First Scene of Supergirl Season Three

needs to go something like this (of course it won’t but hey listen, that’s why we have fan fic and hiatuses to amuse ourselves with. Also disclaimer this was entirely for kicks and giggles and far from my best writing, so just have as much fun and amusement with it as I did and we’ll all be okay).

[camera pans over National City; sunrise with soft jazzy music and the sounds of two women softly – not pornographically [this is an episode, not my fics, damnit] – moaning and whispering each other’s names]

[camera sweeps into Alex Danvers’s surprisingly well-lit bedroom, finding clothes all over the floor and Alex laying on top of Maggie, blanket over them both but showing enough to know that they’re not exactly dressed and ready for the day. They’re both smiling as they make out passionately, but soft and slow and somewhat sleepily]

Alex: I love you, Maggie Sawyer.

Maggie: [sighing deeply into their kiss, one hand in Alex’s somehow redder, somehow curlier, hair, one hand under the covers on Alex’s waist] I love you too, Alex Danvers – 

[a sharp, eager rap on the door. Both women laugh and groan at the same time, Alex putting her forehead down to touch Maggie’.]

Maggie: And I love your sister, Danvers, but can’t she just meet you at Noonan’s instead of uh – 

Kara [from outside the door]: I can hear and see the both of you, you know.

Alex [laughing as she kisses Maggie again and tosses on a long t-shirt, since Maggie’s stolen most of her regular-sized ones, and a pair of jeans and boots]: Why do you even bother knocking then, Kara?

Kara [enters the apartment with her hand over her squeezed-shut eyes and in my mind there’s a studio audience cheering her arrival okay getting out of genre now whoopsadasie]: It’s faster to fly her there, Maggie, you know what traffic’s been like since the invasion.

Maggie [a t-shirt freshly on, pulling her hair back into a ponytail and touching the small of Alex’s back as she strides to hug Kara good morning]: That I do. In that case, no chance you want to drop me off at the precinct, is there?

Kara and Alex [together, both beaming]: It’s a sister thing!

Maggie [beaming back at her Danvers girls as she tugs on jeans and boots, grabbing her gun and a banana from the counter]: I know it is, I’m just teasing. But babe, I am late, I gotta go. See you both tonight at James’s, right?

Kara: Game Night is back!

Alex: Yesss.

Maggie [softly]: I love you, Ally.

[They kiss with enthusiasm, and Kara diligently looks anywhere other than her sister and Maggie, but she’s smiling. As Alex says she loves Maggie too and touches her face one more time before Maggie leaves, we may get a glimpse of something shiny on her left hand, but we’re left tantalizingly unsure]

Kara [as Maggie leaves through the door and Kara and Alex head for the window]: All these months and you still look struck with a love ray every time.

Alex [clearly pleased]: Pfft. Love ray.

[Kara scoops her up with one arm and they fly to Noonan’s, re-establishing Season One patterns of interaction and pacing and a little thing called emphasis on the Danvers Sisters]


A Memento Mori for @fishingboatproceeds and @edwardspoonhands.

I like the bits of manuscript waste re-used to line the spine. Since the binding isn’t fully attached we can get a peek at those scraps.

Someone took extensive notes throughout, including a long statement of some kind on the first three pages.

De le lettere di M. Claudio Tolomei libri sette. : Con nuova aggiunta ristampate & con somma diligenza ricorrette.Tolomei, Claudio 1492-1555. Vinegia : Appresso D. & A. Giglio e frat 1566 

xPQ4664 T53 Z5 1566

It depends on how they work. With Taylor, we had been kind of circling around, very much aware of each other’s work for a while. We figured out these two days to work together and she came to my studio super excited and said, “I had an idea in the car.” And she sang me the first three or four lines of it and said, “I want to call it ‘Treacherous’ and maybe the chorus can go like this.” And we were writing the song in 10 minutes and she was just so full of excitement.

It’s interesting because I find that she’s very sincere and very what-you-see-is-what-you-get. When you see her on an award show and she wins the award and she looks astonished, that’s how she looks when you’re writing a song and you come up with a good lyric or a good melodic idea. She looks amazed; she’s like, “Whoa!” She’s just like that. She’s also very consistent and a monster songwriter.

—  Dan Wilson on what’s the process when he’s writing with other artists. (A.V. Club Interview, April 2014)
la douleur exquise (9)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


“Good morning Jay,” I said, trying my best to hold in my yawn as I made my way into the office.

“Not so good morning for you,” she replies, eyeing me as I sat down at my desk. “Did you even sleep at all last night?” she questions. 

I reply wordlessly by shaking my head. 

“I couldn’t,” I answer back. 

I have been agitated since last night after Baekhyun. His words still ringing in my head. 

