Tea Asks
  • earl grey:how do you take your tea?
  • lady grey:favourite outfit?
  • black tea: where are you from?
  • irish breakfast:what country do you want to visit?
  • turkish tea: where have you travelled?
  • white tea:occupation/career aspirations
  • rooiboos: 3 facts about my family
  • matcha: favourite book?
  • blooming tea: favourite flower?
  • chamomile:comfort movie?
  • peppermint:what’s your favourite holiday and why?
  • milk:do you have any allergies?
  • sugar:tell me about your first crush
  • honey:type out the last text you sent
  • ginger: favourite colour(s)?
  • green tea:where do you feel most at peace?
  • bubble tea:what ride would you pick at an amusement park?
  • mug:when/where do you normally drink tea?
  • teacup: last tea party?
  • teapot: music preference?
  • chai:what do you order at starbucks?
  • oolong: ideal romantic partner?
  • darjeeling: a hobby?
  • pu-erh: 3 random facts about myself
  • herbal:post a selfie
  • coffee:surprise coffee ask! how do you take your coffee?

Osomatsu-san S2: Head Icons -Matsuno Ichimatsu

Oso | Kara | Choro | Ichi | Jyushi | Todo

Slightly more elaborate head icons. Matsuno Ichimatsu series. Based on the second seasons new style. Free to use. Colored Background.

I really like how the first and last icons turned out!

Idk if i’ll make the white and transparent backgrounds for this set of icons, if someone wants them feel free to ask~

Hetalia Dodgeball
  • Italy: hides behind Germany, manages to stay in the game a while by just running away
  • Germany: one of the last men standing, takes it way too seriously and kind of scares everyone else because he throws really hard
  • Japan: stays in the game for a long time because he's good at catching balls, but he's not as good at throwing them so he doesn't help his team much
  • America: accidentally knocks someone out because he doesn't know his own strength, leaves to go help the person who got k.o'd
  • England: brags about how well he's going to do then gets hit in the face almost immediately and trudges off, cursing and muttering about how he wasn't ready and this game is stupid
  • France: decent at dodging but can't catch or throw much, stays in the game on a similar strategy to Italy but without a Germany to hide behind
  • Russia: made the case that if he hit the ball with his face hard enough that it bounced back to the other side and hit someone else, it should count as catching it--got out because the rest of the world didn't see it that way
  • China: gets out after catching a few and making a couple of good throws because he's slow to get out of the way of balls he can't catch
  • Canada: is the person America knocked out
  • Prussia: as overly invested as his brother, but louder about it, gets out when he takes a little too much time to brag about that awesome throw he just made
  • Austria: pretends to be hurt so he doesn't have to play
  • Spain: having a really good time, not the first or the last to get out and makes one really good throw, cheers on his team loudly once he's out
  • Romano: didn't want to play in the first place, got dragged there and actually really enjoyed himself for about 1 minute before getting out, at which point he goes back to grumbling and cussing about how stupid this game is and how he didn't want to be here
  • Hungary: as good at this game as Germany, better at still having fun and remembering that it's a game not a damn war

@vancityreynolds: That’s a wrap on DEADPOOL 2: A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE! Thank you to our beloved Captain, Mr. @davidmleitch… words are too clumsy to properly acknowledge your giant heart and talent. I love my hometown of Vancouver and our obscenely gifted crew. From our PA’s, (who are first in and last out) to our set decorators and prop department, riddling this film with Easter Eggs in almost every scene… Thank you. I already miss being on set. Which is why I’ve decided to continue shooting the film in my underwear from Josh Brolin’s well appointed living room. #MaximumEffort

ME: Ficlet: Ten Years

Ten years since the end of the war.

The official end, anyway. Theirs ended later. No surprise there.

First in, last out. It was how they’d used Shepard from the moment she achieved her N7. Maybe since Elysium. Truth be told, Garrus knows it’s how they use her even now.

Garrus stands in the doorway, watching his wife dress. She’s pinning medals to the breast of her impeccably pressed dress uniform. She hasn’t pulled her hair back yet, so it hangs loose and heavy down her back, nearly to her hips.

He knows exactly how that hair would feel between his fingers. He knows its smell, knows its weight, knows its softness. He knows it pulled into a military knot; he knows how it looks spread out around her naked body. 

The medals jingle against each other as she bends to retrieve the Star of Terra from its velvet case. She has two but refuses to wear them both. “Ridiculous,” she always grouses. “And heavy as hell, to boot.”

“If you’re just going to stand there staring, you might as well make yourself useful,” she says. In the mirror, her reflection smiles at him. He chuckles, already crossing the room, already reaching for the medal. He slides her hair out of the way and fixes the clasp behind her neck. When he straightens the Star on her chest, he lets the tips of his talons trace the line of her collarbones beneath the jacket.

