Sweet Pea x reader | Safe🌹 Part 3

• Sweet Pea finds a girl alone in the streets. She doesn’t remember anything, not even her name. He takes her home and promises her that he’ll protect her. They both try to find out what happened to her •

Part one :

Part two:


Sweet Pea was waiting for me outside his trailer. He had to fix something on his motorcycle and I was watching him through the small window. He asked me if I wanted to meet his friend tonight. Apparently this boy can maybe help us find clues about what happened to me. I still didn’t remember a thing. I tried to but I couldn’t. I looked down at my new flowy dress and smiled. It was the first time I felt pretty since SP found me. I looked through the window again and blushed. He had removed his black t-shirt. I took a deep breath and opened the door. As I walked out, he looked up and smirked.

“Wow.. You look beautiful.” He said, putting his shirt back on.

“You think so?” I blushed, walking up to him.

He smiled and took my hand, twirling me around.

“Of course I do. The northsiders better not stare at you because I won’t like that.” He said, putting on his leather jacket.

“The northsiders? Who are they?”

“C’mon, i’ll tell you all about it as I show you around town.” He smirked, handing me his motorcycle helmet.

“Did you fix it? I might have a helmet but i still don’t want us to crash.” I joked.

“It’s just as good as new, you’ll have to trust me on that Rosie.”

Hearing my new nickname made me smile. I don’t think I would be able to feel that way with my real name, the one I didn’t remember. It’s like it was a new me, and I liked that person.

“If there’s one person I trust right now it’s you Sweets.” I said.

“Did you you just call me Sweets?” He asked.

“I did.. I’m sorry I’ll stop.” I said, looking down, hoping he wouldn’t get mad at me.

“Don’t. I kinda like it. But only you can call me that.. and not in public please.” He said, siting in front of me and starting his bike.

We drove through the whole town. He explained to me that there was a northside and a southside and that we belonged in the south. He looked like he really hated the northside. He showed me each and every part of the town. When we passed the southside high school, something clicked in my mind.

“So that’s my school. I don’t really like going there but..” and then I stopped him.

“I know this place..” I said, confused.

“What? You do?” He asked, excited that my memory was coming back slowly.

“I’ve been here before..” I said.

“Do you want to get in? Maybe it’ll come back even more..” he said.

I nodded and he got up. He gave me his hand and i felt my heart tighten. He smiled to me, showing me that everything was okay. It was a saturday so the school was completely empty. We walked in the halls silently. When we walked in front of the library, i gasped. It came back. It’s like a movie scene was playing in my head.

//flashback// As I walked out of the library, my favorite books in my hands, I bumped into a tall figure. I dropped all my books and the boy spoke up, only to stop as he saw me. “Watch where you’re going..” He looked into my eyes and spoke up again. “Oh.. i’m hum.. i’m sorry. Here let me help you.” He said, kneeling next to me, picking up my books. “Thank you.” I said. He gave them to me and the bell rang. I left for my class. Little did I know, the boy watched me leave until I turned the corner. //

I came back to reality and I was on siting on the ground, Sweet Pea next to me, asking me if I was okay.

“I remember.” I said.

“You remember everything? It all came back?” He asked.

“No I just saw a bit of it. And.. Y-You were there.” I said, looking into his eyes. The same ones i saw in my memory.

“I was there? How? We’ve already met?” He asked, confused.

I told him everything about it. He also remembered this moment. It was the first thing that I remembered and yet he was still there with me.

“That was you? But how come I never saw you again? It was about 3 years ago..”

“I don’t know.. Can you hug me please.. I’m scared.” I said, feeling like everything was upside down. He took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. We spent a few minutes like that, talking about this moment.

“You remembered me?” I asked.

“Yeah.. I just didn’t realise that it was you. It’s been so long. I’m still sorry that I bumped into you though!” He joked, bringing back my smile. “Do you still want to go to Pop’s? I can understand if you don’t want to.. you’ve already been through enough today.”

“No it’s okay.. I’m alright I just needed a hug that’s all..” I said.

