Don’t Worry I Learned My Lesson (Heechul) Pt2

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Request: WHoa loving these Family!SuJu scenarios. i want to know more about Heehcul and his relationship now with his son. maybe Kwangsun is now a bit too serious or fails a test and panics so Heehcul has a heart to heart with his son that it’s okay to have fun and it’s okay to fail sometime???? Thank you xxxx

You’re ‘Lesson learned’ scenario was cool and i’d love to see some more. like heechul feeling guilty because his son thinks he’s going to be sent away again so he becomes distant??? thank you xxxxxxxxxx

 ~This is the Yesung  sceanrios the story originates from: Part 1 Part 2~

This is the this is the first part of the Heechul scenario: Part 1

“Daddy I don’t want to go to school” Sooyun spoke comment as Heechul braided her hair “it’s preschool, I’d love preschool” Duho comments as he received a glare from his baby sister. Soon enough Kwangsun emerged from his room “dad I need one of your shirts. Mine doesn’t fit” he spoke as the shirt was wide open. Heechul glanced over at Duho before pulling the collar “you have Kwangsun’s shirt” soon enough the twins sent one another looks before they quickly switched “we bought shirts with your pecs in mind” Heechul spoke he tied ribbon on the ends of his daughter’s braids. 

The smell of pancakes soon filled their noses as you brought out a large plate of pancakes along with a little one predone for your daughter.  "Alrighty. The first day back for all of my babies" you tell as you felt yourself feeling sad but the words. “They’re growing up so much right?” Heechul asks as you nodded “mommy I want juice” Sooyun spoke “yeah mom” Duho spoke “you have legs” you tell him. “So does Sooyun” he whines “she can’t reach the juice” Kwangsun spoke as his younger twin mumbled swears under his breath and got up.


As school began Kwangsun had a hard time readjusting to a normal day with more freedom. But even with it all the first thing he did was apologize to his former teachers for his behavior. Kwangsun was a gentleman now, extremely hard working and had a constant fear of going back to military school. Yes, he learned his lesson and all but he prayed never to go back to the school if it was possible.

Then on day on of his biggest fears came true. He failed a test, his chemistry exam glared back at him with a large ‘F’ not because the answers were wrong but was because he filled the sheet out wrong and more than half of the test was down a line. So he stayed at school much later than his twin, who knew the exact reason he was still there.


“Where’s Kwangsun?” Heechul asked as he arrived home from work ready for dinner. “He’s scared to come home” Duho spoke “what? Why?” you asked “he failed a test by accident. Like filled out a sheet wrong. I think he’s scared of being shipped off again” Duho says as Heechul instantly slid his scarf back on and headed out the home to pick up his son.


Kwangsun walked down the stairs in front of the school. While he was walking he realized a car was pulled up. His father leaned against it. “Kwangsun” Heechul spoke as his breath filled the air. “Come on we need to talk” he tells his son. He received a light nod as Kwangsun headed over towards the car.


Kwangsun sat beside his father as he drove the pair home. “Kwangsun” Heechul started as the sensation of guild filled him “I never wanted you to feel like this” he started “I wanted you happy and mannered not terrified of life” he pauses “I’m sorry you felt scared to tell us you had failed. I’m never shipping you off like that without a good reason. Humans make mistakes and its alright to be human” Heechul told him as Kwangsun who remained quite. “Now let’s smile. Be happy” Heechul reached over and patted his son’s leg. “Your family hasn’t eaten without you yet. Well I’m not sure about Sooyun, I think she was covered in sauce when I got home” Heechul jokes as Kwangsun smiled “you know I think it’s cute how much you love your little sister” he laughed as they started off for home. “She’s a cute kid” “that’s very much true” he hummed “and you’re a devoted brother” Heechul promised. “I’m trying to be” Kwangsun told him as the pair broke out into random chatter. 



With everything that has been going on lately, I’m thankful that we were able to find two great schools for Kayson and the twins to attend! We were really worried about Kayson the most since he skipped a grade and will be in 5th this school year. As if adjusting to a new home wasn’t enough, now he has to make new friends, adjust to the work load, etc. He has certainly been a trooper through all of this and hasn’t complained once! He’s actually really excited for this new school year.

Mekhi and I decided to put the twins into Head Start this fall as well just to see if they like it. I wasn’t too sure about it, but @imanibattle25 recommended a great one that Lana attends so at least the girls will have someone they know in their class. We aren’t pushing them to stay if they don’t like it though. After all, they are a fresh two. But it will be nice for them to interact with other children their age besides themselves.

