I hate it when people spread false information to newbies or just those asking questions just for their own personal agenda. 

Fact: You do not need a high end bjd in order to be in the bjd community. Saying you need to drop over $300usd on a doll in order to be “taken seriously” or “welcomed into” the hobby is a straight out lie. As long as your doll is legit, then you are more than welcome here. My first doll was *approx* $180. I was accepted immediately.

Fact: The community will not cast you out if you have a non-bjd as means of getting into the hobby, or if you collect non-bjds and want to join the bjd community. I’ve seen people start out with MH dolls, or Obitsu, or Dollfie Dream before. Many BJD collectors, myself included, collect and share dolls that aren’t considered to be bjds by textbook definition. Night Lolita dolls share a similar aesthetic to bjds and are an inexpensive alternative. I have a similar doll myself and the bjd community seems to like him a lot (a My Ballerina Doll Prince Nicholas). Whatever works for your aesthetic and budget, as long as it is legit.

Fact: BJD Recast Positive is a toxic hate blog that is not to be trusted with any of their opinions or posts. They will do anything to try and make theft seem like the best option, and will put themselves on a pedestal, and anyone who purchases legitimate products, bjd or not it seems, will be immediately shot down and shamed by the blog. They just wish to spite artists and spite those who think artists and legitimate companies deserve to be paid. The fact their statement said they don’t want to help pro-artists, and yet claim they welcome everyone is a contradiction and shows they aren’t to be trusted. 

Fact: The Pro-Artist community is always willing to assist. Have questions? My inbox, along with the inboxes of many reliable people in the community are usually open, and a lot of us have the anon feature on for those who are uncomfortable naming themselves publicly. I have never seen a pro-artist person refuse to help, or make snide comments towards newbies (unless it is on a confession blog, but i just block all of those and move away from them). Our ask boxes are open, and I’d be more than willing to do research and help out anyone with questions about dolls in general.

Fact: You are always welcome here, even if you don’t have a bjd. As long as you support artistic endeavors and avoid the purchasing of counterfeit items, then there is a place for you in the hobby, and we would love to have you. Even if your first doll isn’t a bjd, even if you used to own recasted counterfeits and have since switched to purchasing legitimate products, even if your dolls are hinge jointed, or have a skeleton system, and are not text-book ball jointed dolls, and you are yet to purchase your first bjd, you’ll have a place here

Thank you to sppod on instagram for bringing this up. 


Heres the box opening for my first little pukipuki!


Sebastian·Michaelis has been release!But just for China Mainland.Hope you will love he.
Sebastian·Michaelis  is a cooperation between ringdoll and ANIPLEX,and he is a limited edition
District limited:This style can only be purchased  in China Mainland.
Quantity limited:Only has fifty.
Black butler was authorized by ANIPLEX,supervised and affirmed by original author Toboso Yana.
This the first time that China BJD company cooperate with Japanese IP(intellectual property),it is a significant step!Hope that we can create more and better works in the future.


Hello Everyone! The Fullsets are ready for you! We will have a separate lottery for them, since they are so limited. We will have 16 fullsets - one doll of each possible combination. When you email us, please let us know which lottery you want to enter, and if you want a fullset, which doll in which color (or let us know if you will take any available or Lilin in either color, etc)

The fullsets will cost 53000 JPY (shipping is included). They will be drawn on the 25th with the others. Please note that the faceups are as shown - the team at UnoAlchemy and Alchemic Labo did them together, but they are…rustic. lol.

From Soom to Bobobie, 
From Fairyland to Mirodoll
From Dealers to Direct to Second Hand Finds
From White Resin to Tan, and all in between 
From Yo-SD to 80cm giants
From Human based to Fantasy styled Creatures
From Artist Cast to Company Made
From Resin to Vynil to ABS to Porcelain
From Sleek and slender to Curvy and thick
From Hand Sculpted to 3D printed creations

All legit dolls are beautiful in their own unique way and the artists that work hard to bring them to our community deserve love and respect for what they do. Even if you don’t like the aesthetic, you can at least respect what they do for us and for the community as a whole. 

Support the artists that make this hobby possible <3 Without them, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community in the first place.

Recasts and my Joining the Hobby

So, there is something I really, really wanted to talk about. I know the recast topic is something I talk about every now and then (and for those who want to filter it out, since I know everyone isn’t following me for dolls, etc I tend to tag it was recast debate or recast related), and I’ve occasionally made references for it, but there was something I really, really wanted to talk about the pro-artist side of the debate.

I’m way happier being on the pro-artist side of the hobby than I ever was on the recast-neutral side.

When I joined the hobby, I really didn’t know much about BJDs. I understood what they were fundamentally - dolls strung with elastic with rounded joints, oftentimes made by Asian companies specifically - and I sort of was aware of Den of Angels quite some time (my first “exposure” to BJDs was probably on Deviantart when I was 14 or something?) I never delved much into the hobby then since, while they were pretty, it wasn’t something I figured I’d really be able to afford (especially as a teenager), and at the time I’d rather invest what little money I got into video games and my Sailor Moon collection.

