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Last First Kiss


“You know, ‘fate’ is a funny thing when you think about it,” Gemma hums, pausing to take a sip from her drink. “You’re here, obviously, and Harry’s literally just down the street looking for a new book to read – and maybe you’ll run into each other, but maybe you won’t.”

“Yeah,” Niall breathes. His heart starts beating wildly in his chest, and he’s pretty sure he might have forgotten how to breathe.

“Anyway, I have to get going,” she says, pushing herself back to her feet. Niall stands too, and hugs her again. “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

Niall nods, swallows hard around the lump in his throat. “Yeah, definitely.”

Gemma leaves, then, with one wave over her shoulder as the door to the coffee shop closes behind her.

And then Niall does too, coffee in hand, rushing down the street to the bookshop- And that’s where he sees Harry; hair long and curly, shoulders broad beneath a flowery top, legs long, wearing black skinny jeans and brown boots. He wants to go through the door, and he could. He could pretend to be looking for a book too, come around the corner slowly and bump right into him; he could pretend like he didn’t know Harry had been there, act like fate really is working out for them…
Fanfic: Heartache & Heartbreak Ch 1, Holby City | FanFiction

‘Any lingering doubts had been quashed by Serena’s reaction - Bernie had to go to Afghanistan as soon as possible, and the blonde reckoned the sooner she left, the better for Serena.’ - When Bernie is called back to active duty, Serena is left to pick up the pieces.

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How do you know Han was negligent? Is there a page or something about if so could you link me please I wanna read😊

Keep in mind you’re asking me this question. I’m neither a scholar, nor do I seek to create the most unbiased meta possible–I’m just a gal who really, really, really loves Kylo Ren. My opinion of Han Solo is a reflection of that.

(And again, I’ll say: Han Solo is neither a bad character nor a bad person nor is this to say he deserved to be stabbed in the chest with a glow stick.)

Our first inkling that Han was initially not the most enthusiastic parent comes within the first three or so chapters of Bloodline.

“Never imagined this,” Han had murmured, sitting up in their bed late at night, Ben’s tiny head resting in the crook of his father’s arm. “Having a kid. Even wanting a kid.”

He never really wanted a kid. Of course, that doesn’t mean much–plenty of parents never think about wanting children, and then they’re thrust into that situation and they’re happy about it. But I question if Han was always happy.

There are a few more instances in Bloodline that I over-analyzed–because that’s what I do–to support this idea. 

But Han was also teaching these kids the same lessons he’d wanted to teach their son.

Han had wanted to train Ben as a pilot, his inability to do so was turned onto other children. But this tells me he had plans for his son that Ben did not fit into. Plans disturbed by the fact that Ben was Force-sensitive–something Han never understood and frequently discounted the validity of. So when his son comes along with this raw power, Han fails to understand it. But more importantly, he also fails to try. This is evidenced by the children’s novelization of TFA.

He would’ve given anything for his son to be normal– like him.

Normality is a funny concept. It’s constructed in the mind of whichever person holds it. In Han’s mind, Force-sensitivity is not normal. Ben’s powers were not normal. His son’s own reality and pain and isolation were not normal. He held this belief even as he stood in front of Kylo Ren–so imagine how long he’d felt that way. And imagine if Ben had ever gotten even a single whiff of that desire.

We kind of see evidence of this when Kylo Ren confronts Han on the bridge in the full novelization.

Ren’s eyes blazed. “No! The Supreme Leader is wise. He knows me for who I am, and who I can become.”

We can read between the lines, here. Han has never known Kylo for who he truly was, or respected what his power could make him. Han wanted something, someone different. His rejection–intentional or not–of his own son’s abilities is a rejection of his son. Even Luke and Leia are implicated in Kylo’s retort. No one has known Kylo Ren for who he is. No one understood him until Snoke. And no one, until Snoke, told him just how special and important he could be.

(Given that Leia is terrified of the reaction that Ben will have over finding out Vader is his grandfather, I can’t imagine the amount of restraint he was told to have over his abilities in fear of creating another Vader.)

My main issue comes in with the fact that we cannot take a child like Ben–typical in most aspects except for his gift–place him in the hands of two parents who love him perfectly, and receive Kylo Ren. There’s something missing in that equation. Kylo Ren says to Rey–a total stranger–He would’ve disappointed you. His resentment for Han Solo is so palpable and seething he has to spit it at someone he doesn’t even know, someone who has the connection with Han that he always wanted and could never, ever have.

