Suggestions part ¾: The Smiths - Larry

“And when darknesss lifts and the room is bright I’ll still be by your side for you are all that matters and I’ll love you to till the day I die”

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

My new bookmarks! They look so cool! :’D

I especially love the ones of husbando <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

They’re really big too!

A friend of mine made them for me

The one I want to burn is rukifanaticforever‘s

i may not be big on shipping riarkle but i think they’d be good for each other and i am so behind the idea of them being end game. but im also behind the idea of their first loves not being their last especially riley cause we don’t need an exact corpanga replica

like imagine smackle and farkle being that cute innocent middle school couple that carries well into high school and smackle shows farkle what being in love is like, not the way he thought he had been in with riley and maya, but real and genuine and beautiful love and when it’s over he thinks he’ll never feel like that again but long after his heart heals he’ll find that kind of love in riley and this time it lasts

and imagine riley deciding to see where things go with charlie in high school and she lets herself fall for another prince but this time she thinks he’s the right one. they’re the school’s power couple, loved by everyone and madly in love with each other. it was another fairytale that seemed too good to be true and once again she finds out it is. when it’s over, she hurts more than she thought she ever could and she promises never to fall for another boy who seemed like a prince but eventually she’ll realize that she’s had a king by her side all along


I am so thankful to have my birth parents in my life finally after 21 years.
After giving me up at birth, they too went their separate ways.

He never had any other kids, never married.
She remarried 3 times (divorced all 3 times, the men were abusive in one way or another) and had 4 more children.

Well they reconnected 18 years later and soon started to date again. One thing led to another and then they were engaged.

They also found me after 18 years, we only talked online. This January they invited me to their June wedding, well not a month later they asked me to be in the wedding as bridesmaid. I said yes!!!

So I met them in June and walked down that aisle to stand at the alter with them and my whole family for the very first time.

It was so amazing, I wished it lasted forever. I love them so much, I never want to let them go. ♡ ♥ ♡



New AMV up!

The Best Part of Majoring in Music
  • Wandering the practice room hall and hearing all the people doing their thing so so so well.
  • Finally understanding and doing that thing your teacher has been explaining for a month.
  • The feeling of the last chord of a really good piece during your first and last performances of it.
  • Doing what you love.
  • Knowing that people won’t really care or judge you if they glance in your practice room and see you sprawled on the floor.
  • Knowing them might judge you a little if they see you standing on your head but doing it anyway because it really does help your intonation and you want to.
  • Sprawling on that couch in the music building lounge and making music puns at people you’ve known for ages.
  • Not having those people throw stuff at you for the music puns until like, your sixth or seventh.
  • Learning all the cool bits of music theory.
  • Finishing your last music theory class and being free of music theory!!
  • Doing what you love.
  • Finishing your practice for the day.
  • Rehearsing at eleven pm and getting a little (a lot) ridiculous with your friends because seriously it was supposed to be two runs of each piece and you’ve been here an hour now and you can’t see straight much less perform well but dammit all you’re going to herd these cats into one final good run-through.
  • Free food after recitals!
  • Not having to make decisions about clothing. All black is all right.
  • Getting paid gigs in your field while still an undergrad - YOU try that, engineering majors.
  • Harmonizing with basically everything that’s pitched - even the circular saw from the construction down the hall.
  • Having someone compliment you after a joint concert.
  • Watching your friends blow everyone away at their recital.
  • Doing what you love.

Yo, rain cloud chill, stay away!
Not in the mood for your fluff, okay?
Come back in two weeks, or two years, or maybe never.
‘Cause I just want it bright for now, forever!