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Your "Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson" post is one of the best things I've ever read about Dick, and I've been reading DC since before I bought New Teen Titans 1 off the rack when it debuted. Fanon!Dick gives me hives, and you hit every point as to why. Thank you.

(Teen Titans: Year One)

Wow, that’s an impressive amount of time you’ve been reading comics.

That was my first meta. When I look back on it, it’s probably one of my most disorganized posts, but it definitely got this blog off the ground. I don’t think Fanon!Dick would be such a big deal… if it wasn’t for the fact that Fanon!Dick outnumbers Canon Dick by a large degree. I eternally wish there was more appreciation for his real personality. Thanks for dropping in, though

Wow. Everyone is getting really depressed about Homestuck all of this sudden.

It’s slightly reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. Especially considering I’ve felt this way for a couple of years now. But at the same time, I really miss when reading a Homestuck update didn’t make me anxious.

There was this sense of wonder when I first started reading, and ever since Act 6 started, I haven’t felt the same way about the comic. I always feel like the predictions I make about the comic are more interesting than what actually happens.

It just seems like the passion was taken out of the comic. The story just meanders around so much, and the art is getting progressively lazier and lazier. And it keeps wasting what could be emotional moments for unfunny jokes, and what little emotional moments it has are last minute and token. I get that Homestuck is supposed to be a comedy, but that didn’t stop itself from also being serious in act 5.  Ugh.

Man I miss Homestuck.

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Howdy! I follow you on Potatofarmgirl, but I didn't see an ask there, so I'm here. My little brother was watching PGBC earlier and he really liked it. I personally enjoy Harpy Gee, so you've got fans separated by about ten years loving your stuff. Good luck to you!

Wow thank you!  An episode for Pig Goat has to yet to air that I’ve worked on, but thank you for checking it out!  I’m glad your little brother enjoyed it, the show can be enjoyed by everyone, but kids come first! 
I draw Harpy Gee after work, and working on Pig Goat has really helped on how I approach the comic, and vice versa! <3

Remember gentlemen (and of course ladies) it’s Save before Selfie when the undead rise.

Wow, it’s the first Gentleman’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse in over a year!

The book is well underway and over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing one or two guide updates from each chapter leading up to the book being released.

If you’re keen to see more art then Patreon subscribers will be seeing a lot more behind the scenes and artwork as well as stuff from my other projects - .

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(1) When did you first get into comics? (2) Who is your favorite batfam character? (3) What is your favorite comic to date? Thanks so much for your time I really love your writing and I'm so glad you share it with us!

I first got into comics about four years ago when I started watching BTAS and I fell in love with that rendition of Bruce (and Timmy Todd tbh he’s too precious) so I started looking Batman up and finding scans and I learned about all the Robins which completely and utterly sucked me in and here I am.
My favorite batfam character is definitely Tim Drake aka my baby nerd I love him to pieces.

Favorite comic to date is probably RHATO #17 because wow cuteness level is high and batdad feelings and I really love Roy Harper so yeah that one.

Thanks for asking and I’m so glad you like my writing! That makes me incredibly happy!!

Well Hawkeye 22 finally came out, assuaging my fear that it would just quietly never happen. I so want an interview on what the hell happened to this book but my gut says the answer is probably very boring.

Regardless, having now re-read the whole thing today, wow I love this book. The finale was worth the half-year wait (if we aren’t tallying previous delays). Aja’s art blows my mind. Fraction warms my soul, and his Kate Bishop is Marvel’s best character. This is my new go-to rec for anyone that wants to know what their first “superhero” comic should be, if I’ll allow myself to call it that.

Pizza Dog Forever.


Wow…….This was real comical when it first aired, but truth is it was a warning. Our government always warns us before a horrible epidemic happens, but those who are shocked to these recent events in these last few years of cop killings won’t believe that and may say I’m a conspiracy theorists, but I’m actually a realist and only deal with facts and fact of matter is this aired on tv two decades maybe before the killings we know of today. And there are two messages here. 1 that even back during this show it was happening, but had no news coverage so no one cared and 2. It’s going to get worse and it did. Open y'all minds man their’s way more to this thing called life than what you see in front of you.

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first impression of you- wOW they have super cool hair!!! and theyre wearing a homestuck shirt! omg they are rad! i wanna sit next o them! :) what i think of u now- meme loving robot fucker with great hair and rad art skills. funny and a good dancer. comics have engulfed your life. also literally booster gold.

i literally went from a baby in freshman year to a cooler baby with good taste

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OMG your deiino art is so nicely-drawn, deiino was my first ship ever, and guess what? i red your comic in DA 5 years ago (i was 15), and i shipped them harder because of you, keep up the good work!

I will, thank you! You’re welcome to join me in this empty tag of garbage!

And wow I’m glad you enjoyed my stuff back in the day too! >w<

Have a lovely day, you brightened mine!

Oh, gosh. I got the first print of ‘We Stand On Guard’ and it was AMAZING!

Think 100 years in the future, America invades Canada for resources and Giant Killer ROBOTS!


Captain Canuck has their own new comic! *cheers*

There is even a bad ass lady French Canadian Sniper called Kebec. And the organizer/active agent representing Britain is a black woman with the codename Redcoat. There is lots of equal representation that I’ve seen in both issues. So I’m very pleased.

Soo much Canadian stuff in comics now <3

Here's how the 'Suicide Squad' cast looks compared to their comic book counterparts

It’s kind of crazy that “Suicide Squad” is going to be the first DC comic book to get a movie after Warner Bros.’ aggressive new slate of superhero movies kicks off with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” in March of next year. Given that the studio has yet to truly find its footing with the cinematic versions of its heroes, jumping right into things with a team of villains that the general populace probably doesn’t know anything about is an incredibly ballsy move. 

That also makes it the perfect move. 

While the trailer for “Suicide Squad” doesn’t tell us much, it does know that the movie’s basic hook is a great one, and leans into it hard: This is a team of some of the worst supervillains in a world where Superman exists, sent on missions where success is not likely. 

And if that doesn’t intrigue you, hey, here’s the Joker and also a shot with Batman on top of a Lamborghini. 

There’s a reason the trailer ends with the Joker: He’s easily the most recognizable villain of the bunch. Want to know who the rest are? 

Read on. 

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VIola Davis will play Amanda Waller.

As the trailer says, Amanda “The Wall” Waller is the fierce will pulling the strings behind the Suicide Squad, because she really is that good at getting people to “act against their own self-interests.”

Captain Boomerang will be played by Jai Courtney.

George “Digger” Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, is an Australian master of boomerangs, which is kind of hard to take seriously. In the comics, he hasn’t been the best team player in the Squad.

Jay Hernandez plays El Diablo.

 Though there are multiple versions of him in the comics, Hernandez is most likely playing Chato Santana an ex-criminal who becomes a member of the Squad in the New 52 series. He could have pyrokinetic abilities or be a host to a spirit of vengeance. Probably not the latter.

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