But furthermore, I think Han knows this. In the children’s novelization, we read this as he dies.

The darkness in his eyes. And the sadness. Han forgave his son for what he had done.He prayed someday his son would forgive him in turn.

Look. Han knows he messed up. We don’t have the canonical fodder to spell out exactly what he did, but we have enough hints to paint a picture of a father who was absent and nervous about his son’s abilities and who, instead of seeking to understand, took actions that hurt his son. Hurt him deeply enough to make him seek answers and acceptance elsewhere. Hundreds of decisions that added up to a lifetime of rejection for Kylo Ren.

On top of all of this, we have the input from the actual creators of TFA (and Adam Driver):

Adam Driver: “Imagine the stakes for him in his youth. Having all these special powers and having your parents absent during that process on their own agendas, equally as selfish. He’s lost in the world that he was raised in, and feels that he was kind of abandoned by the people he was closest with.”

Abrams also added some backstory saying that Han couldn’t stay in one place and that Leia couldn’t stop fighting. His nature as a rogue and her nature as a freedom fighter clashed. Against that backdrop, Snoke targeted Kylo because of his powers and potential. The implication was that in the absence of solid parenting, Kylo Ren emerged.

Kylo Ren was the result of two imperfect parents making selfish choices–humans, we might say, haha. None of this means that Han Solo and Leia Organa were bad people who “deserved” what they got. But it is to say that we shouldn’t be surprised or shocked that this is what happened. Because, yes, I do put Leia at responsibility for how her son felt, as well. But you asked about Han, so…

Anyway, hope this clears up my position. LOVE YA.

Clutter-Free (10883 words) by MissDavis
Chapters: 5/6
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: 5+1 Things, Friends to Lovers, Hurt/Comfort, 221B Baker Street, Cleaning, tidying up, First Kiss, First Time, Minor Injuries, Minor Illness, Dinner

5 times John made Sherlock clean up the flat and one time he didn’t have to.

Chapter 1: The List
Chapter 2: First Aid
Chapter 3: The Fridge
Chapter 4: Dinner
Chapter 5: First Kiss

holy shit guys guys i just finished betaing @clearascountryair‘s fic the somebody i want to see and im like !!! shaking literally shaking and crying yest theres crying too its just so GOOD AND IM HAVING A LOTOF EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW I CAN BARELY TYPE I AM INCAPABLE OF CONTROLLING ALL THESE FEELS SHES JUST SO TALENTED AND THIS STORY GUYS THIS S T O R Y IS JUST ITS SO AMAZING AND IM MAD I WANT MORE

No Context Encounter

Well, it’s certainly surprising to see over 200 notifications appear over the course of two days! Thanks to all who liked and reblogged my stuff, and followed!

To those following me for my comic, I’ve some good and bad news:

The current comic is going to be scrapped because I don’t like how it was going, and I was literally winging it, which caused so many problems as I went on.

However, it’ll be rebooted with actual planning going in. I’ve a lot noted down, and pages thumbnailed, with the first chapter in the works.

Here’s a no-context encounter between John/Tailor and a minor character, a page from the rebooted comic.

Intermission (Wonho Fanfiction)

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Genre: Single Parent AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: Wonho; full time dad, part time male lead in nationwide famous musical. His life was busy to say the least, and it was about to get even busier with an added element: you.


The Clan (Minhyuk Fanfiction)/First Serve (Kihyun Fanfiction)

Chapter Two

     It was as if the world was working against you. The previously long and dragging weeks suddenly picked up their pace and zoomed by and before you knew it, it was closing night. You’d been feeling glum all day; you tried to convince yourself it was because you’d miss doing the makeup looks for the musical, but you knew it was because you would miss Wonho and Hayoon.

     With a reluctant sigh, you walked into the theatre that afternoon and began laying out the necessary makeup on the black vanity next to you. The actors and actresses had yet to arrive with only the backstage staff present. You leaned on the vanity as you waited; you makeup artists had quite some free time before you actually had to start work.

     Finally, the door opened and your heartbeat raced but it was quickly replaced with disappointment for it was only the stage manager, the big boss of the whole production. You sighed but then it struck you. You had been pondering over an idea that you thought of for a few days now and you needed his help. You jogged over to him on the other side of large room and bit your lip, smiling hesitantly. “Hey, can I ask you for a favour?”

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What are your thoughts about Ichigo and Rukia as a platonic friendship now that Bleach is over?

