Guess what? I do have enough money for my first bjd. I decided on a cheaper one, WenWen. I’m not sure the company though, mint on card isn’t loading right now:P I just have to pick out a wig and some eyes. Oh, and wait until my mom is in a better mood! I would pay but. I don’t have a debit card :P

A quick survey

What was your first doll?

Was the price a big factor for you, or did you just have a sculpt you couldn’t get out of your head, so you saved up for that one specifically?

What size was that doll? 

How long after you learned about BJDs did you finally decide to buckle down and buy one for yourself?

Did you plan a specific character for them, or just buy the doll because you just liked it?

Did you ever sell that doll? Or are they still a loving addition to your crew?

If you do still have them, please feel free to share a picture–old, new, it doesn’t matter. If they’re already sold, you can still include a picture if you want!


okay so they said atlas would b coming tues.. and it’s Monday.. WOW
okay so atlas’ face up is WAY redder than I think it should ever be and I kinda hate it.. so I gotta look around for somebody to help me with that.. BUT GOOD NEWS I still love atlas and the body is so gorgeous(also WOW I knew they’d b big but that is BIG) !! also time to find him some actual clothes to wear! the wig I got for atlas is way darker than I thought so I need to get a new one, and miss jia is the cutest darn thing and I adore the little bag she came in and holy shit she’s so small she can easily sit in atlas’ hand! I probably won’t post any more pics of atlas’ face till I get it fixed, but hey!! I got a doll :D

Oh god oh god oh god

Ordered my first doll today and my friend agreed to let her be shipped to her so she can go ahead and take care of the face up. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. So much excitement. It’s Hujoo Yomi with apricot skin. Thanks Mimiwoo. I know she’s nothing fancy, but she’s my first and I’m ecstatic. :D


Heres the box opening for my first little pukipuki!


So, uh… I did a thing.
I had a job interview today and it went really well (like REALLY well. “You are an answered prayer” was literally said by the manager interviewing me) so I decided to splurge and get my first doll, an Asella Reglisse from an accidental green batch that I fell head over heels for. I’m so unbelievably excited. I also can’t believe I just spend that much money all at once, but mostly just excited.