shoulders relaxed at his teasing, he was right. It was just Luke. “You look very nice.” He said, you watched as his eyes grazed over your body. You could tell your face must be red from the compliment but you nodded. You had gone with a creme colored pussy bow top (yes that’s what its called) that was tucked in to your trusty and long owned black pencil skirt, and of course a chunky nude heal to match the top.
“Thanks. You too Luke. Wait should I call you Mr. Hemmings?” You asked genuinely. You watched as his jaw clenched a look crossing his face that you didn’t get to identify before it was gone.
“If you want. Mr. Hemmings is more professional but Luke is fine though.” He said a smile tugging at his mouth.
“Ok Mr. Hemmings it is.” You nodded.
“So why do you want this job?” He asked, your eyes went wide at the question completely unprepared.
“Uh, I would, uh, like this job because the values and success of the company are the things I’ve always admired. My addition to the company would mean me bringing enthusiasm and dedication.” You told him surprising yourself with your bullshit answer.
“Did you just pull that out your ass.” Luke squinted his eyes, you didn’t know how to respond so you didn’t. “Out of all the interns I get that was honestly the best answer. And I know you just made that up right now.” You shrugged, what could you say you were talented. “You can sit down you know.” He said. You made your way to one of the chairs and sat down looking up to where he still stood with his hands leaning behind him on his desk. “So I noticed on your resume that you have a lot of work history. What was the reason for leaving the last one.” He asked.
“You told me to.” You said slowly not knowing if this was a trick question. Luke squinted his eyes again and tilted his head, you figured that must not have been the right answer. “The, uh, stress and busy work schedule was interfering with my ability to perform 100%. I felt like I was taking on a big load, way more than I could handle and bending over backwards to do other peoples job. I need a job that is more my pace and I feel like I’d be great.” You bit your lip hoping that was the right answer, your heart dropping when Luke threw his head back and let out a deep groan. “I’m sorry was that not the right answer?” You asked confused.
“No, I mean yes it was, but seriously. ‘taking on a big load’ ‘bending over’. You’re doing this on purpose.” You shook your head beyond confused at this point.
“I have no idea what’s going on.” You said still shaking your head.
“Don’t play innocent with me.” In two steps he was towering in front of you his eyes dark with, what was that anger, you didn’t know. You stood up feeling a bit intimidated by his height.
“Luke you’re making me really confused.” You told him slowly.
“It’s Mr. Hemmings.” He said before crashing his lips to yours. One of his hands snaked around your waist pulling you flush against him, the other found its way into your hair pulling on it a little. The action making you moan into his mouth, the sound bringing you back to reality and realizing what you’re doing.
“Wait, wait. What is going on?” You asked breaking the kiss by pushing him away, both hands on his chest.
“I’ve wanted to do that for so long, I’ve wanted you for so long. Then you come in looking edible as fuck.” He paused to look you up and down, “Then you go on about taking loads and bending over. I swear I almost nutted when you started biting your lip.” He told you his eyes never leaving your mouth.
“I’m still confused.” You said your eyebrows furrowing.
“Oh my god.” He sighed rubbing his hand over his face and through his hair, taking a couple steps away from you. You frowned a bit liking how close his body was to you. “I like you ok. A lot, like a lot, a lot. And I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. You genuinely don’t know what you do to me, do you.” He cocked his head to the side. You shook yours, completely speechless from what he told you. “To start off you make me really happy, it doesn’t matter how shitty of a mood I am, seeing you or hearing you talk or say one of your dumb ass jokes, whatever it is you can always make me smile. You make me see the world differently see people differently cause you always see the best in everything.” He said taking small steps until he was standing back in front of you. He grabbed your hand holding it for a minute before he pulled it to where his pants were straining. “You do this to me more than you know.” He sighed at the contact.
“Luke what does all that mean what are you saying?” You asked the butterflies going crazy in your stomach.
