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can i throw out ideas for your hogwarts au b/c madhardy and i have been expounding together: ex auror/unmentionables furiosa and max. they literally are not able to talk about what their job used to detail, because if they do, they will breach their twin unbreakable vows. they are covered in scars and so dangerous looking but really good and kind to the kids and there are a million wild rumours invented over the pair of them every single day

& for every curious, brave first year to ask furiosa about what happened to her arm, she invents a new reason and starts a whole new round of rumours every time. also imagine, for your misery, max having to deal with a boggart xx

right. so. first off. in regards to your last point. get out and never come back here again. ahem.

NOW LET’S GET TO IT. ex auror/unmentionable is essential. and. for some reason i forgot there were professions outside of quidditch and professors which. nah. (although. chaser!valkyrie on a crow feathered broom just fuck me up). max as a cruciatus survivor, caught attempting to infiltrate the Citadel, a base for the dark wizard immortan joe. furiosa as an imperio survivor, forced into death-eater-hood, the unwilling imperator for joe. 

the kids ask, of course. angharad asks every day, relishing in every new story. capable records them. they have an index. they cross-reference. cheedo thinks it’s stupid because she is sure she knows exactly what they were (max trained dragons obviously, look how good he is with animals. furiosa was a curse breaker, which is closer to the truth than furiosa is comfortable with). furiosa comes closest to telling toast, who follows her around all through first year (and second, and third), who asks about every curse she remembers the name of, who is definitely going to be an auror (i mean. if quidditch falls through obviously). the only person max ever wants to tell is cheedo, who looks at him, and smiles, and steals the key to his office when he isn’t looking. (dag is no good at care of magical creatures, cheedo is going to help her out with the answers). and of course Max has everything in his office locked and alarmed. and of course he catches her. and of course he absolutely charmed by the attempt (though he would never admit it). 

angharad and capable work it out eventually. capable is good at spotting patterns, and reading newspapers, and asking the right questions. angharad is good at spotting lies, and reading faces, and demanding the right answers. they don’t say anything, not to max, or furiosa, or cheedo, or toast, or dag, or anyone. everyone has things they want to forget.

when max had nothing, and no one his boggart was the sun. death. now that he has a family, his boggart is an empty road, 

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I did bleach beforehand and I left it in for like 3 hours... But I showered with conditioner thinking it would help my damaged hair from the bleach I used manic panic purple haze. Now only my roots are purple it's such a mess. I'm going to end up spending like $100+ at a salon to fix it :( :( :(

I think the conditioner wasn’t a good idea :( a good tip for saving your hair when bleaching is to cover it in coconut oil first. Melt some coconut oil and spread it to your hair. Then let it sit for a while and apply the bleach directly on top of it without washing it out first. I did this the last time i bleached mine and the ends didn’t get at all damaged. You may not need to go to a salon, just buy another bottle of purple and try again. 😊 I really hope you can get it fixed and end up with prefect hair! ❤ Best of luck!

//I’m posting this publicly because i get a lot of hair questions and this might be helpful to someone else too

She’s Kinda Hot Music Video..

Hi, so as We All Know, I Love 5 Seconds of Summer… Yeah, that’s about it…

My Reaction When the song first Came out…..

So, I didn’t get Any sleep last night… Not because I was excited of anything… I’ve always had sleeping problems(= 

So, before the music video was Released today, I…

Then When I woke up the music video was already out….

My initial Reaction was..

Then I had to watch it again, just Because.

So, my Reaction Next was like…

And the after that, I basically sat there and watched it multiple times. Before I  knew it, I’d watched it almost 20 times in a row..

This was my reaction when I realized….

So basically, what I’m trying to say is, these Guys Know what they do to Us Fangirl’s… That’s why we need to stick together… Because I literally just forced my whole Family to watch it…. That’s how you know I have a problem…

But then again, I don’t care how crazy or weird I look, I don’t care about what people think of me… Not many things help me through life or make me happy, these 4 dudes, they do and I’ll always be grateful for them… And Tyler Oakley, who can lift my spirits with one sentence <3


After more than a decade away, Dolly Parton returned to Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium last night for the first of two sold-out benefit shows. Greeted by a standing ovation, she got things started by saying, “For those who don’t know me, I’ll fill you in,” before heading into “Backwoods Barbie.” As she worked through an evening of indelible songs, heartfelt stories, and sharp humor, Dolly played eight different instruments (acoustic guitar, banjo, dulcimer, autoharp, harmonica, piano, penny whistle, electric guitar) … most of them sparkling … just like the lady herself.

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because if naruto would lose an arm for his friend, what would he sacrifice for his family…?


Every organisation needs a designated asshole. That is my gift to the Killjoy collective. The asshole may not be liked, but he will always be necessary. Cause he does what’s needed.