Hurry Up and Wait

I have been having lots of Shou thoughts recently, and wanted to try my hand at writing him. I’ve also lately been really appreciating and admiring how kind Mob’s character is - it takes a really good person to forgive as easily and often as he does, and his kindness has a visible effect in the mp100 universe. I feel like maybe Shou could use some of that kindness.

Shou glared down at the sign sticking out of the building he perched on as though he was waiting for its response to a question.

Unsurprisingly, being an inanimate wooden sign, it was not forthcoming with any answers.

When the words “Spirits and Such” grew hard to see in the glare of the angry sunset and still showed no inclination to morph into a magical solution to his problems, Shou sighed. He sprawled back on the edge of the roof, staring up at the brilliantly orange and purple sky.

He was bored. He was frustrated. He was angry. And ultimately, he was indecisive, which was where most of the other feelings were stemming from. Every cell of his being was vibrating, telling him to go, to move, to do something. His plan to overthrow his father’s organization had failed, but thanks to a fluke, it had been overthrown just the same. However, instead of the satisfying end of his father’s ambitions and a reuniting of his family, Pops was now locked up somewhere in a high-security government facility. Shou needed to get reorganized, make new plans, and get started on enacting them.  

But for the first time since he could remember, he didn’t know what to do. Every scheme he imagined failed to coalesce in his mind as he vacillated from one goal to the next. Should he go after his pops himself? Figure out a way to bust him out, while somehow securing a promise that he was done with his aspirations of grandeur? Or should he leave him to whatever government facility he was in, and to hell with him? He’d lost sight of his own self-appointed purpose in the world when he had failed to beat his father; if he was brutally honest with himself, it had severely shaken his confidence. He was tired of going and going, trying and trying, and not making any apparent difference.

And his emotions, instead of driving him with purpose as they once had, were now also tangling up his decision-making process, gunking up the cogs of his churning brain. As much as he hated to acknowledge it, he’d finally decided he needed to consult someone else on what to do next about the man he’d spent months planning to defeat, and then failed to do so so spectactularly.

He’d considered and then immediately discarded the idea of asking his mother. Serizawa, his second choice, was maybe not the most clear-headed when it came to his pops. Yet, Serizawa also knew his father better than almost any other adult Shou could talk to. And who knew; since he was at the office anyway, maybe that weird non-esper who was now Serizawa’s employer might have something interesting to say, too.

Now, if he could just convince himself that going in there and admitting he needed help was really the only option left to him-

“Suzuki-kun? What are you doing up here?”

Shou started, leaping to his feet. He wasn’t used to being the one snuck up on, and thoroughly did not appreciate it. He turned to face the direction the voice had come from.

Shigeo Kageyama peered back at him from beneath straight black bangs with an expression of mild curiosity.

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the first word of the chapter is 'viktor' idk why im excited over that but i am?? maybe bc it's like 'alright no fluffy shit we're getting right down to business here viktor ruined his goddamn life at the tender age of 15 and we gonna explain his (miserable) side of the story to you for the next 12 or so chapters alright? (dw tho it gets better...eventually)' like..i looove the angst

The first word is ‘Viktor’ and the last word is ‘Katsuki’

Sk8er Girl Ch 3 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?).

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV. The first part of this chapter very heavy and /real/ but the ending is fluffy cuteness to make up for it!]

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Harbor In the Tempest (1/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

This was an idea I had back in September, but let it sit after writing the intro and finally picked it up again recently. Working on it has basically kept me going during an intensely shitty week. The first 3 chapters are already complete. @caprelloidea​ is basically the best person ever for helping me through this one.

Rating: T

Word Count: 5165

AO3 |

They’ve just finished filling the canteens when he hears it. A familiar rustle somewhere behind him in the jungle, the same noise that kept him on edge for years in this hellish place, the one that left him looking over his shoulder for centuries. He glances over at Emma to see she’s oblivious, capping the water and adjusting the satchel over her shoulder, her ears not as attuned to this place as his are.

“Swan,” he whispers. She turns to face him and he raises a finger to his lips, tilting his head in the direction of the noise.

They stand there frozen for a long moment listening, the only sounds the occasional call of a bird or the chirping of an insect. He’s just about to relax when he hears it again, and by the tensing of Emma’s shoulders she can as well. She looks toward the noise and back at him, instinctively reaching over her shoulder for her cutlass.

The cutlass she’d given back to Baelfire.