To me  it’s two people who are so very close to each other and would give their life for each other and they trust each other with their life but it never went into the romance department . 

When they meet each other rukia is over 100 year old when ichigo is 15 . I’ve never been part of the crowd that said ichigo and rukia couldn’t be together because of the age gap because an age gap is a bad thing only when there is a inbalance of powers in the relationship . This was never the case for ichigo and rukia except in the very first few chapters .

 But still the fact remains that when ichigo and rukia first met ichigo is like a child in rukia’s eyes . For the better part of the first arc they have a mentor / student dynamic . Rukia explains to him the world of the shinigamis , the hollows , she shows him how to use his powers and why he should use his powers . Rukia is much more mature in the way she sees the world and it shows when she aks ichigo not to go after her when she’s taken to SS by Byakuya and Renji . 

Rukia gives to Ichigo the power to protect which was something he always needed to become the person he truly is inside . Like on the bleach wikipedia someone wrote that ichigo refused to use his powers at first because of his cynicism and that’s like the most inacurrate thing I’ve ever read in my life . When ichigo lost his mother he went from a sheltered mama’s boy to a brash ,loudmouth , scowling person . He did that to protect himself because he did not want to ever be hurt again the way he hurt when his mother died . Ichigo distanced himself from people in a way because he did not want to get attached to people like he was to his mother when there was a risk he would loose them again . But Rukia gave him a way to overcome this distance . She gave him the power to protect . Ichigo was now able to fully love people , to let them get close to him because he knew he would have the power to protect them ,  he wouldn’t be powerless if they were in danger . Thanks to Rukia Ichigo became who he truly is : a protector . 

And this is why Ichigo thanks rukia ‘ thanks to you the rain has stopped’ . I know a lot of people mistook this as a romantic thing but no , clearly no . The rain hasn’t stop because of who rukia is but because of what she did for him . 

Ichigo and rukia are very close , they understand the other perfectly , they don’t need words to communicate . But the thing is , contrary to the fanon version of them , they are totally fine living into 2 different dimensions and only seeing each other once in awhile . They know the bond they have is unbreakable and they also know that they do not look for the same thing in their lives . Rukia wanted the recognition of byakuya and to not be alone anymore like she was after her separation with renji . When they part at the end of the SS arc Rukia announce to Ichigo she’ll stay in soul society because she mended the bond with her brother and renji . And ichigo is fine with that . He knew rukia’s world was soul society and he’s fine going back to the human world without her because he knows she’s happy and safe there . As for him he goes back to the human world because that’s where he belongs . 

After in the vizards arc rukia comes back and take her role as ichigo’s mentor back . She punch him in the gut and reminds him of who he is “ that’s the kind of man you are in my heart” . Ichigo is reminded of who he is and what he can do and is able to get out of his depressed state after orihime chad and tatsuki were hurt by the espadas . 

Ichigo and rukia are totally at ease and confortable with each other and their interactions are always really funny and entertaining . I’ve seen that used a lot as an anti ichihime argument because ichigo and orihime “ tip toe around each other” . And that’s very true but that’s not an anti ichihime argument at all quite the contrary . If ichigo and orihime tip toe around each other it’s because there is a latent romantic / sexual tensions to their interactions . They want to reach out for the other but do not allow themselves to ( I made a really long post about it back in the day just ask for the link and I’ll find it for you ) but with rukia and ichigo there was never this kind of tension . She lived in his closet for months and yet there was never any discomfort /awkward tension between them . Just like when you share a room with your best friend you’re at ease and confortable   . 

The thing that is amazing with their friendship is that they can go on for very long periods without speaking / seeing each other and yet as soon as they see each other it’s like time hasn’t passed . Their bond is the same , it will always be the same  . But even better being separated is not a problem to them . They know that they belong in different dimensions yet it’s okay because they know the other live belong there and they’re both fine with it . 

During the fullbringer arc , a lot of fans said ichigo’s depression was due to rukia’s absence . That’s ridiculous . Ichigo and rukia had been separated plenty of times before and after the fullbring arc and every time both ichigo and rukia proved to be fine during those periods . Ichigo was obviously depressed because he lost the ability to protect the people he loves . He does not know who he is anymore if he’s not a protector . 

The absence of Rukia obviously hurt ichigo . He said that rukia hadn’t come to visit during those 17 months when he knows that she could have taken a gigai and come visit him . And this hurts him . I think that at some levels he even feels betrayed and her absence reinforce his feeling of not being worth anything without his powers . When he awakens his fullbring powers chad tells ichigo to think about what made him proud of being a shinigami and ichigo with a pained expression on his face thinks of rukia . 

