Color-Me Thumbtacks

[This project is from Instacraft by Alison Caporimo.]

This week’s project was going to be a collaboration with my brother, but shit took way longer to dry than planned, so maybe later.

Meanwhile, I forgot about figuring out another project and recorded and edited my first solo podcast.

So here’s something really simple.

What you need to make these things:

  • thumbtacks
  • nail polish
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • waxed paper or kitchen parchment

First I made something to keep the pins in once painted: I cut three small pieces of cardboard and stuck them together with packing tape.

That’s the fastest way to do this, but packing tape is quite expensive–so you may want to just glue the squares together instead.  Make sure the glue is dry before you move on to the next step.

The book tells you to hold the end of your thumbtack in one hand and paint it with the other.  But if you do that, there’s no way to stick it upright in something once it’s painted.

So you have to put the polished thumbtack down on your waxed paper or kitchen parchment like this:

Which drips.

Also at the slightest breeze, that fucking tack is going polish-side up.

My solution was to stick the pins into the prepared cardboard BEFORE painting them, but only partway.

This way, there’s no chance of them sticking to the cardboard when the polish dries.

Paint each thumbtack with nail polish, let dry.

You can get away with just one coat of polish because tacks are so small, but if you want to you can add dots or stripes or whatever.

I’m pretty fucking sure you can buy colored thumbtacks at the dollar store, so..

time: about an hour and a half, longer if you glue the cardboard together
cost: $8.48 US (not counting glue or tape, scissors)
injuries: surprisingly, none

You can buy these pointy things here.

Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen and Nestle Japan have joined forces to create… The Kit Kat Sandwich!

Yes, that is a Kit Kat on a Chinese-style bao with whipped cream and orange peel!!

Not just any Kit Kat either, mind you… that’s a new “Kit Kat for Café”, which is “sake saku”, or crispier, than a normal KK, made specially for dipping in coffee or tea at cafes. 

The Kit Kat Sandwich is on sale in First Kitchens across Japan now for 220 yen, or about two bucks, for a limited time only!

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King George V Rides in Tank Prototype

“Mother” in trials at Hatfield Park.

February 8 1916, Hatfield ParkThe Landships Committee survived Churchill’s departure from the Government, and had by the end of 1915 developed a workable prototype, codenamed “Mother.”  Around the same time, the codename “tank” had been developed for the vehicle, and the committee was renamed the deliberately more innocuous “Tank Supply Committee.”  A trial for high-ranking Cabinet members was arranged at Hatfield Park, the estate of the Marquess of Salisbury (the son of the late PM).

On February 2, Kitchener, Lloyd George and Reginald McKenna witnessed the tank successfully cross trenches, barbed wire, and boggy ground.  Lloyd George and McKenna were instantly convinced of the utility of the tank.  Kitchener called it “a pretty mechanical toy,” but even he admitted the next day that he was impressed.  An order for 100 tanks was soon placed.

With the initial trials a success, a special demonstration was arranged for the King on February 8.  The King even went for a brief ride in the tank.  He too was impressed, saying that “such a weapon would be a great asset to the army possessing a large number.”

Today in 1915:  The  Birth of a Nation  Premieres in Los Angeles

Sources include: Randal Gray, Chronicle of the First World War; The BBC also has a fun interview with the current Marquess of Salisbury on his family’s role in the development of the tank.

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You and Dean fought from time to time, but this one seemed to be the final nail in the coffin of your relationship. When he told you to go, you rushed out of the bunker before he could even think to ask you to return. You hadn’t spoken in days and you were certain you never would again so long as you managed to get your stuff from the bunker before Dean saw you. 

You sneaked into the bunker in the middle of the night, hoping he would somehow be gone or asleep when you got there. Fortunately, the impala was gone when you pulled into the garage, a good sign that Dean wasn’t home. You careful made your way to your bedroom, each step a quiet as possible. You tried to maintain your composer as memories of you and Dean flashed across your mind. The hallway where you had your first kiss. The kitchen where you taught Dean how to make pie. His bedroom where you spent many nights in his embrace. You never got the courage to completely make his room yours as well and for that you were slightly grateful. It meant you wouldn’t have to go in there where you were certain to collapse into a mess of tears and you might never have the courage to truly leave.

Finally reaching your room you flip on the switch and the man you had been trying so hard to avoid was sitting there, clinging to a picture of you, tears rolling down his face. He turned his attention towards you, green eyes filled with shock and sorrow. You had never seen Dean look so vulnerable as he did in that moment. 

“Y/N…what are you doing here?

“I…I just came to pack my things and leave…” you had to push down the sobs threatening to consume you. “Just like you asked me to Dean.” 

Dean cast his eyes downward, his body racked with sobs. You wanted to wrap him in your arms and comfort him. You wanted to tell him everything was going to be okay. But it wasn’t okay. You weren’t okay. Your relationship was far from okay. So instead you stood there, tears streaming down your face.

 If this was how it was going to end, then at least you were crying together. 

See Me Mirror Set by k-omu

Created for: The Sims 4

Tired of the in-game mirrors? Here are 10 brand spanking new ones to enjoy. Set contains:

Backsplash Mirror - Shiftable, one swatch. Perfect behind kitchen counters.
First Aid Cabinet Mirror - Shiftable, two swatches (white, black). Frosted glass finish and a smooth cross cutout mirror, for stylish safety.
Hanging Square Mirror - Shiftable, four swatches (white, black, yellow, red). With a sleek finish and perfect for any room.
Leaning Neon Mirror - Four swatches (pink, cyan, lime, yellow) Leans casually against the wall and gives a matte, sharp pop of neon.
Leaning Metal Mirror - Four swatches (gold, copper, iron, silver) Leans casually against the wall and has a sharp, shiny edge of perfect metal.
Ornate Leaning Mirror - Three swatches (white, magenta, black) Leans beautifully against the wall and has textured, intricate detailing.
Simple Medium Mirror - Shiftable, one swatch. Perfect behind sinks and anywhere else.
Freestanding Metal Mirror - Floor mirror, three swatches (gold, copper, iron). Will provide any room with a sleek, industrial touch.
Tall and Massive Mirror (short) - Shiftable, one swatch (black). Provides a massive mirrored surface. For short, medium and tall walls.
Tall and Massive Mirror (tall) - Shiftable, one swatch (black). Provides a really massive mirrored surface. ONLY for medium and tall walls.

Download (TSR)