It was one of the hardest things Steve had ever done. Even harder than that one time, before war and when he was half of his current size, he got mugged and beat up in the alley, and had to go back home and face his mom and confess that he lost all the money they had saved up for her medicine. Back then, Bucky saved him, and Steve broke his rule of never borrowing money from a friend, but Bucky insisted, treating Mrs Rogers like his own mom, as there was no other way, as Mrs Rogers always treated Bucky like her own. Today, there was no one to save him, so he waited, hands placed on the table and eyes cast down, his face burning in embarrassment. Maybe he should had kept his mouth shut.

Tony was sitting across the table, looking at Steve with a blank stare, processing what, really painfully and shyly, Steve just shared with him. They were dating for a week and Tony did notice some patterns in soldier’s behavior, but to finally have his suspicions confirmed was something entirely different.

“So, uh,” Tony started awkwardly, wanting to break the silence. “So, you like it?”

Steve looked at his knees, unwilling curling in himself, hands curling into fists. He really should had kept his mouth shut. “Y-yes,” he whispered, face nearly glowing red from embarrassment.

“You like being tickled?” Tony asked, having to be sure.

Forcing himself, Steve answered. “Y-yes.”

“And, in particular, you like being tickled by me?” Tony asked, paraphrasing Steve’s words.

There was no way for Steve to repeat it, so he only nodded, not making eye contact with his boyfriend. It was too hard, and he had to fight the urge to storm out.

“Huh,” Tony concluded in a neutral voice. “So, let me get this straight–” Tony stood up, the chair making a silent noise as it was pushed to the back. Steve didn’t look up, but heard Tony walking to him and standing behind him.

“You mean, you like when I do this?” he asked, placing a hand against Steve’s ribs and very gently wiggling his fingers.

Steve squeaked adorably, not expecting it, before biting his lips and giggling, trying to keep the laughter inside. He nodded.

“Ah. And you like when I do this?” Tony asked further, moving his hand down and squeezing Steve’s flank.

“Mphihihihih,” Steve giggled and nodded briskly, almost moving his hands to wrap around himself protectively.

“Interesting,” Tony nodded to himself. “And you like when I do this,” he demonstrated, pressing soft, scratchy kisses along the side of Steve’s neck, tickling the thin skin with his goatee, “even though you always push me away and yelp at me to stop?”

“HIHIHI!!” Steve twisted away from the kisses, managing to stay in the chair. He nodded again, blushing from head to toes.

“Huh,” Tony repeated himself, “hey, you know what?”

Ah, there it was. Steve gulped, and slowly looked up, locking his eyes with Tony’s. He really feared what he might hear next.

Tony shook his head at how sheepish and scared the super soldier was, quickly leaning in to kiss him softly and lovingly. “I am a big fan of touching you and the way you laugh, so I think we are gonna complement each other very well,” he said his own confession, lips curling into a smile.

The next kiss was initiated by Steve, and it was hot and biting and happy, and then it was stopped by Tony who wriggled fingers against soldier’s belly. And they kept laughing and kissing and tickling, knowing that something very special for their relationship just happened.

jyonzu  asked:

I just love the idea of Shiro tutoring or helping Keith study in the garrison and them spending evenings together that start out with schoolwork and end with deep conversations and laughter and looking into each other's eyes and shy hand holding/cuddling.


and how unusual keith felt at first because probably this is the first time somebody paid so much attention to him and keith being so awkward and having no idea what to do 80% of the time and always thinks ‘holy shit this is THE shiro ok get it together kogane you cannot mess this up’ but like ITS ACTUALLY SHIRO WHO IS NERVOUS AND FLUSTERED ALL THE TIME WHILE HES WITH KEITH OK HE DOESNT KNOW WHAT HES DOING 100% OF THE TIME BUT HE JUST EXPERTS IN LOOKING LIKE THE COOL GUY 

Jackson updated weibo with a video of the fans waiting for him at xiamen airport.. His post: 
Morning! What ya doing? Have you eaten breakfast? If you haven’t, quickly eat it! Eat something nutritious! Or else you will have no energy today 
I didn’t post weibo yesterday cuz it was too late
I came to Xiamen yesterday for the first time! The places I went recently are my first time! 
I felt so happy after I saw you all upon getting off the plane! Hug hug
Please be mindful of your safety! Be careful of your health! Every one of you is a friend of everybody! One of us! 
Dun quarrel! Although you all didn’t quarrel
I miss you all! Missing even now!
Really thank you sincerely for receiving me every time

#wangjiaer #quickeatyourbreakfast #xiamen #thankyoueveryone #plsbemindfulofyour safety #hughug #ican'tbearit #jacksonwang

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jakeandlevii  asked:

I love Remus Lupin because he was the first character of a book series I felt a connection with. Any other character I didn't react when anything happened to them. Remus was something else. I was so excited when he was mentioned in a chapter. I pored over every interaction. I cried happily when he was reunited with Sirius, I sobbed my eyes out when he lost Sirius again... Remus was the first character I felt a connection to in any book series.

it sounds like remus means a lot to you and I feel the same. the parts you mentioned all made me cry and smile too, every time he was mentioned tbh :)

tell me why you love remus lupin

Starter from @the-evil-anon1 XXX

____________________________________    ______ ___     _

When you attempted to possess her, she froze for a few seconds before falling to the ground, making choking sounds. It seems as if it’s working, Umber stood up and looked around then fled although if you check her then you would see that her HP has decreased.

This is one of the first times that she felt pain, although if you try again then you might succeed.

kaotickanine  asked:

Would you be willing to share some headcanons regarding Tails or even Taiream? :3

Oh man, I have so many Tails headcanons I don’t even know where to start. I think I’ll just go for one of my favourite TaiReam headcanon because that’s a lot easier.

So I like to think that Tails first seriously realised he felt something for Cream after having a relatively serious accident (I think you can guess what kind). Maybe because he was trying to test a new power source for the Tornado II that didn’t involve chaos energy or something like that. Either way, he crashes, and ends up unconscious and a concussion.

Luckily, Cream was nearby and rushed to help get Tails back to her house while he was unconscious. When he eventually wakes up, he’s in Cream’s room. Dazed and kinda unaware what happened, he tries to get up but Cream comes storming up, demanding him to rest and that she is has taken charge of his recovery (much to Vanilla’s amusement).

I think seeing Cream be so worried but determined to help him back to full health made him realise that she was someone similar to him. Not just a sweet innocent little kid, but someone who was willing to do whatever it takes to look after the people they care about.

I’ve been meaning to write this out as a little Fanfic but I haven’t gotten around to it yet heh;; You think I should?

Steel Trap

Stolen glances stuck in the daydreams of what’s to come;
Closed lipped smiles as our representatives meet;
Please laugh, please touch me, please smile when you look my way.

Pretzel tied feelings— No, I won’t show you them yet.
Do you see me laughing? Will you let me touch you? Do you see me smiling when I look your way?
I think about you. I think about you. I think about you.

I want to know the first time you felt love, what reasons you have for breathing, what reasons you have to not want to…

I can never think of something interesting to say to you—
attempting to fill the silence is against my closed mouthed nature.
Brain stuck on steel trap— keep clenching;
Don’t say anything that isn’t meaningful until you have him.

My hands shook when I told him I didn’t need him anymore, but it had to be done.
When the dream changes, things will be left behind.
I see you ripped open, and I’m sorry.

I hope you don’t think I’m dirty.
I hope I haven’t housed too many sins for you to find holiness in me.

You are such a sweet boy; I don’t want to turn you sour.


