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Hi. My first boyfriend is one of my best friends, but everything went way too fast, and I wasn't in love with him; I wrote him a letter explaining all and I had the fucking great idea of actually giving it to him. He's very sensitive, and I hurt him so badly and I'm so terrible and I want to make things better but I fucked up all over and so fast

Hi there,

Everything can and will be ok! I encourage you to try and not over think things right now and talk to him in a way that is honest and really gets down to the core of what you’re feeling and how you want you both to be. I think you should talk to him and apologise for having to do this but try to explain why you think you’re better apart and see how he responds. If he gets angry or something similar and doesn’t want to talk to you then I think it would be best to give him so space a few days or maybe even weeks before talking again to just smooth out some things. You’re not a terrible person for doing this. You just did what you thought was best and there’s nothing wrong with that. I hope this helps you a bit.

- Liam

chicken dates // k.j.w

Scenario: Bobby x You

Genre: Fluffyyyyy ♡

Word Count:???

Warning: Mild swearing & 💩 references

Author’s note: My second scenario! Thank you to anyone that read the first one. Reading it now, I went waaaay too fast-paced lol, so I’m gonna try to keep this one simple and short. But anyways I feel like writing again so here’s another one (that also revolves around food?? idk. I’m basing this off of my dream date with jiwon lol) I’m gonna be sticking to Bobby Fluff scenarios for a bit so that I could get used to writing before branching off into other members and genres (hopefully I’ll be able to do angst soon!) I hope you read this and enjoy!! ♡♡♡

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“Fighting evil by moonlight, Winning love by daylight, Never running from a real fight! She is the one named Sailor Moon!”

You groaned once you heard the familiar melody of  favourite childhood theme song flow into your ears, the cheerful noise waking you up from your warm and cozy slumber. Normally, you would be singing along and adding eccentric dance moves to the upbeat tune, however ever since you put it as your alarm clock, you felt like smashing someone’s face whenever someone uttered the name “Sailor Moon.”

Rolling over to your side, you turned over in your sheets, pulling the soft duvet over your body more tightly, only finding that it was quite difficult to do so, due to some force of resistance pulling on it. Frowning, you pulled even harder, resulting in the sound of soft whimpering from beside you.

Oh right. You weren’t in the bed alone.

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                               the three stages of Edward Cullen fangirling. [insp]