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6 years ago today, October 3, 2008, the first episode of the Star Wars: the Clone Wars aired.


fangirl challenge - [1/?] pairings

Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop (Fringe)

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Hey, first of all I love your blog but I wondered if you had any tips for what to actually bring to an exam, sort of like a survival kit especially with finals coming up :) thank you x

Thank you! :)

Studying for Finals

1. Stock up on all the supplies and snacks you need! For me, that’s a lot of water, tea, coffee, fruits, dark chocolate, extra pencils, lead, paper, and notebooks. 

2. Make sure I have all my study guides and study notes prepped ahead of time. I know this isn’t exactly apart of finals week, but it helps so much if you have everything prepared ahead of time! It saves a lot of stress!

3. Remove all your distractions. Turn off your phone, put it away, get Self Control on your laptop (or other apps). Focusing really helps and removing your distraction saves you a lot of studying and relaxing time.

4. Have your favourite stress relievers nearby. Make sure while you’re studying, you take breaks. For me, I either listen to music, practice violin, read a little bit of a novel, or workout when I’m on break from studying.

While Writing an Exam

1. Bring a bottle of water. Just don’t drink it all at once, take a few sips every few questions you answer to keep you awake, alert, and focused.

2. Bring a (quiet) snack to eat. I think the only snacks I’ve ever brought with me are cheese strings or blueberries. Almonds would be good as well but I’m not sure how crunchy they can be during an exam.

3. Bring a watch. A lot of the exam rooms I’ve been don’t have a clock, and the exam proctors don’t update the time as much as we like to. Having a watch on helps you to budget your time on the exam, keeps you on track, and ensures you hopefully have enough time to check over your paper!

4. Bring a sweater. Especially if your exam room is cold. They’re just cozy and warm, how could you say no to that feeling?! :) 

5. Bring extras of EVERYTHING. Extra pencils, extra lead, extra erasers, extra pens, an extra calculator (really recommend this), extra ruler. Anything. Being over-prepared is definitely the way to go. 

6. Manage your stress. I’ll link you with this TedTalk I watched in one of my classes a few weeks ago. It’s about managing stress and how you can use it to empower you. We all get nervous and stressed during exam season, and I feel like this presentation will inspire you to think of stress as a positive thing to improve your performance on exams and just about anything in life! 

Good luck on finals! Hope this helps! :) 

Golden Queen Week: Mad World + Fairytale Gone Bad


Mako Mankanshoku - Kill La Kill


Ed listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.


Note: I can pretty much guarantee that this is not at all what was expected. I had this idea in my head of it being told from Ed’s perspective but the vision in my head was soo much better. Anyway, there IS another part I’m working on, and it will actually be the way I usually write so bear with me?


The first time Ed notices the shift in Harry’s behaviour around Niall is when both lads are at his house for dinner one evening.

The whole of One Direction are here, laughing and having pints while they wait for the ribs on the BBQ. They’re all loud and rambunctious, talking over each other the way they always do in interviews and every now and then Ed sort of regrets inviting them all over at the same time. It’s not that he doesn’t like hanging out with all of them — it’s just that they’re easier to handle in small quantities.

Louis’ the worst. He’s the one who starts everything, the one who encourages everyone else — the one who could talk anyone into anything without even batting an eyelash. Zayn’s not far behind Louis. He’s quiet on the outside, a bit shy and reserved — but Louis unleashes the little terror in him every time. Liam, from what he’s heard anyway, was the only sensible, the “daddy”, the one who sat back with the imaginary first-aid kit and watched while everyone else risked their lives — but Ed’s never seen that side of him because, quite frankly, he’s almost as bad as Louis now that he’s “let loose a bit.”

Harry and Niall are a bit different. They tag along, of course, stir up trouble just like the others but Harry’s a bit too clumsy and awkward to take seriously and Niall, well, he’s a bit too soft-around-the edges to be labelled much of a menace.

The entire day feels like babysitting a bunch of children — it doesn’t help that those children manage to turn the rest of Ed’s older, maturer friends into actual children as well — and Ed sort of regrets it, except he doesn’t.

He doesn’t even know when he notices Harry — or, rather, Harry with Niall — he just sort of…does. And, after that, it’s like he can’t stop noticing.