“C’mon, a good milkshake will make you feel better.”

I saw the lights of the diner from far. It was pretty late so the parking lot was almost empty. We entered and it smelled like burgers and fries. I smilled. It feels like I hadn’t had a burger in forever. We sat face to face in a booth next to the window.

“Are you more of a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry girl?” He asked me.

I giggled and he smiled. “Strawberry!” I said.

“Well that’s great because i’m a strawberry kind of guy.” He smirked. “But don’t tell my friends that.. I don’t look so badass drinking a pink milkshake.” He laughed.

“I saw the framed picture in your room.. Are those your friends?” I asked.

“Yeah, a few of them.” He said.

I didn’t ask more because he looked like he didn’t want to talk about it. The little bell behind us rang and we both turned around. A boy with even more bruises than Sp walked in. He had a cut on his eyebrow and another one on his lip. He walked towards us and Sp stood up. I noticed that the boy was also wearing a leather jacket with a serpent behind it.. weird.. It must be trendy around here.

“What do you want?” The guy asked, dryly.

“Calm down.. I need your help.” Sweet Pea said. They didn’t really looked like friends. “Rosie, this is my friend Jughead. Jug, this Rosie.”


I loved writing this part of the serie!! I hope you enjoyed it😊 Please leave me some feedback, i’d love to know what you guys think of it!! Thank you for reading:)

Red Sparrow was the first time that I felt drawn to it to go back to the nude hacking. It was really sexual and I’ve always been like ‘Absolutely, no way.’ Especially after what happened. No way am I ever going to do anything sexual. For me doing Red Sparrow, I felt like I was getting something back that had been taken from me.
—  Jennifer Lawrence on Red Sparrow

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1. Has any movie/song/game/book inspired you to change something about yourself or to look on things from another perspective? The Metro series changed me in some way I can’t articulate properly. When I was done reading Metro 2033 for the first time I felt dead inside for almost a week and when I came back I felt older somehow. Idk these books are really mesmerizing to me? Also this was the first time I told myself “yeh I sure wish I could write like this” and I feel really motivated since then. Aaand idk I feel like a more compassionate person since I watched Train to Busan.

2. Favorite band/song and why? My favorite band of all time is Rammstein. I grew up with them and even if I don’t listen to them as much as I used to, seeing them in Paris is one of the best memories I’ll ever have. It’s one of these things that’s been in my life for so long I don’t even know when I started listening or even why I like them??? I mean they’re so unique, if I only learned about them now I’m not even sure I would like it. And these days my favorite song is either Smoke or Burn It Down by Daughter. Everything they do is so emotional tbh. They make me Feel Things.

3. In what fictional world would you like to live in? Most fictional worlds I like are on the violent side so this is a really tough question fdjhg. Does Persona’s count? It’s basically our world with supernatural stuff so that would be neat.

4. Favourite flower and color? Sunflowers and bright red.

5. Is there any quote that you found interesting? I find a lot of quotes interesting! I think it’s amazing how someone else’s words can resonate with you ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ I have 35 pages of quotes on my blog but I couldn’t choose just one.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Salar de Uyuni! Someone please take me here before I die, I’m broke.

7. Favorite game OST? I really like P5′s, most of RE’s and KH’s…… I’ll go with KH II just because it reminds me of my teenage years.

8. Roman or Greek mythology? I’m sorry, I know nothing about mythology :c

9. Time travel or mind-read? Time travel would be amazing like imagine all the possibilities, you’d basically have unlimited time in your hands if you use it properly. And mind reading would just hurt my feelings fhgjhdkj I don’t wanna hear strangers think I have a fat ass.

10. Favorite TV show? Lost! The plot was intriguing and I loved almost every character to death. Also it has a nice soundtrack.

