1/5 days of studying: spring break | day one for me was primarily tidying up my workspace (because holy crap i did not realize how bad things had gotten, messiness wise), and also planning out how i’m gonna be spending the rest of my 4 days!! giving myself a relatively easy-ish first day, because it is technically just the second day of spring break for me, and i don’t want to force myself into studying super hard just when i finally have some time off from school! either way though, i always consider planning time to be very Valuable, because it serves as a guiding tool of some sorts for how i will spend my time~ ya ya ok let’s do this!! ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

For some reason I am really attached to the idea of Adrien making bad first impressions on people because of the association with Chloe? And then blowing them out of the water just by being his cinnamon roll self. So this idea jumped out at me as inspired by the scene in Origins where Adrien literally flings himself off his climbing wall like an idiot who has definitely done that before and will do it again.

Like imagine early on, maybe the second day of school before everyone has figured out what a sweetheart he is, they have gym class, and no one knew they had to explain to Adrien about wearing gym clothes so he’s wearing jeans and impractical footwear. And of course, he appologizes profusely to the teacher, saying he didn’t know there was gym today and didn’t bring anything to change into, completely unaware that Chloe uses this excuse all the time. So the class is collectively rolling their eyes, and the gym teacher is aggravated, because the last thing he needs is another rich brat thinking the rules don’t apply to them, so he decides to make an example.

He says today’s lesson is very important and so he’ll have to make due barefoot, and that he can even come up first and help show the rest of the class what they’re doing today. And Nino and Marinette, plus some of the more kindhearted students are all wincing on his behalf, while everyone else feels pretty vindictive about getting to watch Chloe’s friend embarrass himself.

Of course Adrien is an oblivious sweetheart and is just completely thrilled that not only does he not have to sit out his first ever gym class for being unprepared, he gets to go first! And so of course he beams and agrees enthusiastically, to which most people present become suspicious over what he has planned, while Nino and Marinette bemoan that their new friend is too good for this world.

As luck, and Narrative convenience, would have it, the first activity for that day is the Climbing Wall. (Their school is fucking fancy they would definitely have one) Everyone fears and loathes the Climbing Wall, because it’s difficult and terrifying, and there are no harnesses, just thick mats to break your fall. No one’s ever actually been injured on it, but there are plenty enough urban legends going around the school to convince the general student body that it’s a deathtrap.

There are collective looks of sympathy, because not even one of Chloe’s lackeys deserves the Climbing Wall (so dreaded that its name is always capitalized) on their first day in gym.

Adrien is understandably completely thrilled because he has one just like it at home and he is gonna rock this. Pun definitely intended.

The gym teacher explains the rules (start behind the red line, run when the whistle blows, go as fast as you can, timer stops after you’ve hit the roof and made it back down to the ground) Adrien is practically vibrating with excitement, Marinette thinks she’s about to die of second hand embarrassment, Nino is biting his nails, Chloe is trying to hide a smirk and no one knows why (she’s been to Adrien’s house, after all), and everyone else is sitting back, ready to watch Adrien fall all over himself.

The gym teacher blows his whistle and Adrien is off like a fucking shot, sprinting to the wall and then making his way up it just as quickly. His class is half certain that he is somehow part monkey, and Marinette and Nino have just enough time to share a relieved look before he taps the ceiling and then launches himself into open air.

Several people shriek in horror, but Adrien rolls expertly when he hits the mats, and comes up grinning, only a little out of breath, and asks what his time was.

There is a moment of silence before the gym teacher let’s out a terrified and furious screech of “AGRESTE!”

Adrien turns red with shame and guilt, and because he is a cinnamon roll to his core, completely misinterprets what he did wrong.

“Sorry! Is that not allowed? I should have thought- sorry.” He rubs the back of his head sheepishly “I can go back up and climb down again properly, if you want sorry.”

At this point he is under the inspection of the baffled stares of everyone in the room and the gym teacher is put in the position to explain that no, the problem wasn’t that that was cheating, it’s that you flung yourself into the air with no regard for life and limb and gave everyone a collective heart attack, and you are never going up on that thing again for all our sakes.

Which prompts Adrien to be like “Oh! But there were mats, I thought that’s what they were there for, plus they’re a much better target than my couch back home and I’ve only missed that twice.”

“You’ve done this before? With a couch? WHY?”

“Because the floor was lava. Uh, Sir.”

