lil animated thing i did as a sort of exercise. some of the drawing is sloppier than i’d like (cough hands cough) but i just wanted to get it done so i kind of rushed it? she’s a character from a comic i have planned but probably won’t make for a while.

it was fun trying to animate that super-twitchy lightning. like, I feel like i’ve seen it a bunch in 80s / 90s anime but i can’t think of any specific examples. anyway, first new animated gif in a while, enjoy.


For @senator-sprinkles :3 I’m late but here. Take the gay meep morps!

I had a little too much fun with this and ended up making my first Gif ever while I was at it oops ^^” I hope you like it. :3

(Apologies I accidentally made the drawings too big again aaaa)



the night of the boat party, i got scratched. and that’s why i broke off– with major, and it’s why i got a job at the morgue. so that i could get brains. because that is what i have to eat to stay me. or, this version of me. there are zombies in the world–and i am one of them.