Well, I made this blog awhile back when I first purchased my 35mm prime lens. I noticed how great my photos started looking so I made a dedicated blog.

Now I’m going to get serious about it and keep it updated more often with both text and photos. I really just like laying in my bed at night and typing about my life; even if no one is reading now, someday someone will.

Trying to keep the intro short so to summarize what this blog will be about, it’s just gonna be about what i experience and learn when I go shoot pictures. I will also share my thoughts and research on equipment and what I think is good for what types of photos.

Maybe down the road I’ll even upload videos or do some DIY photo projects. But for now I hope I can gain just a few followers so that my blog could spread!

That’s about it, if anyone has any questions I will also answer those!

Task 2 Experimentation with Mobilography

Next I experimented  with mobilography with the theme ‘macro.’ The first few photos I took I held my sweet wrappers over the lens to give the photo a hint of colour. This is what it turned out like:

Next I took another macro shot of a shell but I used my DIY nail varnish filter made out of acetate to make the photo look more interesting. Here is what it looked like:

Next, I used the dual camera mode on my phone again, I covered the front camera and used the back camera to take a macro shot of the pebbles with the fish eye lens. Here is what it looked like:

Next I focused on my aperture to create different visual effects. For the image below I used a big aperture in order to create the shallow depth of field technique. This made my subjects in the foreground stand out whilst the background was blurred:

This image was taken using a magnifying glass to get closer to the pebbles to create a macro shot.

Next I took normal macro photos on my mobile phone. Here is what they looked like:

Next I took some normal landscape photos to edit through post producion. Here is my original image and then the edited one in photoshop: 

For the above photo, the vibrance was altered and turned up to improve the photo. As you can see it looks better as the sea and beach is a better colour.

Here is my second photo that I edited through post production. For this image I changed the hue and saturation from the original to create a weird funky effect.