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You Have Me


Every time he casts a spell, I think, you have me.

When he gets excited over a stuffy old piece of classical literature, he has me.

His drowsy grey eyes blinking down at me as he says, “I choose you.”

You 100% have me.

Baz Pitch will own my ass until the day he dies. Or I die. He’s convinced he’s immortal but, to be honest, he gets the flu more than I do now that we’ve moved in together. 

London is teeming with illnesses but apparently Pitches can’t deign to use Germ-X. 

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  • Simon: Baz, I can't sleep.
  • Baz: Why?
  • Simon: I was just thinking about green jello.
  • Baz: What about green jello?
  • Simon: How do they do it?
  • Baz: Do what?
  • Simon: Make it green.
  • Baz: I don't know, Snow. Just go to sleep.
  • Baz:
  • Baz: *quietly* How do they make it green?