They look good together. He’s wearing formal turian dress, of silk and heavy brocade in shades of blue and grey and gold. The long tunic is perfectly fitted; the cloak draped and pinned in perfect folds hanging to brush the ground at his heels. Shepard, by contrast, is all crisp lines and military precision. Except for the hair. 

He hooks a lock of it and curls it around his finger. “Not like they’d court-martial you for wearing it down,” he says.

She laughs. “It’s not for them.” She taps her medals. “It catches on these.”

“Want me to do it?”


In the last ten years, he’s done this dozens of times. She closes her eyes as he retrieves her brush and runs it through the gleaming red strands. It’s the work of only minutes to wind and twist and pin her hair, leaving her slender neck bare to his nuzzling kiss. She giggles because it’s one of the very few spots she’s ticklish—and he knows that, too, because he’s made a mission of seeking them all.

He runs his hands from her shoulders down her arms, as if his touch can smooth some of the tension from her. It can’t, not really. She hates the speechifying. She hates having all eyes on her.

He’s not really a fan, either, when it comes down to it. They’re both snipers, after all, who prefer solitude and silence and perfect perches with uninterrupted sight lines. 

Still, they’ve gotten used to the visibility, the attention. They’ve had to.

“Ready?” he asks.

“As I’ll ever be. You?”

“As I’ll ever be.” His mandibles flicker; he knows she hears the faint tremor in his subharmonics.

She leans back against him for a moment, looking for comfort and giving him strength all at the same time. “Ten years,” she says. “Hard to believe.” Turning to face him, she wraps her arms around his neck and stands on her toes to press a kiss to his scarred face. “Want to go for ten more?”


Her eyes narrow. “Double or nothing?”

“Raise you a hundred,” he replies, seriously.

She grins. “High-roller.”

“All-in,” he agrees.

“That’s what I like to hear.” She kisses him again, softly, lips like a miracle.  “What do you say we get the ceremonial stuff over with so we can do what we do best?”

“Shoot things?”

She snorts. “I meant celebrate, but maybe we can work your idea in, too.”

“That was really inconsiderate of you, Harry.” Y/N responds instead of answering his question.

“No it wasn’t.” Harry argues, glaring at Y/N. He takes a step forward, bringing himself closer to Y/N down the narrow hallway. “I was just doing my job.”

“You didn’t have to do it like that, not in front of me and in such detail.” Y/N fights with Harry far too often, or used to at least. It’s silly, because he always seems to win.

“In such detail?” Harry repeats, scoffing at her accusation. “If I was going to go into such detail,” he lowers his voice and takes another, gradual step forward, until their chests are brushing intimately, “I would’ve told him that, no matter how much you writhe in that thing, you’re never going to get any sort of friction. I could’ve told him that you’ve never had an 

orgasm, and that the most action you’ve ever received is having my hand against your bum.” Harry leans his face in close to Y/N’s, smirking. “Y/N, I was very considerate in filtering these things out. You should be thanking me.”

or, Y/N’s the Princess of England who is designated to wear a chastity belt to preserve her purity at all times. Yet, her feelings toward her head of security, Harry, are everything but pure.

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Healthy Lunches - Reddie

Summary: Eddie sees that Richie is left with no other option but to eat unhealthy school lunches for his only meal, so he comes up with an idea to help.

Words: 843

Warnings: swearing, fluff

A/N: I literally got thi idea while making my lunch yesterday, so it’s a little bad but I think its adorable :)

Eddie sat down on the chilled lunch bench beside Stan. He rested his brown paper bag on the table and placed a clean paper towel down. Beginning to remove the contents of the bag- a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, celery sticks, grapes in a plastic container, a tiny water bottle, and string cheese- he placed it all strategically on the towel. Eddie packed nearly the same lunch every day, the consistency kept him calm.

He unzipped his fanny pack and pulled out a small bottle of hand sanitizer, squeezing a decently sized dollop on the center of his hand. Rubbing his hands together in slow and precise motion, Eddie successfully defeated 99% of the germs on his hands.

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Pregnant / Billy Hargrove

It was now the 4th time you were throwing up this week, you thought if you ate something wrong but nothing seemed to cross your mind. You looked into your calendar and saw that you were a week over your period.

“No no no” you talked to yourself as you walked into your parents bathroom and looked for the emergency pregnancy test you Mum always kept just in case. You did what they wanted and waited 5 minutes.

5 minutes seemed to last forever, you walked from side to side thinking how were you gonna tell Billy. How would he react? Of course you knew about his living situation, you thoughts stopped when you heard the ring. 5 minutes were over. You walked over and saw 2 stripes, you were pregnant.

You called the doctors for an appointment; luckily they had one today so you called the school saying you were sick and went to the doctors which told you that you are indeed pregnant. As your made your way out of the car and into the house you saw Billy standing on the front porch looking concerned.

“Hey Babe, where were you? I haven’t seen you at all?” He asks pulling you into his chest and pecking your forehead.

“I wasn’t feeling good so I went to the doctors” you said pulling him and standing in the living room.