“What I’m saying is that I want you to be my girlfriend. And I’m also saying I would like to fuck you senseless on my desk.” He whispered the last part in your ear making you nod your head and whimper involuntarily. You could have sworn you heard him growl as he put his mouth on yours. Grabbing your waist he walked backwards until he hit the desk flipping you so you so you were leaning on the desk. His mouth was everything you thought it would be and then some, you could already tell you would be addicted to his taste. The office was filled with soft noises and sighs that came from the both of you, his hands never leaving your ass as he grabbed and pulled you close. The feeling of his growing erection making you moan into his mouth and rut against him, the warmth in between your thighs growing. Your hands fumbled to find a place to rest, settling on his broad shoulders. One of his hands moved down and gripped your thigh lifting it up and around his waist bringing you even closer than you thought.
“Oh god I want to taste you princess. Will you let me taste you babygirl.” He mumbled traveling kisses down to your neck biting on the flesh there making you gasp and grab his shoulders tighter.
“Yes Luke, please.” You whined. He stopped his actions and looked you in the eyes, his dark and blown with lust.
“I told you call me Mr. Hemmings.” He said before going back to make more marks on your neck. “Beg for me princess. Tell me how badly you want me.”
“Please Mr. Hemings, I need your mouth. I’m so wet for you.” You begged him, sighing when you heard him groan and curse under his breath. He moved back up to you mouth kissing you hard as his hands unbuttoned his suit jacket and slid it off throwing it somewhere in the room. He kneeled in front of you moving the leg that was wrapped around his waist onto his shoulder. His eyes met your hooded ones as he slowly slid your skirt up stopping and moaning loudly when he saw you opted to not wear panties today.
“My naughty little girl not wearing underwear. What if someone saw your princess parts.” He said huskily looking intently at your dripping core. “I think you need to be taught a lesson. Don’t you?” He asked kissing your thighs, you nodded viciously just wanting him to do something. In a swift motion you were turned around, you felt his back pressing on yours as he brought one of your legs up on top of the desk, leaning you forward a bit.
“You’re going to count each spanking I give you and no cumming until I say so. Understand.” You just nodded. “Come on princess use your words.”
“I understand Mr. Hemmings.” You said your voice shaky.
“Good girl. Don’t forget to count.” He said before you felt him kneel behind you. You had to cover your mouth to muffle a squeal as he buried his face into your folds, licking a long stripe in-between them. He moved his face to get deeper in you a loud moan leaving his mouth.
“You taste better than I would have imagined princess. So sweet and wet for me.” He mumbled against your core the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through your body. Luke moved his mouth further wrapping his lips around your clit flicking it with his tongue. His hands massaging your thighs and butt before giving a harsh slap to one of your cheeks, not stopping his assault on your sensitive bud.
“One.” You said remembering that you had to count each slap he gives you. The leg you were standing on beginning to shake as the knot in your stomach tightened. You felt another smack on your ass, the bliss from his mouth and the pain on your bum mixing and leaving you a moaning mess on Luke’s desk.
“Two.” You tried not to scream feeling your climax coming fast. “I’m gonna cum.” You whimpered moving your pussy over Luke’s tongue. One of his hands gripping your hip hard to stop your movements.
“Don’t you fucking dare princess. I’m not done.” You looked behind you just in time to see his face, his lips swollen and shining with your juices. He gave you a smirk before diving back in-between your legs. You focused on trying not to cum as he gave you another 3 spanks, counting them all. Moving away from your core you felt his breath on your neck.
“I’m going to fuck you now. You’re doing so well for me, you ok to keep going.” The fact that he asked if you were ok made you warm all over but you couldn’t hide the fact that you were still quivering and longing for a release.
“Do something please Mr. Hemmings. I want you inside of me.” You said trying to use your most innocent voice, but it just came out as more of a whimper. You felt movement behind you before his presence was back and the head of his cock nudging at your entrance.
“Anything for you princess.” A hand coming up to your shirt ripping it open and grabbing one of your breast, massaging it in his hands. He kissed over your now exposed shoulder before slamming into you. You could honestly say that the noise that came out of you was inhuman but you didn’t care. Luke groaning in your ear, pulled almost completely out thrusting back into you with force. The pace he set was brutal but you loved every second of it, especially since the position you were in made sure every time he fucked into you the head of his dick pressed against your G-spot making stars appear behind your eyelids.