11. Last, what would you like to say to your mutuals? Thank you for bearing with me! Some of y’all have been following me since day one and I’m so happy you’re still there! Never be afraid to message me, anyday, anytime, about anything! \(*^▽^*)/

My 11 questions: What would you do with an infinite amount of money? If you could be The Best In The World™ in one thing, what would this thing be? What did you think of the last game you played (last movie you watched if you don’t play vidya gamz)? What’s your favorite school-related memory? The most bizarre gift you’ve ever offered or received? What food are you craving right now? What’s the song that resonates with you the most? The first movie that made you cry? Your favorite Pokemon? Is there an album you would recommend to literally everyone, regardless of their music taste? An advice you would like to give to your younger self?

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i’ll be real. at this point i feel like ppl are being really fucking whiny over on youtube. the first week-understandable, stuff felt robotic. now? come on. People are being absolutely r i d i c u l o u s. Rhett and Link are comedians. I can only imagine how this negativity will drain them and affect their performance.

For his sake

@blackpaladinweek - Day 2: Original/Divergent:

Rated: G

Relationships: Gen

Summary: Shiro is not a clone. But the Galra weren’t just sitting on their hands when they held him captive. They wanted to bring back their Champion. The Champion, that acted on the witch’s command. The Champion, that killed for the Galra. The Champion, that Shiro can’t remember being. But he’s still in there and Haggar is doing everything she can to bring back her Champion.

It had been only a few days since Shiro had successfully escaped the Galra. Again. And just like last time, he couldn’t remember anything.

The first thing he’d felt after waking up on that ship had been fear. Pure terror rising in his chest and screaming at him to move and run, run, run. And he made it. He came back to his team. To his family. To safety.

Not being able to pilot the black lion had been a shock, but there was nothing he could do about it. He’d learned what would happen if the connection to the lion was forced and he did not intend to end up like Zarkon.

With the days passing by and him getting used to the headaches that accompanied him since his escape, he started to get into a routine. He was reluctant at first, not knowing what he was supposed to do, how to help his team.

When they were fighting with Voltron he could help Coran in backing up the team with the castles defense systems. But as soon as a mission involved boarding an enemy ship or fighting on a planet’s surface, he was useless. That’s when he went to the training deck to distract himself and not be a nuisance to the team (because a nervous whatever-he-was-now making unnecessary comments was no help to anyone). But he got used to it and was thankful for the little order that routine gave his life on the castle ship.

At least, until everything came crashing down in the span of a few hours.

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Poly!Hamilsquad Lingerie Preferences (Headcanons)

A/N -not really sure if this is NSFW? Kinda, I guess?

T/W -swearing


  • This is a black lingerie kinda boy.
  • Lacy bralettes and panties leave him DROOLING.
  • With high waisted fishnets and knee high boots? Girl, you just sent him over the edge.
  • He gets really possessive over you when you wear it, and gets really jealous when any of the hamilsquad catch you in underwear.
  • There was the pool incident of 2016 (you decided to wear the sexiest bikini ever, and the boys wolf whistled loads. Let’s just say Alex was not happy)
  • He loves it when he’s working and you come over and straddle him to try and distract him.
  • “Babe, get off… seriously, I’m trying to work here. Don’t even”
  • He says he thinks it’s really annoying but you know otherwise.


  • Laf actually takes you lingerie shopping really often.
  • The first few times you felt really awkward, but it’s your couple time now.
  • He pays, obviously.
  • “Non, mon amour, I will pay infinite amounts to see you confident!”
  • You end up picking one each, and try both on.
  • You decide together which one looks best and buy that one.
  • This guy LOVES stockings and garters!
  • No frills, no lace, just pure appeal.
  • He’ll usually buy you a pair of heels to go with the whole outfit (if you could call it that)
  • He’ll laugh if he sees you wearing the shoes outside the bedroom… but he’ll have a hunch you’re wearing the full set underneath your dress
  • He bought you Louis Vuitton shoes for your birthday and you cried.
  • He just wants you to feel beautiful.