The drawer… Sehun’s desk…

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Little Love

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: For the seven months following your breakup, you’ve kept your pregnancy a secret from Spencer, unsure of how he would react. But when the two of you are unexpectedly forced to see each other again, it doesn’t take long for your growing secret to reveal itself. Requested by a lovely anon!

Word count: 1,955

A/N: This is based around season 6 and 7, so there may be some spoilers if you haven’t seen those seaons yet. Other than that, I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

For the first time in three hours, a calm silence had fallen over your apartment.

The fraying copy of “Goodnight Moon” that Henry had picked out was long forgotten as his blue eyes finally gave into the sleep that he had been fighting for so long.

Reveling in your ability to lull the rambunctious toddler to sleep, you placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before carefully removing yourself from the guest bed where he lay — all the while making a mental note to give JJ kudos on how she manages to do it every single night.

Leaving the bedroom door open just a crack, you took a moment to enjoy the still of the atmosphere and out of habit, placed a hand on your ever-growing baby bump.

All night long you had found yourself laughing right along with every little giggle that Henry exuded, and adoring the many colorful drawings that he had created for your refrigerator door. The seemingly permanent smile you wore was in part due to the inherent joy that came with babysitting Henry, and the other half due to the thought that one day, you would be going through the exact same motions with your own child.

But yet, with every bright vision of the future you had, came with it a storm of anxious thoughts.

Seven months ago, the home you had built within the bounds of Spencer’s love began to crumble.

With his rising panic of developing schizophrenia and then the grief he was overcome with after the death of Emily, you watched in agony as Spencer did his best to conceal the crumbling state of his mind from you. It wasn’t until one night, when the demons of his mind became too much to bear, that he confessed to you his contemplation of relapsing. That night ended in heartache, as Spencer’s broken voice ended your relationship, only wanting to protect you from the danger he believed to potentially possess.

But unbeknownst to either you or Spencer at the time, you were not the only ones left in the wake of your fallen love.

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Got to work on my bullet journal today! Here are my first three spreads! I’ve been keeping track of the books I’ve read so far this year in a different notebook but I figured I might as well include it in here! So far I like the simplicity of my “year at a glance” spread but I’m not the biggest fan of my current weekly spread (not included here because it’s really all over the place yikes). I love how you can really figure out what you do and don’t like and then adapt that for your next week or month! Thanks for all of the great inspiration everyone!

It’s been a wild and often somber last few weeks since the finale. Around here, we’re all eager to change the conversation, which is why we’ll be kicking off a full series rewatch beginning this Sunday

The plan is simple: we’ll start with two episodes a week, switching to the new episode every Sunday and Wednesday. We’ll cover the spectrum from A to Z – Astrid to Zuleikha Robinson–and with each episode we’ll offer up an array of some of our favorite regular features like Director’s Chair and (occasional) podcasts, as well as a few new things for good measure. We hope you’ll join us for the ride, whether it’s your first time rewatching (it’ll be my first in nearly three years) or your fifth. 


On this day in music history: May 26, 1990 - “Hold On” by En Vogue hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, topping the Club Play chart for 1 week on June 30, 1990, and also peaking at #2 on the Hot 100 on July 21, 1990. Written by En Vogue (Cindy Herron, Dawn Robinson, Terry Ellis and Maxine Jones), Thomas McElroy and Denzil Foster, it is first single from the Oakland, CA based R&B vocal quartets debut album “Born To Sing”. Based around a sample of James Brown’s R&B/Funk classic “The Payback”, it is the first of three R&B chart toppers from the album. The track also features the group singing an a cappella version of the song “Who’s Lovin’ You” (originally recorded by The Miracles, though uses The Jackson 5 vocal arrangement) on the intro. The record is initially serviced to club DJ’s on a 12" single through Atlantic Records dance music department in late January 1990. The buzz it creates at street level, successfully crosses the record over to radio. San Francisco based radio station KMEL in En Vogue’s home base of the SF Bay Area are instrumental in helping break the record nationally. Besides its major R&B and pop crossover success, the song becomes a Hip Hop staple when it is sampled on rapper LL Cool J’s hit “The Boomin’ System” later in 1990, and is also featured on DJ Terminator X’s single “Buck Whylin’” in 1991. “Hold On” is the first of three singles by the group to peak at #2 on the Hot 100, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Gulpin would love to share some more about their moms! 

[[This is the first of three parts because I haven’t finished drawing the other moms yet]]

First up is Hungry Mom! Naturally, Hungry Mom loves food just as much as Gulpin does – maybe even more so. However, unlike Gulpin (who eats nearly all foods indiscriminately), Hungry Mom hates junk foods and adores fruits, vegetables, and everything nutritious. That’s probably how she stays so healthy and strong! She’s also the battler of the family, and loves to spar.  

