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oh boy ooooh boy! please please pleasE continue the last holo!shiro one, I *need* to know what happens next!!!!

yooo i’m so glad you guys liked the holo!shiro text!! i was gonna post it last night but i got home waayyy too late (and felt like total shit lmao) so i just figured i’d queue it for first thing in the morning!! 

i really hope you like it :)

damn holo!shiro, for being such a douche you really know just what to say to make klance happen…… *skeptical eyebrow wiggle*


(via Hello friends this took me like a month to make please be gentle


nevermind im too impatient to wait until ive finised part 2 so here!!
I couldnt decided if this was supposed to be all sweet or somewhat angsty, inko even cried at one point but then i wanted their first cuddles to be happy, so it’s up for interpretation!

i made this whole ref spreadsheet of the midoriya appartment. 
gotta have that dark blurred backrground accuracy

Emilie de Ravin SBUK3 Sunday M&G+Panel
  • Emilie and Robert hugged and it was beautiful  #Rumbelle #SBUK3
  • Emilie said Bobby is her favourite person to work with  #SBUK3
  • Belle would have psychic powers if she was magical #SBUK3 
  • If Belle had a theme tune, it would be Dancing Queen #sbuk3 
  • If Belle had a theme tune, it would be Dancing Queen #sbuk3 
  • If Emilie could be another character she would be Cruella #SBUK3
  • Emilie’s favourite scene is something we haven’t seen in the season finale and Bobby might be in it! #SBUK3 
  • Emilie’s favourite costume is the yellow gown she wears in The Enchanted Forest #SBUK3
  • Emilie said she enjoyed playing Lacey in season 2 as she said it was boring playing the same character all the time #SBUK3


A speed review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

- Awesome soundtrack
- Jokes every 2.3 seconds
- Weirdly attractive golden super race
- Space Rocky Balboa and crystal Lex Luthor shit on Merl from the Walking Dead
- Inter-dimensional real life snapchat filters
- Yondu is secretly a shark
- Rocket is a professional asshole
-  Baby groot is adorable and a really good dancer
- Drax is a dick to space chicks
- Peter looks really cool with space eyes
- Gamora and Nebula become buddies (almost)
- A space squid uses the power of the gay rainbow to defeat it’s enemies
- Dave Bautista can actually act now
- Every Stan Lee cameo is now canon?

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oh OFCOURSE Cez-senpai…(sorry if it took long)

oh…. which reminds me…. which little bean?

this innocent little bean?

or this other cute little bean?


Yeeeeeep no regrets on asking that question… =)

PT!tale is by YOU XD

TH!Palette is by @starlumen

Goth is by @nekophy

Pallete is by @angexci