Our friends.
This is the end of A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, back where it all began, Buenos Aires.
Thankyou everybody all around the world, at home and abroad, for being the best part of our show.
For being the music and for keeping your and our heads full of dreams.
This was our first chapter.
From now on we’ll only be full of surprises.
We love you.
We’re grateful for all of you, with all of our hearts.
We exist for and because of you.
Goodnight, good afternoon, good morning wherever you are in the world.
God bless you all.
Be kind to each other.
We’re in this together.
We’re one big band.
Everything is possible, if you never give up.
And if you Believe in Love.


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The Agency

An idea that snowballed quickly with the help of the Discord server! This is just the first part, I’ll probably keep this rolling and add continuations to it over time!
For now, though: enjoy the first “chapter”!

It was a very odd day when the agency appeared in town. In that, it literally appeared; there wasn’t much warning, other than a sign hung on an abandoned factory near the residential district. Within the day, it was replaced with a clean, welcoming facility with major green space around it. It was a surprise for everybody, including government officials when they realized that every bit of paperwork was completed properly and filed away already. So, despite its odd beginning, it was allowed to stay open.

Most people avoided it at first; after all, what sort of weird place could it be? It didn’t seem overly dangerous, just…odd. But people stayed away from it nonetheless. Until the fliers began appearing around town.

They were neatly printed, on bright yellow paper, and simply explained the activities and classes that were available at the agency. They seemed to be self-help and counselling related mostly, with additional programs for living assistance and mentorship. There were no prices; it was all clearly explained that these were available for free to the public. Quiet rumors swirled throughout the city about how odd it was, how much of a trap it seemed.

But then one day, new rumors began to enter into the mix. Some had gone there, finally curious enough to actually enter, and had emerged all the better for it. There were stories of this being the only place that someone had ever gone that actually had been able to help them. Rumors of people finding help they’d never though existed being found there. Slowly, more stories emerged from more places about how helpful and positive the agency was, and more people went.

I never felt curious enough to actually check it out myself until my best friend came to me and insisted that I go with them the next day. I’d been noticing how much better they’d been doing with their depression lately, but I hadn’t known that they’d been using the agency. I hesitated for a bit before they mentioned that there was probably something for me there as well. THAT got my attention, and I finally agreed to go with them.

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Pairing: ReaderXBTS Member (Taehyung, Jimin, Yoongi)

Author’s Note: Hello lovelies, Currently working on a new fic for you guys, and I am so excited to post it(and hella nervous). I am hoping to be able to post the first chapter soon. Keep an eye out!

@riki-leigh-c is my right-hand woman on this, so wish us luck and positive vibes for inspiration. She is amazing :D

Trigger warning: This fic will contain explicit scenes and language that will not be suitable for all ages. Read at your own risk.

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I got this audiobook about the history of Vietnam and it’s the only book on audible about Vietnam that *isnt* a travel book or only about the American war but about Vietnamese history in general and nonetheless the book is still put in the “Military History” category bc of an algorithm I’m guessing and literally the first chapter is about how popular western conceptions that center the American war in Vietnam do a great disservice to history

Of Secrets and Lies [JeffMads]

(Lil A/N: Trash title is trash I apologize. This is a bit short too and for that I ask you to forgib. This could be called the prologue or the first chapter ((however you see it))

Based off of/inspired by the comic made by @hamildoodles




The year of the return of the almighty Thomas Jefferson. Who might Thomas Jefferson be you ask? To answer your question dear reader, I would direct you to his close friend James Madison, a man constantly plagued by illness and stress. If you were to ask Mr. Madison exactly what he thought of Jefferson, you would receive the same answer. Something along the lines of, “Mr. Jefferson can be quite a headache, though is truly a man of politics. He goes after what he wants and holds nothing back. Almost as if he was built for this line of work.”

In reality, Thomas was the bane of Jame’s very existence. The reason negative thoughts flooded his mind and clouded his judgement. The very reason that anger washed over Madison’s entire body, causing his muscles to tense and his cheeks to flush red with rage. You see, James Madison was not known for being a very emotional person. He was calm and collected, quick witted and sharp. James Madison was cunning and manipulative, not some young girl helplessly in love. So why were these feelings so dominant in the front of his mind? Controlling his actions and changing his thoughts, it was unfair.