And that is how the entire class found out that Adrien Agreste is a precious sunbeam with no regard for his own safety who must be protected at all costs.

High School Survival Guide (some advice I wish I had freshman year)

-sit in the front couple of rows on your first day. By the end of the semester/year, you’ll see how much more you understand compared to those who sat in the back

-don’t play on your phone the whole time. The guy you’re texting, the clash of clans battle, or the friend drama you’re dealing with on your phone can wait for lunch and after school (I wish I realized this last year)

-don’t slack off!!!! If you give yourself the time you need to do your homework without distractions, it will pay off. You can deal with not using your phone for an hour while you finish your math homework

-start your projects the week they’re assigned. Don’t wait until the last minute, the stress isn’t worth it

-it’s not the end of the world if you get one (or a couple) bad grades. I’ve cried and felt awful about getting some grades, but in the grand scheme of things, it won’t bring your average down as much as you think it will

-extracurriculars are fun and worthwhile, but only if you can manage them on top of your school work. Don’t pick up a club or sport if you’re already maxed out with schoolwork. Don’t sacrifice your sleep or your happiness just to put something on a college application

-smile when you walk down the hall! Trust me, no one else wants to be spending eight hours of their day in school, so seeing someone smile makes if more bearable, and makes you seem approachable

-be nice to everyone. High school is the best time in some peoples’ lives, and the worst in others. You don’t know what anyone is going through, and you never know how complimenting someone on their shirt could help them out

-the teachers are people too. Don’t be an ass to the teacher who “gave you” a bad grade. You earned what you got on it, even if you don’t feel like it. Teachers teach because they want to influence the next generation of adults, they want to help students in their most influenced time of life. They picked this job, despite the lesser salaries and verbal abuse from students, so you can handle going one class without being mean to them

-being nice to teachers will help you out a lot. Not only does it make them more willing to help you if you’re struggling, but sometimes they’ll bump your grade up from a .4 to a .5, bringing it up a point. Also, I’m sure they like seeing a friendly, smiling face in the sea of vaguely pissed off high school faces.

-boys are NOT as important as you think they are (or girls!!! This was written by a straight girl so from my perspective it’s boys!). That guy you’ve been dating for a while probably won’t be in your life two years down the road.

-If you have any doubts about a person, trust your gut. That first argument you get in with you friend or significant other, pay attention to how they treat you. If they call you any names or treat you as any less than you deserve, break it off. This is coming from someone who stayed in a relationship for five months after the first fight happened, and it just got downhill from there, with more names and more arguments. Don’t let it become that.

-okay last one: have fun sometimes. It’s okay to hang out with friends and make a few mistakes every once in a while. Don’t let your schoolwork or drama consume you, you’re only a kid once, so it’s okay for you to use this time to make your mistakes and learn from them.

This is what I’ve figured out so far, I’m not quite done with high school but I wish I would’ve seen something like this before I started! Hope this helps any struggling high schooler or future high schooler!

30 OC Art Challenge!

1. New clothes!!!
2. New underwear is better though :)
3. Checking self out in a mirror
4. Sleeping position
5. Waking up after a long nap
6. With siblings (if they have none, with a friend they’d consider a sibling)
7. The “I’m too lazy to go get a haircut” look
8. Attempting something they suck at
9. Standing/Doing something with altered-gender self
10. Spotting someone really attractive
11. Reacting to a spider near by
12. Sick day in
13. On their way to school/work
14. Picture from when they were younger
15. A day at the beach
16. Snow day!!!
17. Battle stance!
18. Formal wear B)
19. Super embarrassed over something
20. Showing off new/first tattoo
21. Relaxing in their favorite way
22. As a different species
23. In a different art style
24. A glimpse into their future appearance
25. In their favorite outfit
26. Watching a scary movie
27. Playing a sport
28. Playing an instrument
29. Painting their nails/doing makeup/prettying up somehow
30. “But first, lemme take a selfie”

20 Days of Back to School Magic Challenge

Hi everyone! I decided to make a little challenge for witches who are heading back to high school or college. This challenge is an eclectic mix of spell writing, sigil making, enchantment, and even energy work to help you with going back to school!  You can do this challenge in the days leading up to the first day of school, or, if your school starts in less that 20 days like mine, you can do it in the first 20 days of school to help start the year off right. Enjoy, and make sure to tag your responses with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft

Day 1: Write a calming spell (going back to school can be stressful!)

