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If you are pregnant and plan on having a vaginal birth, here are instructions on how to make your own padsicles. They will help sooth you while you are healing, and making a bunch of these up right before you give birth will really help during your postpartum recovery. I hope this helps some of you wonderful ladies! Have a wonderful day!

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What mothers think while breastfeeding in public

> please stop crying.
> Omg I’m so nervous.
> if you’d stop putting your hand in your mouth, my nipple could go in there.
> no one’s staring…
> yes they are – she’s screaming her head off.
> should I try to use a blanket to cover?
> ugh, I can’t see what I’m doing now!
> ugh, why did you unlatch?!

What mothers do NOT think while breastfeeding in public.

> let me lure in all the unfaithful, sinful husbands with my leaking, milk-filled breasts 😈

I was nursing my son this evening on the couch when I noticed his eyes start dozing off. My first thought was “Let’s go lay down, baby”. Normally when he gets sleepy, we go lay down and I leave him in his room for a nap. But instead, tonight I decided to hold him and let him sleep in my arms. Looking at his tired eyes slowly close, I couldn’t remember the last time I let him nap in my arms. It was at that moment my heart sunk. How could I not remember when I last let my baby stay sleeping in his most warm, safe, favorite spot? My first born, my only son, my little love, I’ll let you stay right here. Because I don’t want to pick you up, put you down, and never pick you up again. I don’t want to lay you down for a nap in your bed and never let you sleep in my arms again. They are always open for you.

Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Pregnancy But Which Everyone Should Know:

(nothing will be held back. I warn you now. Also not everyone experiences all or maybe even any of this blah blah blah)

- You may not have a period for 9 months but there is always something coming out of you. Leukorrhea (it’s basically just white discharge). Constantly. They say it comes and goes but it doesn’t. It’s always there. Every. Single. Day. And quite often there’s enough of it that you wished you wore a liner.

- You pee literally every 20 minutes. Literally. Even if you haven’t drank anything since you last peed.

- But on the flip side you only go to the loo for ‘other reasons’ once every few days.

- Pregnancy dreams are more strange than you could ever, ever imagine.

- When you sneeze you pee a little bit.

-  You know that one really annoying thick, black hair that appears once every blue moon on your chin that you have to pluck out? Yeah, you get about 20 of those and they just seem to keep getting worse.

- Trying to shave from the waist down is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.

- Never underestimate just how horrific morning sickness is. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

- Ligament pain is a thing. It feels like your abdomen is on a medieval torture stretching rack.

- When your unborn baby kicks you in the cervix it is pain like you have never felt before.

- Staying awake through the day becomes a true battle. Which you will never win.

- You can’t sleep how you want to sleep anymore. The baby tells you which side you want to sleep on and when you want to move. The choice is no longer yours.

- You never stop thinking about the fact you are pregnant. Ever. No matter what you do, the fact that there is a miniature human in your actual belly never leaves your mind.

- You love every single second of it.