“What did they say baby? Are you okay?” You knew you had to tell him, bu you didn’t know what his reaction would be. He took a step forward before you took one back making him nervous.

“I’m pregnant” you spoke out after what seemed like hours which only were 5 minutes.

„is it mine?“ he asks as you looked st him in disbelief. You looked into his eyes to see if he was joking but he wasn’t.

"Of course it’s yours, who do you think it would be?! You were my first and my last.” You spit out angry.

“Well you still can get an abortion right? I mean I can’t be a dad yet and I don’t wanna he one. I still have my life to live” he says through gritted teeth making you laugh.

“You are unbelievable asshole, I’m not getting an abortion just because you don’t want it! I want it and I don’t care if you are here or not” You say tears weeping up in your eyes.

“Well then you have to raise it on your own…” you stopped him right there.

“Get out” as you pointed to the door Billy widening his eyes.

“GET OUT ITS OVER” you yell as he turned around and walked out. You pushed the door closed before falling on your knees.

“I hate you so much” What you didn’t know was that Billy had heard you and it broke his heart but he wasn’t ready yet.

After what seemed like an eternity you got up and went for a shower. You put on some pajamas before going into bed and falling asleep.

The next morning everything was the same, you sprung up and ran to the toilette. You brushed your teeth and washed your face putting your hair up in a ponytail. You went downstairs to make some breakfast when you saw a bouquet of your favorite flowers standing on the table. There was a note attached which had the initials of B.H on it.

“Hey there, I know I’m probably the last person right now you wanna talk to or even see. I fucked up im so sorry baby, those words I said yesterday I didn’t mean them. I was just nervous, because I don’t know how I would be as a father. You know how my dad is and I don’t wanna end up like him so I thought it would be better if I left you but now I realize that was the dumbest idea ever, because I love you and I wanna start a family with you; I never wanna lose you and I’m sorry for hurting you; so if you ready to talk just turn around” as you read the last part you turned around to see Billy looking at you apologetic eyes.

„I mean what I said, I really want a family with you.“ as he stepped forward stopping in front of you. Your eyes were glued to the floor because to be honest you didn’t know what to say. You finally looked up as you saw tears in his eyes.

„I love you Y/n I’m so sorry. I promise you from now on I’ll be here the whole journey because I don’t wanna lose you. Heck I wanna marry you even not now but one day because I only see myself with you; I’m just nervous I don’t wanna end up like my dad” as you wiped your tears away. You put your hands around his neck as he put his on your waist.

„Your not gonna end up like your father Billy; you wanna know why? Because I’m here and I’ll help you with every bone in my body" he smiled softly as he put his forehead on you.

„And heck that was the cutest thing you’ve ever said to me" you laughed before connecting your lips to his.

„I love you too Billy so much" as he sighed. You were finally back in his arms and he promised himself he wasn’t ever letting you go again.

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by your side

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a/n: this song is beautiful.

pairing: yuto x reader (gender neutral)

rating: angst & fluff

word count: 1,460

  Everyone had their share of bad days. Yuto knew that but he wished that somehow, no one would have to go through that, himself included. That past couple of weeks made Yuto think he was treading a raging sea.

  He felt heavy. He felt as if he was being weighed down by some imaginary weight. His muscles also ached but that was no surprise since tension resided within him. What frustrated Yuto the most was that he couldn’t figure out the reason for his gloomy state.

 Yuto racked his brain for a reason but nothing came up. Maybe it was stress. There was a lot going on at that time and he often caught himself falling behind.

  Yeah, that was it. Except, it wasn’t.

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Movie Asks
  • 1: Favourite movie(s)
  • 2: Favourite actor(s)
  • 3: Favourite genre(s)
  • 4: Favourite director(s)
  • 5: How often do you go see movies in theatres?
  • 6: Opinion on remakes
  • 7: Favourite era(s) of film
  • 8: Spell your first, middle, and last name out in movie titles
  • 9: Favourite film series
  • 10: Favourite remake(s)
  • 11: Favourite film character(s)
  • 12: Favourite movie(s) per genre
  • 13: Movie(s) you remember as part of your childhood
  • 14: Movie character(s) you identify with
  • 15: Prizes of your movie collection
  • 16: Blu-Ray, DVD, or VHS?
  • 17: Movie(s) you hate
  • 18: Actor(s) you hate
  • 19: Director(s) you hate
  • 20: Your pet peeve(s) in movies
  • 21: Movie character(s) you have a crush on
  • 22: Last movie you saw
  • 23: Favourite film adaptation of something from another medium
  • 24: Movies you think you probably should've seen but haven't for whatever reason.
  • 25: Worst experience you've ever had in a movie theatre
  • 26: People whose opinions on movies you value
  • 27: If you could make a movie, what would it be and why?
  • 28: If you could adapt something from another medium into film, what would it be and why?
  • 29: If you could remake any movie to improve what you felt was wrong about it the first time around, what would it be and why?
  • 30: Movie character(s) you find attractive