I jumped on the wagon and made a Fatesona lol. I had trouble thinking of a suitable class, I remembered when I reblogged a “What Fates class do you think I am?” thing, people gave me cool things like pegasus knight and spear master and I appreciate that, but I can’t see it myself. :’o

Then I remembered… the merchant class animations… it’s basically me.

Personal skill would probs be something like this:

Persuasion: Unit can ‘convince’ the enemy to stop fighting and leave, or join the players side (for the remainder of the battle only). Can only be used three times per battle, does not work on boss units.

Fanfiction Plagiarism

So someone from another fandom just came to me telling me their fics were stolen. Fandom sites like tumblr, wattpad, lj,, and ao3 all have systems in place for creators to report such abuse. 

But the crushing reality is if someone was to steal a fic and post it on other sites, social media in particular as it happened in this case, there’s very little that can be done about it as far as I know. 

That’s terrifying. 

If you’re really that desperate - for whatever reason - to take someone else’s fanfic just think about what the characters in it would do. Guaranteed most of them would seriously frown upon any sort of theft. 

Even the antagonists and the villains. Seriously. They’re way more clever and proud than to stoop to stealing something from someone else to achieve their villainy. If you’re going to be an evil twat, at least have some self respect and class. 

And most importantly, people will stop posting fanfiction if everyone steals and plagiarizes them. And then you won’t have any to read or steal. Seriously. Think about that. 

Grow up and do your own work, or at least remember that your favorite characters featured in the works you’re choosing to steal would be ashamed of you.


sorting hat:

Albus Potter.

He puts his hat on Albus’s head — and this time he seems to take longer — almost as if he too is confused.


There’s a silence.
A perfect, profound silence.
One that sits low, twists a bit, and has damage within it.


I’ve been tagged by the incredibly pretty @quartermastersclara on the six selfies challenge! But appears that I am the exact opposite of you and I had to go through all my photos to find acceptable selfies, and still, only got 4. I’m sorry, I guess I’m just not so much of a selfie taker :/ (also I think it’s the first time I post selfies on that blog, yay)

The cutie next to me in the first photo is my best friend (it was last day of school in 2015 so I was dressed as Sasha from Pokemon, which explains the cap). Second photo is from last year, third and fourth are pretty recent (purple-ish is my actual hair color) :)
(And yes on the last photo it’s written ‘this is what a feminist looks like’ on my shirt. It’s my fave ^^)

Aaaand I tag @trololovoltrollo @shamelessbookaddict @awkwxrdmarxuders @leoghoul @inkblotsanddoodles and @quartermastersclara since apparently you have more selfies to share :D of course if you guys don’t feel comfortable doing it or just don’t want to it’s okay, and if anyone else want to do it just tag me in it please!! Keep being beautiful everybody ♡

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Rules- answer 10, tag 10

  • Last movie you saw: I think it was Big friendly giant (BFG)
  • Last song you listened to: The Schuyler Sisters (Hamilton an American musical, if that counts…)
  • Last show you watched: Birth of a beauty (i just re-watched it)
  • Last book you read: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
  • Last thing you ate: Rice with chicken
  • If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Bali!
  • Where would you time travel to: To the time where Cleopatra VII was alive, I would have loved to meet her OR the time before the library of Alexandria was burned down
  • The first thing you would do with lottery money: Make sure my family has a good life
  • Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Korra (The Legends of Korra)
  • Current time: 8:23pm

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So I dug through my archives and today is the one year anniversary of when I rewatched Tron on a whim and promptly fell into Tron Hell



I was tagged by: @solangelocuddles

Rule: tag 9 people you wanna get to know better

Relationship status: In a very serious relationship with my cats.

Dogs or cats: Why not both?

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Day or night: Night

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick (I had to google what this was. It’s lipbalm.)

Favorite Color: Black or green

Pets: Two cats and two dogs all of which I love more than anything in the world

Gender: Who even knows anymore?

Zodiac: Gemini

Siblings: Three sisters. Two older, one younger.

Wake up time: 11am - 2pm. 

Lemonade or iced tea: Coffee.

Met a celebrity: I met all  the members of the band Nothing But Thieves. I even touched Connor Mason’s hand as he sung ‘Ban All The Music’.

Smile or eyes: Smile.

Light or dark hair: Dark.

Shorter or taller: Either?

City or country: Country.

Last song I listened to: “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones.


Also, random side note, in my activity thing it says that @solangelocuddles likes and reblogs my stuff the most. 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you because, honestly, when I saw this I gushed so much. Just the fact that people like it is amazing, but the fact that you do it so often…

Words cannot describe how happy and proud of myself you have made me. Thank you so much. 

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