The signs at the pool
  • Aries:just puts their feet in while putting on tanning oil
  • Taurus:falls asleep while tanning and gets horrible suntan
  • Gemini:TRYS to tan the whole time
  • Cancer:loves swimming underwater and finding random things
  • Leo:does epic flips into the pool all the time
  • Virgo:never comes out of the water and becomes a mermaid
  • Libra:stands under water bucket the whole time
  • Scorpio:is determined to win at Marco pollo every time
  • Sagittarius:stays on kids slide
  • Capricorn:challenges everyone to a cannonball contest
  • Aquarius:is the first in and last out
  • Pisces:stays out of the pool at all costs

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Do you know what the anon meant by the "disappearance of the black shirt from last night's party?"

Yes! I can’t link to it since I’m at work, but when the first fan pictures of Harry at Nobu came out last night, there was this mysterious black blob that made me lift my laptop screen literally to my face. The person is brunette with hair down the mid-neckish area and it looks like they were bending down or kind of stooping over. They were wearing black. To an all-white party.

I’m not saying Louis was there with Harry… but until I get receipts to the contrary, Louis was there with Harry. Andddd by the time the paps showed up, the black shirt had mysteriously, magically disappeared. 

Shit Fake AH Crew Mica Says

I’m bad at writing full length things but I love writing dialogue. So here’s some things that I think my Fake AH Crew Mica would say. Tried to be as true to badgersinbowties while still being a drug dealing, explosion loving, Los Santos gangster.

“I found out Lindsay was with the Fake Crew when she showed up to movie night covered in blood that wasn’t hers. It was a mess but hey, we still ended up watching Footloose so I guess it wasn’t a completely terrible night.”

“I’ve always wanted to have an open casket funeral so you can all see me being prettier than you for one last time.”

“When I first figured out I liked boys and girls I was really confused, then I got it. I’m a hot piece of ass so why limit my options?”

“The first drug dealer I ever met was some cracked out old guy living in a trailer. I just thought to myself ‘who would want to buy drugs from this guy when I exist?’ and drove the bastard out of business.”

“Lindsay? Do you have any idea where I left my makeup bag?” “Why do you need it?” “It has a remote for something important” “The TV remote?” “Nah, you remember the car bomb we planted on the dick from the grocery store’s car last week?” 

“Geoff, I’m not sure why you think this is a bad idea.” “You have a rocket launcher. It’s always a bad day when you have a rocket launcher.” “On the contrary, I think it’s a great day when I have a rocket launcher.”



Why Are The Bees Dying?

A single honeybee weighs almost nothing, but a whole hive might be worth more than its weight in gold. These little buzzers contribute billions of dollars worth of farming assistance every year, pollinating more than two-thirds of the fruits, veggies, and nuts we eat. Almonds, for instance, everyone’s favorite snack nut and non-dairy milk alternative, are completely dependent on domesticated honey bee pollination. No bees, no expensive smoothies, people!

Bees, both domesticated and wild, are dying off at alarming numbers, and the reasons aren’t totally understood. Pesticides? Habitat? Disease? Climate change? All of the above?

This week on It’s Okay To Be Smart, we (honey)comb through the science, find some intere-sting stuff, and wax poetic about the importance of our bee-youtiful little friends. 

Previously: Want to know more about the amazing pollinating prowess of bees? Check out last week’s video: Which Came First - Flowers or Bees?  


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

"Wait, did you say 36 hours?"

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Epic Foreshadowing: The Armor of the Fallen

After watching “Keeping It Together”, I realized something. In the first season during the last Steven Bomb, we found out a few things. First, Rose had a massive army. An army that consisted of many gems but we didn’t know just how many she had until Rose’s Scabbard where Steven shows Pearl he knew about his mother’s secret armory room. Pearl mentioned something that I found interesting. Steven revealed a group of armor and Pearl called them “The Armor of the Fallen”.

Even Jasper stated that the Crystal Gems were what was left of Rose’s Army. She also made it quite clear what she thinks about fusion, even so far to call Garnet an abomination. Could it be because she knew what fusion was used for, the secret hidden away in the Kindergarten? So far we learned that fusion isn’t just a battle tactic like with Opal and Sugulite:

It’s also a sign of love and having a deep connection with another being like with Garnet herself and Stevonni: 

And we’ve also seen what happens when two gems are NOT compatible and/or semi coerced into fusion in the case with Malachite:

So in this case….what happened to the gems of Rose’s Army aka the owners of the Armor of the Fallen? Well….think we all know from Keeping it together what Homeworld did to the gems who rebelled, either captured or when their gems were crushed. They became what we saw at the Kindergarten revisit…

Something that scared Garnet to death. Something that scared her so much that she was about to unfuse.This episode showed just how dangerous Homeworld is and what they want to accomplish and just how dangerous they are. We can actually see the gems trying to materialize into their physical forms and they are still conscious to who they were/are so much that they refused to attack Garnet because they have fought along the side of her and the others…but they were turned into a true abomination: