Cross The Line

Dean x Reader

Author: oheyitscryssi

Anon Request: So I’m on mobile so I can’t look at the guidelines but if it’s possible could you make a Dean x Reader where he gives massive speech saying he doesn’t want children, then the reader has to announce she is pregnant with his baby. Thanks so much!!<3

Warnings: pregnant reader, fluff.

A/N: This is the first one I’ve done like this, so hopefully I did okay. Let me know! xoxoxox


You braced your hands against the sink as you stared down at the little piece of plastic that was heralding the change of your entire life. You were torn between happiness, complete terror, and crippling anxiety. You and Dean had been so careful. So how were those little pink lines staring you in the face? You knew you weren’t ready for this - hell, you probably never would be - but there it was nonetheless. Ready or not, a baby was coming.

You picked up the test and dropped it in the sandwich bag you had brought into the bathroom with you. You needed to show Dean. He had a right to know. A part of you was more scared of his reaction than the life now growing inside of you. You knew he loved you, but kids had never been discussed. You stared yourself down in the mirror, gathering your courage to walk out to where Sam and Dean were sitting. When you neared the kitchen, the deep baritones of their voices drifted out into the hallway. As fate would have it, they were discussing the very topic you were hiding in your back pocket. You stopped short of the doorway to listen.

“I’m not saying right now, Dean,” Sam was saying. “I mean at some point, don’t you want to have kids with Y/N?”

“Yeah, right, and bring them into this hellhole we’ve been dumped in?” Dean responded. From his tone, it sounded as though this conversation had been going for a while. “I won’t condemn a kid to this. You know as well as I do that someday this life is gonna kill me. Why would I have a kid when I know that there’s every possibility I’m gonna leave them without a father? That’s basically how we were raised. ‘Stay in this motel, don’t leave, don’t open the door, watch your brother, I’ll be back whenever‘. No. I won’t do it. I won’t subject my child to what we’ve been through. I’m screwed up enough as it is, and you want me to pass my fucked up problems onto a new generation? No, thanks. The family business is gonna end with me and you. I’m not pulling anyone else into this, especially not my own child.”

“If you ask me, you’d be a great father because of how we were raised. You know how that feels.”

“The answer is no, Sam. Don’t ask me again.”

Your legs wouldn’t support you any longer. You slid down the wall until you were sitting on the cool marble floor. Your whole body was shaking, and tears were slipping down your cheeks. You grabbed the pregnancy test, gripping it tightly as you stared down at it. There was the scrape of metal chair legs as Dean stood to leave. When he emerged, he nearly tripped over you on his way to your room. He crouched down in front of you.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked as he wiped at the tears staining your cheeks. In answer, you slowly uncurled your fingers from around the bag in your fist. It dropped to the ground between Dean’s feet. You watched him as he looked down, reading the emotions playing out on his face: confusion, recognition, disbelief, then realization. “You heard… oh, shit… Y/N… I didn’t know-”

“It’s fine,” you replied, cutting him off. You took back the test and got to your feet. You stepped around Dean, and walked back to your room with him hot on your heels. He didn’t seem to grasp what was going on until you began shoving belongings into duffel bags.

“Where are you goin’?” You ignored him, hastily grabbing whatever clothes were closest. He grabbed hold of a sweatshirt you were stowing away, and you swiped at him to let go. He wouldn’t, though. “Y/N, talk to me, damn it.

“I’m leaving, Dean,” you replied with a hitch in your voice. “You said it yourself - you don’t want a kid. Yes, I heard everything loud and clear. I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do, but you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll figure something out. I always do.”

“You’re not goin’ anywhere!” He took your hands in his, turning you so you faced him. “Why would you think you had to go? When Sam asked me that, it was a ‘what if’ situation. But now, with this,” he laid a hand on your stomach, “it’s a whole new ball game. If you think I’m gonna let you walk out of here, you’re outta your mind. My baby boy will grow up with a mom and a dad who both love him, not to mention each other. If I had a choice, then no, I wouldn’t want kids. But this isn’t my choice. This is happening. I’m with you on this.”

“You think it’s a boy?” you asked with a smirk, and Dean nodded while he smiled. Now that your original anxiety was fading, you were beginning to see the silver lining. You were going to be a family. “What if it’s a girl, hot shot?”

“Well,” he mused. He pulled you to him, wrapping you in his arms. He kissed you slowly, pecking you on the forehead when you broke apart. You could feel him smiling against your skin. “If it’s a girl, then I’m damn glad I have so many guns.”

THREE games tonight, holy fuck Abi is TIRED!

First I play as Aaryn and actually win an HOH for once, and make it to f3

Then I play as Steve and betray the SHIT out of an all guys alliance because tbh i knew i would be cut first and IDGAF. 