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"Untitled" One Shot

Author: demigodwinchester

Original Imagine LinkImagine you’ve barely brought your newborn twin boys home, and Dean notices you’ve been getting stressed, and helps you calm down the babies when they start crying in the middle of the night.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 652

Summary/author’s note: Dean and reader are stressed out, first-time parents. Not the most exciting thing to read or write, and it’s harder to get Dean’s personality in there, but I did my best.


I wasn’t sure how much longer I could do this without breaking down.

It had only been three days since Dean and I brought our twin sons home, and I already felt like I was going crazy. Running on maybe five hours of sleep per every twenty-four hours was not boding well for me, and Dean helped as much as he could, though he was sometimes busy, having promised to run the phones for a couple hunters since he’d be home for a while.

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Alice, don't forget naruhina has more sex than sasusaku because they have two kids and sasusaku only one. Don't forget Sakura is a neglected wife because Sasuke is never home. Naruhina fans were really writing these posts on their blogs after they read the last spoiler two months ago.

Lmao I remember that, and the “has more sex one” had over 500 notes when I first seen it, it always is about winning isn’t it? I don’t give a damn how many times SS “had sex”, they’re in love and happy, that’s all I asked for, but honestly anyone who thinks the amount of children you have determines how much sex you have is very misinformed.

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do you have any book recs that have an unreliable narrator?? thanks!

ooooh i might do

  • the secret history donna tartt (i mean richard papen compares himself to gatsby but really he’s nick ok)
  • and on that note the great gatsby f scott fitzgerald (i hated this book because i had to do it for gcse and had to read it 5 times for the exam but wow you want an unreliable narrator? you don’t get much more unreliable than nick carraway well actually you probably do)
  • in a way the song of achilles madeleine miller (because patroclus loves achilles which clouds his judgement of the other characters but including it may be debatable idk)
  • a hero at the end of the world erin claiborne (not in first person but both character thinks the other was in the wrong or whatever. spoilers)
  • vicious ve schwab (ok so we’re veering into ambiguous villain territory here i know. also not first person but they’re each so unreliable in how they narrate what happened to people and you don’t know who to root for because they both see everything differently and each sees the other as the villain)
  • the shadow year hannah richell (kind of. there are aspects of unreliable narratorness in it)
  • the unbecoming of mara dyer michelle hodkin (mainly because amnesia type stuff but also she may be crazy. spoilers)
  • more than this patrick ness (who is seth? why did he drown? what is this place???)
  • i am the messenger markus zusak (oh ed my precious unreliable narrator)
  • underdog markus zusak (hey dontcha love him)
  • suicide notes michael thomas ford (tw for suicide but again why did he try kill himself? why???)
  • stonemouth iain banks (dude are you really tryna say you don’t know why these bad guys wanna kill you? pah)
  • we need to talk about kevin lionel shriver (tw for murder basically)
  • submarine joe dunthorne (the one that got turned into a film)
  • the woman in white wilkie collins (multiple narrators none of them reliable)

that’s all i got hope it helps!


some doodles from a future au in which sonic was trapped in the sol dimension for years, married blaze, and had a child with her, but was then separated from them after being sent back to his own dimension. 16 years later, his son travels to this dimension and gets to meet his father for the first time since he was very young.

(the top part is more of what I think would seriously happen, the bottom is just silliness. either way I think sonic would be ecstatic to get to meet his son and want to spend as much time with him as possible to get to know him and make up for all of the time he’s missed.)

NOTE: I STILL DO NOT HAVE A NAME FOR THE POOR CHILD. he remains nameless until I can decide on one.

Amongst the ‘you’re a slag’, ‘I hate ____’, ‘fat bitch’ etc. graffitied messages scrawled within the cubicles of the girls toilets, I saw this - ‘I miss him so fucking much // Time to get over him xx’. I don’t know who wrote the first note, I don’t even know who is was that replied. I can only guess that the first girl has recently suffered from a break up, maybe it ended bad, maybe he cheated, I don’t know. I can also only guess that the girl who replied did not know the first girl, our school isn’t small and maybe the two girls couldn’t pick each other out of a crowd if they had to. All I know is that, in the time the second girl spent in that cubicle, of all the things she could have written on the wall, out of all the messages already on the wall that she could have replied to - she chose this one. She chose to reply to a complete stranger, supporting her, showing her that someone cares. I attend a school full of different groups containing a variety of different people, groups who are rivals and regularly argue between lessons in the school corridor. A lot of the girls are not nice people, they are selfish, greedy and spiteful - much like a lot of people in the world. However the girl who replied, this one girl singlehandedly gave me hope that there are some thoughtful, caring people out there.