Her eyes widen, and the first tinge of panic starts creeping up his nerves. Emma glances around for something, anything she can use as a weapon as he draws his own sword, stepping between the noise and Emma. It could just be an animal, or one of their group wondering what’s taking them so long, or -

The Lost Boys appear, faces slowly emerging from the jungle. First just in front of him, and then to his right, and his left, swords glinting in the sunlight and arrows dark-tipped with poison.

A dozen weapons against one. 

He spares the quickest of glances back and sees Emma frozen, still empty-handed. He turns back to his attackers, one last sweep of the landscape as he considers their options. There’s only one.


There’s only a split-second before they both turn and sprint, splashing over the shallow stream and barreling headlong into the jungle. They need to put some distance between them and the Lost Boys, take advantage of their longer strides and find some kind of hiding place to wait it out as they go by. But as his legs and lungs first start to burn as they duck and tumble and run, dodging arrows the whole way, he realizes what Pan’s crew is really doing.

They’re being herded.

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Chapter 1 [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: The stranger from the diner is more familiar with your family than you realized.

Word Count: 2,377

Warnings: Slow burn, mentions of drinking?

Authors notes:  Sab - Guys. Dreams are coming true (specifically, mine). This is the first chapter and we are so excited to share with you guys! Mostly because pre-ITH Lin is my spirit animal.

Ren - You guys have no idea how excited we are for you to finally dive in with us into this story! Sab and I have a ~thing~ for pre-ITH Lin and the way this story flows when we write kinda speaks for itself. We really hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!

askbox | masterlist prologuenext chapter

“Mom, slow down- What do you need me to do?” You thanked the universe for having a slow day at your job when your mom called. Those phone calls were never calm or short, but today she sounded especially nervous. “Ava? Is she okay?”

I got a call from school, hon, they asked to pick her up earlier, something about a stomach or a headache, I don’t remember.” You rolled your eyes at your mom’s neglect and how it never changed, even after having three daughters. “Since your job is closer to Hunter and I’m on the other side of the city I was wondering if-

“If I can pick her up? Sure, I’ll have to talk to my boss but we’re having a slow day anyway.” You took a deep breath after listening to your mother giving you instructions on how to find your way inside Hunter like you have never been there, hanging up on her after a quick goodbye.

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hi maddie i hope you're having a fabulous day! i was just curious as to whether or not iinyh will be up tomorrow or not? tbh i can't believe you jumped right into another multichap and understand if you need more time to write/edit lol

I hope you guys are having a fabulous day too <3 <3 <3 I’m afraid the first chapter of IINYH won’t be out tomorrow! I’ve written it but I think I’m going to rewrite it because there are some things I want to change!!

I’d give you an estimated date but I’m not quite sure – possibly Sunday or Monday! Busy weekend OTL


A new future project!!

We’re working on the first chapter, but we need a Japanese translator to continue.

If you want to help, contact us at

Reblogging helps

I’m happy to be working on Takasaki Bosco’s new project called Torokeru Kuchibiru.  The second part of Tadoru Yubi

Because I hate MPreg, and I think we have more interesting, beautiful, and mature projects to release, I’m going to drop Haramibara. Don’t worry. Another scanlation group will be working on it! So I won’t be releasing the color scans or the extra that appear in the tanko.

Even so, it has been an honor to me to introduce this mangaka, unknown to many people, and that now so many scanlation groups want to work on her books.


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I hope the writing is going okay and you aren't feeling under too much pressure! We love you!!

It’s going better than it was on Wednesday at least! I had to scrap the entirety of the first chapter and start again because it just wasn’t working but now I’m about 7,500 words into the new draft (the chapter will probably be around 10,000 words I’m guessing but I’m not sure) and I actually like the new stuff I’ve written which is a relief!

I love to play New Game+ with tales of the abyss. It’s literally the funniest thing when Luke eats the apple in Engave during the first chapter of the game. He’s like “what’s gald?” And I’m like “listen here boi you’ve got more than 10 million gald in your pockets right now I think you know what gald is”

We Could Be Heroes||Hamilcast -Prologue

Look at me, finally posting something for this fic!!! I actually have the first chapter done and I’ve started the second one, but chapter one is under heavy editing, so it won’t be up for another few days. But until then, enjoy this!

Shoutout to the mastermind behind all this, @ham4fan-fiction

And all the people that have asked to be tagged: @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @maybe-mikala @always-blame-jefferson @musicalmiranda okay you didn’t ask but you’re in the story so I’m tagging you anyway and the same goes for @secretschuylersister

And tagging my forever fave @fangiri because you will forever be tagged in anything I write.