As time went on though, I really wanted to get into doll customization. I really liked a lot of doll channels on youtube, and eventually I got some Monster High and Ever After High dolls, since even when I first saw them in stores I thought they were pretty cool. I loved the articulation, especially when compared to the barbies I had growing up who mostly only had clickable knees and rotating arms, but when I got into those hobby groups, Mattel’s… quality started to really tremble. I looked into other dolls, and I figured Pullips might be a safe bet - they are super cute, they had articulation like a Monster High (which could be vastly improved with an obitsu body), and while they were super expensive they weren’t as expensive as adult-oriented fashion dolls. Around this time another hobbyist I knew from Monster High (who also consequently got a Pullip and a Blythe around the time I got into Pullips as well), also delved into BJDs and got a recast.

I had no idea what a recast was, but I found their bjd very intriguing - and they talked about restringing and rewiring her and… I don’t know, something clicked and the thought of a doll being strung with elastic was quite as daunting as it was before then. I had a bunch of BJD groups suggested to me, recast friendly and anti-recast alike, so I ended up joining a few different groups.

Initially the groups were, in fact, quite nice. I had a lot of newbie questions that a lot of them were very quick to answer (stuff like restricting, faceup materials, etc). And for that, I am quite grateful! However, Den of Angels was made to sound like a really intimidating place. I used the DoA wiki (which is public) extensively, but I was intimidated to make an account there. They might have been justified when compared to the past when I guess one/some of the mods were apparently on a bit of a power trip, but as for today? No, not from what I’ve seen, anyways. Honestly I am sad about how long it took me to make an account there, since if I could have had one months beforehand it may have been far more useful since there is only so many dolls for sale on facebook groups, instagram, tumblr, and so on. DoA is very useful as a resource and place of acquisition, if nothing else, so I would wholeheartedly suggest it.

As time went on, however, I learned more about recasts and how they affect the hobby. There is a lot of misinformation on the recast-friendly and neutral side of the hobby, and it raised a lot of questions to me:
How are recasts different from other bootlegged products?
How do recast secondhand sales hurt legit secondhand sales?
How do recasts hurt other companies (besides the one being recasted), and how much hurt is there?
How big are these bjd companies, really?

As simple as it might be for some people to understand right away, I found myself wondering the answers to these questions. I came from doll hobbies which, quite frankly, counterfeit products weren’t really a big problem – it either didn’t really exist to any noticeable degree, and when it did, it was often more of a “ahaha look at how silly this looks” and more of a joke than anything… Likely because of mass-produced nature of many of those specific doll hobbies.

The reality of it is that, as I’ve found, the recast friendly side of the hobby really ignores the pro-artist’s side and evidence. I saw pro-recast people who had tons of recasts, enough to easily buy a few legits, and saw them make claims on how “They could never afford a legit.” As time went on, the “me me me” syndrome became painfully obvious. Some would talk about how they are okay with recasts, and owned a few along with their legits, or how they would never support “recasting small-time artist dolls.”
But the reality is that, while they may not buy a recast Lillycat doll but instead only recasted Fairyland, Soom, or whatever dolls, they’re still supporting the people that DO recast those dolls. A recaster only cares about what makes them MONEY. If they can make money on it, they’ll eventually recast it. It’s that simple.

Ultimately what I saw was a lot of self-entitlement - veiled under positivity and compliments - and excuses to justify their actions. During my stay in these spaces, I had considered myself recast-neutral, as I cannot ultimately decide what another person does with their money, and I just wanted to be excited for dolls. But with what I was seeing, it left a bitter pit in my stomach. As I saw this, my position started to change and, when I had people to start recommend recasts to me (“Oh you’re young and new, getting a recast body for that head would be probably the best option” “Fairyland’s quality sucks, but (___ recaster) has great quality, I’d really suggest buying from them instead”), my position started to escalate moving further and further to be pro-artist. I left those groups, joined some strictly pro-artist groups after that, and… I felt so much better.

I really try to be a nice person, but it was so overwhelming and painful to see people devalue other artist’s work - if I made a doll, and it was recasted, the pain would be so immense… Especially if I was to see some of those same people buy said doll, or while they might “condemn” it getting recasted, would support the same person that stole it. It hurt me thinking about all of those artists that have been negatively affected by recasts, and how… accepted it was by them, in a hobby that was founded by artists and continued by them. Realistically if I was to sculpt a doll, there is a good chance it’d be an ugly potato only I would love, but the basic principles - the empathy - still remains. I’ll be honest; if BJDs were mass-produced, and all of the companies were giant behemoths like Mattel… Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t care quite so much - but that’s not the case and quite frankly, I doubt it ever will be the case. The time, materials, and energy that go into making handmade dolls is tremendous, and when you buy a legitimate doll, you’re paying for both all of that, and the continuation of that artist’s work.

