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Yamamori Sensei's tweets Part 4

Hehe did you guys enjoy the last part? Yes? Well even more great news! This is the rest of Hirunaka no Ryuusei related old tweets from Yamamori Sensei. It’s a very long post, so for now we present you with another few gorgeous teaser sketches from this amazing manga-ka. If you want to see the rest, make sure you click the cut, you’ll regret it if you don’t!!


May 10, 2013



May 25, 2013

皆さん7巻の感想ありがとうございます。 スキャンしたデータがなぜかアップ出来ない…のでもう写メで失礼しますこのヤロー パソコン得意な友達が欲しいですこのヤロー

Thankyou for all the feedback on the 7th volume. I can’t seem to upload my scanned my apologies for the photo. This bastard of a computer seems to want to make a special friend. This bastard~

*Text near Mamura: The glance that Suzume gets/recieves/sees in class is definitely like this.

* Mamura Speech Bubble: “What?”

* Under Speech Bubble (Mamura is speaking): “What are you doing?”

May 10, 2013

一ミリも知らない私が描いてみました。進撃の巨人のキャラ。むちゃくちゃリクエスト多かったです。 洋服とか細かいところは誤魔化しつつで(^◇^;)

I tried to draw this without knowing anything. It’s a character from Shingeki no Kyojin. There were heaps of requests for this. So I drew it while tricking you guys with the small details such as the clothing (^◇^;)

May 28, 2013


Mamura waking up. The pajamas are on purpose. He probably sleeps in a T-shirt normally.

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