Since I started spending more time and energy overanalysing my sexuality I often came across some wlw terminology that made me uncomfortable. For example the butch/femme thing. I had heard “butch” before (and had a brief concept of what it means) but not “femme”.
I realise that the way I look/dress would mean I’d be read as femme but there’s something that makes me extremely uncomfortable with that. I didn’t realise what exactly it was until I made an account on a wlw dating platform and had the option to choose my “gender role” between butch, femme and some other terms I hadn’t heard before. I also had the option to choose neither which I did because though, yes, I do look feminine because I wear dresses and lipstick, I still don’t want to perpetuate any gender roles - no matter which gender my partner has.

I mean, I leanred long ago that Gender Is A Social Construct And Nothing Is Real™ but that was the first time I actually felt direct discomfort coming from the gender binary. I have no problem being seen as a girl but I don’t want anyone to project a gender role on me because of the fact that I’m a girl. I don’t know if that makes sense but…. yeah long story short: the butch/femme terminology makes me uncomfortable and is another reason why I don’t feel queer enough to be a part of the wlw community.


porter robinson & madeon - shelter

//it’s so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

i could never find the right way to tell u
have u noticed i’ve been gone
cause i left behind the home that u made me
i will carry it along

and its a long way forward
so trust in me
i’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me
and i know (i’m not alone) you’ll be watching over us
until you’re gone

when i’m older i’ll be silent beside u
and the words won’t be enough
and they won’t need to know our names or our faces
but they will carry on for us

and its a long way forward
trust in me
i’ll give them shelter like you’ve done for me
and i know (i’m not alone) you’ll be watching over us
until… //

there’s a bundle of tenderness
sweet as a piano tune
sitting on my teeth.
mama says when I breathe 
my ribs resemble church pews
she says that’s how she knows god exists.


this healing is a child & a garden
tiny fingers pressing in to soft fruit
breaking flowers open, teaching
the earth love by the richness of kind acts.


I have never met a part of me that forgives
selflessly. I don’t know bravery
without being unapologetic.

I want a story about girlhood empty of
the knives and porcelain thighs.


I want to be more than pretty words
& fond remembrances.
more than the polite conversations
& ink-stained handkerchiefs.


I don’t want a new body 
or any lukewarm version of me.
underneath I am old & cursed
the colonies have never touched me.

perhaps I will forget God but He
will always remember me - 
my name remains unsecured in his mouth.


“The thing is you see all the three films individually but they actually tell one long story. As you head towards the end, the tempo speeds up. The tempo of this film was always going to be faster than the other two, and I think Peter always knew that. That’s why the first 45 minutes of the first movie, which everyone felt was quite slow… If you watch those three movies as a whole, it’s necessarily paced that way because he knows the end of the film is going to be this fast and furious finale, and he had that whole picture in his mind, and it was just where it was divided up and when it was released in the cinema that made people feel like that. [Five Armies] is like the final act of a Beethoven symphony, it’s fast and driving towards the end. I think that’s why it’s shorter.”

Happy birthday, Richard Armitage! | 22. August 1971

Imagine Sherlock suddenly deducing that John is about to kiss him for the first time.

Imagine that John’s been acting a little off all day, a little awkward and nervous, imagine he’s been standing too close and not close enough, imagine he brushed his teeth longer than usual this morning, imagine he shaved extra carefully. Imagine he’s slightly better dressed than usual, not enough to comment on but enough to notice, maybe his shirt is a little better pressed. Imagine Sherlock trying to solve it but then they get called out on a case, and even here there’s something just a little extra in the way John says “Brilliant.” that thrills along Sherlock’s nerves, makes the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

Imagine they’re in the cab riding back to Baker St and Sherlock is sure, so sure of this added tension between them that he can close his eyes and still know exactly where John is, every line of his body, he could calculate how close they are together at any two given points within a fraction of an inch. He still doesn’t know why, doesn’t know what’s happening, he can’t put it together yet, but his heart is beating faster and his face is flushed.