And then I play as Aaryn again and get out second, chill with friends in jury, and dont win buyback. (currently still going, tbh if theres another buyback idgaf if im revealed, y’all are all over the place anyway)

What has my life become to play 3 bbtcs in a row from like 7 pm to CURRENTLY 4 am? oh my gods….Also Abi has a new URL for those who wish to remember that.

anonymous asked:

I know u r prob super busy, but ur so awesome and ur writing is amazing so if u have time do u think u could do a minific where Chloe wakes Beca up in the middle of the night while they are sleeping just to make out. And it's not the first time she's done it, like it's just one of Chloe's weird things. She likes to make out or have sexy times in the middle of the night like its no biggie all the time.

Beca is always one of two extremes. Either she is awake for forty eight hours straight, or she sleeps through an entire weekend - waking only for snacks and occasional, morning-breath pecks on the cheek. When she’s awake for such an extended period of time, she’s jumpy, bouncing off the walls and unable to be stopped, with that tired focus that comes with not wanting to slow down but needing to. Which is why is so hard for Chloe when Beca hits her hibernation mode, because she knows Beca needs her sleep - she knows that those days spent watching the comatose girl snoring lightly are days that exist for Beca’s own mental well-being, but that doesn’t mean she likes watching the crash Beca makes from bounding at 100 mph to not moving at all. Because aside from the basic unhealthiness of the whole cycle, it also means that Chloe must respect Beca’s sleeping moments like some might observe religious holidays. And she really hates this obligation to respect. Because she’s got some strange sleeping habits of her own, too. 

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7/2–happy birthday  to the #1, moogs!!


I don’t know if the sushi part in your ask was another part of the prompt but it gave me an idea to draw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Color palette challenge with an added Levi! because I need to feed my heart with levihan

Everyone’s got their own kind of medication. Some people drink, some people do drugs, some people binge watch tv shows, for some people it’s junk food, others it’s shopping, makeup, dieting, self harm, partying, flirting, empty relationships….. Some people hop around from escape to escape. I definitely do. There are soooo many ways to run from your feelings. It can be small, like you had a stressful day so you buy yourself a pint of ice cream and watch Netflix. It can be big, like your parents are abusive so you get drunk and take a bunch of pills. I know people who’ve done both. Obviously the first one isn’t as destructive as the second but are either of them really okay? Is it really a good idea to always run to those temporary fixes??
But whatever you do, you do something. Make no mistake about that. The one thing that really ticks me off is when people judge other people for the way they medicate as if they themselves don’t have anything they do that’s bad. Some people’s problems are more obvious than others but we ALL have problems. We all have pain that runs deep. We all have a real fear of inadequacy. We all fall asleep some nights feeling like we didn’t do enough, or like we did too much and we’re too far gone. We ALL feel hopeless sometimes. Some people feel sad more often than others but we all have sadness inside, whether or not we access it on a regular basis. Just because you or someone you know is out of touch doesn’t mean you or they are not sad. (NOT saying you have to be sad all the time to be in touch with yourself, just saying if anyone thinks they are literally never sad then they are most likely a bit out of touch…)
Please never feel like there’s something wrong with you because your life isn’t perfect. Nobody has a perfect life, I don’t care how fun their snapchat story looks or how fabulous their instagram is. Everyone’s story has something really really messed up about it and that’s okay. For some people it’s something awful that happened to them, or a lot of awful things they went through. For other people, it’s things that didn’t happen to them, love they didn’t receive. Neglect. The presence of torture and the absence of love are equal in my opinion, they screw people up the same way.
There’s no need to measure your pain against others to make yourself feel better or worse. Whatever happened to you or whatever you missed out on, your pain is real. Your feelings are valid. You didn’t deserve that. You deserve better. A lot better. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel loved and appreciated and accepted and safe in your world and it’s really sad if you don’t. It’s a very sad thing but it doesn’t have to be that way. The good news is YOU can change that. You can be the first one to love and accept and protect yourself and get your head into a place where you understand just how much you deserve in life. And once you do that, YOU can be the one to seek out people who appreciate and respect and want you and create a beautiful reality where you exist in the light with people who care and whom you care about. You need other people. We can’t do this alone. Life was made to be shared with the people around us. It’s SO much better that way.
But anyway, my main point in writing this is to bring attention to escapism. I’m just looking around lately and seeing how much we are all just medicating throughout the day, avoiding stress from today or pain from the past. We’re all just running from our feelings sooo much and we really need to stop. It’s not about what you’re doing, because some medications (as I call them) are harmless, but it’s about why. If you’re doing something to make yourself feel better that’s not directly fixing the problem, maybe stop for a second and ask yourself if that’s really a productive thing to be doing. Like maybe pause Netflix and just journal for a bit. Write down what you’re thinking about, what’s bothering you. Go through your emotions. Take your headphones out when you’re on a walk and just think. Go through your mind and see if anything is wrong. Just get in touch with yourself from time to time and make sure YOU are giving yourself enough attention and support and allowing yourself enough time to breathe and relax and express. Cry if you need to, call someone and talk about it, write a letter to someone telling them how they hurt you, just do something to make things better. You deserve it. There’s nothing wrong with watching tv from time to time or enjoying a treat here and there, just make sure you’re not using it as a way to escape your problems. You deserve to be happy. You are worth the time it takes to go through your feelings and deal with them. You are worthy of solutions.
God bless.