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Be a good girl + J-hope

You smiled with pride as you trailed behind them, watching them swing their linked hands and skip down the road laughing with each other. The biggest smiles filled their faces as they sang a song. Nari’s pink backpack bounced on her shoulders every time her tiny red shoes left the floor in giant leaps that were the same size as Hoseok’s tiny ones.

You couldn’t help but laugh at Nari’s tiny scream that she had gotten from Hoseok. All of the time’s he would scream, Nari would copy, and it was the cutest thing ever. He was truly her idol. Everything he would do, she would copy, she would never leave his side. She would sometimes even request to copy his fashion choice; but gave in when she saw something cuter.

Her tiny black pig tails swung with her skip and she jumped to a stop in front of the gate. “Appa!” She yelled in a high pitched, baby lion like voice. 

“Nari!” Hoseok imitated, jumping to face her and keeping hold of her tiny hand. 

“I can go from here.” She tried to look as tough as a six year old could.

“Are you sure?” He asked, crouching down onto one knee to reach her height. She put both of her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest before nodding. “Be a good girl okay?” Hoseok ordered, pointing to her and smiling.

She pointed her tiny finger at his and poked his finger like they always did before wrapping her arms around his neck and jumping on him. Laughing, he hugged her back and looked you with a proud smile on his face.

When she pulled away, she tackled your legs in a hug too, so you bent down and hugged her too. “Listen to your dad and be a good girl okay?” You hugged her as tight as you could and she did the same to you before pulling away and smiling at you. 

“I will!” She grinned and ran off into school for her first day.

“My baby has grown up.” Hoseok smiled, standing up and taking your hand in his, watching your daughter run off to start her first day of school. You both watched in pride as you let her go, into the wide world of school.

Reaction: Letting you drive .

Reaction of letting you drive him to work or other events for the first time.

Sehun: oh god we made it here alive.

Sehun: as long as she offers to drive i’m going to be walking .

Baekhyun: Theres so many things i didn’t get to do , i want to live .

Suho and chanyeol: save us let us live !(mocking you.)

Y/N: if you don’t like the way i drive maybe you should get your license and drive yourself … oh wait you can’t can you!

D.O: burnnnnnnnnnn.

Baekhyun: ………….. 

Chanyeol: my car ………….( You back into his car)

Chanyeol: theres a scratch .(starts examining the car)

Suho: thanks babe we made it one piece.

Suho: i’m going to get my license .(starts breaking down)

Yixing: my baby is going to drive me ooh yeahhhh ooh yeahhh.

Yixing: (after getting out the car he starts kissing inanimate objects) i love life.

Xiumin: ooh we’re good everyone is okay .

Xiumin: i dare not shall do this again until you get better.

Tao: aww your so sweet baby lets go.

Tao: (next day) looks like i’m walking.

Kai: thanks for the ride , baby baby baby BABY!!!( you started to pull out the spot and his hoodie was caught on the door )

Y/N: i never meant to do that i’m sorry .


Chen: this is the first day my baby is driving .

Chen:(you started to pull out and hit something chen wasted no time trolling you by laying down and made you believe you hit him.)

Chen: you should have seen your face.

Kyungsoo: lets go baby .

Y/N: why is the light blinking .

Kyungsoo:(she doesn’t know what shes doing ?)

Kyungsoo: (so this is how i’m going to die at least the idiots are in the car with me ) oooh fun .

Y/N: what did you say ?

Kyungsoo: you’re doing so well baby.

Luhan: i know you’ve JUST got your license but why do you want to drive me to work? 

Luhan: (nearly hitting him with your car when he took his bike instead.)

Wu Yi Fan:(contemplate for a while ) 

Wu Yi Fan: (send for help please )