A dear friend of his had just returned from France and all Madison could think to do was act insufferable and childish. You might be asking yourself “now why the hell is this man so jealous?” Some possible answers could be, “Why it’s Jefferson’s cabinet status!” or “The wealth and fame that was connected to the Jefferson name!”

That answer however, will be revealed in due time.


Thomas Jefferson had just returned from France. The air smelled of freedom, something the former colony had just gained. The brand new nation was the cause of gossip worldwide, the other countries delighted by the loss of another British colony. Much to the delight of Thomas, he was choosen to be part of a group that would mold and form their new country. Word had quickly spread about the new cabinet members that were now the underlings of President George Washington himself. Having earned such a powerful position had elevated his status with the ladies. Making him all the more popular.

Now, let me tell you, Thomas Jefferson had always been a ladies man. Awkward sometimes yes, but smooth and flirty none the less. Thomas Jefferson practically oozed confidence and appeal, flashing smirks and sending hearts flying wherever he went. This time in particular, he was joined by his smaller friend James Madison, who was currently recovering from a coughing fit. After glancing over to spot James tucking away his handkerchief, Thomas refocused his attention on the beautiful southern belle before him. She was visiting family in the North, her blonde hair curled and pulled up into an elegant bun. She donned and light blue dress and a white parasol, her sparkling green eyes half lidded and flirty. She and Thomas chatted about small things like pie and the southern sun, when a few more ladies had decided to join the party.

Giggling behind their hands and gushing over the man before them, the ladies batted their eyelashes and spoke softly, their tones so sickly sweet it was like a caramelized rotten apple. According to Madison, it was a disturbing sight, the women throwing themselves at the feet of Thomas Jefferson, practically begging for attention. “It’s so wonderful to have you back Mr. Jefferson!” One piped up, her hands clasped neatly in front of her. To that Thomas replied with a chuckle, his eyes sweeping over the small crowd. “Believe it or not, there is not a single lady in all of Paris that would hold a single candle to all of you.”

That statement threw the girls into a fit of squeals and blushes, their eyes lighting up as they smiled softly. “Oh Thomas!” The blonde one swooned, lightly fanning herself. Thomas smirked and bowed, “Oh but trust me, I would know.” He spoke lowly, his voice sultry and inviting. “But do calm down please, there is enough Thomas for everyone.”

Gritting his teeth, James narrowed his eyes as he stared at the small fanclub gathering around his Th-, his friend Thomas. He bit back a harsh remark, using everything in his power not to lash out and cause a scene. After all, he should be used to Thomas openly flirting right? Practically glaring daggers at Jefferson, Madison remained silent, his anger rolling off of him in waves. Thomas, the very reason for his anger, had the audacity to glance back and question what’s wrong. James had missed how Thomas’ eyes had briefly lit up before narrowing in concern. “Madi?” Jefferson called, looking over his shoulder. In return, he received James angrily snapping his eyes shut and turning away. He needed time to think and Jefferson and his harem weren’t any help.

Growing more concerned by second, Thomas turned around, raising a single finger to the ladies. “I shall be back, do wait for me.” He cooed, turning on his heel and towards his companion. “Madi hey!” He called, in another attempt to catch James’ attention. With a huff, James Madison decided he had enough. He would not be forced to deal with Jefferson and his rag tag groupies, so he did the only thing he could. Walk away. No explanation given, nor did he even look back. “Madison! Wait! Where are you going?” When silence was the only response received, Thomas jogged up to grab onto Madison’s shoulder. “Now wait a minute! Why did you suddenly decide to leave our wonderful company?” Under his hand, Jefferson felt the shorter of the two tense and watched as his posture straightened out.

What came next however, was quite surprising to say the least. Rather harshly, the sickly and quiet James Madison had shrugged off the taller’s hand, as if it was dirt being brushed away. James Madison had never been so rash before, usually deciding to keep to himself. James was not one to publicly disrespect someone, especially if it was a friend or coworker. It was puzzling indeed. It made Thomas question what he did wrong. When the other was unable to come up with an answer, he just decided to ask.

“Hey James, what am I missing here?”





Until AO3 returns…

A small excerpt from the first chapter of my latest fic below to keep us all going until AO3 is back up and running, when I’ll post the thing in full.

In summary: In 2017, Steve persuades Billy to drive from California to Hawkins to visit a dying Neil Hargrove one last time.


“If we do this,” Billy says as he chews his gum, “we’ll have to take at least a week off work. Probably two.”

