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AU where Sirius is a former child star just trying to go to college and “live a normal life” and Remus keeps posting memes of Sirius from his glory days in their class Facebook page.

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  • The amount of messages that Sirius probably sent THIS KID
  • and telling him that he needs to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  • just stOP
  • because he is RUINING his reputation as cool and suave
  • Sirius has put a lot of effort into making people forget about his very unfortunate childhood
  • (not that he was a bad actor)
  • (in fact, he actually won some award)
  • not that THE KID can ever know this
    • (warning: the kid definitely already knows this and is simply waiting for the best time to use this information to his advantage)
  • because if Sirius has to do something
  • he might as well excel
  • but that doesn’t mean he enJOYED it
    • how DARE you insinuate that Prongs?
    • I would never be so materialistic
    • ‘just yesterday you cried because the crop top you wanted was $40′
    • anyways
    • I got distracted by my own personal outrage at the price of clothing and decided to let Sirius be dramatic for me
  • but back to THIS KID
  • who won’t let Sirius be super cool and fly at uni
  • as he studies art???
    • economy????
    • how to be a pe teacher???
    • law????
  • idk let’s go with law
  • and THIS KID only responds to Sirius’s messages with memes of Sirius
  • and Sirius has no idea who this kid is
  • he’s never seen him on campus before
  • he doesn’t know what his major is
  • does he even go to the school???
  • so now one of tho things occurs
  • either one
    • Sirius starts posting flyers around the school
    • obviously they’re memed
    • asking for information on the Sirius Black memester
    • he probably offers massages (from James) or something like that - maybe authentic Indian food? 
    • well Lily sees it, and she’s Remus’s bff
      • and to be frank, she is sick and tired of Remus Lupin going on and on about wonder child Sirius Black and how amazing he is
      • honeslty, the amount of information that Remus has amassed on Sirius would make both the CIA and the FBI proud 
      • Remus probably knew things about Sirius that Sirius didn’t know
      • Lily was creeped out
      • and in desperate need of a massage 
    • so she gives Sirius Remus’s contact info, and she gets her massage from James and then everything is happily ever after
  • or TWO
    • the next semester starts
    • and Sirius is taking this ancient civilizations course 
    • and he sees this super dorky adorable guy sitting in the front/middle of the room
    • and Sirius positions himself so that he’d be able to see a clear view of this adorables guys’ face
    • and it’s a relatively small class
    • so the prof calls out names (I don’t know if this is a thing that happens in uni’s if it isn’t, call it poetic license)
    • and the prof calls out remus lupin
    • and Sirius makes a mental note that THE KID is in the class
      • because he was too busy staring at the adorable guys face to pay attention to who responded 
    • and after class
    • Sirius runs out after the adorable guy (he didn’t pay attention and didn’t realize class was dismissed)
    • and he yells out before he can stop himself
    • and adorable guy turns around
    • and Sirius doesn’t know what to say
    • so he goes, “do you know who Remus Lupin is? I need to talk to him”
    • and Remus has sort of been planning this since he first saw Sirius walk into the class
    • goes, “yeah sure, let me give you his number” 
    • Sirius is dumfounded
      • he did not see Remus turn the corner and jump in happiness at his success like the little dork that is 
    • and slowly makes his way back to his apartment/dorm with james 
    • where he texts remus and then they live happily ever after 
    • because I really need to stop typing and do homework

he’s asking the right questions.
part 20 of my draw-all-sans-au-challenge~!

melon!sans © @missladytale


Maybe if we all concentrated on his mind together.

just saw someone trying to put down trans lars headcanons by saying it’s a kid show and stuff like that shouldn’t/isn’t in kids shows

like? Trans kids exist. Think of how huge it would be to have a character like that. I WISH my shows as a kid had trans boys. Maybe I wouldn’t be as deep in dysphoria as I am rn if I knew trans boys were a thing back then.

The existence of trans characters are no more profane or unsuitable for kids than the queer couples already in the show (which aren’t profane or unsuitable either).

Also, aren’t all the gems nb?

Golden Morning

Word count: 2200

Summary: the morning after Dan and Phil win the Golden Headphones they wake up on Nick Grimshaw’s couch, and find themselves lacking both the restraint and motivation to hide their relationship.

A/N: so idk this happened? I like Dan and Phil, I like Nick, I like sleepy morning boys, I like anything that even vaguely resembles a coming out fic, and I love procrastination. Hope you enjoy the product of these things!

now also on AO3!

Dan’s not sure how long he’s been dozing on Nick’s couch for when his bladder wakes him, but judging by the amount his head is still swimming he doubts it’s been more than an hour. He lets out a soft groan as his position registers, tangled up in Phil, trapped between him and the back of the couch. He lies there for a second, half appreciating Phil’s arm around his waist, his head tucked under Dan’s chin, and half trying to fathom some method of escaping Phil’s octopus limbs without waking him. He’s not sure when they got like this, as he has a vague idea that they’d tried to keep their limbs to themselves when settling in the night before, but he isn’t really surprised.

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gravel to tempo is honestly so important because it gives wlw a way to talk about how hard it is to come to terms with their love towards women without being a song that’s about how hard it is to be gay. it tackles the reality of the situation, but it is upbeat and positive, and that is so important. it really promotes the message of “it gets better”

Love Me Like You Did — A Single Dad!Calum AU

Summary: Calum is a solo artist and you are a nanny hired to go on tour with him so that you can watch his five-year-old daughter
Rating: T (for now 😇)
Word Count: 7,427
A/N: This is the first piece of writing I’ve posted in a reeeaally long time, and I’m feeling more than a little rusty, but I have some really nice things planned for this story, and, if you read it, I hope you like it :^)

Thank you to @anarchyaustralia​ for helping me out by reading this over!