I’ve seen so many edits of this scene with the word pride replaced by the word love I think the ichiruki fandom managed to convince themselves it was love . But no it was pride . Chad when he awakened his fullbring thought of his abuelo who taught him how to use his fist but more importantly WHY he should use his fists and chad constructed his whole identity around it . 

It was the same for ichigo , Rukia taught him how to use his powers and WHY he should use them ( protecting people ) . If ichigo’s face is so pained here it’s because he must have forbade himself to think about rukia and all of soul society during those 17 months being powerless . He must have forced himself to move on and not allowed himself to feel hurt over the ‘ abandonment ‘ of rukia and renji . 

I think that one of the reason Ichigo was so devastated when Tsukishima changed the past of his friends and family is because he already knows the pain of severed bonds because he thinks his bond with rukia was severed when he lost his powers and she did not come to visit him even though she had the possibility . But in the end she gives him his powers back once again and Ichigo , this time does not need to be reminded of who he is because he now knows perfectly that he is indeed a protector . She only tells him what he is capable of doing ( re creating the bonds he has with his friends and family despite what tsukishima did to them ) . And now Ichigo knows he can do it because as soon as he saw rukia he knew that her absence during those 17 months weren’t due as he thought to his worthlessness but because everybody was preparing for him to regain his powers . He saw her and he understood that the bond they share is indeed unbreakable . And same goes with his other nakamas . So he now knows he can get them back ( and he was right because we saw orihime beginning to break through tsukihima’s ability because of her love for ichigo ) 

After the end of the fullbring arc ichigo and rukia part again and this time no need for dramatic farewell because they both know the bond they share is unbreakable and will always be . 

After that they do not interract much but it doesn’t matter because we know where they stand , we know how strong their bond is . Their relationship doesn’t need to evolve into something else . They are each other eternal nakama and the reader doesn’t need constant reassurance of that . 

TL ; DR : Ichigo and Rukia have an unbreakable bond . In the first two arcs their friendship helped them both make peace with themselves . Ichigo because he had the power to protect and rukia because she understood thanks to ichigo that she could change the world around her and change the state of her relationship with Byakuya and renji . After that their friendship was a constant , eternal thing . They did not need to be always together to remain close . No matter how long they’re separated they know that as soon as they’ll see the other again their interactions would be the same as before . 

Ohtaka’s Notes:

“This is the relationship chart that I used while working on the storyboard for the first Magi entry. It ended up becoming a ‘one-shot’. In order to submit Magi for serialization, it first must be drawn as a one-shot. After making adjustments to it, it became the current first chapter of Magi.”

Upcoming fic alert! 

So I just started working on a new fic the other day that I’m excited about. Check out the summary below. Hoping to post the first chapter sometime this week!

Caught in the Rapture

Summary:  AU. Being the daughter of a ruthless and notorious crime lord, Felicity Smoak didn’t think her life could get any worse.  When her father unexpectedly sells her in marriage as a peace offering to his enemy, she quickly learns it’ll take more than just her sharp intellect to survive.  But what starts out as a sentence worse than death, however, may actually be her only shot at freedom.    

So, like the spoiler queen that I am, (I love this title, thank you so much @the-self-entitled-bitch ) I already read all the spoilers, that are floating around. And the only thing, that I can now think about is: Why aren’t there any more spoilers?! Why aren’t there any pictures/screenshots about EoS content, even tough it seems like, that a bunch of people already have the book?! And why is the first chapter of EoS still not out?!

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Strange Capers - Fire_Sign - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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“We that are true lovers run into strange capers.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Two years ago, Phryne Fisher returned her father to England; Jack hasn’t seen her since. At least until he arrives at his latest crime scene and spies a very familiar figure crouching over the body…

This is the first chapter in my newest longfic, and my first attempt at a case-centric story.

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hey :) there was fic in which bellamy and "the squad" were workin at the fire station, and clarke was the new doctor in the group. bellamy and clarke didn't get along but because ot clarke's (some kind of) visions she was attracted to him. In her visions both of them i think were gods. The fic was really long the first chapter was like 25,000 words if that helps, and i think it must have 4 chapters. when i red it, it wasn't finished. I will be really thankfull if you know which is the fic. <3

Weave Me A Myrtle Crown