As of right now, Lincoln will be staying home with me, but we’re planning on enrolling him in daycare soon for a few days out of the week.

Happy first day to my babies!! I am so proud of all of them! After we drop Kayson off we’ll be heading over to Imani’s to take some pics of the girls together before their first day! 😊 🎉

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jikook nonmafia au where jikook are not mafias and just normal parents to yoongi?


“I’m so scared Jungkookie, so scared, what are we going to do? We’re kids we can’t have a baby we can’t even take care of oursel-”

“We’ll be fine, we’ll make it through this just like we’ve made it through everything else okay.”

Never in his life did Park Jimin ever think he’d end up being pregnant at seventeen. He wasn’t dumb, even if his mother thought differently, he knew he was sexually active and that put him at risk for this but he’d always thought they were safe about it. Condoms, birth control, honestly he’d done everything he could think of to make sure this never happened yet there he was; Seventeen years old and sitting in their bathroom with Jungkook’s arms around him and five positive pregnancy test mocking them.

“What if we fuck up his life?”


Jimin furrows his eyebrows. He’d already somehow made up his mind that the baby growing inside of him was a boy and he hadn’t even realized it. He’d already given an identity to the little mass growing in him and he didn’t even know how.

“I don’t think we’ll do too bad we have each other and love. I’m sure this little dude will come out great.”

The smile Jungkook shoots him has Jimin falling in love with his boyfriend all over again. He’s scared out of his life but he trust what the other boy says. He trust that their love will get them through everything just like it always has and for now that’s all he needs. Just Jungkook, their love and the small life that grows inside of him.


“I like Yoongi.”


“For the baby, a name, I like Yoongi for a boy and Minah for a girl.”

A giggle leaves Jimin’s mouth as Jungkook tickles the small toes that rest in his lap where Jimin has stretched out his legs. They’re watching some cooking show and he knows it’s a pretty random time to mention the names that has been in his head all day but whatever. Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind as he looks to his lover with a nod.

“Yoongi is pretty.”

The kick that comes from inside Jimin’s stomach seems to agree as well and it has warmth shooting through him as he grins.


“Well Mr. Park, there he is.”


“He! You’re having a baby boy, he looks a bit small for where you are in your pregnancy but healthy so it’s nothing to worry about.”

The world spins for Jimin as he looks at the small screen where the doctor is pointing. It’s grainy white against black but in that grainy mess he can see the shape of a baby, see the shape of his son, and the tears begin to fall before he can stop them.

“We’re having a son.”

Jungkook squeezes his hand as the doctor prints out the pictures, one for Jungkook’s office at work and one for their fridge at home, and Jimin turns to his lover.

“We’re having a son.”



Everyone in the emergency room winces as they stare at the two boys walking in. Jimin whimpers with every pain that shoots through his body as his contractions get closer together and Jungkook does his best to try and sooth his smaller lover while trying to get them checked in. His hands are shaking as he writes down Jimin’s information and he can’t stop bouncing his leg as the nerves rake him. In just a few hours he was going to be a father. The nurses take Jimin into a room and suddenly the urge to vomit is filling Jungkook. In a few hours he was going to welcome his son to the world.

Jungkook hands the forms over to another nurse and dresses in the scrubs they hand him before he takes in a deep breath and walks into the room where Jimin’s surgery was going to take place.

He was going to be a father.


“Welcome to the world little dude.”

The clear box that holds their small baby does nothing to stop the love both Jimin and Jungkook feel for the small being. They both do their everything to keep the tears from falling as they stare at Yoongi’s little chest rising. It’s too slow and the tube connecting to the baby’s nose that helps him breathe looks so scary but they have hope. Their baby was a fighter and would survive just like he survived the cord wrapped around his neck.

“Welcome to the world Jeon Yoongi, daddy and papa can’t wait to hug you baby boy.”


“It’s your turn.”

“I got up last time.”

“I had diaper duty.”

“I had medicine duty.”

“I birthed him.”

“I put him in you.”

“Fuck you.”

Jimin groans loudly as he gets up from the warm bed. The short walk tot he room next door seems so much longer with the way the cold floor numbs his bare feet but he ignores it as he enters Yoongi’s room. The baby is wailing as loud as he can and even if it’s not that loud due to his weak lungs, Jimin still hates the sound. If he had it his way his baby would never cry because his baby would always be happy.

