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“I’m not sure exactly when this hospital became more concerned with private donations, or saving our own asses, but just an FYI it used to be a place where job #1 was saving lives. I won’t be any part of this… I’m out.”

Astrology Temples
  • First House:The soul seeks to express itself through the ego and learn about its special features
  • Second House:The experience of the ego through creativity and the threads we can hold in our hands. Finding soul intimacy with material reality
  • Third House:Creating a language that expresses the movement and fabric of the soul through the mind
  • Fourth House:Understanding the journey of the soul through many lifetimes, to acknowledge and recognise the birth of the ego with the birth of the soul at the beginning of universal history
  • Fifth House:The ego learns to express it's 'true self' in this very moment, and acts as a vessel for the soul dance. The ego experiences the delight of incarnation
  • Sixth House:The soul is centered in the present moment. The ego seeks to understand time, ritual, and comfort within bodily confines
  • Seventh House:The joining of male and female (or male/male, female/female) for the facilitation of a new soul to enter. The ego seeks to understand a different perspective
  • Eighth House:Ego consciousness and soul are united, divine truths are discovered. Ego is confronted with the needs of the soul
  • Ninth House:Consciousness seeks to understand and relate its experience through natural laws and the higher mind to generate wisdom
  • Tenth House:The ego seeks to radiate its identity as powerfully and presently as the Sun so the soul can show people what it came here on Earth to do
  • Eleventh House:The ego's identification with the collective. Molding the jewels of the inner world into the outer
  • Twelfth House:The ego seeks to experience itself through the soul and complete evaporation and intimacy into the Creator
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Bringing in the New Year with Japan’s Hatsumode Tradition

For more photos and videos welcoming the new year with Japan’s hatsumode tradition, browse the #初詣 hashtag and explore the 明治神宮 location page.

In Japan, the place to be at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve, and the several days that follow, is a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple. That’s where millions gather for hatsumode— the first shrine or temple visit of the new year. People line up to pray for happiness and health in the year ahead, toss small amounts of money in the offering box, and purchase charms. Paper fortunes called omikuji are handed out, making predictions for the coming year on all matters, from health to business to travel to love.

“Every year, I go to hatsumode at the local temple on the fourth day of January—it’s been our family tradition for over 20 years,” says Tokyo Instagrammer Yoshito Hasaka (@_f7). “While the monk recites the sutra, I close my eyes and pray for many things including my family and my work. This year, I’ll also wish for good things to happen through Instagram.”

One of the most popular places to visit for hatsumode is Meiji Jingu (明治神宮), a Shinto shrine in Tokyo. It draws as many as three million people the first few days of the new year.

For a closer look at hatsumode traditions, explore these shrines and temples across Japan: