When Rory walked into the dorm cafeteria that morning to grab a quick bite to eat before class, to his irritation the first thing he saw Marissa sitting there with Derek.

Can’t this guy give it a break? Rory thought as he looked at the contents of her food approvingly. At least she’s eating better today. He snickered slightly at the thought, and walked by their table.

Rory: Ahh, you do have a diet past that of mountain dew and cheetos, Marissa. I approve.

He said to her without a pause in his stride.

Marissa: I don’t need your approval Rory Bailey! Ugh! That guy, seriously!

Marissa said, while scoffing at Rory as he walked away, and thinking to herself. God, he’s so annoying.

I’m very happy for the Nyx/Ahsoka-thing.

I already suspected that he is gonna be a new love interest for Ahsoka when I first saw him in an unfinished Clone Wars clip that was shown at Celebration Anaheim, last year:

I always thought that the Kidd Kareen-esque laid-back guys were Ahsoka’s types, so it was strange to me when she had those feelings towards Lux Bonteri for a while who was just the total opposite of that. (He didn’t treat her right either.)

So thanks for “fixing” this, Filoni. Nyx Okami FTW!

I love this new clip, BTW:

Ahsoka is such a badass here. :D


I never knew there was a bit of controversy with this section. The internet was still in it’s early forms and I was pretty young when I first saw it. Apparently people thought what some of more ‘stuntman’ like tricks Rooftop did was a bit too much and it wasn’t what BMX should be. Oh how matter how much things change sometimes it’s still stays the same. 

As a young teenager this section was the coolest and still is. Number one anyone who thinks it’s too much is just one of those guys whose too cool break outta of there cool-o-sphere. BMX should be too much. If it didn’t have that quality deadman riding, absolute minimalist riding, nitro circus dirt jumping and all that real peculiar styles that catch our eyes and imaginations wouldn’t exist. BMX exists to be too much at times and for me this section was amazing cause it was. 

It’s not like Rooftop was just doing Jackass stunts the whole time. He holds it down. A good mix of technical riding, setup riding, burly riding, stunt riding, he does it all and puts out arguably one of those most entertaining sections I’ve ever seen. Sure it’s nice when a certain niche rider does his niche tricks on his niche setups, hey I’m all for that but I really enjoyed how Rooftop broke the mold of what constitutes as usable in a video like this and just went all out. Riding the mountain slope snowboard park, the crazy street setups helped with a kicker, while also blasting 360 tables on hips. 

There is certain charm to it all that is really rare to find in a video these days. This is a guy who made his name by being the streetest in Dirty Deeds and he recreated himself as an absolute park shredder too, here in Forward. The song, the editing, the riding, everything is dope, and nothing juts out as awkward really. Rooftop is just the definition of pushing it and who can’t respect that in something like BMX. Very few riders will ever be as street as Rooftop and he doesn’t even half to ride street anymore to hold that title.

Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla

Kids of the Black Hole by the Adolescents

Etnies - Forward (2002)

Edited by Dave Parrick

jads1000  asked:

Hi. I love your blog, but I'm missing Sterodad! Did he watch the finale? If so, what did he think? I hope S7 didn't put him off shipping because he's hilarious. You must be so proud/embarrassed!

First of all he thought that this question was the greatest thing, claiming: “see, you need me!” So to put it lightly, he loves that you guys ask about him, and so do I!

He only saw the last bit of the finale, but when Steroline kissed he may have screamed “I told you so,” but that’s up to you to decide ;)

Basically you just made him the happiest guy in the world, he kind of looks like this:

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