He LOVES [art]. Like I said, it initially started as a way to keep himself occupied when Jackie wouldn’t let him out to play, but he realized he was actually pretty good at it and then he was hooked [x]

Rhodes Marcel Tyler for @starsovergallifrey

♛. I won’t be around tonight because after FINALLY getting to see my psychiatrist after four months of waiting, I’m now on SNRIs as well as anti-anxiety meds and it’s making me super tired, especially since I had to be up eight hours earlier than my usual wake-up time, and I also feel kind of sick but that’s to be expected. This is a good thing though because these might be what I need to get me out of this steep decline. I’ll be here tomorrow since I don’t have to be awake early — Hyvästi, have a good night and…stuff

pixel version of amazingphil’s bedroom! 👾

FMA Week Day 13 - fandom crossover

I wanted to draw Olivier Armstrong in Elsa’s dress from Frozen, because…well y'know…ice queen, right? But she got mad at me.

Alex was far more obliging.


Demyx + tumblr tags requested by larxdems


Snow White in Tim Burton style drawn for @thatsthat24 s inktober day 3

just saw someone trying to put down trans lars headcanons by saying it’s a kid show and stuff like that shouldn’t/isn’t in kids shows

like? Trans kids exist. Think of how huge it would be to have a character like that. I WISH my shows as a kid had trans boys. Maybe I wouldn’t be as deep in dysphoria as I am rn if I knew trans boys were a thing back then.

The existence of trans characters are no more profane or unsuitable for kids than the queer couples already in the show (which aren’t profane or unsuitable either).

Also, aren’t all the gems nb?

Golden Morning

Word count: 2200

Summary: the morning after Dan and Phil win the Golden Headphones they wake up on Nick Grimshaw’s couch, and find themselves lacking both the restraint and motivation to hide their relationship.

A/N: so idk this happened? I like Dan and Phil, I like Nick, I like sleepy morning boys, I like anything that even vaguely resembles a coming out fic, and I love procrastination. Hope you enjoy the product of these things!

now also on AO3!

Dan’s not sure how long he’s been dozing on Nick’s couch for when his bladder wakes him, but judging by the amount his head is still swimming he doubts it’s been more than an hour. He lets out a soft groan as his position registers, tangled up in Phil, trapped between him and the back of the couch. He lies there for a second, half appreciating Phil’s arm around his waist, his head tucked under Dan’s chin, and half trying to fathom some method of escaping Phil’s octopus limbs without waking him. He’s not sure when they got like this, as he has a vague idea that they’d tried to keep their limbs to themselves when settling in the night before, but he isn’t really surprised.

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the moment you started shipping malec

gravel to tempo is honestly so important because it gives wlw a way to talk about how hard it is to come to terms with their love towards women without being a song that’s about how hard it is to be gay. it tackles the reality of the situation, but it is upbeat and positive, and that is so important. it really promotes the message of “it gets better”

Nalu Week Day 7: The End

I’m sorry that I only submitted for two prompts! I hope you enjoyed them though!


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