The original creator of Spongebob, the one who made the first three seasons so good and memorable and left after the movie, is coming back.

I hope the first thing he does is retcon the last decade of episodes out of existence.

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Ok, look, I know your heart is in the right place with the "don't send Joss death threats" posts. However, as far as I'm aware, both from being one of the people who heavily criticized him on twitter and from reading the news about the whole thing, nobody DID send him death threats. We tore him a new one regarding his bad writing, and he threw a tantrum and deleted his account, the end. So, frankly, I'm getting sick of these holier-than-thou posts making it sound like his critics are crazy.

Hi Anon! So all day I’ve been debating whether to, or how to, reply to this. I’ve written essays in my head while driving. But honestly, I’m tired. I’m tired of the negative parts of fandom that want to shit on everyone’s parade. I’m…nope. Honestly I don’t care enough. It’s just a movie and I want to enjoy it as such. Or not enjoy it. Whatever. Each to their own.

Look, no one but Joss knows why he deleted his twitter. It doesn’t matter why. It doesn’t change the fact that people have been monumentally shitty about a goddamn summer blockbuster movie that millions of people have enjoyed. 

I just wonder if you guys use the same language/tactics that “tore him a new one” for every other single thing you don’t like. Like, did you abuse the director of every single movie you didn’t like? Do you send this kind of hate to every tv show, movie, commercial, politician, friend who made a mistake, any person who wrote something that wasn’t perfect. Every imperfect person? Why. (Also, that phrase “tore him a new one” is grosser than anything Joss has ever put in this PG movie)

Not all of the critics are “crazy”, but some of them need to check themselves because they are talking about a human and a gosh darn popcorn comic book movie.

Anyways, I already said way more than I planned/wanted to. I may delete this later once it’s out of my system lol. But also, not sure if the links in this will work, but these talented people have said what I feel in a much better way lol. I’m just here to enjoy and re-blog Clint Barton things folks.

How movie business works : (aka dont like dont watch)


How I feel:

I hope they don’t mind me sharing the posts here. If so, I will remove. Ugh this got longer than I intended.

Abuse is not the same thing as criticism. CYD out.

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Have you read the comic adaptation of "City on the Edge of Forever: The Original Screenplay"? You'll appreciate some of the characterizations in it.

Yeah! (Well, the first two.)

We got them signed by Harlan Ellison at STLV last year.  The first two were the only ones out at the time, and I haven’t picked up the others yet.  I definitely love them.  Really great to see it NOT being Bones’s fault (which Ellison said was a terrible change they made to his script) and Rand being an active part of the resolution.  Plus the artwork is tear-inducingly beautiful.  Look at this:

Thanks for the characterization tip.  Glad you thought of us :D

Okay, so, front row at An Evening with Noel Fielding last night was fricking AWESOME.

When Noel first comes out and asks the audience how we’re going and everyone is cheering, he then points to someone in the front row, which this time happened to be my partner, Jason, and says “And how about just you?”. Jay just gave him two thumbs up and Noel thought it was quite funny and went on to say that he wanted a big cheer from him, but instead got a Paul McCartney thumbs up. Then he bent down to Jay and did the “Let’s touch, in an I’m Christ and you’re a leper type way” and put his hand out for Jay to shake and Jay grabbed his hand and shook it and Noel jumped up and was like “Jesus Christ that’s a firm handshake. I think my left nut just dropped and exploded”  or something like that… lol

During his little Milk song, when he was about to do the sexy version, he looked at me and was going to sing the sexy version to me, but then looked at Jay and said “No, you’re too strong” and went to the other side of the audience.. haha I almost had the sexy Milk song sung to me, dammit LOL

Noel kept pointing to Jay throughout the show. I said to Jay that Noel must like picking on him. Makes me wonder if Noel remembers him from the first time we saw him last week? lol

Oh, we got sprayed with Joey Ramone’s piss too… LOL

At the end of the show he said “This has been my favourite gig so far, and we filmed the DVD in Melbourne yesterday, thanks a lot you fuckers” hahaha Oh Noely!