— PART 1 —

You were woken up by the sound of your cell phone ringing. You groaned as you reached for it and noticed the incoming call was from a number you didn’t recognize. Swearing under your breath, you answered the call, trying your hardest to make it sound like you hadn’t just been asleep.  

“Hello?” You felt your eyes drooping closed as you laid back against your pillows. Inwardly you prayed it was a wrong number so that you could go back to sleep.

“Yes, hi, is this (Y/N)?” The voice on the other end was masculine and unfamiliar.

“Yeah, it is.” You sat up in bed, trying to hide your disappointment that whoever it was actually meant to call you. “Who’s this?”

“My name is John Feldmann. I’m calling in response to one of your flyers. Are you still available to offer your services as a nanny?”

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i was tagged by @reysrogers, thanks so much!!
rules: answer all questions, add one question of your own and tag as many people as there are questions.
1. coke or pepsi: coke
2. disney or dreamworks: disney
3. coffee or tea: i fucking love coffee
4. books or movies: definitely both
5. windows or mac: mac
6. dc or marvel: marvel
7. x-box or playstation: i had wii lol 
8. dragon age or mass effect: lol idk what these are
9. night owl or early riser: early riser
10. cards or chess: cards bc i’m terrible at chess
11. chocolate or vanilla: usually vanilla but it depends
12. vans or converse: converse, i wear mine literally every day and they’re falling apart
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: idk what this means sorry
14. fluff or angst: i like angst that ends in fluff. but no sad endings i can’t do it
15. beach or forest: beach!!
16. dogs or cats: cats
17. clear skies or rain: depends on my mood but usually rain? bc it doesn’t rain a lot here
18. cooking or eating out: eating out, i don’t do that as often
19. spicy food or mild food: mild lol
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: christmas  
21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: little too cold for sure, i cannot function in heat 
22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: maybe telekinesis? then i could be even lazier than i already am
23. animation or live action: live action 
24. paragon or renegade: whoops idk what these are again sorry 
25. baths or showers: showers
26. team cap or team iron man: team bucky 
27. fantasy or sci-fi: sci-fi!!!!!!
28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they: “it’s never too early for ice cream, jim!” -michael scott, the office (this is sort of a joke but also i live by these words (i could not for the life of me think of a legit quote))
29. youtube or netflix: netflix
30. harry potter or percy jackson: harry potter
31. when you feel accomplished: when i finish my homework without procrastinating lmao 
32. star wars or star trek: i can’t read suddenly. i don’t know. 
33. paperback books or hardback books: i LOVE the feeling of holding a paperback book
34. fantastic beasts or cursed child: fantastic beasts lol, cursed child was a joke??
35. evans, pratt, hemsworth, or pine: oh no,, probably chris pratt bc i’ve loved him the longest? and also i rewatched guardians of the galaxy last night (but this was a difficult question)

(my q) 36. favorite marvel movie:

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ok this has to be set in like. Colorado that’s a gay state.
-Saloon owner Geoff: its simple, there’s booze there, it makes sense he’d be in control of the flow of it. When he comes to this settlement, people just kind of… made their own booze and Geoff just had to help these poor people. (Also their moonshine was terrible.)
-Vigilante Jack: he blows (HA) into town fleeing the authorities and somehow just ends up staying in one of the rooms at Geoff’s saloon. Whether or not that is Geoff’s room remains private.
-Gavin “quick hands” Free: listen this boy is an awful trash child in every au, and this is no different. There’s gold out west, and despite the fact that he’s a fucking aristocrat already he wants moooore. Gets a little roughed up and finds out that Geoff has a bit of a reputation for harbouring criminals. Geoff is not aware of this reputation.
-Mogar the Kid: rumour has it he was raised by bears, and he doesn’t do a damned thing to dispel those rumours. A one man bandit ring, he sticks up banks in a streak across the west before sticking up Geoff. Geoff isn’t scared of him because frankly he’s got muscle of his own, and just pours Mogar a shot.
-Sheriff Jeremy: finally the law comes to this town, and its got the criminals that live under Geoff’s roof shaking in their (cowboy) boots. Turns out that ‘the law’ is the tiniest, gayest boy that they’ve ever seen, and its not long till they have something of a crooked cop on their hands. He tries, at first, but after the seventh time Gavin flirts with him while handcuffed he just gives up.
-Ryan 'the bull’/'vagabond’- wandering cattle rancher, and no one can figure out if his nickname of 'the bull'is a reference to his position or his dick. I mean. Some people figure out eventually.

“So Oikawa, when are you gonna ask Iwaizumi out?” Makki asked for the third time this practice. 

“I told you I’m getting there!” Oikawa shouted, loud enough that nearby team members whipped their heads in his direction. Oikawa quickly lowered his voice. “It’s not that simple Makki! Besides you’re one to talk, you haven’t even asked Mattsun out yet.”

Hanamaki put his hand on his chin and contemplated this for a brief second before turning towards Matsukawa - who was on the complete opposite end of the gym - and shouted. “Hey Matsun! Do you want to go out with me?!    

 “Yeah sure,” Matsukawa replied, looking only slightly surprised but otherwise unfazed.

“and that’s how it’s done,” Makki nudged Oikawa’s arm with his elbow and walked away, grinning smugly.

Oikawa stared at him wide eyed in disbelief and whispered to himself, “….How.”       


30 Days OTP Challenge!!!!!

Day 1 :Holding hands >w<!!:

Little comic in which Killua timidly grabs Gon’s hand (more like just one finger xdd) while he’s distracted but Gon realizes that and grabs his full hand =w=  Basically Killua trying to be affectionate but failing xd

Yes,it’s as cliché-esque as it sounds LOL