If you’ve made the switch to being pro-artist,
I welcome you.
If you’re trying to make the steps,
I will welcome you.
If you owned recasts and you’ve made the switch,
I still welcome you with open arms.
If you’re confused by the recast debate,
Feel to drop me a message and I will do my best to help you,
And if you’re confused on what dolls you can afford,
Please message me and I’ll try to help. (Though, if you are shy, I do have two lists that might be helpful: here and here, along with the possibility of a hybrids, which can allow you to have a doll head from a certain company and a body from a more affordable one for your budget and vise versa) 

Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few reasons to buy a recast other than funds! ^^

1, the company could have a bad reputation and you don’t want to risk getting sent a broken doll, or support their terrible buisness practices.

2, the company doesn’t offer the resin color you want, or any color other than white/peach.

3, the doll was limited and the second-hand market is flooded with over priced, chipped, yellowed versions.

4, it’s your first BJD and you don’t know what you’re doing, so you don’t want to risk ruining a doll you can’t replace.

5, You want a variety of sizes to sew for, either to sell clothes or just learn / You want a variety of sculpts to do face-ups on, either for examples or for practice.

6, You are in an abusive situation where someone else is controlling your funds, even if you’re an adult, but you want to be able to enjoy something. Recasts can be less expensive than even the cheapest legits and so you’re less likely to feel at risk spending $60 on a recast than $200.

7, You want to get a doll for a younger member of your family who is interested in the hobby, but little fingers are clumsy and sometimes things break, so it’s easier to replace a recasted doll should something unfortunately happen.

People are in different situations, even if you don’t understand them.

And for those who do own recasts: Ignore the comments on this, as they’ll sadly be harmful to you. Instead, know that your doll is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you are loved! ^^

Image by BJDConfessions

Hi everyone, its been way too long since I lasted posted any news about the shop. Things have been a bit hectic the last several months, and I can’t believe 2017 is over half way done!

Today I’ve added a few new items to the shop so please make sure to check them out :)

Here are some other new things added and/or soon to come!

* New Size option: SD17 boys (I now have my first and only boy BJD at the moment; a Switch Hwahui on the Luts Senior65 body). Starting today, I will be accepting requests for BJD boys who have similar measurements. I’ve updated the listings for all the tops in my Etsy shop to include an option to purchase clothing in SD17 size. Please give me some time while I slowly expand my patterns and also make designs specifically for boys.

* Chibi Unoa: You may now request for items to be made in this size so you’re welcome to message me on Etsy about this starting today!

* Return of Lati Yellow, Pukifee and Littlefee clothes: The reason why I stopped making clothes in this size was mainly due to the fact that I found it stressful to sew large quantities in small scale. So now I’ve decided to sell ready-made clothes in small quantities every other month or so. I’m hoping to have some sets ready by the end of September.

* Pullip and Azone Pure Neemo: I’ve decided to include these types of dolls when I make ready-made outfit sets so please keep a watch for this too!
* Chibi Unoa: starting today, I will start taking requests for items to be made in this size so contact me on Etsy if you’ve been waiting! :)



My first doll is turning 10 years these days and I am a proud member of this hobby since 2007. I started this hobby with very little money, from 2007 to end of 2014 I had about 100-120$ each month to live of. I saved up a lot of money for my dolls and decided to put my energy into them. I cut short on attending conventions, visiting gatherings, going to the cinema, doing cosplays, buying Comics/Manga/DVD, … etc.

As I wanted my first BJD I thought a Pullip (Taeyang) was the right choice because it was way cheaper than the BJD I wanted. Short after the arrival I recognized: no, it was not the same. Not at all. I decided to go all the way and get my first BJD. It was from a cheap company (Angel of Dream) but I still love this doll, it’s very dear to me.

I wasn’t able to buy everything I wanted, had to decide to visit friends across the country or save the money for new eyes or doll clothes. Or a face up. It was a hard and long way to finish a doll. I learned how to sew for my dolls, how to make wigs, how to use little material for a doll to be pretty.

BUT I never thought of getting a recast. And I will never do. I am proud of my legit collection I am proud of owning so many artist created things. I’m not very vocal about my opinion regarding recast but I am stricly ANTI. I am NOT neutral.

I work hard for my money, I choose not to do things, I choose the dolls over a lot of things. That’s why my collection was able to multiply since I have a job. I bought a lot of dolls I missed when I had no money. Dolls I had to let go because I wasn’t able to afford them. And I am happy that I can have them now. I was patient. And it was worth it.

You don’t need much money at once for this hobby .. it’s just way easier to have it; to make progress very fast. The thing you need the most is patience, but a lot of people tend to forget that everything good need its time to be created.

It’s sad that I need to state this on a working blog. I will return to work on my dolls now.