A couple of years back I would do these lists. I would pick an artist and then pull my ten favorite tracks from their catalog as a sort of primer for readers unfamiliar with the back catalog. I thought I might resurrect that as a way to dive back into some artists whom I might not otherwise spend much time.

Beck is an artist that has recently been in the news following his recent Grammy win, and the ensuing Kanye-related news fiasco. I don’t listen to Beck a whole lot, but I have a great deal of respect and love for a lot of his music going back almost two decades. I also have had this little list compiled for a couple of months (late night boredom be damned), so i thought I’d let Beck be the first artist highlighted on this, the return of my Ten Favorites list series.

A note on this particular list: It’s going to be very clear right off the bat that I like my Beck to be heartbroken and sad as fuck. I could have almost just put the bulk of Sea Change on this list and called it a day - but when I really sat down at thought about it, I ended up with the songs that sort of lead to that album and continued that thread onward in his career post-Sea Change.

/// THE LIST /// click track title to stream, playlist link at the bottom

  • 10.) "Deadweight" (A Life Less Ordinary - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack // 1997) // Probably the most playful track on the list - which is surely a little odd considering the amount of upbeat & fun jams in Beck’s catalog. That being said, I was obsessed with this song and the soundtrack that it came from back in the fall of 1997. Also adding to my obsession was the brilliant music video directed by Michel Gondry. The song itself stemmed from Beck’s late 90’s flirtation with Brazilian music. It hasn’t aged as well as some of his songs, but it’s still a great little track that I dig out from time to time.
  • 9.) "True Love Will Find You in the End" (The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered // 2004) // A beautiful track from an absolutely stellar collection of Daniel Johnston covers (featuring a collection of brilliant artists), which is not even the best cover of the bunch - if that gives you any indication of the quality of the compilation. This is a track that pulls away from Beck’s usual studio wizardry (and use of the best producers in the business), and keeps it close to the lo-fi original. Just an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Beck’s voice. In the fall of 2004, this was on heavy rotation and in the years following continuously found it’s way on mixtapes and road playlists.
  • 8.) "Girl" (Guero // 2005) // One of those genuinely infectious jams that is classic Beck. He was back with the producers from his classic, Odelay, and though I was not nuts on the outcome, I was positively in love with “Girl” when it was released. It’s still one of those songs if I hear it, I get a little extra boost of energy. It’s still a perfect summer jam, ten years later.
  • 7.) "Lost Cause" (Sea Change // 2002) // Just an absolute stunner. Until Sea Change, Beck hadn’t really shown heartbreak - but holy shit, he wears it well. It’s hard to tell what’s more effective, Beck’s stripped back emotionally resonant songwriting, or Nigel Godrich’s gorgeous production. It doesn’t really matter. They’re both near perfect. “Lost Cause” has all the earmarks of a classic country song, but filtered through Beck’s melancholic delivery it becomes something extraordinary.
  • 6.) "Blue Moon" (Morning Phase // 2014) // The newest track on my list. The first single from Beck’s latest is also the one that immediately reminded me of why I liked him all those years ago. Lush, dream-like production combined with a melody that gets stuck in your head for days. It’s also one of the prettiest songs to come out in the past couple of years - from any artist.
  • 5.) "Chemtrails" (Modern Guilt // 2008) // A song that actually stands out a bit for sounding not entirely like Beck - surely thanks in part to it being a collaboration with Danger Mouse. By the time Modern Guilt crept around in 2008, I was so far beyond caring about anything that the artist was up to, that I was genuinely amazed that i found my way to it at all. Then I had a monumental shift in my day to day life toward the end of the year and found myself travelling back and forth across the country. Those trips, combined with the start of a very dark personal journey, led me to spend many long nights on planes, trains, buses, hotels, and strange couches. And throughout the wonder of “shuffle”, I found myself discovering songs that I would have otherwise bypassed out of lack of interest. “Chemtrails” is a strangely dark and ominous bit of shoegaze-y pop that just never gets old. It’s a haunting beauty that stands as a highwater mark in the artist’s later career.
  • 4.) "Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime" (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Original Soundtrack // 2004) // A heartwrenching cover of an obscure new wave hit from 1980 by The Korgis. Also has the good fortune of being prominently featured on the soundtrack of one of the best films of all time. Just a perfect marriage of sound and vision that for me, can’t be heard without immediately connecting back to the film. A good thing, for sure.
  • 3.) "Jack-Ass" (Odelay // 1996) Truth be told, when Odelay was released to wild acclaim, it didn’t do a lot for me. I was in the midst of a heavy post-punk phase of my development, and it wasn’t until I heard the dream-like “Jack-Ass” that I took notice at all. It features a psych-pop sample of “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” by Them (originally by Bob Dylan), that is absolutely entrancing. It’s also one of the few songs on the album that is a little downtempo. Not sad or depressing, but just sweetly sedated. I still get it stuck in my head regularly without even having to hear it first.
  • 2.) "Sunday Sun" (Sea Change // 2002) By the time “Sunday Sun” rolls around toward the end of the melancholic wonder that is Sea Change, it sounds like a triumphant declaration to move on - jaded, but ready for a new day. It’s resonated with me emotionally then, and in a lot of ways still does. Gradually taking on new meaning as i and the album have aged. Plus, that soaring chorus and the accompanying harmony is just perfect. I never tire of this track.
  • 1.) "Nobody’s Fault But My Own" (Mutations // 1998) If there was any song that I can say caused me to be a fan of the artist’s music, it would be this one. Stark and somber, “Nobody’s Fault But My Own” is one of the darker tracks from Beck’s catalog. Though it feels like a precursor to the work that would become Sea Change, this track feels less heartbroken and nostalgic, and more bitter in defeat. Maybe that’s being harsh, but it’s a track that relates to times when a situation goes to shit and there’s plenty of blame to go around, but you still know that you’re essentially the most to blame. It’s heavy stuff, but wrapped up in a hauntingly pretty package. It’s a song that found me at a turning point in my life and has been used as an audio salve for many a dark time since. For me, it’s the masterpiece that laid the groundwork for all of the great work that came down the road.

