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I have a question. Let's say some decent looking guy/gal you have never met walked up to you. He asks you to be the Amy to his sonic. What would you do?

I would probably do the same thing I do whenever somebody famous/I have a crush on/I admire and find awesome says something to me:

First, I freak out:

Then, I instantly attempt to flirt back:

Last, I die:


{}  Ciphir’s 2015 Summer Sale!

Because it’s the summer break and there’s a lull in my work, I’m marking down my stickers and detailed digital prints! 

Please check out my commission guidelines first! This sale will be lasting from the beginning of June until the end of July 2015. Only a handful of slots are available and they do fill up fast! Unlike my previous sales, slots will not be reserved.

Any further inquiries can be made through my ask box.

Have a fantastic summer!


I’m going to my first festival this weekend. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  So I’ll be gone till Sunday or Monday not sure yet when I’ll be back. I won’t be able to post anything within these days but I stocked my queue.

See ya (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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If you like fairytales and dystopia, you should read The Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer. It's a dystopian series based off fairytales and the last book comes out in November! First book is called Cinder.

I bought Cinder and plan on reading it soon!

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Do you have a reccomended route order for clover no kuni no alice? Cause from what i heard you have to do some routes before others.

Actually I don’t have any, because unlike Heart no Kuni no Alice, Clover no Kuni no Alice doesn’t have so many hidden secret information in the lover routes. The new world building is mostly done in the common events so playing one route before another wouldn’t spoil you for anything. However, there are certain routes in Clover that have some problems. (Personally I think they employed some new writers, because the plot and character development felt OOC in certain areas. Also many people started smoking randomly only to drop the trend in the next game) Depending on your preferences-whether you like to play the annoying first and get them out of the way or save them for last-you can choose your own order.

Ace- His route is HELLA dark, although It’s not actually OOC. His unstable behavior is mostly caused by the fact that Julius, the one who normally helps him retain his sanity, is left behind in the country of hearts. But still if you’re looking for some actual sweet romance and not a mindscrewy and codependent relationship, you won’t be getting it here ^^;;

Elliot- It’s the worst route in terms of writing, imo. Alice was extremely OOC here, creating meaningless drama over how Elliot and she shouldn’t date because they’re ‘boss and subordinate’ (Alice works as a maid and Elliot is the no. 2 in the organization), and emofagging over Elliot not loving her even though he pretty much drowns her with his affection all the time >.>

Blood- There is even more ex-drama in this route compared to Heart, and although the start and end of his route is pretty cute (the ending gave me cavities <3), the middle part is riddled with bullshit. Blood is extremely hung up over the ex issue, and Alice treated Blood like some cheating playboy (because his fangirls kept sending him gifts and trying to woo him, and in his insecurity he made the mistake of trying to use them to make her jealous) even though he had declared his intention to commit to her multiple times.

Gray- Gray is the perfect gentleman and a sweetheart here, but Alice is OOC just like Elliot’s route and kept emofagging over Julius (in this route she previously lived in the Clock Tower with him), making Gray feel like a replacement. She also kept whining about how she’s immature and not worthy of Gray, and dissed Gray’s sweet/romantic gestures as him just humoring her.

TL;DR Play however you want but brace yourself for dark stuff/dumb BS in the above routes


Too many Monday events at school so I haven’t been able to start running my favorite trail series. Maybe in three weeks I will make it.

I did run yesterday 3.15 miles. I did the first two as intervals, then ran the last mile straight out. It was a good run - feeling it a little in my calves today. I woke up early thinking I would get on my bike but I just feel like being lazy so I’m watching Extreme Weightloss instead. I will try to fit in yoga or kettlebells later.

Monday night went to Boston to pick up friend’s daughter. We ate at cheers - overpriced! And walked around in Fanuiel Hall. Fun.

400#s is being a bit of a pain so I’m going to just let him take the lead.


HS Ancestor Night Collection

Part 2: family, serious feels, bloodswaps, and the Condesce, amazed.

[Part 1]

A trend is a friend you’ve actually met several times and enjoy hanging out with.

First, last weekend: So much stuff. There was an amazing show of support for IDAHOT, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. And the Phandom Tumblr Meetup—such lovely phans. Plus JIBcon for the SPN crowd. Finally, for Swifties, the Rock in Rio concert in Vegas, the Rio of Nevada.

In teevee: After 33 years, David Letterman stepped down from his talk show with crankiness and grace. And on The Flash, Barry Allen goes back in time through a wormhole instead of reversing the rotation of the earth like a normal superperson.

In crime: The Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, hosted a 165-person shootout between rival biker factions. Conspicuously missing from the media coverage: words like “thug,” “gangbanger,” and “riot.”  

In music: More Tay. This time at the Billboard Music Awards where she won everything before blowing up the building.

In anger: Mad Men, Mad Max, what’s next? A Mad About You reunion? No, there are currently no plans for a Mad About You reunion.

In comebacks: Fossil-crazy audiences are boning up on their archaeology to prepare for Hollywood’s latest dinosaur romp.

In big cats: Lions are definitely having a moment.

In perfect people: All hail Amy Poehler, queen of Cannes, counselor of camp. May this American summer be your wettest ever.

From you guys: Some of the best damn character design anywhere. Keep drawing and writing and making your own entertainment.

And check out some of the week’s most popular blogs:

Image via ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos 

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How on earth do you pronounce Louis' last name? I have never really knew how to pronounce it. To be honest his last name is a mouthful.

♛“Pssssst: that’s not the only thing about him that’s a mouthful.” 

Alright *shoves Lestat aside* to answer your question: How to pronounce Louis de Pointe du Lac: you’re lucky I took French in high school which has been EVER so useful to me in my adult life. NOT.

  • Louis: “Loo-wee”, with less emphasis on the “wee” part.
  • de: “dih,” means “from” in French.
  • Pointe: “Pwan” with almost no emphasis on the “n,” means  “tip.”
  • du: “due,” means “of.”
  • Lac: “Lack,” means, “lake.”

BRING IT ALL TOGETHER! Emphasis on Pointe and Lac bc of reasons.

“Loo-wee dih Pwan due Lack,” “Louis from the tip of the lake.”

This has been your French lesson.

HEAD’S UP YA’LL! In case you missed my ten million posts about this on twitter, my first published comic work came out on ComiXology last Monday! AHHH!

Fresh Romance is reviving romance comics within the American market, and I’m so proud to be contributing art for a queer high school romance called “School Spirit!” It’s also written by Kate Leth and colored by Amanda Scurti, two incredibly talented babes! Check out a four-page preview on Entertainment Weekly and buy it on ComiXology! Yay!!