It will take them days to drive from San Diego to Hawkins, and Steve isn’t looking forward to a road trip with a grumpy Billy, but Billy hates flying and if that’s what it takes to get his husband to do the right thing then so be it.

“David isn’t coming with us,” Billy says firmly. “I’m not letting him anywhere near that asshole.”

“Shouldn’t we leave that up to him? What if he wants to say goodbye to his grandfather?”

“David never even knew him, Steve. They met once when David was a baby and my dad made it clear he wasn’t interested. Besides, I don’t wanna pull David out of school for a couple of weeks so late in the year; he’s got more important things to worry about.”

“You’re right,” Steve sighs, thinking of the college applications that their son had been working so hard on. “Ok, David stays here.”

“And we’re staying in a hotel when we get to Hawkins. I’m not spending another night at the Hendersons’ house.”

“Dustin will be crushed, but I think I can live with that.”

“I don’t think I can eat another one of his wife’s homemade lasagnas. What’s her name again? Sarah? Sabrina?”

Shirley,” Steve corrects. “And be nice. You know that even if we don’t stay with them, we’ll have to visit.”

“Yeah yeah,” Billy mumbles, fidgeting with his wedding ring. “Fine. I’ll talk to work tomorrow, and then let’s just go so we can get back.”

“Ok,” Steve says softly. He leans forward and places a kiss on his husband’s jaw. “Let me know if you want to talk about it.”

Warhound Master Apothecary Talon.

Mistress of Sanctity Lucatiel

Master of the Forge Crom

Revered ancient Varren.

(All but the Chaplin are from the Heresy, taken by Cawl to become part of the Primaris project.) 

(Crom had to many cybernetic augments, so instead chose to stay in stasis until needed, while Varren was near killed in the chapters first battle against the World Eaters.)

(Kharn did not take kindly to seeing Guillimans new marines wearing the Legions colours or using their old name, leading the World Eaters to butcher 3 company’s before heavy shelling allowed the War Hounds to evacuate.)

(As a result, the Surviving War Hounds of gone to great lengths to reorganise their chapter, including using more standard marines, as the chapter council believe the lack of melee focused units is what lead to such great losses.)

(Also Yes, Lucatiel is a Woman.)

Bughead post 2x05 fic

*Part 2* About 4.5k words, lots of angst

   Truth be told, Jughead was still sort of angry at Betty. He understood why she did what she did and really he couldn’t blame her for going through Archie. He knew no matter the circumstances, he wouldn’t be able to break her heart in person either. He was angry because she hadn’t trusted him with this. She hadn’t told him about the letter she got at the Blue and Gold either. Then she hadn’t trusted him with the calls. She was being tortured and he could do nothing to comfort her. Mostly Jug was angry that she hadn’t trusted his safety. She made a decision for him without even bothering to tell him and she knew he hated that.

   He pushed the thoughts away as he tried to focus on the dealings going down with the Ghoulies. Essentially, if the Serpents won, the Ghoulies would stop distributing Jingle Jangle in Riverdale. If the Ghoulies won, the Serpents would have to forfeit some of their territory in the southside, making the Ghoulies the larger landowners, if still the smaller group . The Ghoulies were bargaining for something else to sweeten their pot when all eyes turned to Jug. Not hearing the last bit of the conversation in his distraction, he straightened a bit, looking around. “What?” he asked, not understanding why everyone’s attention was on him.

   Tall Boy turned to their leader, and said “No deal. That is personal, not clan business.” Jughead absolutely hated being confused but he knew he should feel relieved Tall Boy refused. The one who called himself Osiris straightened and turned back to Tall Boy. “These proceedings feel personal to me. We are willing to part with our major source of income but you insult us by only offering a small portion of land. That-” he pointed toward Jughead’s face “-is how you show me this isn’t personal. That you aren’t trying to screw us over…. Besides. The winner of the race needs a crown.” Oh no no no. He wasn’t parting with the beanie. He looked at Tall Boy, hoping he would stay his ground. Tall Boy gave Jughead a sad look before turning back to Osiris. “I guess we’ll just have to win, then.”

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The Sound of Rain - Part 10

Pairing: Chanbaek/Baekyeol

Genre: drama/angst/fluff

Plot: an art student meets a mysterious guitar player at the same place everytime it rains, slowly they start to get to know and help each other in ways they never thought they could.

