Know what I miss? The Marvel One Shots. They should do more of those, but really obscure stuff. Like, The Collector and Howard the Duck playing chess. Or Vision sitting down to try different foods for the first time. Or Ant-man using ants to fetch the TV remote because he’s too lazy. Or the ‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ kids joking around in class. Anything really. 

Four years ago, when I read Throne of Glass for the first time, I doodled the top picture of Aelin. It’s ok, but not how I wanted to be drawing, how I wanted to be working. I was smack bam in the middle of Uni and drowning in work. I actually remember drawing that picture! I was in bed trying to sleep after pulling an all nighter to meet a deadline and I was just randomly sketching stuff on bits of printer paper - not even bothering to use my wacom - I was tired and fed-up and I feel like you can almost see that in that top drawing. There’s no effort in it. Fast forward four years and I’m working as a professional artist, pushing out full digital paints every week. 

Now, the reason I’m posting this is because I’ve had a lot of messages asking me how I stay motivated or how I improve etcc which I did address in this ask here, but this image above is the proof of the pudding! In the grand scheme of things, four years isn’t very long at all and the improvement that can be achieved in that amount of time if you really work hard and want to get better is incredible!

So often we are looking forwards that we forget to look back. 

For anyone out there who is frustrated, wants to give up or doesn’t think they are good enough, STOP IT. Anyone can learn to draw, including you! Keep going, keep practicing, keep learning and you will suddenly find yourselves drawing and painting how you’ve always wanted to and that my friends, is the best feeling in the world. 

Love you guys, never give up! <3

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hc that 1. Gabe has a huge dick ok 2. Jack has maybe fucked like 2 girls when he was growing up so he's new to the gay stuff and 3. Jack doesn't have a gag reflex but doesn't know about it so imagine fresh young gay Jack about to suck Gabe's monster dick for the first time and then he goes for it and swallows it whole???? and gabe is losing his fucking mind and Jack is like "what what did I do"


Why I want SeokJin to participate in King of masked singer :

● It’d be his first time in a variety show ALONE and outside of the group promotion

● He could showcase his singing skills

● We’d get more songs singing by him alone

● And also duets with other participants!!

● Also I’m pretty sure he’d stay a long time

● Just imagine him winning, he’d be so happy!

● It’d be nice to see a non main/lead vocal in this show

I like to think the team leaders go out with their teams at least once in a while to teach and bond and stuff.

Blanche would brief them beforehand and give everyone timetables (color coded) so they know where to be and when. They would give advice on what to do with their new catches or how to catch them in the first place but they would spend equal amounts of time with everyone to be fair. Blanche and Team Mystic are this organized team okay? Still having fun (lots of it), but organized fun.

Candela would be the one who’s like “let’s fuckign go” and they would hit up every gym in the area while training their wicked awesome fully evolved pokemon and everyone is looking up to her like she’s a goddess (bc she is) and they would celebrate their new catches together. Candela and Team Valor are basically this terrifying horde of crazy good battlers but they still parTAY when one of the team members catches/evolves/hatches anything.

Meanwhile members of Team Instinct are looking everywhere to find Spark bc he sometimes (always) gets distracted by caterpies and pidgeys and wanders off but they can’t even be mad bc he still gives good advice and battling tips and is great at thinking of nicknames and he’s always so excited when they hatch an egg even if it’s a weaker pokemon he’s so proud if his team for everything they do (all leaders are but Spark just shows it so much more). Basically, Spark and Team Instinct are scattered around searching for each other but it’s okay bc they send each other snapchat updates and selfies and videos of each other doing stupid shit for the sake of catching/hatching/battling pokemon.

In short, I love all of the leaders so much.

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I feel like in the future Dan is gonna be more comfortable with talking about his sexuality and he's gonna react to that diss track like "and this is the first time I killed a whole phandom "

mmm even tho it’s all a joke if he were really Nope about it he could’ve ignored it so we know that at least!!! i hesitate to read Too Deep into it though but yeah he definitely broke some people. but like,, is it justified to be so excited about a sexuality?? should we be this invested?? is it kind of bordering on fetishizing?? or is it just emphathy & happiness for him being comfortable?? do u get me? like i would love bi reps on yt and stuff but the fact that people are debating and yelling about it,,, hm

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I'm replaying the ME games and a pattern emerged. In the start of each game, we are listening to a conversation that sets the tone for the game.