Day 2: Draw a sigil on your planner/journal/calendar/etc to help keep you organized

Day 3: Write a spell for restful sleep to help get your sleep schedule back on track for school

Day 4: Make a sigil for your backpack or pencil box/case/bag to keep you from losing your supplies

Day 5: Write a motivation spell to motivate you to study and do your homework (or finish your summer reading)

Day 6: Make a sigil to attract new friends as you go back to school

Day 7: Write a spell to increase your memory

Day 8: Put some sigils on/near your mirror for self-love (school can sometimes take a toll on your self esteem)

Day 9: Make a small magical sachet or bottle to keep in your book bag or backpack

Day 10: Glamour your makeup, perfume/cologne, or clothes to increase/decrease your chances of getting called on in class (depending on if you like to be called on or not)

Day 11: Make a sigil for your water bottle to help you remember to stay hydrated throughout the day

Day 12: Write a spell for an extra boost of luck on your tests/quizzes/exams

Day 13: Enchant something small to keep in your locker throughout the day

Day 14: Create an energy shield and program it to increase your memory, focus, motivation etc or for some other helpful purpose

Day 15: Make a sigil on your notes to help you remember the information that you wrote down

Day 16: Perform one of the spells that you wrote during this challenge but haven’t done yet

Day 17: Enchant a pencil or pen with happiness, good luck, self-love or something else and give it to a friend

Day 18: Write a spell to keep you from missing much when you have to take a sick day

Day 19: Draw a sigil somewhere in your study space to make your study sessions more efficient

Day 20: Write a spell to ward off bad hair days, low spoon days, or whatever other days you would like to avoid.

Have fun! Make sure to tag your posts with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft if you would like to share :)


Pentatonix Song Masterlist!

Pre-Pentatonix/ Trio Performances

Sing Off Performances

PTX Vol. 1



PTX Vol. III  

That’s Christmas To Me

                                           ~deluxe edition~                         

Pentatonix (Self-Titled Album)

                                        ~deluxe edition~

Live Videos


Misc. / Notable Live Performances

Superfruit Singing Videos

Feel free to add any more that I missed (or message me with the link)!! (also I might add the members performing alone whenever I get the chance, I already have mitch’s done)

ketchup: a childhood tale

I’m obsessed with ketchup and I always use like half a bottle on every meal and I basically can’t eat food without it

anyway, this one time when I was like 8 this new teacher started working at my school and it was like her first day, and they sent her to the lunch line with me to make sure I didn’t use too much. she must have misunderstood though, because when I grabbed for the ketchup she snatched it off me and told me I wasn’t allowed any ketchup at all because I use too much and I was banned from that day onward under her rule

so I started screaming at her that she couldn’t just make up rules and everyone else was allowed ketchup and I needed ketchup and she shouted back and then I snatched the ketchup off her and she snatched it back and we wrestled over the ketchup in the dinner hall

I pretended to calm down and she dropped her guard and put the ketchup back on the counter and then I made my move, taking my tray with me, I grabbed the ketchup and bolted out of the dinner hall running down the corridor with my tray. she was running behind me shouting my name but I was faster. I struck lucky getting back to the classroom because a staff member was walking in the same direction and unlocked the doors. 

sneaking through the doors slowed me down enough for the teacher to catch me outside the classroom. she tried to snatch the ketchup away and we wrestled each other again

she managed to get the ketchup off of me and then made me sit in a corner while she sat with the ketchup at the main table where everyone else was eating. she kept telling me to eat my dinner, but I refused

then it happened. she got up from the table briefly to talk to a teacher in the corridor and I lunged towards the table for the ketchup. the minute my hands touched it the teacher was rushing back in to stop me. we dodged around the table and in between chairs, she chased me around the classroom trying to corner me until she did

I had the ketchup, she had me pinned against the wall

“give me the ketchup” she said

“no” I said

she tried to grab it out of my hands, and in a mad act of self defense and defiance, I squirted the ketchup all over her. it was down her front, up her sleeve, everywhere. she screamed. I was laughing hysterically as she dashed out of the room into the bathroom

other staff darted after her to give her sympathy because she was new and they didn’t want to make a bad impression. then was a rare moment- the room had no staff.

