GOT7 flirting Style

request by anon:  Heyy idk if you want to answer this but what do you think got7s flirting styles are? Like is one member more subtle or obvious or tsundere style etc? Thank you if u answer it!

Jaebum: Youngjae said it himself (YESS 2JAE) that JB is tsundere style. Those who don’t know it’s when someone shows a more cold or chic attitude at first but eventually shows a loving and warm style. If that doesn’t scream Jaebum IDK what does. He would probably ignore you and act super cool around you especially in front of a group; but then one day if you and he are alone and he notices you looking down or sort of tired he would offer to walk you home or buy you your favourite drink. “_______, you seem cold. Here.” And hands you a scarf casually. 

Mark: He’s a quiet flirt. He seems pretty shy and reserved so he wouldn’t outright flirt with you. You would probably take a lot of the gestures for granted as friendly actions. Like fixing your t-shirt if it was falling off your shoulder or offering you a bite of his food. He strikes me as the kind of guy who is friends with a girl first and then slowly tries to work his way to a boyfriend. He would probably flirt by asking “Hey do you think we could go for a walk tonight?” or just wanting to spend time alone. 

Jackson: He would flirt with you by always sticking by you. Offering to be your partner in games or wanting to sit next to you when your group of friends goes to the movies. He would put his arm around you in a friendly way but maybe squeeze you just a little tighter and closer than usual. He would literally never stop complimenting you, and honestly, his crush on you would be hella obvious “You know ______, I didn’t even know it was possible for someone to be as pretty as you.” 

Jinyoung: He would be the most traditionally flirtatious. A gentlemen, of course, but also coy and kind of teasing. He would jokingly pick on you a lot but also take care of you whenever you needed help. He would make comments about how he likes his other friends better than you and then laugh but then he would sneak in winks and lip bites (but deny them if you ever brought it up). He has a very push and pull style of flirting. “Maybe you’re seeing things ____?” (winks again). 

Youngjae: He would want to be subtle but honestly he wouldn’t be able to contain the way you make him smile and laugh more than anyone. He would compliment your hair and smile. He would bring you small gifts saying that he just had them laying around the house. He would always ask you to go for walks with Coco and him to the park and insist on buying the ice cream. “______ “ you would reply “yeah?” He would smile and say. “Nothing. I just like saying your name” 

Bambam: He would make a lot of comments that sounded like he was joking but really he wasn’t. He would say things like “Oh _____ you look hot today.” And make one of those whistle noises at you while laughing. As he casually holds your wrist to lead you. He would actually be super nervous on the inside but play it off casual and funny. He would probably compliment your fashion and also tease you about things a lot. Giving you excuses to push him or playfully punch his arm. Which is what he is hoping you’ll do. 

Yugyeom: SHy babyyy. He would always giggle around you ad stutter whenever trying to impress you or flirt with you. Literally, everyone would know about his crush (even you had a little suspicion). He would be extra nice to you always asking if you’re okay okay or checking if you’re tired or hot or cold. He would try to joke like Bambam but it wouldn’t come off as confident as him. His flirting is really more just giving his crush away as opposed to a secret. “You look so beautiful today. Not that you don’t always look beautiful. Like pretty or just nice I mean beautiful too but…you know what I mean ______” 


We all love Voltron. It’s an amazing show and doesn’t deserve the leaks. Those who are pushing the studio to make Klance canon do not realize the potential harm that could bring to the show. IT COULD STOP PRODUCTION ALL TOGETHER. Understand there are some who watch the show for fun. Not for ships. If you ship characters, fine. But tempting the studio to make a certain ship canon is both immature and childish. The shows writers have many more plans then just shipping angst.

I love this show, mainly because I watch it with my Dad. It’s the first show we’ve connected on because he watched the original Voltron. He loves the new Voltron just like I love it. I believe the show writers find the connections between parent and child is much more rewarding than people screaming over ships. And, oh, maybe they like one other detail, HAVING A JOB.


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If there's gonna be a Star vs. The Forces of Evil tv movie , doesn't that make Star an official Disney Princess now?

She’s always been a princess, from the moment she shouted “rail slide!” in the very first episode of the show.

Guess I should write a long post to say how it was so I don’t have to send the same Answer to everyone.

Ok so first of all the show started 30 min late cause of sound check I guess, which sucks cause they had to keep to a schedule so the show was cut prob 20+, precious time we all could’ve enjoyed music with john..

