I’m getting a doll leaves Ida as my first bjd, and I’m so excited! However, I’ve seen a lot of people say her lips on the factory faceup are a bit “muddy” on the lines. I’m not sure if that’s very common or if it was just a few people with that problem though, as I haven’t seen lots of people’s Idas with the factory paint >< If push comes to shove, I’ll probably just test my own faceup skills. Although that would be a bit annoying :/ 


Term for searching items on Taobao

While you’re searching items on Taobao, just simply copy&paste the following Chinese words that you wanted and begin to search. 


  • 娃→ Doll
  • 女,女娃→ Girl
  • 男,男娃→ Boy
  • 3分,三分→ SD 1/3
  • 4分,四分→ MSD ¼
  • 6分,六分→ YOSD 1/6
  • 大叔→ 70+ (this word means “uncle” in Chinese XD)


  • 衣服,娃衣:Cloth, Cloth for dolls
  • 套装: Outfits, full set
  • 裙子: Dress
  • 外套: Coats
  • 夹克: Jackets
  • 背心: Vents
  • 裤子: pants
  • 牛仔裤: Jeans 
  • 短裤: Shorts
  • 鞋: Shoes
  • 靴子: Boots
  • 假发: Wig
  • 高温丝: Hot resistant wig
  • 饰品: Accessories
  • 花环: Corolla, Flower crown
  • 项链: Necklace
  • 发箍: Barrette
  • 玻璃眼: Glass eyes
  • 亚克力眼: Acrylic eyes


  • 洛丽塔: Lolita
  • 森女, 森系: Mori
  • 复古: Vintage, Retro
  • 欧风: European style
  • 古风: Chinese style
  • 和风: Japanese style
  • 和服: Kimono
  • 朋克: Punk
  • 哥特: Gothic
  • 学院风, 制服: Uniform
  • 淑女: Girly, Feminine
  • 可爱: Cute

Wish it’ll helped and good luck with everything! :)

Volks: *Releases one tan doll after years of fans begging for a colored doll*
Culture Japan:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A quick survey

What was your first doll?

Was the price a big factor for you, or did you just have a sculpt you couldn’t get out of your head, so you saved up for that one specifically?

What size was that doll? 

How long after you learned about BJDs did you finally decide to buckle down and buy one for yourself?

Did you plan a specific character for them, or just buy the doll because you just liked it?

Did you ever sell that doll? Or are they still a loving addition to your crew?

If you do still have them, please feel free to share a picture–old, new, it doesn’t matter. If they’re already sold, you can still include a picture if you want!


Heres the box opening for my first little pukipuki!


Instead of going on an Easter egg hunt my Reglisse went on a hunt for flowers. Unfortunately spring has not quite sprung in Colorado, and the only bloom that could be found was a single crocus. She had a garden party anyway.

(I really wish we had more flowers blooming, doesn’t feel like much of an Easter with everything brown. If I’d had more prep time I probably would have set up a better shoot, but as this cutie only arrived yesterday I had my hands full enough tailoring her dress and making her wig in time for a shoot today… Next time.)