Not a fuck customers, more like a wtf customers

A guy came up to my register today to buy a little wifi USB thing. It was something we offer extra warranty on, so I asked if he’d like to add that on. I hadn’t finished getting through the whole spiel that I need to do when he says ‘I don’t think my mum’s going to live that long. It’s for her while she’s in hospital’

Like, oh my god??? What do you say to that?? He was a really nice customer and patient when his card didn’t work the first time and I felt really bad

On Wolfsburg's crisis

Ok, considering my rant from before and the fact that it’s far past midnight here and I really need to get some sleep, I should probably say this before some angry Draxler fans tear me apart:

I don’t blame Julian nor any other player for the current crisis.
I blame Wolfsburg’s bad management. You can’t just buy famous and expensive players and expect them to be a team out of the sudden.
All those players have amazing skills but if you neglect working on team spirit all those skills are worth nothing. You create an atmosphere of uncertainty, which only gets worse with every lost match.
And we’ve all seen how hard it is to break the cycle of losing a match and losing self-confidence once you got caught up in it.

Get to Know Me

I was tagged by @junebugninja and @adamantinesky

I feel honoured. Thank you! :D

(Sorry that I might be late)

There were two different versions, so I will start with junebugninja’s

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

1. How old are you?

Biologically speaking, I am 25 years old. Yet, it depends. Some of these days I am more of an exhausted Methuselah and on other days, I behave more like an unreasonable child.

2. What’s your current job?

I am about to finish my university degree. Right now, I am waiting for my professor’s evaluation of my thesis. Besides that, I work as a temp in a company that builds different kinds of individual storage and conveyor systems. Being able to work as an in-between, part mechanic and part electrician, is a lot of fun!

3. What are you talented at?

Definitely in improvising.

Be it speeches and presentations or repairing something, whatever it is, I am going to handle it! McGyver would be proud of my ability to start from scratch and make it work ;)

4. What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?

I’d like to do some Work and Travel and see a bit of the world. To visit archaeological sites would be awesome!

5. What’s your aesthetic?

Abandoned places! Creepy, eery but also fascinating as hell. To imagine that there were people living there, it’s thrilling! This might be a reason why I am interested in archaeology (and to be able to see more of these places in The 100). Others include forests, rainy and stormy days,  petrichor in the air, the smell of old books and purple-blue-ish photos where you can see every single star.

6. Do you collect anything?

Dust under my furniture, I guess.

7. What’s a topic you always talk about?

I think that the topics vary according to how recent they are, as well as how aggrevated and angry they made me feel or how important it is to discuss them. As long as you can learn something new, any topic is worth talking about. I am quite happy to have new input or a new perspective on things, so feel free to talk to me about whatever interests you. Psychology or archaeology are a good topic to start though.

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours?

- Injustice

- Slow drivers (especially those without indicators)

- Unnecessary energy and food waste. Do you know these people who don’t close the freezer chest properly? Or tons and tons of food that is thrown straight in the bin though it would be still edible? Looking at you big companies! At least spend it to those in need, please.

- Drivers who use the designated parking space for mothers, elderly or disabled persons and don’t fall in any of these categories.

- People who put the shopping trolley straight into the middle of the aisle just to have a talk with someone they know.

9. Good advice to give?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

(Something I have to remind myself of, repeatedly)

10. What are three songs you’d recommend?

The ones I have on repeat at the moment (nothing spectacular):

Kwabs – Wrong or Right

Walking on Cars – Catch me if you can

Rag’n’Bone Man – Human

(I am going to cheat here by adding Biffy Clyro – Re-arrange)

And Boyce Avenue make some decent covers.

And of course: The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack! :D

Now to adamantinesky’s:

Rules: Tag 7 people you want to get to know better.

Name/Nickname: Laura (I also go by Mama Laura, Lauri, Lauralino or Hobbit; whatever you prefer)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Time right now: 22:48 p.m.

