Taking naps with Peter Parker would include...

this is the first one of these I’ve ever done so I’m not really sure it’s okay so feedback would be great!


-going over to his apartment to study 

 -studying for like half an hour (kisses every time you got something right) 

-ending up cuddled in his bed just making out & talking 

-you complaining about being exhausted from school 

-him complaining about being exhausted from certain hero activities 

 -him wrapping his arms around you and telling you to take a quick power nap 

-you saying “okay” drowsily before you pass out 

 -him watching you sleep for a while 

-Peter ending up taking a nap too 

-meaning to only take a twenty minute nap 

-waking up two hours later to the camera shutter on Aunt May’s phone 

 -“you two just looked so cute that I had to" 

-“Aunt Maaaay" 

-you blushing and nuzzling your face into Peter’s neck 

-"dinner will be ready in ten minutes don’t go back to sleep" 

-both of you falling back asleep

I was tagged by the wonderful @poe-also-bucky to use 9 pics from my phone gallery to make a little aesthetic! 

Now, I think it’s safe to say, I’m a bit caught up in the whole Professor Barnes thing at the moment. So here’s a little Professor Barnes aesthetic for you all. This is the first time I’ve done one of these before, so it’s no masterpiece but I like it nonetheless. 

 Thank you for tagging me! I really enjoyed doing this! 

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One of my first real propagation successes. This wasn’t done in a normal way (I never do anything the ‘normal’ way).

I cut a chunk off of the gollum jade and let it callus over for a day. Then I stuck it in a small jar of water and left it for months. I didn’t think it was going to make it. It started growing roots. I forgot about it some more. Then when I was potting up some of my cuttings, this little guy was still kickin’ around. Definitely looks like a success to me!

Power Surge

Written for the @timepetalsprompts weekly theme (first one I’ve done in forever!). This week’s prompt was “pleased.”

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Yax tapped at the energy meter with one finger, brow furrowed. These readings couldn’t be right.

“What is it, Yax?” asked Pol from the front desk.

“These results,” said Yax. He peered at the dial from a different angle. “It’s the slow season and they’re off the charts.”

Pol glanced at the readout then consulted the guestbook. “No. Those are right.”

“But - but …” Yax snatched the book from her, flipping through it. Only two names are on it: The Doctor and Rose Tyler. “There’s only one couple in the whole hotel! No one could possibly generate that many– This is enough to power half the township!”

Looking pleased as punch, Pol composes an email to their supervisor. “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

Self-rec Meme

I got tagged by @heyfrenchfreudiana​ I normally don’t do tagged thingy but meh, I will do this one.

1.) Las Vegas (E) (Done) The first full on smut I write to explore my boundaries on writing smut so you will find mostly everything in it. It’s about the groom to be Steve celebrates his bachelor party in Las Vegas and meets Stripper! Nat.

2.) Hate doesn’t even describe it (E) (WIP) All the smut is in here too. It’s about two archenemies hating each other until their parents wanted them to marey each other. SHAMELESS SMUT AND I”M NOT REGRET

3.) The Only Light in the Darkness (M) (Done) My soulmate fic! AU where everyone sees in black and white until they met their soul mate.

4.) Maybe I Need You to Save Me (M) (Done) My first ever Dark Steve fic. LOL College AU where Steve is the king of campus. He’s everything every guy in this university wanted to be but a new girl by the name of Natasha Romanoff suddenly came into his life and changed him forever.

5.) Hooked On Your Love (E) (WIP) Tennis AU Natasha may or may not hate Steve Rogers but she definitely jealous of his fame and success. Then she met him at the set of FILA photoshoot. One thing let to another

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aprettygirlandpie  asked:

I would like a fic where Dean is trying to kiss Cas for the first time but every time he gets up the nerve someone comes in - Sam walks in, Crowley pops in out of nowhere, some angel comes in haha :) if you can !

Oh my god this is literally the cutest!

Dean gulped in a breath so deep it actually hurt his lungs. His stomach was in knots but he pushed past it. Yeah, so… he wanted to do this for a while. No big deal right? It was just his lips, Cas’s lips, together. Not like he hadn’t made a dozen innuendos about crazier things than that.

Oh god… he’d said some of those things in front of Sam even…

He sucked in another lungful and marched right up to Castiel, taking his arm a little more gruffly than he intended. “Hey.” He said, his nerves leaving him short of words and stiff.

The angel turned around with that eternally calm expression, eyes squinted slightly in confusion at Dean’s board-like posture. “Is everything alright?” He asked after a long moment of completely silent eye contact.

Dean hurriedly brushed himself off, wanting to kick himself in the gut for how he approached this but blundered on anyway because he was never going to work up the nerve to do this if he didn’t say something now. A panic rushed through him as he remembered all the reasons he hadn’t done this yet. There were a million ways Cas could respond and in his head… only a few of them were good.

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when chanyeol fell during the interviewagain


Character Aesthetics: Kara Danvers
↳ “I think, maybe, what she’s trying to say is that when people are scared or hurt or in danger they think of Superman. But that it’s ok to think of her too! And not just as some consolation prize. She is every bit the hero he is. She just needs the chance to prove it.


well it was nice knowing you anchan


Arashi Live Tour 2015: Japonism
└ Juntoshi + Matsumiya ♥


you must be prince charming, 

because when you smile flowers seem to grow

cr. / insp: i & ii

Does anyone else think it’s possible that Bellamy is part of the “done fighting” group. After believing he’s been fighting a war all this time, having no peace, and being depressed most of 3B, I could honestly see him just wanting to be done. 

idk. Grrrr… he’s so hard to read because he is honestly the key and is such a wild card. The emotional shift of this series sometimes relies on him. Would he just be done and give up, but then switch to finding hope halfway through the season?

But then again, I feel like Bellamy wants to support and help Clarke so much, and the boy can’t help trying to do the right thing when he can. 

Idk. Idk. I just thought about this recently after rereading some of Jason’s quotes from the Comic Con interviews. When Jason said that some people just want to be done “fighting,” Bellamy popped into my head because I kept saying that in all my reviews/analysis about Bellamy in 3B. hmmmmm… . 

What do you guys think?