Imagine they get takeaway and eat it on the couch, sitting too close, stealing off each other’s plates. Sherlock finishes first, and after John is finally done he sets his plate and fork very deliberately down and then looks at Sherlock, clears his throat and licks his lips, and Sherlock’s eyes widen and his lips form an “Oh!” as he finally puts it all together, as he realizes

And he deduces John’s appearance rapidly, checks back over all the signs, and then flashes back over all the clues from that day, all the tension, all the times their glances lingered too long or their fingers brushed

and he flashes further back, other days, other times he and John have locked gazes, times John’s hand has lingered on his arm or back or shoulder, all in rapid succession, all the times he THOUGHT John wanted to kiss him, and he was right, he was Right

(and if this were happening on the show, the room would be spinning around them now, like Sherlock’s deduction of their first meeting, their eyes locked on each other)

And then the moment breaks and Sherlock comes back to himself and can move and they come together. And with John’s lips on his Sherlock’s mind stills and goes blissfully blank and all he is thinking, all he needs to think, is “John. John. John.”

Fic Recommendations 2.0

Summer is ending really soon :( and I just wanted to get one more fic recommendations list posted before I don’t have anymore free time on my hands. I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing responses and feedback I got from the first fic recommendations list. It really means a lot to me. Once again, I hope you enjoy these scenarios and give these writers a whole lot of love!

DISCLAIMER!!!! : just because one member has less scenarios than another does NOT mean I love them any less.

The format is going to be a little different from the first list because I felt that it wasn’t organized well.


♡ - personal favorites

+ - multiple parts

The Last Call - @bulletproof-girl-scouts (angst)

One Lucky Girl - @bangtan-spells (fluff)

Caught in Love - @bangtan-spells (fluff)

In An Instant - @hobibliophile (smut)

A Fan - @cheribts (fluff/angst) +

Hidden Stars - @jungblue (smut/angst) + ♡

Raindrops - @pjiminnie (smut/angst) + ♡

You Deserve - @xkisawaii (angst) + ♡

Tomorrow - @dreaming-as-we-run (angst)

This Just In: I Still Love You - @caffelattaes (fluff/angst) ♡

I Need You - @fabulousbangtanboys (angst/fluff) ♡

Dimples - @jvnqkooked (fluff) ♡

I Only Dream Of You (Never Wake Me Up) - @chimout (angst/fluff) ♡

Let’s Not Fall in Love (jikook) - @jungkoojk (smut/angst/fluff) +

Her Silver Lining - @yoonmininfires (smut/angst)

Star Crossed - @agustqueen (angst/fluff) + ♡

Can’t You See, What This Armys Done To Me? - @thestorytellerofkpop (fluff)

Worthy - @xkisawaii (fluff) ♡

I Promise - @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff (fluff)

Detention - @taeinmycup (fluff)

The Airplane Playlist - @dreaming-as-we-run (fluff)

Goodbye, My Love - @xforeverweareyoungx (angst) + ♡

First Love, True Love - @cherrybananapajamas (fluff)

The Words Never Said - @cheribts (angst) + ♡

The Words Should’ve Said (sequel to The Words Never Said) - @cheribts (angst/fluff)

Cute Notes - @become-the-story (fluff/angst)

Purgatory - @btsfanficsandscenarios (fluff) + ♡

Secret Love Song - @g-d0818 (angst) ♡

Til Death Do Us Part - @bangtanbangin (smut/angst/fluff) + ♡

Orange Tulips - @kainks (smut/angst) ♡

Risky Business - @got7exobtsfluffyfiction (triggering subjects such as physical abuse/angst/fluff)

Empty Words (Kai of Exo) - @yoonmininfires (fluff/angst) +

I Want To Be Your Boyfriend (Dino of Seventeen) - @swervingkpoptrashcan (fluff)


i just want to say, if anyone reading this is in the type of relationship that is mentioned in “risky business”, please please leave him/her no matter what the circumstances are. you DO NOT deserve to be treated like that by a man or anyone. you deserve to be loved. get help and get out because it is not safe.

FAVORITE WRITERS (authors do NOT need to have their writing in my recommendations list to be one of my favorites. I read a lot of scenarios from different writers): 







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