Last thing I googled: Did Eddie Redmayne, who admitted to be colour-blind (however severe), really write a dissertation about the colour blue? I mean, that is amazing! And it shows that no one should be discouraged by others who say that one might not be suited for a certain task or that they have some sort of disadvantage that prevent them from succeeding.

Favourite Colour(s): Depends on the hue, actually. Predominantly blue.

Character I’d like as a sibling: Nathan Miller or Lincoln maybe? Another one might be Murphy (without his more than dubious decisions and actions). Or do you happen to know Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series? Holly Short would be cool, too.

Number of blankets: One.

Dream vacation: A place where it is not too hot. New Zealand or Canada would be interesting.

What I am currently wearing: My favourite Sweatshirt J

What I post: Most of the time, I post and reblog things that are related to The 100. In-between, there are posts that deal with either interesting or funny things (at least for me). Others include aesthetic or psychological stuff.    

Do you get asks on a regular basis: So far, not even one. I mean it’s not surprising because I haven’t done any meta/analysis work so far. But I am determined to change that as soon as possible. Still, feel free to hit me with questions or opinions if you’d like to J

Favourite Music Artist and/or Songs stuck in my head: that changes quite often and are far to numerous, so I am going to refer to my 3 songs I am currently listening to which you can see above (see Number 10)

Why did you choose your URL:

I am quite short, hence the nickname Hobbit. We have a fond expression for children or people who are short-ish. It’s the same expression for a small umbrella which you can easily carry arround in your bag. In the particular area where I live, we also use the french word for umbrella which is “parapluie”. One day, I was wondering if they have a special expression for a small umbrella, too, which turned out to be a “parapluie pliant”. Et voilà, my URL was born.

Fun Fact: my grandfather was a Frenchmen, too. :)

Pokémon team: Do you mean Pokémon Go or any GameBoy version? Gotta have to dig a bit for my Pokémon Red cartridge……

Average hours of sleep: Far too less. Normally between 5-7 hours. There is too much on my mind to fall asleep within a few minutes.

Lucky number: 3

Favourite Characters: Bellamy Blake (The 100), Jean-Luc Picard and Data (Star Trek TNG), Captain Holly Short (Artemis Fowl), Aragorn and Gandalf (Lord of the Rings Movie), probably many more of which I cannot think of at the moment.

Dream Job: A job where I could actually change something and make it better immediately.

A close second would be a job which doesn’t recquire too much sitting down in front of a computer but instead being active; a busy bee on a mission. Being an actress and thus being able to portray different mindsets and roles would be challenging.

If we are talking about something that won’t be likely and would be really out of a dream: either star fleet commander/captain or an Indiana Jones-Archaeology-Adventure-Person! :D


One of the “Get to Know Me” states that I may tag 7 other people, the other one says 9. That makes about 16 people that I am able to tag ;-)

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BUT: Only if any of those I tagged would like to of course and only if you haven’t been tagged a dozen times before. Then ignore it, please. :)

And everyone else who wants to participate, feel free to do so!

My first Crush

“My first crush. Well It felt similar to when I first understood that girls are different from boys, it was a realization that was tough to comprehend. It was puzzling to know that girls does not belong to the same category as I was. Same happen when she separated herself from others of her own kind. She. I won’t name her - had elegance which I never witnessed before. She was unique like something sudden knocking on the door of my soul - with a perfect approval letter. I had a key for the door - which I thought belong to me exclusively. I kept it inaccessible. Hidden from every ounce of vision. And now like her the key is gone. I know it exist but it is not there where it used to be.

I’m anxious because I think she took the key and now she can come in at anytime - any moment - I can’t stop her intrusion. I have lost that power.

I can make another key and may even give it to someone else; but from now on She will always have the key - A fact which is both exciting and terrible.”

161204 Fantagio Official Instagram Update - TRANS
fantagio_official: Happy birthday to me~ hehehe
This year’s birthday is the happiest birthday that I’ve ever spent since I was born.. It’s the first time that I felt regretful for it to end so soon ㅜㅜ Thank you very very much to the many people who have wished me 😊 I won’t forget this!!! I love you bbyong ❤️

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Birthday Sex

I had someone message me and asked when there was going to be Hoseok smut! Here you go my darlings! Please enjoy!

