a few days ago i reblogged a post that said something like “asexuals aren’t inherantly lgbt” and ppl got mad and that’s the first taste of discourse i had in what felt like forever


- My notes and ideas for Anthesteria -

A festival celebrating both life and death, in the forms of spring and spirits of the dead. Anthesteria means “festival of flowers” and is dedicated to Dionysos for his affinity to nature, merriment, and of course, flowers.

This time of the year was thought to be when Dionysos was conceived within Semele. During the Eleusinian Mysteries was when he was taken out of his mother and sewn into Zeus’ thigh. “After the wine fermented for 40 days (c. Nov 8), we called Dionysos in the Marshes. This is the beginning of winter, marked by the rising of the Pleiades, when Dionysos rules at Delphi. He came to term ten months after conception, when we first tasted the wine at the Rural Dionysia (early Jan.). We celebrated Dionysos’ birth and also His emergence from the Underworld in the Lênaia (c. Feb. 2)” ( ).  

“The first day, Pithoigia (Opening the Jars), focused on opening new jars of wine, pouring libations to Dionysos and praying that partaking of the wine, mixed with water as the God had taught, should be beneficial and harmless, and then drinking.”  (Source: ) You can celebrate this in modern times by purchasing your favourite wine and drinking it as the Anceints did. Make your first glass an offering to Dionysos, and perhaps use a prayer like this before drinking any.

Along with the opening of the wine-jars comes the opening of the gates of the Underworld. It is believed that the spirits are allowed to roam the Earth during this festival, and we should give them offerings of wine. They are attracted by the now-fermented wine and draw nearer, so don’t be shocked if a shade stops by. Offer them wine and let them dwell for a while. We honour them on this day because Dionysos was said to have been dwelling among the dead and has risen from Hades to be reborn.

    Not only had he been reborn, but he was said to have then gone through a procession down to his sanctuary. Often depicted riding in something called a “ship-chariot”, the wagon-type chariot he rode was drawn by mules, one of his sacred animals. Satyrs were said to have accompanied him, playing music and dancing by his side. To represent this, you can draw the ship-chariot or create something to represent it, and symbolically hold a procession by walking down your street or throughout your home announcing Dionysos’ arrival.

“The second day, Khoes (Day of Cups), was filled with drinking contests and an erotic mood.  Khoes ended with the sacred marriage of Dionysos and the queen.  This occurred in the (usually closed except this night) inner chamber of the temple of Dionysos in the Marshes, and the details were kept secret” (source). Khoes is also a day when spirits are most active, and there are a few ways to keep them at bay. “I chew the buckthorn (rhamnus) leaves, and smear my door with pitch to keep Them away. So also the sanctuaries are closed to keep the Shades outside, and no one may swear an oath today” (Source).

For most of the day, there was drinking and dancing and merry making. After everyone has had their fill of spirits, a procession was made to Dionysos’ sacred sanctuary, the most inner part which was closed every day but today. In opposition to this, all other sanctuaries were closed on Anthesteria.  

The Queen of Archon went through a symbolic marriage with Dionysos, however there isn’t much to be done upon reenacting this portion of the festival. After this gathering, a drinking festival took place among men. The first man to have emptied his cup of mixed wine would be the winner, and received wine, cakes, garlands, or other small prizes.

“Everyone drinks today! Everyone who is at least three years old, for that is the age at which children are enrolled in their clans (phratriai). Each little boy is presented with his first Khous, which is smaller than an adult’s, and with many other gifts, including toys and pets. First-Khoes is one of the milestones of our lives: Birth, Khoes, Ephêbia (Puberty), Marriage. Indeed the garlands of flowers (anthê) worn by the three-year-olds give their name to the festival. Many of the children push toy wagons with long handles, and they imitate the sacred processions and rituals of the adults. Thus is the Divine Child honored through the mortal children. Thus we celebrate the “new shoots” brought forth from the Earth. Today the children and the Shades throng the streets together, for everyone is welcome at our feasts, the Dead as well as the living” (Source).  

“Khytrai (The day of Pots) was the last day and devoted to the cult of the dead.  Pots containing the traditional foods for the dead, cooked grains and seeds (today called koliva), were left out for the spirits of ancestors.  Despite leaving food for the dead, people took precautions against the dead coming too close. These precautions included chewing buckthorn, roping off temples and smearing house doors with pitch.  At the end of the festival, citizens would shout “Through the doors, Kares, it’s no longer Anthesteria!” and all would return to normal (Parke, pp. 106-120)” (source).

The same foods given to the dead as an offering were made to Hermes Psychopompos so that he may escort them back to the underworld safely. We also take part in the dish, known as Panspermia. However, we don’t share our offering, since Hermes is honoured as a Kthonic god in this instance. When we eat this, it represents new beginnings, and is an act of remembrance from the beginning of this age, when Pyrrha and Deucalion created the fourth human race.

Dramatic contest and playwriting may ensue, but in modern times, watching a movie or a theatrical performance would work fine. After these festivities we can escort the dead back to where they belong, and they will leave happily, since they are drunk and cheerful.

Then we shout, as the sun sets:

“Begone Ye Ghosts!

Thuraze Kêres!

Begone Ye Ghosts! The Anthestêria are done!

