Ok. This is not like me but here goes: FUCK KATY PERRY. That was nasty, cruel, immature, ridiculous, hate fueled, mean, ignorant, and way out of line. The difference between Taylor saying something she might should not have, is that she didn’t do it out of malice or hatred. I’m not normally one to automatically go into defense mode because I like to think about it first and decide what my actual opinion is, but this just took it too far. Everyone is just looking to take Taylor down and have found a small opportunity to do so. Mind your own Goddamn business Katy.

Ahahahahahavsjxicbeoabwdjdjw guess who just had a terrible dream and was woken by a wash of fear???

It was me.

I’ve had the dream before, I know it, but it was never like that.

So the first one is just me and my mom living together in some hobunk town in woods or some shit, raising pit bulls and taking care of them and just generally being alright people. It was good, life was good. We trained police dogs for the k-9 department, it was looking good. Then, a couple of older guys come around, asking if they could rent the small guest home on our land and we were like “well, it is like, five acres of land, its not like we’d see them too much” and were like why not we’ll see how it goes. And everything is dandy after that. They paid like, fuck, $200 in rent and did yard work? It was solid.

BUT THIS DREAM. HO HO, MA'AM-A-LAMB LET ME TELL YOU. This one was terrifying. It starts out with me in my room, chillin’ with my favorite lil baby dog, til mom comes back with groceries and I start helping her put things away in our back freezer. While we are doing that, we hear loud banging against the house and then some groaning, more banging and then nothing. Easy to say we are both confused and terrified rn, bc something has fallen apart in our peaceful life we have built for ourselves. So I grab a hammer from the closet and tell my mom to stay in one room with our house gun until I get back with a status update. I walk around the inside of the house, checking outside through the windows, when I see just…. Well, safe to say our dogs were in the great beyond. All over our yard. And one of our tenants is laying against the house, not moving either. Fear has gripped me at this point and I go to my mom’s room where she is and I call the police, hunkered down in my mom’s room, shaking with fear and anger. Then I wake up.

Like???? What the fuck???? What th e f uck?? Wh at the???