“Oh God baby, you’re so tight. I can feel you fucking throbbing around me.” Luke hummed, his forehead in the middle of your shoulders and his breath coming out heavy. You didn’t respond, too caught up in the moment.
“You still good princess.” He asked you breathily. You nodded looking back at him, your bottom lip caught between your teeth. “No let me hear how good I make you feel. Does it feel good baby?” He asked trailing kisses down your neck.
“Yes!” You shouted as he gave you a particularly hard thrust.
“Show me how much you love it. Fuck your self on my cock.” Luke pulled back looking at you with dark eyes, doing what he said rocking yourself against him. “Look at me.” He demanded, his voice low. The sight of him making you moan. His hair messy as he moved a hand through it. His mouth slack and his eyes fixated on where you were grinding yourself on him. His other hand holding his shirt up so it didn’t get in the way, he looked down right fuckable which made you giggle to yourself because thats exactly what you were doing.
“I’m close princess so I’m gonna take over again.” Luke said before pulling completely out. You were about to protest until he flipped you around and sat you on top of his desk, his lips on yours in seconds and his cock filling you up again. “Cum when I say. Understand?” He mumbled as he moved to suck at the spot where your jaw met your neck.
“Yes sir Mr. Hemmings.” You told him gripping his shoulders as he hammered into you, gasping loudly as he began to rub circles over your clit. His mouth meeting yours not really kissing but moaning into yours.
“Fuck, now princess, cum for me now.” His voice straining, but your body obliging to his demands, crying out as you came, your pussy fluttering around him. Luke gave a couple more thrust before stilling with his own release, his head on your shoulder and his mouth open, a long groan coming from him.
“You good.” He asked after a couple minutes of the both of you panting. You winced as he pulled out but nodded your head.
“Wha, what are you doing?” You asked as he wrapped  both arms around your waist, pulling you off the desk and down to the floor.
“My legs are about to give out and the floor looks really comfy.” He said shrugging giving you a small smile. Bringing you close as he buried his face in your hair.
“I am not sleeping in your office.” You said into his chest. You felt it shake realizing that he was laughing.
“I know. I just want to rest for a bit cause of, you know.” He said his cheeks reddening.
“You’re really getting shy after fucking me like that.” You giggled.
“I’m not shy, it’s just. I don’t know.” He shrugged again. You let a silence fall over the both of you, just being comfortable in his presence with his arms wrapped around you. “You got the job you know.” He smiled you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Oh is that because I just let you have your way with me?” You teased.
“Yup.” He said popping the ‘p’. You shoved his chest squinting at him as he let out hearty laughs. “Ok, I was going to give it to you anyways. The sex kinda just happened.” He told you truthfully, you nodded in response. Both of you laid there for a couple of minutes before Luke suggested that you get ready to go and that he was taking you home. The car ride was silent for the first 7 minutes.
“I meant what I said.” Luke spoke deciding to be the first one to break ice. You looked over at him, his arm resting on the center console his hand hanging close to your thigh. The other wrapped firmly around the wheel of his old Volvo. You smiled to yourself remember how mad Luke gets when you say he has a Nick Miller car. He would yell that it had character and was passed down from his brother Jack who got it from his father who got it from his. It was a boring story, you were sure you could tell it better and you have.
“I want you to be my girlfriend.” Luke said giving you his full attention once he stopped at the red light. His hand finally grabbing on to yours. “I want you.” You stayed silent for a long time you had to admit,  Luke just kept staring and you were glad that no one was behind you since you were sure the light had turned green. You could see the hope and happiness start to drain from his face his body kind of deflating. Finally getting your sense of communication you gripped his hand tighter.
“Yeah, ok.” You nodded, your heart swelling at how his eyes widened and the biggest smile came over his face.
“Yeah. Ok.” He said still grinning as he turned his attention back to the road and started driving. The warmth that came over you was overwhelming, both of your hands holding the others comfortably.
“Yeah, ok” You whispered to yourself happy and excited for this new life with Luke. That night you fell asleep to multiple goodnight girlfriend texts and one about being on time for work tomorrow.