Thuraze Kêres, ouket’ Anthestêria!”


“Ways to celebrate in modern times: Try to celebrate this over a three-day weekend (US worshipers have with President’s Day falling near this time) or beginning from Friday afternoon through Sunday.  Supply plenty of sweet wine (watered-down as the ancients did, with 3 parts water to 1 part wine) as well as plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for drinking and libation.  Also provide designated drivers or places to sleep for participants that do choose to drink.  Since ancient Athenians brought their own food and wine to the feast, this is an occasion for pot luck, the host providing desserts only.  Decorate the ritual area or your home with flowers (especially on the first day), bare branches from which masks and figurines dangle (second day), pots filled with koliva (third day only) and images of Dionysos (but not phallic images this time).  Recite Orphic Hymns 30 and 45, Homeric Hymns I, VII and XXVI (all to Dionysos), or even hymns and poems of your own creation” (source)

Fic Preview: Joined

So… I have nothing to share for @obfrankenfics‘s Cophinetine Day. I’m sorry. I’m the worst. But as a small token of apology, I thought i’d post a snippet of an upcoming Cophine Star Trek soulmate AUthat I’m currently writing for @thatscomplex. It’ll be a little different from my normal stories, but I hope folks will keep an open mind and enjoy it nonetheless. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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You fill up my senses

The first tasted of bubbles, blankets and freshly cut grass.

The second looked like lace, candlelight and tanned skin.

The third sounded like miles apart, longing, and love in musical form.

The fourth smelled of care, understanding, and years of special moments.

The fifth felt like trust, a gentle caress, and ties of their own choosing.

Harry & Louis’, Valentine’s through the years, coming later today. Approximately 5k.

thatgirlwiththenerdyhats asked:

(!) Hey Sansy, I just wanted to know what you wanted from me for valentines day? And I know what you're going to say, "I love everything you give me," but I wanna do something special! And besides it will help me get to know you better! Oh, I could bake something for you if you want (of course I'll still have to taste it first for you, but whatever). I just wanna make you the happiest Sans I can! *kisses him on the cheek*

heh, thanks. *gently places his hand on his cheek*

actually, i was going to say that you don’t have to give me anything at all, that as long as we spend some time together, it’ll be the best valentine’s day ever. but i can’t tell ya how much it means to me ya really do wanna get me something, and yes, i’ll be happy no matter what it is.

i love the baking idea, though. ya think you could make something heart-shaped? or with icing hearts on it, if you’re not making cookies? you don’t have to; i just thought it would be a nice touch.

as for something we can do together, there are a lot of things i’d like. watching a movie, eating together, cuddling…all three at the same time. but i kinda want to ask you to sleep all day.

guess i’m more like real sans than i thought, huh?

but seriously, the reason i say that is because most of the “getting to know me” part. most of what i like to do on my own is in your head. so if you dream or daydream, i could show you some of my favorite spots.

and we could create a date more amazing than anything possible in the real world.


First trip out.  This is a baby Phidippus Regius, just after leaving the sac in search of food, for the first time in it’s life.  I took a few of the babies, and gave them some heat and light and let them roam around and accomplish their first few jumps.  This is one experiencing its’ first taste of freedom.  Barely a speck, these shots are in the 5x life size range.

Imagine Woozi suddenly giving you lots of kisses because he likes the way your lip balm taste.

First Taste |Closed RP - NBL Downfall|

“And you believe she’s ready, Avery?" 

The blonde woman smiled, looking up from the file. 

"Yes, I believe so." 

"Good,” Trevayne said, twirling a small silver coin over her finger tips. Avery nodded, and lead the captain down the hall, stopping in front of Claire’s door. She knocked lightly on the door before unlocking it and stepping in, smiling at the new initiate. 

“That will be all, Avery. I can handle things from here." 

Avery left the room, and Juliet took a seat across from Claire. 

"I have something I would like you to see,” the dark haired woman said softly. “You are one of us now, and it’s time you proved it. Oath aside, action is a better…indicator of your dedication to the cause.” She held the coin up. 

“Heads or tails, Claire?" 

Magnus has a thing for Alec’s lips. Who wouldn’t? They look so soft and inviting; his lower lip plump and perfect for nibbling. It also helps that ever since Alec got the first taste of Magnus, he is essentially insatiable. 

They can make out for hours. They exchange slow licks and soft sighs, sometimes one of them playfully nips at the other’s lower lip. Magnus’ fingers get tangled into Alec’s hair, his rings a sensual contrast to the shadowhunter’s dark locks. Their eyelashes flutter against their cheeks once in a while as they try to lick deeper into each other’s mouths. 

Sometimes Magnus nibbles at Alec’s lips for so long that the boy becomes so sensitized that he starts making those low sounds in the back of his throat. And even when Magnus tries to pull away, to give him a break, he still follows with a breathy whine. That Magnus just can’t refuse, so he settles himself against the back of his couch and pulls Alec on his lap, satisfying the boy’s wordless request for more. He gentles his kisses though. He bunches Alec’s shirt up, so he can settle his hands against the warm skin and he starts running them lightly across Alec’s hips and back, his fingers tracing old scars and runes. They stay like that for a while, world forgotten.