The Boxer

Chapter 1: Gone, Gone, Gone

Green hit planet side at 30 kilometers a second and bounced. Pidge, tossed from her seat, hit the windshield hard. She didn’t have time to process before Green tilted over axis and landed heavy on her flank. Pidge fell to the port wall her back smacking into the dashboard and jarring her.

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ok so Po references ‘spicy tuna’ in KFP3

I know it’s a throwaway joke but let’s over analyze

I can only assume tuna is considered food in the kfp universe, because he talks about it being spicy, unless he meant it in the other iteration of ‘spicy,’ which is, uh, gross, especially when paired with tuna wtf

so KFP universe eats fish? There was a Master Dolphin so they obviously don’t eat dolphins, but then again neither do we (often.)  So which animals are conscious and which aren’t? I’ve never seen or heard any other reference to eating fish. I pretty much thought eating anything other than vegetables would be considered a form of cannibalism. I wonder if there was a period in KFP history where animals ate each other as is implied in Zootopia? Maybe that’s part of why Oogway invented Kung Fu? He’d had it with all this cannibalism?

Also, spicy tuna is Japanese. Are there sushi joints in ancient China too?

Current Music Obsession

RULES: List the top 10 songs you’re listening to nowadays and tag 10 mutuals! 

okay so most of these are just from the playlist i listen to to go to sleep because my headphones are broken and i’m too cheap to buy another pair all of my music sounds like like a playlist of those ‘songs from another room’

  1. Portland, Maine – Donovan Woods
  2. Everything Unsaid – Joshua Hyslop
  3. Lionhearted – Billie Marten
  4. deep the water – Lewis Watson
  5. The Spark – Joshua Hyslop
  6. Postcards – Meadowlark
  7. The Breach – Dustin Tebbutt
  8. My Friends Got Love – Leo Stannard
  9. I Will Never Fall in Love With You – Sam Pinkerton
  10. Tiger Striped Sky – Roo Panes

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Goal: Answer this and hope I do ok

Relationship Status: Single going on Seven years

Favourite Colours: Navy Blue, Black, Rose Gold

Lipstick or Chapstick: Tbh I use a bit of Chapstick then Lipstick for colour

Last Movie: High School Musical

Top 3 Shows: Skam, Wynonna Earp and Trial & Error

Top 3 Ships: Isak x Even, Waverley x Nicole and Andrew x Neil (All For The Game)

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ok this has to be set in like. Colorado that’s a gay state.
-Saloon owner Geoff: its simple, there’s booze there, it makes sense he’d be in control of the flow of it. When he comes to this settlement, people just kind of… made their own booze and Geoff just had to help these poor people. (Also their moonshine was terrible.)
-Vigilante Jack: he blows (HA) into town fleeing the authorities and somehow just ends up staying in one of the rooms at Geoff’s saloon. Whether or not that is Geoff’s room remains private.
-Gavin “quick hands” Free: listen this boy is an awful trash child in every au, and this is no different. There’s gold out west, and despite the fact that he’s a fucking aristocrat already he wants moooore. Gets a little roughed up and finds out that Geoff has a bit of a reputation for harbouring criminals. Geoff is not aware of this reputation.
-Mogar the Kid: rumour has it he was raised by bears, and he doesn’t do a damned thing to dispel those rumours. A one man bandit ring, he sticks up banks in a streak across the west before sticking up Geoff. Geoff isn’t scared of him because frankly he’s got muscle of his own, and just pours Mogar a shot.
-Sheriff Jeremy: finally the law comes to this town, and its got the criminals that live under Geoff’s roof shaking in their (cowboy) boots. Turns out that ‘the law’ is the tiniest, gayest boy that they’ve ever seen, and its not long till they have something of a crooked cop on their hands. He tries, at first, but after the seventh time Gavin flirts with him while handcuffed he just gives up.
-Ryan 'the bull’/'vagabond’- wandering cattle rancher, and no one can figure out if his nickname of 'the bull'is a reference to his position or his dick. I mean. Some people figure out eventually.

Autumn Headcanon: Sherlock and John drinking cinnamon tea and sitting in front of the fire together, with blankets, warm socks, rain quietly hitting the windows and no where to be.