LISTEN // Beck: Ten Favorites @ Spotify


[Radio] AKB48 Kizaki Yuria - The Cinderella of 2014 (Episode 22)

So here’s this week’s episode of The Cinderella of 2014 :3
This time Yuria was back with a very nice and funny intro talk.
She first talked how one day Yuiri came to her saying that Team 4 members had decided that if they were to choose a member as their boyfriend, that would be Yuria. At first Yuria was very happy, but she wasn’t that much anymore when, as the only reason, they said “Because she’s boyish” XD
(on a personal note, I always find it funny how members often do these hypotethical sex changes in this super light way XD Because if we were to be serious. Yuria is boyish - that actually doesn’t mean being like a boy, but being in a way people is used to consider to be prerogative of boys <- cultural\social preconceptions, not something real, basically XD - as the girl, and person she is and as a specific result of who she is. If she really were to be born a boy, chances are she wouldn’t be like this at all. On the contrary we couldn’t exclude the possibility of “him” being girly XD So yeah, I find it funny. I just can’t simply enjoy this kind of things in a light-hearted way, sorry XD)
In the end she closed it up with a “Well, I would’ve wanted to be born a boy anyway” X°D
Then, after that Yuria said that she sometimes thinks about a family structure involving the AKB members, and this is the result of her thoughts:
- Mom = Watanabe Mayu
- Father = Takamina
- Little sisters = Riorin and Mion
XD (literally the members she previously said to be the cutest in her opinion.

Guess which one was the drama for this week’s episode?
It was yet again!!! Yet again! Gakuen Fuusa!
I’m starting to feel some kind of affection to it and to its atmosphere XD
Plus Yuria keeps playing lots of different characters every time so it’s challenging for her as well. I liked to listen to different types of voices and ways of speaking this time. It was nice and I kind of expect for Gakuen Fuusa to appear again eventually XD

Check all the drama she played here!