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Do you still do birthday trivia? If so can you tell me something about the development of full art lands?

Full art lands were first pitched by Chris Rush (Magic illustrator most famous for Black Lotus and the mana symbols). No one wanted to do them as they thought players wouldn’t like them.

Chris told me about them on a plane ride to Gen Con and I ended up putting them in Unglued as I was looking for quirky things to do.

The full art lands were very popular. I did them again in Unhinged pushing the art even more to the edge. Again, they were very popular.

We then put them in Zendikar because if it’s land theme. Again beloved. We did them in Battle for Zendikar. Beloved.

We put a single cycle in Amonkhet. I predict they will be well liked. They look awesome.

Happy Birthday!


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  • Simon: Baz, I can't sleep.
  • Baz: Why?
  • Simon: I was just thinking about green jello.
  • Baz: What about green jello?
  • Simon: How do they do it?
  • Baz: Do what?
  • Simon: Make it green.
  • Baz: I don't know, Snow. Just go to sleep.
  • Baz:
  • Baz: *quietly* How do they make it green?
You Have Me


Every time he casts a spell, I think, you have me.

When he gets excited over a stuffy old piece of classical literature, he has me.

His drowsy grey eyes blinking down at me as he says, “I choose you.”

You 100% have me.

Baz Pitch will own my ass until the day he dies. Or I die. He’s convinced he’s immortal but, to be honest, he gets the flu more than I do now that we’ve moved in together. 

London is teeming with illnesses but apparently Pitches can’t deign to use Germ-X. 

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