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“Fix it” Shakarian Mass Effect Sequel concept

Hundreds (thousands? Considering Asari) of years go by after the end of ME3. Things settle down into normality. People settle down into their now new existence, cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Eventually they forget how to be homesick. People become happy. Shepard goes from being a hero to being a pietist.

Then something goes wrong. Something threatens what is now the known galaxy once again. The galaxy, settled and peaceful, is struck by the sudden threat and unprepared in their almost utopia. But they fight back, and they manage to stand their ground.

However things are not going well. The known galaxy simply does not know how to handle this threat. And although they’ve managed to dig in their heels, the leaders are doubtful as to how long they can last before this threat starts pushing hard and they all get trampled. This goes on for years, each side inching back and forth against each other.

During this time, a radical idea is suggested. Although outlawed for hundreds if not almost a 1000 years by this stage, it is suggested that what the Known galaxy needs is its savior once again, and the proposal is made to clone Commander Shepard so that she may lead them against this new threat, as someone who has not only seen and defeated the reapers, a much greater threat, but as someone who by now has an almost religious connotation to her. The idea is denied.

However, not long after, a heavy blow is struck by the threat against the known galaxy. The leaders find themselves facing total destruction as a very real possibility. In desperation, the cloning idea is reconsidered, and eventually approved.

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Millennial Gospel dreamcasts:

Avan Jogia as Yaqob bar Halphai (James the Lesser)

“Prayer was [James’s] constant business and delight. He seemed to live upon it and to trade in nothing but the frequent returns of converse with heaven.” –Dorman Newman, The Lives and Deaths of the Holy Apostles

Eder. first impression: Alistair? final impression: total dork, needs to be kept away from dangerous animals bc he’ll pet ALL THE FLUFFY THINGS

Aloth: at first: Stuck up snobbish bore. now: shy baby, needs to be given hot chocolate and hugs three times a day

Pallegina: at first: badass arrogant bird-zealot? now: badass sophisticated baby bird who really cares about people and needs a better paladin order

Hiravias: at first: obnoxious furry dude. now: trash kitten baby, needs to be flicked on the nose when he tries to stick this nose where he shouldn’t

Sagani: at first: hardass rambo mom. now: adorkable rambo mom who likes detectives and needs a plane ticket home

Kana: at first: huge weirdo. now: gentle opera giant, total nerd, needs to be kept away from all situations where people skills are required

Durance:  at first: racist sexist grandpa pyromaniac. now: racist sexist grandpa pyromaniac, needs to be kept away from all normal people

Grieving Mother: at first: weird mind-reading ninja\nurse? now: idk bc her quest glitched and I couldn’t get anything past first dialog and she never talks with NPCs, thanks obsidian!

Theory Time!!!

What if I told you that Season 13 isn’t the season where the Great Destroyer returns? 

We know that a reoccurring number in S13 is 57. People have made many connections with 57 to the Great Destroyer, but what if 57 was in reference to someone else?

What if 57 was in reference to the Flag Zealots? That’s right, These guys

In Halo, there are Aliens called the Elite Zealots. These aliens actually show up in RVB. So they thought they could trick us by hinting at Zealots thinking our first thought would be of aliens, when really we should have been thinking about the Zealots that they actually meant. The Flag Zealots.

In their first appearance there are 5 on red team, and 5 on blue, making 10 total. But as you can see, Sarge and Caboose were there. Making that 6 reds, and 6 blues. Which makes 12 total. And if you add together 5 and 7 you get 12. The Flag Zealots were made to be a joke off of Xbox Live players. As shown by their immaturity throughout the video. If you add 12 to 57 you get 69. As I’m certain many of you are aware, 69 was in a lot of gamer tags because the very people they were making fun of are immature.

But this goes even further than that. The episode the Flag Zealots first appeared in was “The Best Laid Plans”. Episode number 39. What does 3 plus 9 equal? 12. The episode run time was 8 minutes, and 22 seconds. If you add 8 plus 2 plus 2 you get 12. Surely that’s just a coincidence though. I mean, this episode did come out back in 2004… On October 12th.

So it seems like 12 is an important number. This would relate to season 12 wouldn’t it? The start of a new arc in RVB. More along that, you go to the Wiki page for season 12 of RVB and what do you find?

They have 12 voice actors listed. Odd how that worked out.

In the end of the era of the Flag Zealots there was only 1 Red Zealot remaining. 1 minus the current season of RVB, 13, makes 12.

12, 12, 12. That number just keeps popping up doesn’t it? They thought they were gonna pull a fast one on us by making us think the Great Destroyer was returning? Ha, we’re a bit smarter than that to be tricked so easily.

I’ve cracked the code. They’re bringing the Flag Zealots back for S13.