“Hey little prince what’s wrong huh?”

The teen furrows his eyebrows when Yoongi rejects his bottle and when he checks the baby’s diaper to see it’s mess free a sighs escapes his mouth. It was going to be one of those nights.

“Are you just not happy? You can’t cry like this Yoonie it’s not good for your breathing. Do you want papa to sing you a song?”

It’s a bit silly for him to be talking to the baby as if he would be able to respond but Jimin can’t help it. He takes a seat in the rocking chair nearby ad mentally thinks of any song he knows as he begins rocking the baby on his chest gently. The clock on the wall read three in the morning and it would be a long time before Yoongi fell asleep again but it was okay because Jimin loved his baby and he’d give up his sleep every night if it meant Yoongi was happy.


“Jimin please stop crying.”


“Papa please stop crying.”


Jungkook and Yoongi share a look between them as Jimin wails loudly. Honestly speaking Jungkook thought it would be the small child that cried yet his husband was proving to be the champion of tears this morning.

“Jimin this is worse than when he said his first word babe please.”


As Jungkook watches his son walking into his classroom with his too big Iron man backpack bouncing against his back he feels bad for making fun of Jimin sobbing. Tears are gathering at his eyes and he has to quickly wipe them away before they fall. Their baby was really growing up.


“Daddy can I ask you something?”

“Sure what’s up baby?”

“What is love?”

Jungkook stiffens in his spot. The wet dish in his hands threatens to fall but he’s quick to catch it, the last thing he wanted was Jimin kicking his ass for breaking his favorite bowl.

“Love is… well… how to I put this? . Love is a feeling you feel when you’re around someone you like a lot. When that person smiles you feel happy, when they are crying you want to make them feel better, you want to protect them from everything because seeing them hurt makes you feel hurt too. When papa kisses your bruises from playing or when he makes daddy chicken because he knows that’s daddy’s favorite and will make me happy, he does it because he loves us.”

The little boy grins, wide and full of gums with small baby teeth peeking out, and nods his head.

“Is there a reason why you asked?”

“No! No reason.”

Yoongi has that mischievous glint in his brown eyes as he giggles but Jungkook decides to let it go for now. He watches Yoongi skip way with his own smile on his face and a sudden rush of affection fills him when he realizes something; Yoongi and Jimin shared the same giggle.



“what’s wrong babe?”

“Yoongi’s school just called, he bit and hit another student and they want us in the office right now.”

Surprise is all either parent feels as soon as they look at the child on the far side of the room. Song Minho has a light bruise forming under his eye and a bright red bite mark on his hand and Yoongi seems nothing but proud about it.

“Thank you for joining us Mr Jeon, Mr Park,  I will say I was surprised when I saw it was Yoongi waiting in my office. He’s never been in trouble before but I cannot let what happen slide, we do not accept violence here and he will be suspended for three days.”

Yoongi shrugs when everyone in the room turns to look at him and it only drive anger through Jungkook. Their son was in no way a troublemaker yet there he was uncaring that he’d be unable to go to school for three days because he hit another student. He’s a few seconds away from scolding the boy as soon as they walk out the room but before he can a high pitched yell is stopping him.


Jungkook and Jimin watch, confused, as a little boy with shaggy brown hair and wide puppy like brown eyes runs over to them and latches himself onto Yoongi’s arm. The boy seems to be or just finished crying and the parents share a worried look.

“Taetae it’s okay Hyung is fine.”

“Y-You got in trouble because of me.”

“Nah I got in trouble because Minho was being dumb,”

The parents have no idea what’s going on but decide to stay quiet. The boy seems to know what happened to their son before he got in trouble and they themselves are curious since Yoongi only stayed silent when they’d asked what led him to hitting Minho.

“T-Thank you for saving me h-hyung.”

A teacher comes by to drag away the little boy and Yoongi sighs as he waves goodbye to him. Later when in the car Jimin decides to speak up.

“How did you save that boy?”

“Daddy said when you love someone you protect them and Minho was being mean to Taetae so I hit him and bit him, because I love taetae and I want to protect him.”


“Papa c'mon are you really going to cry every time it’s the first day of school?”


“Jimin babe please stop crying.”



“I wanna confess something.”

Jimin and Jungkook share a look of worry before turning to stare at their son. Yoongi is biting at his lip nervously and running a hand through his dyed silver hair as he tries to catch his breath and he figures it’s best to just be out with it.