  • Herc just loves you in a big t shirt with sexy ass stuff underneath.
  • He once tagged along with you and Laf when you went shopping and he was more awkward than you were.
  • He picked out a few things, but was more interested in the dresses in the shoe shop (you know, coz he’s a tailor)
  • “I could totally make this sexy! I mean, if we’re going for sexy.”
  • He’s not one for complicated stuff, he loves you for you and doesn’t care what you’re wearing.
  • He does like it when you’re dressed up just for him, it makes him feel really special.
  • He thought you were the naughtiest girl ever when you went commando at the work Christmas gala.
  • He carried you bridal style to the bedroom once he discovered.
  • And I’m telling you, SHIT WENT DOWN


  • You thought he’d want really dark red, but this boy is in love with you in white cotton underwear.
  • He thinks you look like an angel
  • You look so pure and he just wants to ruin you
  • He bought you angel wings, just like Victoria Secret ones.
  • Speaking of that, this boy is IN LOVE with Victoria’s Secret.
  • When Laf takes you to the boutiques, he takes you to Pink to buy you sleep wear, and then buys you SO MUCH UNDERWEAR
  • When you complain that it’s expensive, he shushes you and just says he wants you to be comfortable.
  • When he gave you the wings you kinda stared at him blankly
  • “It’s because you’re my angel”
  • It was the sweetest thing and you wear them whenever you wear the matchin* white panties and bra he bought for you.

anonymous asked:

art anon again sorry for asking so many questions but what do I do if people don’t seem to like my art? i am anxious and need validation to keep be going but i feel like im never good enough and bc of that I post really rarely and I am just a confused bean sorry

No need to be sorry! It’s good that you’re asking these questions, that’s how people learn! :)

Okay so.. I know that it may seem like people might now like your art at first. I felt the same way and it discouraged me a lot. But! That isn’t true!!! Just because people don’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t like it! Just post more often, and eventually your art will gain traction. A lot of people will begin to see it, which also means a lot of people will begin to love it!

It’s okay to be hesitant at first though. Just know that there are people here for you and people that would LOVE to see your art, no matter what!

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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my favorite memory
of You
and me
was laying on your couch
limbs wrapped up in each other
when You brushed my hair
to the side of my neck
and with your finger
traced the outline
of my tattoo
You didn’t say anything
but your touch
was the softest
most careful thing
i had ever felt
and for the first time
i felt
like i was home
The Protector | Stranger Things

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

A/N: There may be a couple of spoilers throughout this. I promise I will be writing more Teen Wolf fics soon, I’m just so in love with Steve at the minute. Enjoy, leave feedback please! As well, I feel the need to point out, no one has any permission to post my imagines elsewhere.


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The brown eyed beauty collapsed onto the couch, hands swinging behind his head as a sigh escaped his pink full lips. The dish towel that he had been holding dropped onto his lap, and you smiled when the first thing he did was stretch his hands out to you, gesturing for you to come over to him. You lowered yourself onto his lap, his arms tightening around your torso and his head fell into the crook of your neck. “Why are kids so difficult?” Steve muttered, the humming of his lips tickling your skin.

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We never worked to find chemistry, it was just sort of organically grown from meeting. We met for the first time and it felt we should have met before or we had met before but without actually meeting. When we met it was like, “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life!” It got to the point where at the moment I see tears in her eyes I kind of start tearing up, even if it was inappropriate for the scene.

I don’t even know where to begin, if you had said to me last month I was going to meet Taylor Swift in October I would of called you crazy 😂 I just can’t believe this photo actually exists, I’m so grateful to have been invited to the secret session it was seriously the best night of my life and I will always cherish it 💛 I finally got to meet my idol, the person I have looked up to since 2008, she was exactly as I knew she would be, kind, humble, funny, generous, gorgeous and so much more 💖. She was so kind to me and instantly recognised me as soon as I walked through the door “Morgennnn I’m so glad you could make it” I will never forget those words, I never thought she actually knew who Is was but Taylor proved me wrong ☺️. She also told me she always associates me with the flower crown filter which I died when she told me as all my friends of hers call me “flower king” because of that 😂 I fell in love with her in 2008 and met her in 2017. Last month I was in a dark place, I had my first heartbreak I felt so lost and depressed for a long time but as soon as I received that message from Taylor Nation everything changed. Someone once told me that with every low comes a high and this is definitely that because I have never felt this happy in my life and will never stop thinking about it😊

