Didnt wanna miss out on the first day of dadvid apreciation week.

When david became dadvid

I think the first time david actually shows he could be a father figure to max is when he shows he actually cares. That hes not some other adult who puts on a fake smile for the sake of it but because he actually gives a shit. I headcanon that max has some major trust issues when it comes to adults, even more so when Gwen humiliated him in front of everyone after giving him back his comfort item.
So when he finds an adult who he can seem to trust (mostly cuz david is too innocent to try and take advantage of someone) he feels safe.
He looks up to David. The one adult who hasnt let him down yet.

Soooooooooo here. Its kinda shit and i really dont like Davids face here but i had to get something drawn up.

There will be a day i stop drawing dadvid angst. Today is not that day.

what i say: i’m fine.

what i mean: remember Benny Hammond? Yeah, that guy who owned the diner? He was El’s first friend, the first person who showed her care and kindness. He was genuinely concerned for her; he fed her and gave her clothes even when she tried to steal from him. He was just trying to do the right thing by helping this kid he didn’t even know because he had a good heart, and what did he get for it? He was killed and they made it look like a suicide. He could’ve been the proper father figure El needed. He didn’t deserve to die. Where is the justice?

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hey-o, thank u for the A+ photos of Michael, do u have any favs of Hannah Marks? thank u

I found Michael over on Wynonna Earp and followed him to Dirk Gently. This is the first show that I’ve watched Hannah in, so I’m not nearly as familiar with her. Since I do love her portrayal of Amanda, I have gone on a search of photos to give  you an answer, my friendly anon!

I’d say, in no particular order:




and of course, this one:


I don’t really make serious posts on this blog but I wanted to address this problem, because it’s literally racism, and I just really want to show people what’s right and wrong.

I see a lot of artists use colour palettes as an excuse to draw a character’s skin darker/lighter than it canonly is. I also see a bunch of people getting called out for whitewashing characters when they’re actually respecting the character’s race, which kind of frustrates me.

I did some really shitty sketches to show what’s respectful of someone’s race/skin colour and what’s not. PLEASE, for the love of god, keep in mind the character’s race when using certain colour palettes or shading/lighting methods.

Keep the white characters white, keep the black characters black, keep the Asian characters Asian, keep the mixed characters mixed etc. etc.

This shit is racist, people. Please be mindful and respectful!

it’s hard to articulate this, but seeing Harry on stage again, in front of crowd of fans and ppl who love him…he’s unreal, there’s something intangible about it?? he goes to such a place when he’s on stage, he’s truly made for it, it’s incredible to watch, and I didn’t even know the extent of how much I MISSED seeing him like this until today