Good catch! 

I like that they kept that consistency, and it’s also a great way to get some exposition out of the way without being too clunky. In ME1 it sets up Shepard a bit before you get to see him/her for the first time (out of character creation). I really like how it’s done in ME2, since you don’t know who Miranda or The Illusive Man are until you actually get into the game and it immediately gets you speculating while also setting up the plot for the game. ME3 is serviceable haha, I don’t like that opening as much as the previous games but ANDERSON IS BACK so worth it for that.

olikard reblogged your post:Pokemon GO advice

I’ve started playing yesterday and I am somewhat confused. Your advice is super useful, so thank you!

Glad to be of service! ^ ^ There’s not much info given so we’re all figuring this out together. Lemme know if you’re confused about anything else and I’ll do my best to help <3

Okay, okay, LAST post about this whole drama. Promise.

Anyone who follows me, or has followed the debates/commentary I’ve been involved in, or has been aware of my presence in the fandom/ the content I create KNOWS that this is the first time I’ve ever been “hostile” about anything. Dude, I’ve been getting unwanted commentary on my posts for MONTHS. I’ve been getting guilt-tripped about “putting stuff in the ichi/hime tag” for MONTHS. My personal posts have been jumped at, dissected and debated for MONTHS–

Like, dude.

I am Not the Discourse Specialist of this fandom, okay?

I’m not the person you go to with shipping debates. I’m not the person who vagueblogs about the rival shippers. I’m not out here looking for a fight.

And yet, I’ve been getting involved in that stuff for months…because the ichi/hime fandom doesn’t leave my ass alone!! Like dude!!

I write long-winded ishiruki/ishihime aus with my friends and I shittalk Kubo’s pacing. I shitpost at the speed of light when a new chapter comes out. I cry about the Ishida family like once a day. I write up stupid theories. THAT IS AS FAR AS MY FANDOM CONTRIBUTIONS GO.

I’m just dicking around on the internet.

So when someone like me snaps, it’s because there’s good goddamn reason behind it. I took those screenshots to be true at the time because no one spoke up about it and EVERYONE was raging. I had reason to, so I did.

I called KB out for her alleged hypocrisy. I said it was cowardly of her to attack me by hiding behind a pseudonym.

I still don’t know if those screenshots are fake, but if they are, I’ve already apologized for my hostility towards the situation. If they’re real, I don’t take back a single goddamn thing I’ve said.

It is NOT my responsibility to put this “drama” to bed. I didn’t start jackshit.


Moral of the story? If you REALLY want to be human trash, kids, at least do your research right.

Oh, and #Kokorogate has become a full-fledged meme on this blog. Shame on you if you can’t see it for the dumb joke it is.

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You're the sweetest blogger I know, I love how you answer every single question even if they're repetitive. You just seem like a super lovely human being :)

Thank you omg!
When I started getting repetitive questions at first I was just like ?? I literally answered this two posts back? But now I just answer them, because with time zones and stuff people don’t always see it.

Anon asked: Who do you love more Will or Rhysand?

Omg why would you do that!? That’s evil, but I think it’s still Will.

high school eek

it’s only been my second day of grade ten and i’m already overwhelmed with it. i transferred to a new school & it’s quite different from my old school in terms of curriculum and how they operate the school and stuff so i’m still trying to adjust. this is like the first time ever in my life where we’re already assigned work to do and introduced what we’re going to learn throughout the term/year in the first couple of days of school. this sounds strange i guess bc in my old school, in the beginning of a new school year, usually like 1 or 2 weeks, we didn’t learn anything, instead we get to know each other, have team building activities, etc. but yeah. new school ehhh. 

ALSO i just had maths class earlier and it was hard af. it was only algebra revisions… but like, i REALLY like maths (esp. algebra), it’s one of my fav subject, bUT I FEEL SO STUPID EARLIER OMG. idk if it’s harder bc of the new school and all or if it’s bc of the fact that it’s high school/grade 10 now. hmmmMMmmmm.