Taylor thank you so much for inviting me into your home( which is beautiful btw) to hangout with you for a night and listen to Reputation early, which I am gonna say again is the best album you have created you have put your heart and soul into this album and just looked so happy when listening to it with us and just throughout the whole night, I’m just so happy for you ♥️ I cannot wait for everyone to hear Reputation and also can’t wait for you to win album of the year for the third time when the Grammys come around 😌 it’s gonna happen and I am so ready for it! And finally thank you so much for the friendships I have made from the Secret Sessions, I finally got to meet @ethereal-swiftness and @taylorsparklingswift who i had been friends with before the event, it was such a great surprise to see them and to freak out together throughout the whole night with 😄 Also I’m sorry for kinda freezing like a statue when meeting I was so awkward and just overwhelmed that all the thing I wanted to say to you I forgot to speak to you about and I didn’t even ask for a picture with just me and you which I kinda best myself up about as they were personal things I wanted to thank you for but I’m gonna make a post with all those things so please if it made by the fine you read this look on my blog for it it would mean so much to me if you knew.

Thank you so much again Taylor for everything. I love you so much Taylor it was truly enchanting to meet you, the memories of October 13 will stay with me forever, see you on tour!

Love from your Scottish Swiftie

Morgen 😘🌷🌺

Q. What song makes you the most happy?

Jk : the song “Crystal Snow” that going to be released in Dec , When I first heard it , I felt that it fit perfectly with my current feelings

Q :



Q: Snow falling at park vs rain at Han river

I really like snow

Thank you

It’s fit my current feeling ?

Omg I can’t wait to heard the new song ><

And if the final trailer is anything to go by, the parallels between Rey and Kylo Ren (a former apprentice of Luke’s gone rogue, remember) will become even more apparent.

“From the script [of The Force Awakens], to seeing the film for the first time, I felt like the dynamic between those two is fascinating and complicated and had a lot of potential,” grins Johnson. “That was one of the things I was really excited to figure out ways to get into, on this one.”

The gasp-inducing sign-off to the trailer suggests Rey reaches out to Kylo to “show me my place in all of this”, although Johnson assures us that if you’ve seen the trailer, you shouldn’t think you know it all. “We all love the trailer because we look at it and we say, ‘God, it looks like it sells the cow, but it doesn’t.’ Not because it’s tricky or it’s misleading you, but because there’s just a lot more… It doesn’t give you answers, it gives you questions, which is terrific.

—  Rian Johnson, Total Film Magazine
I Found You (Loki Laufeyson Soulmate AU)

Summary: (Y/n)’s soulmate tattoo is Loki in Nordic runes and now thinks fate is playing with her and he doesn’t exist because they gave her a mythological god. During the battle of NY (y/n) happens to meet him but what occurs once the battle is over? Her soulmate is the most hated man on the planet.

A/n: So I changed the MCU storyline a bit as well where Clint had met Steve before the battle of New York.

Warnings: There’s some physical harassment from a male co-worker on the reader so possible TRIGGER WARNING, and remember if this happens to you, report it and if nothing is done about it, definitely call the police. (Be safe y’all, we don’t all have Steve Rogers to our rescue)


Gif is not mine, credit to @lokitty

Originally posted by lokitty

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A young man approached, thanking and taking his coffee from (y/n). She huffed, overtime she called out someone’s name, she always somewhat hoped that her soulmate would mysteriously appear. She’d had her soulmate tattoo since it appeared at age 12, like everybody else, except hers, wasn’t even English. It was in Nordic Runes, something people didn’t use to name their kids. (Y/n) had found out at 16 when she went looking for her soulmate after being teased for her strange tattoo. She was desperate to prove to everyone, her soulmate wasn’t a freak; he/she was unique and deserved love. She, after all, being in foster homes all her life, believed she could give this to them.

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