Things That Happened on My First Day of College

- i got called baby girl by four different men. i was scared.

- i got lost twice. it was only an eight-minute bike ride.

-i fell off my bike. i twisted my ankle.

-i felt like no one could see me, but everyone saw me all at once

-i threw up twice

-i talked to my parents. i felt better.

-i listened to a girl sing in french. it reminded me of my cousin. it was calming.

-i held the door open for seven people. no one said thank you.

-i cried in the bathroom

-i thought of my cat

-i had five sodas

-i listened to three Nicole Dollanganger albums

-i thought about my sister

-i cried again

-i ate a candy bar

-i chewed on the same piece of gum for five hours

-i felt like screaming

-i used the pen my cousins got for me

-i watched a spider skitter across the floor

-a guy that smelled like piss sat next to me. he kept trying to touch me.

-i almost got hit by a car

-i forgot to breathe


Sister: “KIHYUN was the mother who did this hair for Jooheon. This is the hairstyle all kids got today for their first day of kindergarten.”

I can even picture KIHYUN telling Jooheon, “My baby looks so handsome today!”


I’ve never posted a Selfie, I dont think, but this is the person you have all been following for however long 😉🤗look at that BABY FACE!

ہچکیوں نے کسی دیوار میں در رکھا تھا
میرے آباء نے جب اِس خاک پہ سر رکھا تھا
گھر سے نکلے تھے تو اِک دشتِ فنا کی صورت
راہ میں صرف سفر،صرف سفر رکھا تھا
دل تھے متروکہ مکانات کی صورت خالی
اور اسباب میں بچھڑا ہوا گھر رکھا تھا
جسم اجداد کی قبروں سے نکلتے ہی نہ تھے
نسل در نسل اِسی خاک میں سر رکھا تھا
روح پر نقش تھے وہ نقش ابھی تک جن میں
رنگ بچپن کی کسی یاد نے بھر رکھا تھا
دل میں سر سبز تھے اُس پیڑ کے پتّے جس پر
دستِ قدرت نے ابھی پہلا ثمر رکھا تھا
کٹتے دیکھے تھے وہ برگد بھی ،جنہوں نے خود کو
مدتوں دھوپ کی بستی میں شجر رکھا تھا
جلتے دیکھے تھے وہ خود سوز محلّے جن میں
جانے کب سے کوئی خوابیدہ شرر رکھا تھا
چوڑیاں ٹوٹ کے بکھری تھیں ہر اک آنگن میں
اک کنواں تھا کہ تمنّاؤں سے بھر رکھا تھا
راہ تھی سُرخ گلابوں کے لہو سے روشن
پاؤں رکھا نہیں جاتا تھا، مگر رکھا تھا
قافلے ایک ہی سرحد کی طرف جاتے تھے
خواب کے پار کوئی خواب ِدگر رکھا تھا
تیرگی چیر کے آتے ہوئے رستوں کے لئے
ایک مہتاب سرِ راہ گزر رکھا تھا
اک حسیں چاند تھا اک سبز زمیں پر روشن
اک ستارے کو بھی آغوش میں بھر رکھا تھا
حرفِ اظہار میں حائل تھیں فصیلیں لیکن
رکھنے والے نے خموشی میں اثر رکھا تھا
لب تک آتے ہی نہ تھے حرف مناجاتوں کے
ہچکیوں نے کسی دیوار میں در رکھا تھا
چشمِ بینا میں وہ منظر ابھی تازہ ہے سعودؔ
میرے آباء نے جب اس خاک پہ سر رکھا تھا

سعود عثمانی -


My first con! Of course I only thought it’d be appropriate to go as the infamous muse himself <3 

Thanks for the con advice some of y’all gave me! I had a great time and can’t wait to go to more~

I gave a high five to a toddler and now I am feeling the beginning of a cold. 


5. I’ve already answered this here :)

6.  Which Exo song is your favourite?

Defiantly, unquestionably and forever its  약속 EXO 2014 (Promise)

Me: Pats Chen, Chanyeol and Lay on the heads

Chen, Chanyeol and Lay: *smile proudly*

8.  What was your first kpop song?

So my first EVER k-pop song was Solo by C-Clown which I heard by accident when my sister was listening to it.

My first song sang by Exo was Open Arms which is absolutely amazing and makes me cry every day

My first proper Exo song was Baby don’t cry. All of the above hold a special place in my heart <3

16. Which Exo gif is your favourite?

Originally posted by the-lifeintechnicolor

This is from the Chinese version of Call me baby MV. And its like my forever favourite smile of his. Its so cute but sexy at the same time :o

19. What is your favourite Exo fanart?

Okay I realized I am not able to choose one… so have 3 of my favorites. Give all the love to the authors because they deserve it sooooo much (most beautiful thing you’ll see in a long time) (simply quteness and perfection) (so aesthetic I could stare at this for hours)

22.  Where does the name of your blog come from?

I was really hoping for someone to ask this one :)

So in the Wolf MV there is this moment at 0:54 where Chanyeol sings. And when I watched it for the first time I heard him singing: “Hey, just animal style” So it stayed :)

26. What is your favourite color?

#003BF6 otherwise known as the TARDIS blue :) (Doctor who reference for anyone who doesn’t understand)

31. What is your favourite quote?

“I do believe that my ears aren’t dying properly, ” I said, disappointed.
She shook her head. “That’s okay. If your ears don’t need to die, there’s nothing wrong with them not dying.” Wild sheep chase, Haruki Murakami -
this quote only makes sense in context and its also very interpretative I think. Go ahead and try reading the book <3 its great

“In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night.You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.” The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - okay honestly there are so many beautiful quotes in The Little Prince I dint know which one to choose. But I love it to death. The content is so beautiful and relatable for me :)

38.  What other fandoms are you in?

Doctor who, Sherlock, Phandom, Lord of the Rings, Attack on Titan, Free!, Ghibli studios, X-men, Harry Potter :) those are the main ones

42.  What is your dream job?

It might not seem like it but I want to be a computer scientist? Preferably construct robots and Artificial Intelligence :)

50.  What is your favorite school subject?

Xiumin: I’m as positive as a proton that its chemistry.

Jongdae: Equations, proportion, symmetry, beauty, mATHS!!! Without geometry life is pointless

Luhan: el Espanish? thats how you say it right??? cause im not sure?

Yixing: the glory of our ancestors shall prevail!!!

Baekyun: oh shut up history is boring. on the other hand everyone loves a good marathon

Me: Yeah Baek? maybe a movie marathon…sorry guys none of you is the winner…

Me: I’m with Kris on this one…PHYSICS IS COOL