Limitless - 1x14 - Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

“Zoltar says…you’re all the murderer! Actually, no, I programmed it to say that, but sit tight. You’re all under arrest and stuff.”

Ahh this progress is crazy.. My hamstrings are something I struggle with in poses. I remember the first time trying out compass pose last year and feeling frustrated because I couldn’t balance or get my leg up as high as I wanted to (as I had seen other yogis do 🙈) I really didn’t even think I was “good enough” to do the pose yet, which I realize now was a silly thought to believe.
When we see people in “advanced poses” what we have to realize is that it probably took them months (even years) of practice to get to the point they’re at. The place you’re at right now on your journey is where you’re SUPPOSE to be. It’s suppose to be a little difficult and you’re going to struggle at times- if it were easy how would you ever learn or grow? Believe in yourself, let go of comparison, keep on practicing 🙏🏼

“Late Night Lights”
Star trails, car trails and train trails oh my!
I made this image by stacking 278 photos, the first and last 19 photos were faded in/out with 5% increments of the layer opacity. As usual, the process was automated with this script,

Fine Bros Controversy

Okay, to clear some things up. 

The Fine bros CLAIM they are not attempting to copyright the word “React” in all capacities, or the react-type video in all capacities. They are rather trying to license out THEIR react video formats and trademark “react” in terms of a youtube brand. However, their wording is so vague that any reaction video COULD be taken down.

Some issues with this.

1) First of all, when was the last time the Fine Bros put out any creative or original content at all? They’ve basically just piggy-backed off of already trending topics for view counts. Let me just get that out of the way. 

2) Not only is this a dangerous area for youtube, but this isn’t something that’s done on TV either. 

Fine Bros don’t seem to understand that what they’re doing is kind of like Oprah Winfrey trademarking the word “talk show” and attempting to license out her talk show format. So basically, all talk shows that came after her, would be illegal, or have to pay her a fee. Like the Wendy Williams show, or the Tyra Show, or Dr. Oz, etc., etc. 

3)The fine bros may have the market cornered on “react” videos, but that doesnt mean their “format” (which they have still failed to concisely define) is so special or brand specific that it can be licensed without coming into a lot of muddy waters.

4) So far, they claim that other people have “ripped off” their format, but that would ONLY be true if someone made a react video with the same set-up and graphics as Fine Bros and tried to pass it off as a Fine Bros video. Just like how if America wants to make an “America’s Got Talent” , they need a license from Britain’s Got Talent. But America doesnt need a license for American Idol just because it is a talent show, because it uses different styles/graphics/voting systems/and doesnt TRY TO BE Britain’s Got Talent. Fine bros going after Ellen and other youtubers PROVES that they dont understand this point or are lying about their intentions.

5) One last example. Based on what they’ve told us so far, then it is perfectly fair and legal for Michelle Phan to trademark “beauty tutorial” and to license the “format” of beauty vlogs. It would also mean that whomever first created the “draw my life” video can license it and go after anyone that’s ever created a “draw my life,” cuz hey, that’s a specific video format. And we can all agree that’s pretty ridiculous.

And yes, people are smart enough to understand what the words “licensing” and “trademark” mean. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the Fine Bros have violated the unsaid truth about Youtube; that it is a place away from big corporations and capitalistic interests, a place to share ideas rather than license them.

Behold, a Bridgeburner-insignia ring crafted by Älgverkstaden!

It reads “First in” on one side of the burning span of stone and “last out” on the other.

Go ahead, check out Älgverkstaden’s other work, maybe ask for a commission - and rest assured that it’s always an even trade!

Top 10 Favorite Female Anime Characters:

5. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Original art by:


HEY THANKS. I’m actually super mad that the smoke covers everything because THEY AIN’T HALF-BAD. Really Crystal Empire backgrounds aren’t too difficult- they’re just time-consuming what with all them crystally textures. (of course, ‘time-consuming’ for an aks background means it takes more than 30 minutes to draw)

SO HERE THEY ARE,  IN ALL THEIR SMOKELESS GLORY. Excuse the watermarks, but empty backgrounds beg to be stolen. So don’t.

Of course it wouldn’t be a true Wiggles background without copious amounts of shortcuts which is why all the buildings are mysteriously the same shape ehehe

AND OF COURSE the one pretty unique building was actually drawn by @tambelon! And that lamp post. I remembered she had a really nice exterior shot so I asked if I could borrow it to add a little spice. …Even if Sombra ended up covering most of it by the end, whoops.

AND THAT FRIGGIN SPIKE STATUE i wanted to destroy it as much as Sombra by the time I was done with it. SO MANY FREAKING SHAPES