But in the end it didn’t matter cause the show was amazing nonetheless, sometimes ridiculous and funny, I didn’t enjoy all the versions cause this dude who sang “I’ll be your mirror” butchered it with his voice (which wasn’t bad but just didn’t fit the sound or the feeling the song has, it is as too pretty but not in a good way)

Sadly the only person I already knew besides John is was Allison Mosshart so I can’t really be specific, but she was awesome as always. And there was this dude who was drunk or something but he was cool but It felt kinda sad too.

Gosh what else, so I think he definitely saw me but most of the cases was a negative one cause these two high chicks kept on pushing everyone and forcing themselves to the front and you could see he was a bit disturbed by it w

Pause: I just walked by one of the dudes who played, neat

Resume: uhm what else, idk it was awesome I enjoyed most of it and even with the pretty boy and pretty voice butchery the music was still great, but I couldn’t help but cringe

John didn’t talk much but he was very sweet when he did, I luv him

I’m just typing as I’m thinking and walking to my hotel so idrk how this comes out, a little puzzle maybe

Oh we got bananas, and since I was like right at the front row I got one and it was yummy a good treat when you’ve waited for 3,5 hours, you could say my back is a fucking bitch

God im just walking I have no idea even where, here’s to me not getting murdered 🥂 (that’s yellow water cause tonite we’re staying sober)

Ok what else, we had a one minute silence for the Manchester attack, which was nice.

gosh.. that sounds stupid “which was nice” anyways

Ok I have to stop here and actually look where I have to go, might update this post if I remember something

Update: I met Some middle aged fellas who helped me a bit. They said I was a dedicated fan for going all the way here for this (they have no idea) and they complimented my English which is always nice 🤠 I took like 4 pics, and they weren’t all that good but idc cause it’s the memory that matters to me and I know there’ll be hundreds on the internet in a bit. Now I’m in my room eating strawberries, a beautiful day has passed.

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78 w bam please ily

78. “I didn’t think it was possible for you to get any more gorgeous”

You brushed your hair back as you began to get ready for your first awards show. Your boyfriend, being in one of the largest kpop groups currently, had to attend many of these with his group, and he always invited you, but you declined his offer each time.

When you had finally accepted his invitation this time, though, he was ecstatic.

He had made you go to one of his favorite designers to pick out a dress for you out of sheer excitement. His designers had given you an elegant dress; one that was pretty, but not too fancy. He knew that you and your boyfriend were party animals and were most likely going to dance the night away, so he made sure the dress was light and short, but not too short.

After you had put on the dress and the shoes that you had matched with it, you did your hair and your makeup to the best of your ability. You weren’t sure if your makeup was up to par with your dress, but you were sure that Bambam wouldn’t mind.

you sighed softly as you made your way out of your room and down the hallway of the dorm room.  You were nervous; you never wore nice dresses, and you weren’t sure how Bambam would react.

His eyes lit up as he saw you, a big smile spreading across his features as he made his way to you

“Do you like it?”

He let our a soft chuckle at your question.

I didn’t think it was possible for you to get any more gorgeous,” he mumbled, taking your hand and spinning you around, “but here you are yet again, proving me wrong yet again.”

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Amanda Palmer kissed you?!?! That's the most beautiful thing I've heard. 💗

Yupp. After her show at First Ave a few years ago, I stood in line and waited to have her sign my copy of WKAP?. 

My sister had gone with me, but ended up leaving because she didn’t feel good. Anyone who knows me will understand how fucking awful that could have been. I have serious anxiety, but there were some lovely people at the show that kept me sane. 

Those lovely people were the ones that told me to wait and we could meet her. I was losing my shit. I don’t “meet” people under normal circumstances, and with how important AFP is to me, I was freaking out.

We waited in line for like 30 minutes after the show (she’s fucking beautiful in person, btw), and one of the guys with her was playing with a dick plushie. He was rubbing it on people and jerking it off, it was hilarious.

My turn came, and I had seen a few people ask for a hug so after I handed her my CD, she looked up at me to give it back and HOLY FUCK HER FUCKING EYES ARE INCREDIBLE.

No idea how I did it, but I asked, “Can I have a hug?”

She nodded, and got up from the table and full on hugged me. 

