We temporarily interrupt our regularly scheduled simming spam to bring you… doll!Aaron spam! :D After six months of waiting… my first BJD ever is finally here! *_______* And what’s a serious collector™ like yours truly to do with their doll as soon as unpacking it? *___* 

…That’s right, take a bunch of silly pics and add even sillier captions to them U____U oh, and also post a list of… 

First impressions so far: 

  • Asdfghfghmypreciousssssss
  • He’s got surprisingly loose stringing on his legs. I say “surprisingly” because every time I read feedback about Souldoll products, everyone would agree on the same thing: their dolls are very tightly strung. So to find out that his legs were actually quite loose was a bit of a surprise to me. His arms and head, on the other hand, tend to snap to their default position very fast;
  • He’s very grumpy looking. Like, very, VERY grumpy looking. Mind you, I was already aware of that when I looked at the promo pics (plus a bunch of other owner pics), but seeing that super angry face staring at me once I opened the box was still kind of unsettling, lol. At least until I removed his plastic protection and saw that face a little closer, at which point I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Painting his face and attempting to give him eyebrows that don’t make him look even angrier will be an… interesting challenge. Still, his overall features (and height, too!) were just too perfect not to choose him as Aaron <3 
  • His eyes are actually more white than grey and look kinda creepy in real life (THEY STARE RIGHT INTO YOUR SOUL), but actually look good in pictures. Which is nice, because I couldn’t find any other pair of 12 mm grey eyes for sale on Angelesque for the life of me. 
  •  The wig I got for him is too small -____- it makes him look like he’s going bald ;____; and no, I swear it’s not just a matter of me failing to pull it a little forward. Trust me, I tried. The damn thing would just either not fit at all or get stuck on the back of his head, leaving his forehead half bald, as you can see in the pics. The official Souldoll website claims that Vito doll head sizes are about 6.5 inches, and that ForMyDoll wig is 6-7 inches… and yet, it’s too small. Guess I’m gonna try 7-8 inches next time. 
  • SD13 girl pants and SD shoes fit him pretty well (pants are a bit too long, though). The SD13 boy shirt I got for him, however, did not fit at all. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the size is just too small. Sure thing is, his shoulders are HUGE. 
  • …And the little guy is HEAVY, too o____O well, not too much when he’s naked, but as soon as I put clothes and boots on him he got, like 2x times heavier o___O now I think I finally understand all the people getting worried about handling huge dolls, this guy is not even that big and he’s still a pain in the ass to lift .___. 

Still… I’m so ridiculously happy that he’s finally here! <3 

This is my first pro BJD artist day as an actual BJD artist. Though I was pro artist before, nothing gives you appreciation for these beautiful dolls like two months of refining, sanding and priming!
Please support the people who make your dolls, it’s hard and often frustrating work!

Volks: *Releases one tan doll after years of fans begging for a colored doll*
Culture Japan:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Equinox is coming home with me today, and I am in awe over her. She will not be keeping the original eyes or wig, because they are a little too bright for my taste and for the story I want to give her. But she will be going through some very big transformational phases within the next year.


These are the first physical changes happening to Equinox, besides the lengthly process of doing her face-up myself: A fresh, curly blonde wig and two pairs of glass eyes: to mix and match with, for she will have heterochromia! I will also be adding braids and possibly small dreadlocks in her wig.

So I have a shitty job life that makes me think twice about the stuff I buy for my bjds~ The first job I took up, contract was terminated because I make a police report about my handphone being stolen at work(by coworkers.) This current part time job as a park officer is going down the drain because my supervisor called me today to ask me out. He is 30+ years old…I am only 21… Barely know this guy for 10 days so I am getting mixed feelings and wondering if my hobby is worth suffering for.



Beatrice - Box Opening

So my very first BJD turned up on Friday morning and I have fallen absolutely head over heels in love with her <3 I was so excited when she arrived that I could barely contain myself. Running around the house like a kid on christmas! 

She is a Mystic Kids Lillian sculpt w/ company face up and she is just so damn perfect! <3 She was bought for me by my partner as a late Birthday/Early Christmas present and I couldn’t have asked for better <3 

My hujoo dana. I have plans for her in the future. She has had 3 face ups all of wich I messed up badly. Her face is blank for now. I am going to make her a white wig. I have decided to name her Laney Nightingale as that was what I was going to name my first bjd. The Mh doll I named that I will be making into a cupcake themed doll.
I have this doll in pieces now until I have time to restring her.
Also any tips on clothing large breasted dolls?