to do list this weekend:

💖do my fafsa stuff
💖have my dad fill out the cosigner info for the apartment bc the lady said we did get approved !!! just with conditions so once he does that we pay half the security deposit and we are good to move in july 1st !!!!
💖buy my cap n gown bc im irresponsible and still havent done it and the prices go up in like a week
💖find more stuff for mini and maris package i have 2 things for each of them right now but its Not Enough
💖find alice a bday present
💖put the rest of the jewelry i have made on my etsy then share it w the world
💖finish psych study guide + put EVERY assignment weve done into the binder shes making us turn in + study for my econ final
💖get my little sisters christmas present all ready to go since i see her the following weekend for the first time in a year !!!!!
💖kiss my gf a lot

anonymous asked:

my friend came out as bi last year and at first he was really nervous about it, he kept making sure he said he likes girls a lot more and theres only a couple guys hes liked. but now hes become so much more open and is much more proud abt liking boys and he says how much more he likes boys and im so happy for him! (and im not saying liking girls more is bad!! its just for him saying that was kind of to hide himself before he was more comfy with liking boys)

AAAAAAAA THIS IS SO GREAT AND CUTE IM SO HAPPY i hope ur friend is happy i’m so proud liking boys is so good

Every week after Yuri!!! on Ice finishes I’m just like… I gotta rewatch this show! I probably missed stuff the first time around I didn’t even know was foreshadowing/interesting/cuteness!  But THIS WEEK. I’m just like… I NEED TO REWATCH THIS SHOW! I DEFINITELY MISSED STUFF THE FIRST TIME AROUND!!!! GAHHHHH!!!!

Seriously, as soon as the last ep comes out I’m going to end up binge watching the whole series again.

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s

*Deep breath*

The animatic I’ve been working on of “It’s Gonna Get Weird” (x) by Neil Cicierega.

I’ve never really done anything like this before ( and especially not something as long as this GOSH ) so it’s a bit rough around the edges I’m sure, so uh, yeah.

*Back flips into the sun*

edit- Also find it here (x) on YouTube!

Have I mentioned that my favourite thing is Adam Parrish being bisexual af?

Just casually describing people as heart attacks like you do

Dude this is not subtle
you are a mess


NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]


Hawkeye is sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to eliminate the infamous Black Widow. This sets in motion a series of run-ins and fights between the two highly skilled agents, each unable to get the upper hand on the other. Their game of cat-and-mouse eventually develops into a grudging mutual respect and soon, Hawkeye is having doubts about the orders of his mission as he finds himself unable to take the shot when presented with the opportunity.

I love how this episode finally showed us how much of an unreliable narrator Yuri has been like… The first ep we saw showed him last year chickening out in front of Victor and running away, thinking he’d spoiled his chance to meet his idol. Then this episode comes out and it’s like…. boy no you got drunk, had a dance off that included mostly-nude pole dancing, then begged Victor to coach you as he flat out fell for you like Russian Icarus getting too close to the light in your eyes

“Ladies first!”

today’s the anniversary of “A Tale of two Stans” so I drew the smols :’3