Here’s a pic I snuck of Fantasy Man…

I didn’t want to have my phone out and in his face the entire time, cos that’s kinda very rude, so I only got a couple of pics.

All I can say is, that if you have the opportunity to see the show, SEE IT. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Thankful #47

The biggest lesson of last summer was being prepared for anything. A few days before I found out who I was going to serve with for the 2014-2015 year, I spent a few days praying for my co-servants for the year (tumblr post:

Didn’t expect to lead with these two but God did IMMEASURABLY MORE than I have asked for or imagined through Joe and Daron.

It’s been a CRAY CRAY year. But out of anyone else, I’m glad I got to experience that nothing is impossible with God with them two! As we closed out today, God was obviously doing SUCH DIFFERENT things in all of our lives. So I’m excited to see where God will take all of us in the next season (obvi including struggles…..) 

Thanks for the partnership :)

Last close-out dinner / “planning” meeting

Bonus: Our first dinner in August (a few hours after I found out we be spending a lot time together) @ Tomukun 

My court date today for domestic abuse went completely unexpected, messed up.  The fucker wants a trial.  He wants to bring in the cops my neighbors called for me, the ones i ran to instead of ran from, the ones i hugged cuz i was in such fucking fear as witnesses.  First the fucktard wanted to represent himself until he couldn’t figure out how to call the cops as witnesses.   The evil this man is sickens me.  To think I would lie of anything.  It humiliates me that I put up with all I did being as educated as I am.  I wish I was lying.  I wish it was my bipolar but no, it was my inability to come up with first and last months rent to get the fuck out.  It was my stupidity to not call the cops, my lack of courage. My fear.  Now this fuck wants to control me more.  I’m hurt and pissed.  He is evil, this is pure evil, it can be nothing else.  Thank you for all your support during my time of having a very cracked psyche.  It means the world to me to know there are people that are good and that do care and do love.  namaste, Lu

Plans for today


“At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing”


I am so fucking wound up.
Spending a week and a half with my husband’s parents has been so incredibly stressful.

While I’ve had time and trusted sitters to go out and do things I don’t usually get to participate in, my father in law throws more shade about it than anyone ever. Not to mention his general pessimistic attitude, almost game of thrones spoilers, and racist comments. His negativity is making me fucking insane.

Not to mention my husband, who has napped constantly (and sometimes at the worst times, you know like when we’re visiting my best friend for 10 years and he’s meeting her for the first time and passes out on her fucking parent’s house). Then last night I wanted Lemonsweets to sleep with us since him and his parents are taking her to Cleveland fucking Ohio for three days.
She was a restless sleeper and my husband had the audacity to complain about the lack of fucking sleep he’s been getting. ALL YOU FUCKING DO IS SLEEP.

I’m sad I won’t see Lemonsweets for a few days but I have never been happier or more content with the opportunity to spend some time by my fucking self. I’m going to that spa that enroutetopeace always talked about in ATL and forgetting all of the stress and negativity.

Good/bad news. The first draft of the  last chapter of “Walking Out Into The Dark” is done but it’s twice (three times?) the size I was expecting. So is it better to split it and you get a new chapter (with a sort of cliff hanger) in the next day or two or do I wait and post it all at once near the end of the week (maybe if I get time…)?

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favourite minor kingdom hearts character(s)


Hexafusion: Silly girls edition.

Planned on having this done sooner, but after getting on a Sunset Shimmer kick this sorta took a backseat. Started this not long after the first hexafusion. I thought this would be easy and quick to do with the simple designs here, but it took longer than I expected. Not sure if this came out as good as the first hexafusion. The last fusion I started two nights ago and rushed it a bit (just finished it this morning). I honestly just wanted this done and out of the way, so I can move on to the other hexafusions I’ve planned. And get back to Sunset.