Warnings: brief mentions of torture-ish??? Some pretty sad backstories and terrible government. I think that’s it, but come yell at me if I forgot to warn about anything.

Word count:2488 (*pats myself on the back because that’s not too shabby*)

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So then is the first chapter going to be when Viktor and Yuri first meet at Viktor's Junior Grand Prix or at Yuri's Junior debut when Viktor first remembers seeing him skate. I need to prepare myself in some small way

You’ll just have to wait and see ;)

Damage, Chapter 5
finnagain, lifeonmars
Damage, Chapter 5

Podfic of Damage, by lifeonmars, Chapter 5 of 10
Written by @marsdaydream​ and read by finnagain
Fandom: BBC Sherlock, Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Mature
Genre: Post series 3, Slow Build, Angst, Eventual Happy Ending
Additional tags: ACD References, Complicated Relationships, Minor Character Death, Grief/Morning, ANGST

Chapter summary: John reaches his limit with Holmes brothers when Sherlock’s investigation into Mary’s death takes a bad turn. WORDS ARE SAID, ACTIONS ARE TAKEN.

Listen here or stream/download the chapter’s mp3 or m4b on AO3.

Reader note: This chapter includes what may be my favourite first kiss of all time.

tumblr links to: First Chapter | Previous Chapter

A major turning point in the history of humankind has arrived.

In prehistoric days, we ventured into the forest to hunt. If that is the first chapter of human history, then the second is when we succeeded in securing a stable number of food calories in the form of rice and wheat.

The curtain rose on chapter three as waves of industrialization arrived in what we call modern times; chapter four saw telecommunications and computers fuse, opening a new door.

We are now witnessing the opening of the fifth chapter, when we are able to find solutions to problems we had been unable to solve. This age in which all things are connected and all technologies fuse is the advent of “Society 5.0”.
—  Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, addressing CeBIT 2017, Germany
Zephyr Chapter 1: Fancy meeting you here

A/N: the promised multichapter!  I’m posting the full first chapter on here but from now on I’ll only do a little excerpt and then link to FF and Ao3 like usual?  If anyone has an issue reading it on either of those sites, let me know :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own stuff and I’m not Irish (well I am but not in the ways that matter right now) so I’m very sorry Seamus ha.

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Please let me know what you think!  Expect weekly updates :)

Silvery moonlight winks across the frothy waves that lick around her ankles, gauzy uneven skirts darkening with wet as tendrils of briny water slither back down her calves in unpredictable rivulets.

Water.  It would be the key.  It always had been.

The roar of the crowd reaches decibels higher than she’d previously thought possible as Ginny and her fellow chasers take a victory lap before game play resets after their most recent score.  The trio of women exchanges quick code phrases as they decide on their next strategy when a few surprised shouts sound from across the stadium.

Still, they can’t lose focus even if it likely means missing whoever gets the snitch, so they face off against the other team and her eyes zero in on the quaffle as it moves from hand to hand.  There’s always a chance that they won’t get it, or that the last 10 points gained by quick thinking could secure a win despite losing the 150.

Years of Quidditch – both at school, home, and professionally – had ingrained this single mindedness into Ginny so thoroughly that it was almost like breathing. They’re nearing the goals now, swooping to and fro – around each other and the opposing players – as Ginny is body-slammed by a frantic opposing chaser such that she nearly loses her grip on the quaffle.  

Desperately, she grasps the ball with the tips of her fingers before delivering it into her fellow chaser’s waiting hands, which immediately sink the final goal of the game before cheers and the only slightly louder final whistle signal the end of the game.

The Harpies had been tens of points ahead last Ginny had gathered from the tinny voice that sometimes broke through the noise of screaming fans, but she’d quickly forgotten the number and plowed ahead as vigilantly as if they were coming up from behind.

She still doesn’t know the end result until Gwenog’s barely there smile ticks up one corner of her tight pressed lips before the tall woman gives the sweaty team a curt nod, the late afternoon sun licking across her rich skin as she leads the way toward the eager press corps. 

Nearly two hours later Ginny finds herself pushing through the throng of revelers at a local hole in the wall tavern that promises hearty meals, no press, and steadily flowing butterbeer, firewhisky, and the like.

Freshly showered, and ready to collapse in one of the wobbly chairs that surrounds the table her teammates have claimed, Ginny jolts when a broad hand claps on her shoulder.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite chaser.”

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