I sat down in my corner holding my tray and the ketchup with pride. victory was mine.

then as quickly as I could I covered my food with the entire contents of the ketchup bottle, just out of spite. then I ate it as fast as possible before anyone could take it off me.

the staff came back just after I finished speed-eating and had a go at me for what I’d done. I yelled back at them and then they dragged me out of class. I was in the quiet room all afternoon.

It didn’t matter though. I had won.

The next day, the new teacher was nowhere to be seen. I never saw her again. She’d gone home early on the day she got ketchup’d and never returned. 

The first day of school
  • <p> <b>Teacher:</b> So, Gloria, what did you do this summer?<p/><b>Me:</b> *thinking about all the gay fanfics i've read, the amount of times when i fangirled over a ship, watched Youtubers and laughed my ass off, listened to my favorite bands, basically never left the house and just ate, slept, shipped and procrastinated*<p/><b>Me:</b> oh you know the usual, went to vacation and stuff, haha... *nervous laughter*<p/></p>
Advice/FYI’s to High School Seniors

My main pieces of advice for all those students starting their senior year of high school this fall. Of course, these won’t all apply to everyone, but take what you want from it. Here’s some advice from someone who just graduated. 

  1. By the time you get to senior year you either have 3 close friends. or you’ll be friends with everyone. Either way, cherish them all. 
  2. Do not slack off. If you do, at least wait until the second semester. 
  3. Take easy classes. Unless you don’t mind lower grades in hard classes due to senioritis then I suggest you keep your senior schedule pretty simple. 
  4. Take off periods. You will LOVE them. You will be surprised with how much longer your days feel.
  5. Definitely start driving to school, or carpooling with someone who does. 
  6. Go to the football games. Even if your team sucks. They’re just good experiences.
  7. Actually, go to as many school events as possible. Senior year was my first time going to volleyball games, or the dance shows. This is your last chance to experience them.
  8. You do not need to go off campus for lunch everyday. You do not want to earn your freshmen fifteen as a senior.
  9. Your senior year group of friends will be the group of friends that you wish you’d had all throughout high school.
  10. You will meet new people, and become friends and wish that you met them sooner. Because some of them will be juniors and you probably won’t see them for a very long time. 
  11. Start applying to colleges as early as you can. Preferably once you start senior year, or the summer before. 
  12. If you haven’t already taken your SAT/ACT you definitely need to get started on that your first semester. 
  13. Go to prom if you can. It won’t be the BEST night of your life, but it’s a good one. 
  14. Start thinking about what you want to major in. This is definitely subject to change, but you’re going to want to know a couple options once you start applying to colleges.
  15. Once you do accept your offer for a college, and it becomes definite, high school becomes so much harder to get through because you just want to leave. 
  16. You’re going to be waiting for graduation THE WHOLE YEAR. 
  17. If you’re in a relationship and are going your separate ways after graduating now would be a good time to either end it, or figure out ways to be long distance.
  18. Long distance very rarely works. 
  19. At prom, it is a very good idea to invest in some comfortable shoes.
  20. Take lots of pictures.
  21. Go on college visits to as many colleges as you can.
  22. Save your absences for the last weeks of school because that’s when you are REALLY not going to want to go. 
  23. Be one good terms with some of your teachers, because you’re going to want letters of recommendation. 
  24. If you want to take pictures with your friends after graduation, be ready to pick a place to meet up beforehand because it will be very hard to find them afterwards.
  25. Do your homework. Please. 
  26. Stop talking to the people that you realize you’re only nice to because you have classes with them. 
  27. Now is just not a good time to develop a crush. 
  28. AP tests are suddenly very hard to study for considering that you’ve been taking it easy all year.
  29. Your SAT score does not define you and getting a bad one is not the end of the world.
  30. However, do as well as you can because colleges often give assured scholarships to students who meet certain SAT/ACT scores. 
  31. Your GPA is either going to drop, or raise A LOT. 
  32. GPA doesn’t really matter at this point though. Junior year grades matter the most. 
  33. Spend a lot of time with your family. You’ll be off to college before you know it.
  34. High school parties are honestly overhyped. 
  35. Now would be a good time to acquire a taste for coffee. 
  36. If you oversleep, I honestly recommend just staying home that day unless you have a test. 
  37. T-shirts will become your clothing of choice. 
  38. If you love makeup, like me, by the last 2 months of school you just won’t have the energy to wake up 20 minutes earlier to apply it. So learn to be okay with how you look without makeup. 
  39. Please eat breakfast. 
  40. No one cares if you eat in the cafeteria. 
  41. The freshman look SO tiny and it makes you wonder if you looked that small 3 years ago. 
  42. Go to all the pep rallies. 
  43. Have fun during spirit week. Some colleges don’t have them, so take advantage of it now.
  44. It is totally okay to not have a date for prom.
  45. One of the happiest moments you will have all year is being able to walk across the stage. Also, one of the shortest.
  46. Despite what everyone says, there is a very good chance that you WON’T cry at graduation. 
  47. The senior year teachers are always the best.
  48. Be nice to the freshman.
  49. Be nice to any underclassmen actually.
  50. But also, take pride in being a senior. This is your last year. Own it. 