Gulpin’s Fun Fact: Hungry Mom gives the best piggyback rides. 

Hungry Mom / Green Mom / Fairy Mom


today was the start date of a yoi kuji! only 3 places in my city were due to have it, so out i went to the first lawson, and bought three tickets. success!

but then i thought, i want to get a few more. to avoid my shame i went along to the next lawson.

but when i get there, they have nothing! disappointed, i go back and get in my car. i’m about to leave when this girl rushes up to my window and says, “do you like yuri on ice and yurio?! i saw the straps on your bag. were you here for the kuji?”

turns out this girl reserved the ENTIRE THING. she paid over $400 and just got everything. “i have it all in my car! come, you can pick out and buy whatever you want!”

and she went through the random straps looking for the others i wanted. SHE WAS SO NICE. she also gave me some random yurio badges and stuff she had for free.

so in the end:

thank you kind stranger who spent insane amounts of money on a yoi lottery.


and that was my thrilling morning.

(think i’m gonna sell the banner though, i thought it was a towel but it’s not)


Lotsa doodles!! Okay, let’s get down to business!

First three have to do with a conversation with myself and @salamiac if Peso was a little spirit haunting the theatre! Seems he likes to possess Styria a bit too much. >:3c
Next, a little sketch of Ringmaster Coops, then the ol’ Sitcom Duo who are forced to be straight- Sitcom Coops and Sitcom Cilantro- (Cilantro belonging to @zoewhite4815) and then a small Ceres!
Third row, Buko and Dmitry, Dmitry also belonging to Zoe, Hugh in a Cup, and another Buko sketch!

Nine Months (NC17)

Holy Hannah, this thing is a beast. Because I’m an attention whore and need to feel like my story is actually okay and going somewhere, I’m going to post the first three chapters of this story I’m in the process of getting out of my brain and onto paper. 

Tell me what you think. It’s not Beta’d. There may be several mistakes and crappy sentences, but it’s in the infant stage, pardon the pun. 

I always feel like there’s not enough Janeway x Chakotay that deals with pregnancy/children. I’m a sucker for that stuff, and I *know* that Kathy and Chuckles had at least one of them. lol. 

The title is a work in progress; I know it’s so original. This story has probably been done before, but here’s my take. This is Chapter 1. And it is not safe for work or the wee ones. 

What if our command team got it on during their stay on New Earth and somebody’s birth control booster was out of whack? Eh? Working on the canon timeline with non-canon material. 

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“I can’t even say the word. Why can’t I say the word? I mean, why can’t I just say…? I mean, what is wrong? Why do I have to be so ashamed? I mean, why can’t I just say the truth? I mean, be who I am? I’m thirty-five years old, I’m so afraid to tell people…Susan, I’m gay.” – Ellen Morgan (@theellenshow) to Susan (@lauradern), “Ellen,” “The Puppy Episode,” April 30, 1997.
On April 30, 1997, twenty years ago today and two weeks after Ellen DeGeneres publicly acknowledged her sexuality, Ellen Morgan, lead character of ABC’s “Ellen,” came out.
After the first three seasons of “Ellen,” producers were frustrated with a lack of focus and Ellen’s lack of interest in the stereotypical sitcom relationship; one producer suggested Ellen just get a puppy to show the world that a relationship was not in the cards, hence “The Puppy Episode.”
During the fourth season, as word of the coming out episode spread, a backlash started; a bomb threat came, DeGeneres’ safety was threatened, sponsors (including J.C. Penney and Wendy’s) pulled out, affiliates refused to run the episode, and right-wing conservatives hurled anti-gay slurs (Reverend Jerry Falwell, for example, hurled the infamous “Ellen Degenerate,” to which DeGeneres responded, “I’ve been getting that since the fourth grade”).
And, even after “The Puppy Episode” drew forty-two million viewers and won two Emmys, a Peabody Award, and a GLAAD Media Award, ABC still prefaced each subsequent episode of "Ellen” with a parental advisory warning.
The show was canceled after its fifth season.
“It’s easy to forget now, when we’ve come so far,” President Barack Obama said when awarding DeGeneres the Presidential Medal of Freedom, “just how much courage was required for Ellen to come out…What an incredible burden that was to bear. To risk your career like that. People don’t do that very often.”
There is no question that Ellen Morgan’s self-declaration marked a paradigm shift for queer representation in media. Never again would it be impossible to imagine a gay lead character, nor a supporting character that defied rigid stereotypes, in mainstream media. #lgbthistory #HavePrideInHistory #ThankYouEllen

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