“I’m dating Taehyung.”  

“Honey I hate to break it to you but you’ve been dating that boy since the third grade that’s not really a confession.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes as he looks at his father. He’d expected more. Not really a whole parade or anything but definitely tears, his papa was a known crybaby after all. Though he can’t really say he blames them for their non reactions. It was kind of true, he’d been saying he was going to marry Taehyung since he was a little kid. He grins as he presses a kiss to both their cheeks and thanks them for the support before going off to call his boyfriend completely missing the fond look his parents shoot at him.

“He’s so big now, my baby.”

“Our baby.”


“You know this is a bit weird. I always thought they were already married.”

“Yeah I asked them about it once but they always said the timing was off.”

“Hm, it’s nice though, watching them love each other like that.”

Yoongi nods as he stares at the alter where his fathers share a kiss after exchanging their rings. Taehyung’s hand is firmly gasped in his own and he agrees with his boyfriend. It was nice seeing his parents getting married, even if it was a little later in life.

“I’m sure we’ll look like that when it’s us up there too.”


“Really Jimin please stop crying.”


“Papa you’re squishing Taehyung please let him go.”



“Do you Kim Taehyung take Min Yoongi as your husband?”

“I do.”

“Do you Min Yoongi take Kim Taehyung as your husband?”

“I do.”

Honestly if  you asked Yoongi about his wedding he’d respond with a wince. Not because it was horrible, no, it was the best wedding ever. Everything he dreamed about and more. He’d wince because talking about his wedding made him remember the way his papa had sobbed so loud they needed to repeat their vows and then he would remember the way his father had gotten so drunk he told the room of friends and family about Yoongi wetting the bed at age thirteen. They embarrassed him but he wouldn’t change it, wouldn’t change them, he loved his parents no matter what and his wedding had been perfect. If he’d knew what would happen only months later he’d never even complain about those moments at all that day.


“I’m sorry sir. They didn’t survive the accident.”

Yoongi spends that night on the hospital floor in the arms of his husband sobbing over the parents that he’d just lost. He couldn’t even realize what was happening, just hours ago he was on the phone with his papa and now they were gone. A drunk diver had taken them away.


“Dad, papa, Taehyung’s pregnant. I’m scared out of my mind,  I need you both, what if I fuck up this kids life?”  

The wind blows gently almost caressing Yoongi’s face and he takes it as a sign form his fathers. He’d be just fine.


“Dad, papa, this is Jeon Jungmin. He’s named after the two men that meant the world to me. I hope you both are proud of me.” 

The baby in his arms stirs quietly as he sit in front of the graves side by side to each other and Yoongi smiles sadly. He knows his father’s would have loved Jungmin just as much as they loved him and he can’t wait to tell his son exactly how amazing his grandfathers were.

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Be a good girl + J-hope

You smiled with pride as you trailed behind them, watching them swing their linked hands and skip down the road laughing with each other. The biggest smiles filled their faces as they sang a song. Nari’s pink backpack bounced on her shoulders every time her tiny red shoes left the floor in giant leaps that were the same size as Hoseok’s tiny ones.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Nari’s tiny scream that she had gotten from Hoseok. All of the time’s he would scream, Nari would copy, and it was the cutest thing ever. He was truly her idol. Everything he would do, she would copy, she would never leave his side. She would sometimes even request to copy his fashion choice; but gave in when she saw something cuter.

Her tiny black pig tails swung with her skip and she jumped to a stop in front of the gate. “Appa!” She yelled in a high pitched, baby lion like voice. 

“Nari!” Hoseok imitated, jumping to face her and keeping hold of her tiny hand. 

“I can go from here.” She tried to look as tough as a six year old could.

“Are you sure?” He asked, crouching down onto one knee to reach her height. She put both of her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest before nodding. “Be a good girl okay?” Hoseok ordered, pointing to her and smiling.

She pointed her tiny finger at his and poked his finger like they always did before wrapping her arms around his neck and jumping on him. Laughing, he hugged her back and looked you with a proud smile on his face.

When she pulled away, she tackled your legs in a hug too, so you bent down and hugged her too. “Listen to your dad and be a good girl okay?” You hugged her as tight as you could and she did the same to you before pulling away and smiling at you. 

“I will!” She grinned and ran off into school for her first day.

“My baby has grown up.” Hoseok smiled, standing up and taking your hand in his, watching your daughter run off to start her first day of school. You both watched in pride as you let her go, into the wide world of school.