Hey hey!

So first off, let me know if you like my new icon thingo. I made it with my bare hands, Word and zero creativity, and I’m a little bitty bit proud.

Now, this post was inspired by the student special of the weekly science segment with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki on triple j (g’day aussies). 

These tips are aimed at uni students but a lot of this info can help school students too.

And I’m not going to promise anything, but I believe I can give you at least one tip you didn’t know already (eek.)

So here it is, things to do on the day of your exam:

Eat a good brekkie

I know EVERYONE nags you about this from your mum to your lecturer but it is so so so important to fuel up on the big day. 

  • Make sure you have a glass of water before you consume anything else
  • Try to avoid high-sugar cereals, muesli bars, muffins, etc.
  • My fave breakfast to keep me full until lunch time (usually beyond lunch time) is eggs on toast. Just crack them into a frypan on low heat, season and eat with toast. Or you can scramble, poach, etc. if you have time.
  • If you don’t eat eggs or like them or don’t want the fuss - go for 2 minute microwave oats. So delicious with a bit of honey and they’ll give you plenty of energy to last the whole day.

Don’t cram on the day

You. Know. Enough. You’ve done enough, you’re prepared. Don’t try to stuff anything else in that full brain of yours.

If you have time:

  • Read through your notes
  • Maybe right down some formulas without looking at your notes and check them
  • Quiz yourself on definitions
  • Draw out some diagrams

Pack your bag the day of

I don’t care if it’s an 8am exam and you don’t want to get up early. If you pack your bag the night before, there’s a chance you may have missed something or didn’t think of something or said, “I’ll pack it tomorrow” and then forget to pack it.

If you did pack the night before, do a thorough check to make sure you have everything you need i.e. student ID card, correct pencils for the marksense cards, etc.

Bring water and tissues

There’s nothing worse than sitting through a 2.5 hour exam without having a drop of water. That will make you dehydrated, decrease your ability to concentrate and make you feel like shit during AND after the exam.

As for tissues, for some reason I always get a runny nose in exams. I think it’s because the temperature is usually too cold or a nervous reaction thing. But I don’t want you to have a sleeve full of snot because you didn’t want to waste writing time to ask for a tissue (that’s never happened to me).

Pack a jumper (sweater, if you’re not Australian hehe)

I don’t care if it’s 38 degrees outside and 80% humidity I come from Cairns, pack a jumper. The thermostat is never set to an ideal temperature during exams and sitting still for 2+ hours makes you cold as well

Arrive with plenty of time

But don’t hang around outside the venue if you can avoid it. I absolutely hate hearing that girl asking her friends, “do you know (insert term or figure that the lecturer explicitly said we did not need to know for the exam).” But do make sure you’re not rushed and sweaty because you didn’t give yourself enough time to get there.

Morning exams are the way to go

Now here’s what I learned from Dr. Karl yesterday:

For every hour after you wake up until your exam, your performance will decrease to the equivalent of you missing 10 days of class. For example, you get up at 8am and the exam is at 9 - that’s the same as you missing 10 days of class; at 10am - that’s the same as 20…

Now I know you’re freaking out (and I did too) and here’s the thing, you don’t control the time of your exam. Right?!? 

Dr. Karl then says that the way to get around this is to 1. realise this is a real effect 2. don’t cram, be prepared and *3*. do some gentle exercise (I’m assuming he means walking, maybe light swimming or some yoga or Pilates) to avoid the effect that makes you feel tired, unable to concentrate and remember because it’s the end of the day. 

I hope that makes sense to you. If not, check it out here (it’s within the first three minutes of the segment).