Note: here it is, second to last chapter! to read the first chapters click (here)

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Introduction: Night In The City

The introduction of my first chaptered story! I don’t think I can really call this a chapter because it’s not very long - maybe about 3 pages at a push. There’ll be more to come soon…

Cara and I walked back to the bar to get ourselves another drink. We’d probably been at the club for about an hour now, and in all honesty - I wasn’t really getting into it. I was trying my best to, though. She and Sam had been really kind to bring me here this weekend, and she had essentially forced me to get out and let my hair down. For months, I’d made excuses not to go out. They were usually work related, which weren’t a lie -  I did have things to do, but I seemed to find something to keep myself busy constantly. I hadn’t done anything fun in a long time.  Ever since I had broken up with Ben, I think I’d been a bit scared to.

I’d needed to keep myself distracted and busy. I felt like the minute I stopped was when I would eventually crash and get myself in state which I absolutely refused to let happen. From experience, once I fell into a dark place, I found it almost impossible to get myself out and I knew I just couldn’t go through that again.    

Although when my birthday came up, she wouldn’t let the idea go. She told me that Sam was working away in the city that weekend, and had been invited to stay in a really nice hotel, paid for by his company. It was a few minutes away from a club she & I used to go to back when we were in college, so she suggested we could go back there for a night out, and she’d treat me to some drinks for my birthday.

She made it almost impossible for me to say no. I knew she was doing it with my best interest but I was hesitant about it. Though she promised me that we didn’t have to do anything ‘crazy’, she just wanted me to come out with her and have a good time like we used to, so eventually, I gave in.

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confessionsofabandstalker  asked:

I’m new to the fandom and I literally just binge read the whole of oculus in a day and holy shit! I usually stay away from anything horror but I loved it and I’m so glad that you left all the hard gory bits because it made Craig’s story so much more affecting. Also, how come Craig can see David in the first chapter? Would he have been able to see ghosts too if he hadn’t died?

Thank you so much !! I’m really glad you enjoyed the read!

Also, you don’t have to be an oculus to see a ghost. If a spirit is powerful enough it can reveal itself to anybody for a short time, which is why even some people who aren’t oculus have had ghostly encounters.

anonymous asked:

hi, if ur still doing the fic prompts, would you consider writing #25 with toshinko pls? thank you so much!!

25. librarian/avid reader au for toshinko

Toshinori goes back to the library again today. He slides yesterdays book in the return box and then walks through the doors into a big room filled with shelves that smells like dust and ink. It’s his favorite smell in the world and he heads right to the fiction section to browse, at ease with the hushed environment.

He loses track of time there. The light seems far away between the stacks and with only soft murmuring and the distant rustle of paper drifting down the aisles he’s in another world. He reads booksleeve after booksleeve until he finds one that strikes his mood. After that he skims the first chapter, just to make sure it’s the kind of thing he’s interested in. Through this process he eventually finds a book he has an overwhelming desire to read in one sitting, the sure sign that he’s going to have a wonderful evening.

He takes his choice to the front counter and is rewarded with the other reason he comes to the library every day.

Midoriya smiles at him. “Back again today?”

Toshinori blushes and tries not to be too obvious. “I like reading.”

Midoriya laughs. “I can see that. You do know that you can check more than one book out at a time, right? Then you don’t have drive over here every day.”

Toshinori looks down, embarrassed. “I like coming here. I like the environment.”

Midoriya is already done scanning his book and his library card. It doesn’t take very long when you only have one book. She prints his receipt with the due date that he won’t even come close to reaching and puts it between the pages of his book.

“The environment is pretty great,” Midoriya agrees. “It’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a librarian.”

He smiles at her. “You’re a wonderful librarian. That’s part of why I come back here every day too.”

Then Toshinori realizes what he’s said and he’s mentally kicking himself. Way to be obvious, way to blow it, way to seem desperate to the perfect woman.

Midoriya’s hands come up to cradle her own face as it colors red. “Wow, that’s so nice of you to say.”

Toshinori clears his throat. “Um, well, it’s the truth, so…” He takes his book from the counter awkwardly. “Bye, Midoriya-san.”

She smiles at him. “See you tomorrow, Yagi-san?”

Toshinori brightens. “If that’s okay?”

“Absolutely,” she says shyly, her face still red. “I actually am looking forward to it.”

A little thrill goes through him. “Tomorrow it is then.”

She nods. “Tomorrow.”

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