OH AND I GOT A COUPLE TEXTBOOKS EARLIER AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’M USING TEXTBOOKS SO IT’S EXCITING LMAO IDK. I never used textbooks in my old school, only handouts (so this is pretty exciting lol). this post is basically just me being amazed by school (lmao i’m lame i know)

ok cool bye thx for reading my thoughts i hope u have a great day lol what

yikes ok ive been meaning to do this for a while but im really bad at stuff and anxiety is mean and idk this is the first time its really difficult for me i guess? but im. coming out as transboy. like. please dont treat me any differently im still super nice and stuff please don’t think im gonna be any different idk i jus.t im scared about this i dont know why im scared but im scared and my dysphoria has been getting 10x worse and its getting to the point where i want to die everynight and i feel like coming out might help and im really scared to do it because what if people dont think thts ok!! what if people think of me differently im so scared ohmygfod

but yeha i’d prefer the name emiliano, emil for short and he/him or they/them pronouns i guess hhhhahhhg fckf im so scared i dont know why god im sorry

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿) - omgericzimmermann

You’re evil. (Not really.) This is so hard!

I kind of did this the other day, so I’m going to choose stuff other than what I listed last time.

  • This untitled thing where Dex casually comes out to Nursey as not-straight, because I was tired of seeing him always have to go through a painful coming out/gay panic stage. (This idea has now inspired a WIP that has passed 8k. I’m very fond of crabby but not at all confused Dex.)
  • This Parse song fic for “Kiss with a Fist,” set immediately after Parse III. (One of my first actual fic-like things written for the fandom.)
  • Whiskey’s Hearing Aids (+ follow up ASL in the Dressing Room)
  • Tailspinners (I just posted this last night, but Holster with dogs!)
  • “I’d fight for you.” “Please don’t.” (Is this in the same universe with the first thing? Sure, let’s read it that way. So the first one is Nursey realizing Dex isn’t straight after all, and this one is them getting together.)

Okay, I’ve spent like an hour trying to pick, so I’m declaring myself done.

Wow this Gabby hate is getting extreme. I’ll admit at first I was confused, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, and read stuff from more knowledgeable gym blogs, I’ve accepted it and MOVED ON. Like some of y'all clearly need to do.

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So we know Kurt has been introduced to Star Wars, but have Peter, Scott, Jean, Jubilee, or anyone else introduced him to Star Trek? If so, how much (by then the only Trekkie media was The Original Series, The Animated Series, and the first two films, I believe)?

I bet Storm has shown Kurt some Star Trek stuff!! All that she could, I’m sure. Since we see it’s playing on her TV when you first see her in XMA. I’m sure Jubilee joins in the fun too and they can be a lil trekkie trio as scott and jean are off somewhere and peter has already watched everything too much. (he has a lot of free time)

Thanks for the message!! I took creative liberties with Storm’s outfit lol (Like I do with p much everyone’s, I’m too lazy to look up refs…)


Yoooo! If anyone is in the GTA or Southwestern Ontario, come see me at ConBravo this weekend at Table O06B!! It’s my first Artist Alley table in a couple years and I’m pretty stoked to have a nice variety of different products available this time! Prints, buttons, makeup bags, stickers, phone charms and mooore ✨

I tried to vary myself but I’m embarrassed by how much Rick and Morty and Osomatsu-san stuff I have available, lmao. So you’re in luck if you like those shows.

Hope to see you (◕‿◕✿)

PS. overstock will be available in my shop in August!

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Okay but imagine you and Harry taking your kids to Disney World for the first time and you're all wearing cute Disney shirts and all that stuff 😭💕 BYE

NOOOOO!!! Harry would love it. He’d make sure to meet all the characters and buy your kids costumes and Mickey ears if they wanted. He’d hold your kid on his shoulders during the parade/fireworks and hold their hand during any “scary rides.” He’d be like a little kid himself, gasping whenever he sees a character (like Mickey.) He’d squat down to be eye level with the kid and point, saying, “LOOK WHO IT ISSSSS!!! You wanna go talk to him?”
And then holding them when they’re shy around the character OMG