God it was hot in this club.

You had come out with your friends Taehyung and Namjoon to your favorite club for your twenty first birthday.

It felt amazing to drink with your friends and dance with random strangers.

Would you have a killer headache the next day?


Did you care?

Not one single bit.

A slower paced song came on, so you decided you wanted to go to the bar again and get another drink.

You sat down heavily on the stool and rested your elbows there waiting for the bartender to come over and ask for your order.

You felt someone sit down next to you.

Orange hair lit up in your eyes and it was attached to a very attractive male in leather pants and a loose white shirt that was open low enough that you could see his chest. You licked your lips and quickly turned your head away from the mysterious man before you completely flushed pink.

The bartender came over and gave you a small smile. Then you recognized him.

“Yoongi? Oh my god is that you!? I’ve missed you!”

The now black haired male smiled and reached across the bar to pat your wrist in a brotherly manner.

“It’s good to see you Jagi. I’ve missed you as well.”

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wailingstarharpy  asked:

♞ - Death?

Stages Of Life Headcanons || @wailingstarharpy

♞ - Death

“Bursting in that vortex or whatever the hell it was with that vessel was freaky as hell! First I felt a twitch of pain and then it all ended quickly! Death was something; I can’t say much but what I can say I was surprised.
             It’s not unknown of what I as the Saint of Cancer can do. 

I’ve seen how the spirits of the dead line up and marching heading to the Yomotsu Hirasawa. At some point of my life I’ve come to imagine and accept I’d end up like them. Mindless and walking to get judged by a trio of assholes who have their biases already.

But to my surprise, I woke up in the Underworld with my own consciousness. I knew I was dead, I so damn certain I was dead. And yet I had my own free will and awareness intact. I didn’t feel compelled to walk alongside the other dead folks. It was like as if I was visiting the Underworld again yet I knew I was this time dead.
I figured it was the perk of being a Cancer Saint or some way or another I was being blessed by Athena or the constellation itself. 

I took advantage of my condition, I immediately headed out. I learned the old man was dead; I took his helmet in my grips and teleported for Sanctuary because I felt I knew what needed to be done; I needed to give the old man’s new heir his helmet and then…
            …hahaha!!! I had to see the look on that Tenma’s face when he saw I was dead!”

What he meant was that he had to say his goodbyes to that little pegapup.


TG:re 72 | Kaneki Ken


Crushes can get frustrating, sometimes

Okay so, new thoughts about the ‘Sacrifice Arcadia Bay’ ending. Keep it as it is.

Just add one more scene at the end, after we fade out on the car. 

Like the ‘dark room’ teasers, it starts with the camera pointing at a shelf - but instead of binders, its books about photography, skateboarding, indie and punk music, travel books for countries all around the world. 

Then pan around, the room illuminated by the light of the golden hour flooding through an open window, and we see that on the table there is an unfinished scrapbook album being worked on, full of pictures of Max and Chloe at various points over the next few years. You can see that they were happy together - oh, and there’s at least one photo of them kissing. 

There’s also a bunch of newspaper clippings strewn around the table, about the survivors and the victims of the Arcadia Bay tornado - with certain people surviving based on your relationship with them, but still too many dying, always too many. There’s the photo of young Joyce and William, dog-eared and with splashes of water damage around the edges, recovered from the wreckage of the Price house.

There are articles about Max’s photography career, and several about awards Chloe’s won for her varied charity work (for LGBT teens, mental illness, and helping war veterans - there’s so many thanking her for changing their lives) to really bring home the idea that the world isn’t better off losing Chloe Price. Maybe one life is still worth saving, for the difference a single person can make.

As the camera pans away up to the window, a blue jay flies in and perches on the windowsill. There’s a moment of stillness, then the sound of a camera shutter, and a flash of light.