From Soom to Bobobie, 
From Fairyland to Mirodoll
From Dealers to Direct to Second Hand Finds
From White Resin to Tan, and all in between 
From Yo-SD to 80cm giants
From Human based to Fantasy styled Creatures
From Artist Cast to Company Made
From Resin to Vynil to ABS to Porcelain
From Sleek and slender to Curvy and thick
From Hand Sculpted to 3D printed creations

All legit dolls are beautiful in their own unique way and the artists that work hard to bring them to our community deserve love and respect for what they do. Even if you don’t like the aesthetic, you can at least respect what they do for us and for the community as a whole. 

Support the artists that make this hobby possible <3 Without them, we wouldn’t have this wonderful community in the first place.


Heres the box opening for my first little pukipuki!


I went to the PNW BJD Expo yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve really pulled out any of my bjds in months if not over a year. I forget how damn PRETTY Lenore is, and then I attempt to take pics of her and remember exactly why I stopped bothering in the first place. She’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of. I don’t know if it’s the doll or me or my phone or what, but I can never show just how pretty she really is.

I’ve lost interest in most things in my life (thank you depression) and it’s sad. I loved this hobby, and it was really fun to be around a bunch of people who also loved the hobby AND didn’t shriek OMG THEY’RE SO CREEPY as if they were the first person to ever utter such a thing to me. *eye roll*

At any rate, before she and Petal, my Pipos Indigo Cheese Mouse, get put back on their shelf, I thought I’d at least try again. The expo wasn’t fantastic, but getting a chance to spend time with my friend and her kid was worth the price of admission. I think I’d like to get back into the hobby. Just gotta get over this bad patch first.

Meet Bonn!

Bonn, a.k.a. Bon-Mot, is the latest member of my BJD crew :D! He’s a musician in a rabbit-themed punk rock band (alas, the ears aren’t here yet!) This sculpt is a Ninodoll Ando head on an ‘08 Doll in Mind body– with a faceup by the wonderfully talented Amanda of SemioticKitten Aesthetics (@semiotickitten​)!!!

I love red hair and freckles, and am glad to have my first BJD with both! :D

Me and my girlfriend have a tradition. Every year since we started collecting BJD’s we took a family photo of our dolls all together. Usually we do it in the last days of december. I love looking at them and remembering our precious girls through the years. How the story changed and characters matured. Some dolls was with us from the start and will remain till the end. Some was sold and their characters was wiped from the story.

These was our dolls in 2009 when we started with 2 msds - Bobobie Sprite and Luts Cherry elf. Both sold long time ago.

In 2010 we had Ida (Soom Dia) and Astrid (Zaoll Luv)

2011 - bigger and better:

2012 - we bought a new home and a new camera. One of the luckiest years in our life!

2013 - we started to recreate a medieval part of our story. Some dolls already have their costumes ready.

2014 - the big charges in our doll family. many dolls was sold and a lot of characters matured. And we bought our first bjd man - Dollshe David =)

2015 - more medieval costumes! Some of the characters due to change, but nothing big.

2016 - they are 26 and 2 floating heads awaits their bodies in first quarter of 2017 *____* I am really happy about my dwarf - Barrfind, he is a big project and a really important character from the Story.

Sorry for the long post and I hope to see your doll families in my dashboard too! *___* No matter big or small, I love them all, I think photographing doll families is a great new year tradition I want to spread =)

So, I just got my first BJD. She’s Dollzone The Moon, and I love her so so much!! It probably seems silly, but when I saw her waiting for me when I came home from the hospital, I completely lost it. I was in tears, she just means so much to me. When I was in the hospital, I had no idea she would arrive so soon!! But yet she was still all I thought about. I never thought a doll would change my life so much, I am eternally grateful that I was able to buy her.


On second thought… I can say that I started collecting bjd a bit less than a year ago (last summer) when I got my first bjd (Resinsoul Ya) as a present from a friend.
Then, around January, I saw my future Hujoo’s Chicaloca head and immediately decided to buy her (her body I got from Mirodoll).
A couple months later, while lamenting over the fact that the doll (a hybrid) I want the most will cost me around $500-$600 in the best case scenario, I saw Resinsoul cervitours - and now I’m waiting for one of them to be delivered in my loving arms.
And THEN an unbelievable thing happened, and I won an AncientTales Elva in the galanddolls’ lottery.

So, together with my yet to be shipped cervitour, I have a total… of FOUR dolls. Four whole amazing bjds (that are on the cheaper side of the scale but still). A couple of years ago I could only dream about it. And five years ago it seemed like something absolutely unattainable.

So, yeah, it may seem sometimes like my dolly dreams (and, hey! All the dreams in general) are far-far away - but they may come true and maybe earlier than I expect. Of course, that will require some work and some luck, but that’s how everything works.
So yeah, keep dreaming and saving money - and dolls with some your way :)

I’ve been in the Azone community for longer than BJDS, and its always been such a chill and friendly place. The facebook groups were one place you could count on to find friendly people to chat and share photos with. Until recently when they suddenly got way more popular. I can’t help but notice that a lot of the people who joined in the last year are BJD fans first, because its now trendy to get pure neemos as ‘dolls for your doll’, and I dont mean to generalize, but a lot of you guys have shitty attitudes that I wish you’d just leave at the door. Now there are people on the facebook groups who are incredibly rude - just recently there was an incredibly immature and petty person who made a rude, passive aggressive post about another member because they DIDN’T organize a witchhunt over an ebay seller. Never mind that this user had worked out things with the seller (the dispute was over the fact that the seller didn’t mail the doll safely enough, although it wasnt damaged) and got refunded for shipping, the fact that they didnt want to drag this sellers name through the mud and brand them as the worst person ever was apparently cause for this immature little brat to mouth off them in such a rude and immature way with that smarmy tone that self-important little shits have, that I was honestly shocked to see a post like that in the comm, even with how far downhill its been going.

I used to go there as a relief from the drama of the BJD side, but now its getting just as bad. I no longer have any desire to share pics of my Azones and chat with people because all this horrible bullshit leaked into this once lovely community like a dog snuck into a house and sprayed diarrhea everywhere. Again I’m not trying to generalize BJD fans because I AM one (although I consider myself an Azone fan first) but what the hell is wrong with so many of you? Thanks for ruining what used to be a nice and friendly community. I hate feeling like I’m gatekeeping here but my mental image is like having a nice pleasant living room and then a bunch of jerks came in with mud all over their feet. Again, I dont care how catty, bitchy and rude you are in the BJD community, but take off your goddamn bitch boots at the door of other communities instead of walking that bitchmud everywhere.