I was in Heaven. She’s shorter than me, sweaty from rocking her ass off, and definetely exhausted, but she took the time to hug me.

She turned her head (I thought she had turned it away…) THEN I FELT HER LIPS ON MY CHEEK AND I DONT REALLY REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT>

I still get freaked out thinking about it. It was wonderful. I do know I cried. A lot. Like for days. Just periodic crying fits. 

It was probably one of the best moments of my life. She’s amazing. I hope she knows how much she means to all of us and that it’s shit like this that keeps us devoted to her. 

Oh.. and she’s hot. 

it’s hard to articulate this, but seeing Harry on stage again, in front of crowd of fans and ppl who love him…he’s unreal, there’s something intangible about it?? he goes to such a place when he’s on stage, he’s truly made for it, it’s incredible to watch, and I didn’t even know the extent of how much I MISSED seeing him like this until today

The parallel to end all parallels

Okay guys, listen up, because I’m about to fuck you up with some knowledge.

So we all know under Dabb’s reign, we’ve seen a multitude of parallels. Season 12 has been chock-full of callbacks from earlier seasons: characters, scenes, props, etc. We saw it with the colt, with Mary’s return, Bobby’s return, “[insert parent name here] went on a hunting trip, and [they] haven’t been home in a few days”. We’ve had Dean and Cas paralleled with Sam and Eileen, Dean and Cas paralleled with Cain and Colette, Dean referred to as Cas’s “human weakness” by Ishim…I mean really, at this point they’re endless. I could make hundreds of posts about the parallels, particularly in regard to Dean and Cas, but I won’t because frankly, there are better meta writers than me on the tumblrverse and they’ve already been done to death.

see @tinkdw and @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper, seriously those guys’ blogs have some seriously incredible information, metas, and I thoroughly enjoy reading literally everything they have to say.

What I want to talk about is Cas’s last scene in the finale. Here we see Cas enter the alternate universe, despite Sam and Dean already being there and having a plan for locking in Lucifer, and stabbing Lucifer, right before Cas’s death scene.

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So I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about this scene and how Cas’s death was completely unnecessary and avoidable. That it was used strictly for the “man pain” we hear so much about, so we can watch the boys once again mourn the death of one of their friends. I agree, to an extent. His death absolutely was avoidable, also necessary because Destiel story arc, but here I believe Dabb knew what he was doing. Remember those parallels we talked about ^^?

So why? If Cas is coming back, like we now definitively know, why take the time and effort to include this scene? Because really, it was pointless. Lucifer could’ve killed Cas straight out of the portal without Cas ever entering, and it would’ve served the same purpose, and raised no questions. Because hey, shit happens, and Cas is almost always on the negatively receiving end of it. So why, Dabb? Why shoot this particular scene that seemingly makes no sense and had everyone questioning Cas’s intentions?

Come. Take my hand. Let me show you.

Dabb literally, intentionally, oh-so-deliberately, shot this scene:

To act as a parallel for this scene:




and before you say, no wait, your hopefulness, Jess doesn’t come back, this makes for a sad ending, stop, no, what are you doing??


Dabb recreated the first scene of the show with Dean and Cas. He intentionally paralleled Sam’s canonical relationship with his girlfriend to Dean’s canonical subtextual relationship with Cas.

Further, the scene with Sam and Jess marked the beginning of the series, the beginning of Sam rejoining his brother in the family business, but also the unfortunate end of his relationship with the woman he loved. If you look at this reversed (much in the same way Cain said to Dean about how he was living his life in reverse), that would mean that this could possibly be hinting at the end of the show, but also the beginning of Dean’s relationship with the man angel he loves.

I mean, I’m not saying that Destiel is endgame…but fuck. Destiel is endgame.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hirono Ryouta of Datekou, the youngest of the cast, thanked everyone for being able to be a part of such a wonderful production for his stage debut.  He was also the only one to come down with a major case of sniffles.

Please do not repost gifs

A genderbent Lite for @atutsie ~ (A Light-chan c: )

If you like the concept you should absolutely read her fic, “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” //<— linked//, she’s everything you’d want her to be. /And it’s a Lawlight fic, sooo ~ <3 /

I hope she was worth the wait ^^’


My favorite thing about Boruto so far is the salt from certain Naruto fans over the fact that they DARED to have a minor female character (who was always known to be a heavy eater) gain weight as she aged. Like it’s seriously funny.