So, if your exam is in the afternoon, do some gentle exercise in the morning

See above for why. But I think just a little bit of stretching or a walk with your pup or a friend can do wonders for your energy and concentration levels.

Listen to the instructions given to you when you sit down

I know they drag on for ages and make you forget that definition you’ve repeated 10000000 times already today but just listen to them.

  • Check there’s no pages missing in your exam paper
  • Check whether you can write in the allocated reading time (and if you can write on the exam or on the rough paper)
  • Please don’t be that dick that gets his/her paper taken away 30 minutes in because you wrote during reading time and now it’s causing a big scene
  • Know whether you can leave any time or if you have to stay in the exam for x amount of time and can’t leave during the last x minutes either.

After the exam

Go relax! Treat yourself. Grab something to eat with some friends or take a nap.

Don’t try and study for your exam tomorrow - you need a break.

Try to avoid discussing the exam with friends and peers as this will increase anxiety levels in all of you. You did your best, and the answer that Shelly is trying to convince you was right for question 9 might actually be wrong and your answer was perfect. So just don’t talk about it. 

But…if you really have to know what the answer was, go look up the definition or topic in the textbook/lecture notes when you get home. I personally don’t like to do this because there’s nothing you can do to change the answer now so why put yourself through the anxiety if you were wrong? 

Good luck on your exams and I hope that even one of these tips helped you.

How to Survive the First Week on Campus

So college starts again soon. Like, really soon. My sister has a countdown until she moves in - she has 25 days. However, a lot of people don’t really think beyond the whole “school is starting up again aaaaaaaaaaaaah” panic to figure out exactly how they’re going to handle that first week back. It’s an important week - starting off strong will give you a good foundation for the rest of the semester.

How should you do that? It’s funny you asked, because I’ve been spending some time thinking about my own plan off attack. Here’s how I’m going to be handling Week 1:

Know where you’re going. If you’re a freshman, do what you can to figure out exactly WHERE, in WHAT BUILDING, and on WHICH FLOOR, all your classes take place. Don’t be the person to sit through half of a class you think is Bio 105 before you realize it’s actually Econ 213. Walk your routes from class to class. It will be super helpful, I promise!

Get syllabi figured out early. Many teachers will have general project and paper deadlines on their syllabi, which will usually get put up online a couple days before class starts. Print out those syllabi or put them on your computer and bring them to class! Then put all the deadlines and such into your planner, so you don’t lose track. Most professors will remind you about stuff, but I’ve had a couple that will give you a reminder three weeks before, and then the class before, and that’s all. Don’t be the person who misses one class and shows up to find there was a test they didn’t know about, just because you didn’t read the syllabus.

(Don’t be meeeeeee.)

Figure out plans of attack for long term projects. You probably won’t have any semester long projects as a freshman, but juniors and seniors, this is for you. Know how you’re going to approach that practicum/thesis/seminar paper. Put time in your schedule to work on it regularly. It deserves more than three days of work, and you deserve better than the hell those three days would be. For my thesis, I’m going to be spending about 4 hours a week at the library for the first half of my semester, then moving up to 6 the second half. I shouldn’t need to do more than that, if I stick with it.

HAVE A SCHEDULE. Oh my GOD do schedules help. I would forget my own birthday if it wasn’t on the schedule, I swear. If you can’t schedule huge blocks of time for studying, that’s okay. If you need to schedule every single thing in your life, that’s fine (I certainly do). I will never ever ever stop repping for schedules - they help my disorganized disaster brain know what it’s supposed to do, so I don’t get paralyzed by decisions and end up staring at the wall listening to the Adams Family theme song on repeat.

Be flexible. Keep to that schedule I mentioned like 86% of the time. However, when someone asks you to go with them to a trampoline park? GO TO THE TRAMPOLINE PARK. If someone wants to do a late-night ice cream run? DO IT. Your schedule will recover, but trampoline parks are gonna get sued out of existence eventually, probably. If a unique opportunity comes up that won’t completely kill your GPA or whatever your long-term goal is, try it.

Be willing and able to meet new people. I don’t care who you are, your first two weeks on campus every semester are a GoLdEn time to meet new people. Talk to people next to you in your classes. Join a new club. Keep your dorm room door open if you’re home (note: I do not recommend this for apartments). Friends are great, friends will help you get through stuff, and classmates will help you study. Meet people.

