ok while katara marrying zuko and becoming the fire lady and moving to the fire nation is a cute headcanon and all i like to believe that if zutara had actually happened they would’ve argued for a while about where they would live? bc obviously zuko would have a duty to stay in his nation as the fire lord and he’d want katara to come with him, but she’d want to go back home and mend her broken village after the war

and so they’d get together and try long distance, taking turns visiting each other for a few years until one day, when zuko made a trip to the south pole, he’d ask katara to marry him, in the fire nation, to be his fire lady, and she’d say yes, but even after they were wed they’d still run into the same problems because katara would want to go home and zuko couldn’t just leave the throne?? 

so they’d agree to have children (luckily for zuko, their first child was a firebender, so he wouldn’t have to deal with more scrutiny for his decision to marry a waterbender) and once their children were old enough to understand, katara and zuko would remain married but decide to live separately. zuko would stay with his children in the palace until summer, when they’d visit the south pole and reunite with katara for a few weeks, and she’d go with them back to the fire nation for a few weeks more to spend time with them before leaving again, and that’d be their system for years until their oldest child was sixteen, and zuko decided he no longer wanted to be fire lord, and he’d abdicate from the throne, and he and katara would retire to a remote village in the earth kingdom, in the middle of both of their homes for the rest of their days


The Mystery skull crew all bloody and bruised..! yay? no.

Merlin LOVES Vivi, he wouldn’t hurt her, doesnt mean the other red lotus members wouldn’t. He just wants his lil flower out of the way. (he’s sick..) the second pic i imagine Lewis found Arthur on the floor, mangled and lost an arm..and wasnt responding..this scares him so he flips him over and would be the first firebender to use lightning bending to bring someone back to “life”. the Third pic, Arthur is now heading to a doctor to get treatment for his arm, he isnt fully awake yet. 

korra and asami have the same mediocre standards for the type of dude they date but clearly have the highest of standards when it comes to women

I have this weird au that can’t relate to canon at all but at the same time depends on it and it goes like this

  • Leo’s a firebender, that’s 100% unquestionable.
  • Piper is from the Water Tribe (she would totally rock the hair loopies, let’s be real).
  • Jason and Thalia are both children of a businessman from the Fire Nation and an airbender woman. Thalia is a firebender who prefers lightningbending over fire and is the first firebender to ever lead the Kyoshi warriors since Avatar Kyoshi herself, Jason is an airbender and third person to ever master flying.
  • Annabeth is an airbender who got her powers after the Harmonic Convergence and is now helping expand Republic City and reconstructing the Air Temples.
  • Percy and Frank are both chiefs of the Water Tribes (Percy, chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Frank, chief of the Northern Water Tribe). They are waterbending masters, spiritbenders and first men to ever master healingbending.
  • Nico and Hazel are children of the king of the Earth Kingdom and both masters in earthbending, metalbending and lavabending. Nico is rumored to be in a relationship with a guy from the previous Fire Nation colonies named Will Solace.
  • Reyna and Hylla are part of the Fire Nation royalty. Reyna is the Avatar (who brings balance to the camps world) and Hylla might be the heir of the throne.