Have a backup class in mind. There’s a 75% chance that during your college career you will go to the first or second day of a class and you will realize you absolutely DETEST it. If you can, dropping this class and taking a different one will make life much nicer. Have an alternate class that you could sub in if one of your classes completely sucks butt. You will thank yourself for it.

Your first week at school may feel scary, or exciting, or you might not feel anything much at all about it. But keeping these things in mind helps me get through it intact, relatively calm, and on time, which is all I can really ask for. Good luck!

Happy first day of March, everybody!

I’m trying out this minimalism challenge that I’ve seen floating around tumblr, but I’ve made a couple of changes to the original to add more of the ones that will give me real difficulty (Leave today unplanned). I know it’s not really a school- or study-related thing, but I know a lot of studyblrs do self-care things and this is definitely something I need!

So, the first day is no social media. I queued this post to post today, and after this I won’t be on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. etc. I’m not sure yet if I think of tumblr as social media (I know it probably is) so I guess we’ll see.

Let me know if anyone else is doing this! And may the new month bring amazing things.

The signs as Spongebob quotes
  • Aries: Wow, I'm touched. I'll have to remember that when I'm kicking your butt.
  • Taurus: There's something I always wanted to tell you the first day I met you: Goodbye.
  • Gemini: Holographic meatloaf? My favorite!
  • Cancer: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.
  • Leo: Airline food. Gosh, what is up with that stuff? Thank you, good night!
  • Virgo: No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.
  • Libra: Back off, pizza topping! Can't you see I'm doing The Sponge?
  • Scorpio: Plankton: 1% Evil, 99% Hot Gas.
  • Sagittarius: What I learned in Boating School is...blankity, blankity, blank!
  • Capricorn: So this is what I get for working overtime?
  • Aquarius: You can't fool me. I listen to public radio.
  • Pisces: You don't need a license to drive a sandwich.
Your Destiny

Summary: At school, you feel something’s off and you can’t seem to figure out what’s making you feel so uneasy. The cute mystery boy you’ve been crushing on may be the reason (College AU). 

Word Count: 1,772

A/N: This story is inspired by a post I saw here and took a life of its own. 

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Something felt off when you got to campus that morning. You couldn’t ignore the feeling of uneasiness surging through you and the sensation grew as the day went on. At first, you thought it was the project you had to do for U.S. History. You and your partner Steve had to gather information and prepare a PowerPoint on the Howling Commandos. While the both of you were prepared for the presentation, you despised speaking in front of the class and feared that you would mess up your end of the project. However, the presentation went off without a hitch and the both of you aced the assignment. Nonetheless, the anxiety within you never dissipated.

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This picture goes back to my second week in Germany and my first day of taking German class. Let me tell you!! This course was very intense. It was from Monday -Friday from 1pm-5pm for 8 weeks and it was taught all in German. It was honestly a big day for us considering I was happy to learn something new and he was proud that I was interested in his language. I felt like a 4 year old being dropped off at school for the first time by their parents(nervous and a little bit of separation In the end I’m able to understand and read German a bit, but I still can’t speak it. Fabian would practice at home with me, but of course we lost patience and got frustrated and eventually just stopped and would do something else. All and all I can say good times and funny moments. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him and us. @fabianpodu @auniquelifee ♡♡♡

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: do you ever think about the moment emma swan realized that her memories in new york were regina's memories? when she finally understood that the songs she hummed every night to put henry to sleep and the recipes that seemed to float off her fingertips and the slightly uncharacteristic fashion sense all came from regina? when she choked up a little bit because of the enormity of it all, of regina entrusting her with her only source of happiness for all those years, of regina giving her back the life she never got to have with her son? when every time she thought of an exhausting night when henry was a baby or the bittersweet pain of his first day of school she knew she was feeling exactly what regina felt and almost sobbed at what a gift she'd been given? because I do.

Aries: got expelled on the first day of school…what do i do?

Taurus: my mom told me to stop fighting with everyone how do i stop?

Gemini: my gf broke up with me bc i was ‘two-faced’?!?!?!

Cancer: how do i stop crying?

Leo: how to tell people i’m just too fab for them??

Virgo: how do i clean my room for a long period of time?

Libra: my teacher says i’m too sarcastic for her class. whut


Sagittarius: how do i refrain from killing everyone pissing me off? >_>

Capricorn: how to stop procrastinating?

Aquarius: how do i politely tell everyone to fuck off?

Pisces: how to be mean?